Freaky February Part Five

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Freaky February Part FiveWe talked about everything while we ate dinner. Daddy wanted to know what I thought when he jacked off into my mouth. I made a face, then laughed and said,”It was really sexy until you started squirting all that cum into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do with it, so when you kissed me I decided to spit it all out into your mouth.” Daddy laughed and said,”sometimes your mother does that too.”Most of the time Daddy was looking at Mom, in my body, and making lewd faces at her. She was loving it, laughing and licking her lips. Then she looked at him intently and said, “Bill, I am so fucking horny. Playing with Jenn’s cunt is fun, but I need some cock!!” Dad looked back over at me. I raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders.”Jenn, do you have anything to say? I would be fucking your body and you are still a virgin…right?” I sighed and said, “Yes Daddy I am still a virgin. Mom and I talked about this and she wants cock…I know she needs it.” I looked down then and said, “I want to be there when you and Mom…when I…am fucked for the first time.”That ended dinner right there. We left the plates still dirty on the table. Daddy had taken Mom by the hand and I followed them down to their bedroom. Before all of it started, Daddy went to the cabinet under the television and messed with some of the equipment. Mom was beaming as she sat demurely on the bed. I soon figured out what he was doing when the television came on and we could see the room on the screen. Daddy adjusted some knobs and I saw different views of the bed from four different direction. Daddy was going to record the taking of my cherry. He said to me, “Honey, we want you to play a part in this. You need to sit on the bed like you are your Mom watching me fuck my daughter. It would be really hot if you would do something that shows you have a lot of interest in this. If it was you still in your own body and I was going to fuck you, your Mother would be very interested. She would probably join in with us a bit. Eileen, why don’t you tell Jenn what we talked about during bakırköy escort our times when you played Jenn as I fucked you.”I watched Mom smile. She looked so sexy when she smiled at Daddy like that. “Sure Bill. Jenn…when your daddy has those fantasies and I play your part, there are fantasies of my own playing along with it.” She paused for a moment to gauge my reaction to that. I just nodded my head and looked ready to hear what she had in mind.”For instance…There have been times when I told your Daddy how much I would enjoy getting you ready for him.” She hesitated for a moment and then said, “I have had sex with a woman before honey.” I nodded my head and said, “I know.” Both Mom and Dad looked at me a bit surprised. I told them about overhearing her tell daddy about the time she had licked his cum out of the cunt of his boss’s wife. ” I think you said ‘she had the cutest little blue bird right above her clit.’ “Mom and Daddy laughed and I joined in. Mom continued, “Well, I was thinking that, while I am experienced like that, the only way it would work, I guess, is if I, in your body, were to lick your pussy. That would certainly get me nice and juicy, but neither of us is expecting you to…” I interrupted her. “Mom! When I go out at night, I don’t hang out with just guys. Sometimes I am hanging out with Loretta, sometimes Melanie. We uh like to uh…” I licked my lips then. I loved the look of delighted horror on Mom and Daddy’s faces. “Melanie has always told me what a sweet cunt I have. I won’t have any chances to find out for sure once this month is over. I am up for that at ANY time!”Daddy got up and pressed a button on the console and said, “Recording has started. Let’s make a great video!”I stepped to where Mom sat on the bed and looking like me. I took her hand and said, “Jenn honey, It’s time you learned about the joys of i****t. Your Daddy wants your pussy, but then so do I.” I watched my parents faces as I pulled my own body next to the mother body I was using. I kissed her gently beşiktaş escort as I placed my right hand on her small left tit. That skimpy top made it easy for me to get my hand right onto that warm flesh. Mom responded back by moving her right hand to my Daisy Duke shorts. I gasped when I felt a finger slip into my cunt. While we were boiling in our stew of sexuality, Daddy was taking off his clothes. Mother tugged at the bottom of my skimpy top and pulled it over my head. I reciprocated and we were both topless. My mother’s tits still got me hot even though I was presently attached to them. I cupped them with my hands and Mother sucked on one of my nipples as she pulled my shorts down. Daddy took her shorts off then and the three of us stood there in a group hug/fondle fest.I looked down at Daddy’s big cock, grasped the shaft and rubbed the dripping tip against the virgin cunt that was going to be changed forever very soon. I watched my Mother move her hips so the slit was stimulated against his cock. She said, “Bill, let Jenn and I start first on the bed.” She didn’t look at him as she said that, her eyes glued to mine.Daddy moved away and Mom pushed me down onto the bed. She said, “Jenn, I have always thought you were so sexy. You look just like I did when I was your age.” She knelt on the mattress next to me and started sucking on those huge tits she was obviously so proud of.My skin was covered with goosebumps as I watched my Mother’s actually MY body move around on the bed. When she straddled my head and I saw the cunt I had fingered in the privacy of my own bedroom so many times, I had to taste it. I put my hands on top of that sweet little ass and lifted my head to smooth shaved lips. As my tongue disappeared into the creamy center, I knew Melanie had been right. I DO have a very sweet cunt. Right then my mother in her borrowed body dipped her face into her well used cunt and started lapping the wetness there.Daddy sat on the bed jacking on his cock as he watched the women he loved eating each other. beylikdüzü escort Mother pushed away and said, “Jenn honey, I want you to be on top now. Daddy will fuck the body he has fucked for so many years before he fucks your body. Bill, you are going to fuck your daughter now and she will know you are aware who it is exactly you are fucking.” We moved around and the feel of the huge tits brushing against the tender flesh below me was very stimulating. Daddy knelt just behind the cunt he had known so intimately for the past twenty years. I felt my mom’s slender fingers move up to spread my cunt lips apart. Daddy’s cock moved to that open mother flesh and entered me slowly. This was only my second fuck and I was awake for all of it now. I gasped and said, “Oh Daddy!” Daddy reached around and caressed my huge tits and said, “Jenn Baby, I have wanted to fuck you so many times. It is amazing knowing now that it’s really you I fucked that night and now it’s really you and you KNOW I am fucking you.”Daddy started banging me hard. I lowered my face to the young body I knew so well and started sucking on those naked cunt lips. Daddy had his hands on my hips now and Mother’s hands were caressing the large tits swinging above her.”Oh Daddy! Fuck me hard Daddy!” I screamed as I moved my ass back to meet his thrusts. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t in my own body, the body I was in was very receptive to the hard fucking. The steady slap, slap, slap of his groin slamming into the juicy opening was mesmerizing. Then it all changed. I felt a powerful orgasm rising up in the flesh inside. My orgasm caused involuntary flexing of internal muscles and I had my first orgasm through intercourse in my life. I screamed and pushed back trying to get all of daddy inside of me. I wanted to feel his seed spurting up deep into me.Below me my Mother was watching her daughter getting fucked and having an orgasm on the cock of her husband and my Daddy. She screamed too as did Daddy when he finally shot his potent seed deep inside of me.We collapsed onto the tender young body below and had to move around some so she could breathe. We lay that way for a while. What roused me was the tongue my mother was using on the cunt in front of her face. The cunt that had been filled with Daddy’s cum so many times and the cunt that had birthed me.The evening had been so hot and there was more heat to come.

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