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Franks ShopWhen I was younger in the 1970’sI used to do odd jobs for a local corner shop you know, deliver odd groceries to elderly people , sweep up wash windows ect. The owner paid me a couple of quid for the Saturday mornings work . Sometimes I would buy loose tobacco or single cigarrettes off him. 5p a cig ( those were the days!) There was a Friday I went to the shop as sometimes I got the jobs done on a Friday evening to save time on a Saturday so I could go do my own thing . Anyway, I went in through the back alley as the front door was locked with a back in 10 mins sign he had for when he wanted to go for a piss or something. This was at about 6pm on a Friday, The wooden back gate was locked (stop the k i d s knicking the Lemonade bottles which had a 5p return on ), I jumped over the back wall and went towards the back of the shop , It was dark outside but I could see chinks of light through the back sash window which were covered over from the inside with cardboard. I could see Frank and I was about to knock on the window when I saw him straddling a teen girl around 16-17 years old .His cock in her hand , tossing him off. After a short while he let out splash after splash on her face . He gave her the old green towel from near the sink to wipe up with . I didnt know what to do (you dont at 16 ) . I quietly left . Next day when the busy 8-10am rush of customers and k i d s went and the shop went quiet I asked Frank about it. He went over to the door , put the back in 10 mins sign up and locked the door. Quite angrily he ordered me into the back . He grabbed me and quizzed me about what I saw. I told him …. He came clean and told me about This girl . The girl in question was a goody two shoes and prim and proper (so we thought) . She had quietly propositioned him . (Him ! that mucky old scrote!) she would toss him off and take spunk on her face if he gave her a half bottle of vodka . It had become a regular thing of a Friday evening so she had booze for the week end . He threatened me and told me not to tell anyone .I promised I wouldnt if he didn’t mind me watching them from outside(she wasn’t to know) .. but I made sure I went round the back of the shop for a look on the odd Friday evening If I saw her hanging around the street before the shop shut. One cold January evening She took her top off , tied her hair back and gave him a tit wank ! She had beautiful tits . I got so turned on that I stood there tossing myself off eventually spunking up the wall . When she was 18 She stopped doing it cos she could buy the booze legally . However, At a Birthday party my mate Billy told me Sammy was sucking boys off in the bog . She was sick down the loo just as I got there and that put all the lads off and they left smelling the puke .. Not me , I went in and locked the door. I helped the poor drunken slut up and helped her wash her face and rinse her mouth out . I plucked up the courage and told her what I had seen over the last few years. I told her that she was my regular wank . I stuck my hand up her frilly skirt to find a soaking wet pussy . I sat on the toilet lid and she got ontop of me . I fucked her for about 5mins and pulled out . I pushed her to her knees and sprayed her face and hair (oops!) …No-one at the party knew what we had done but when I went down stairs people laughed at me saying I had pissed myself as my trousers had a very dark wet patch on from her sloppy fanny . I didn’t care about the riddicule … I went home with a BIG smile on my face . ! . I rarely served in the shop, only if Frank “the wank” was busy . When I was under 16 I was never allowed to sell booze or fags but anything else was ok. She was the daughter of a local business man and occasionally came into the shop. The boys never approached her as she was better off than us scruffy k**s and she never gave us the time of day even if we ever did approach her. I think thats why it came as a surprise when I clocked her taking it in the face . At 16 I was very close to her age and I often wanked over the images of her acts in my mind .I spoke to her not long after the house party and tried to fuck her again but she told me bahis siteleri that was a one off…shame.. She was ok about it and was glad I had seen what I did . THAT is what made her sit on my dick as it really turned her on. Whilst talking to her I asked how she first approached Frank about facials. Its not something you drop into a general conversation after all !. She had been speaking to an older girl from her college who used to do the same for him when she was that age. Her friend had moved but still went to the same college.Sammy’s friend had got caught stealing from Franks and he had grabbed her as she was leaving the shop and dragged her back and locked the door. Apparently, he took her in the back room and was going to call the Police . She had begged him not to and said she would do anything to stay out of trouble. After talking to the girl she had said how she never got pocket money and couldn’t afford stuff so that is why she had stolen from the shop. I think he had seen a “golden opportunity” and suggested that she did a facial and he would not call the police . From what Sammy was saying , this girl must have done it regularly for Frank to get her fags and booze. Sammy got into the “popular ” set of girls at school that all drank booze.. “you could not be cool and popular if you didn’t drink” to quote Sammy. She could not obtain the booze easily being 16-17 so armed with the knowledge that Frank was approachable she asked him when the shop was empty telling him she knew about her friend . At first he had denied all knowledge but said if you want to do some odd jobs for a quid then come back after 6pm when he closed. Sammy had gone back to the shop and he had taken her into the back room to discuss her “new job” . She would not be seen dead cleaning windows or sweeping up or serving people as she would lose her street cred instantly. She repeated the offer of a facial/handjob. He realised she was serious and had tried to get her to give him a blowjob but she was not having any of it. as Sammy said “Tossing him off and getting a faceful of his cum was enough” . ” He ALWAYS tried to get me to do MORE , like strip naked for him” She said there was the odd occasion she would strip off for him and just kneel there while he wanked off over her tits . He once managed to convince her to let him finger her while he tossed himself off and came on her belly . That was when she wanted a pack of fags and a couple of bottles of vodka.About the same time as he was spunking over Sammy he found a way of keeping my silence.. “helping” young mums and young housewives that had run up a tab . He knew most people got paid weekly and if their tabs were not paid for after several weeks the bill would be bigger than they could pay off. Instead of “Seeing her old man” about the bills knowing full well they had overspent the housekeeping and the husband did not have the money to pay back . They also ran the risk of the husband belting the hell out of them for bringing shame on them . Frank would quietly ask them into the back room for a friendly cuppa and a chat . He would suggest so much a week to clear the debt , pawning jewellery (yes, he did this too on the quiet!) When he had exhausted all the options and knowing they feared a kicking from their husbands or partners he would make a friendly suggestion of “If you help me , I will help you ” . He set me up with a local housewife who came to the shop every day for essentials. I can see her now walking out the shop clutching 2 pink loo rolls ,bread ,milk and a box of firelighters.. funny what you remember!.Her name was Jenny, young housewife about 20 ,She was very slim with beautiful titties . She was a redhead and had freckles over the bridge of her nose and across the top of her shoulders and chest. Gorgeous !. I was making Franks 6pm closing up cuppa one Friday , I think I was still 16. Anyway I was making him his Cuppa and helped myself to one of his woodbine fags He had left on the table (awful!) . I heard the shop door go ping and muffled voices in the front . A minute or so later this Jenny walked through into Franks back room ( his working living room / Parlour) canlı bahis siteleri Frank followed behind . He looked at me and said ” Lock up son,” I obliged by going through into the shop and locking the front door , Turning the sign to CLOSED and pulling the bilnd down. I turned all the shop lights off and ventured into the back room. Now, If I did the jobs on a Friday Frank was happy because I was not under his feet on a busy Saturday and The shop looked nice for the weekend trade. My incentive was a cream bun if there was any left after they had been there since Wednesday in the chilled display cabinet…Deliveries were Weds and Sat. I always opted for the custard slice as they tended not to taste stale or off. So, in the back room Frank had offered this embarrassed looking Jenny a cup of tea and a fag . I told him I was going to go and he asked me nicely to stay on for a bit . “Get Mrs Smiths Total owing off the slate please”. I obliged by looking at the grubby ledger at the side of the worktop. I gave the figure to him which was about £20 . I was really surprised as he had deliberately let this one get out of control for about 6 weeks . She apologised and was teary , He went through the routine (first time I had heard it ) Your husband will have to come in and pay. She nearly lept out of her skin , Begging him not to see her husband about it. Ok, now he moved on to savings , bonds, anything that she could repay him back with . After he had suggested everything from savings to pawning any jewelery..she had nothing.. “Well, It will have to be your husband then, and if he doesnt pay I will have to take it to small claims court” This poor Jenny nearly died with the thought of a kicking from her husband and ending up in the paper having being taken to court… This is where he went in for the kill…”Look, …..there is another way where you can wipe the slate clean and not owe me a penny and your husband wont ever find out” at this point she would have done pretty much anything.. “How about you take your things off and help me out ” She spun round and said “What about him? ” ..Frank said “Never mind him…he wont say anything” He gave her another fag and as she smoked it and thought about the situation she lightly chewed her nails .. “My husband might find out” She ejected… Frank assured her saying “The doors are locked and there are only the 3 of us in here and none of us are going to let on. and your husband is in the pub till chuck out time at 10:30..How’s he gonna find out?” . Eventually , she calmed down Now realising she was backed into a corner resigned herself to be used . She took her clothes off and I was stood there with a right stalk on in my trousers . She knelt on the dirty rug in front of the smelly gas fire and Frank dropped his trousers ,she slowly started to wank his cock and he gently pushed her head closer . she looked up at him and he told her to suck. she obliged more robotically than willingly. After a short while he looked at me and gently told me to clear the table . I put the 3 cups and plates on the side, there was only the tablecloth and a newspaper left spread on the large victorian table. He told her to stand up , She did and he told her to sit on the edge of the table . He gently pushed her back so she was laid on top of the newspaper . He positioned himself between her legs and after a few seconds of fumbling he shoved himself into her. He never said anything for a minute apart from Hmmm MMMMM .. She said quietly but loud enough to be heard “DONT cum in me cos I am not on protection ” ..Frank said ” Don’t worry love I wont” after a short while He pulled out and ordered her to kneel again QUICKLY ..He tossed himself violently and within 10 seconds he grunted and streams of spunk splashed her face and over her head landing on the floor I presume. He told her to stay there and got a towel and passed it to her to wipe her face with . She remained quiet and went to get up. “Hang on love” Frank said. …”Now, what if he (pointing to me with his thumb) was to tell your old man what you have just done? , I think he ought to have a turn as well so he can’t say anything canlı bahis ” She said , well, I have committed adultery now, so I don’t suppose another one will make any difference. I knew it was wrong but I wanted my dick in her cute pussy. My heart was banging all over the place and I could feel my face was red hot. I kicked off my plimsoles , dropped my scruffy jeans and Y fronts kicking them to one side. “Jesus Christ son, where did that come from ” Frank said chuckling as my 7.5 inch bone waved infront of this young sticky housewife. Her eyes were on stalks. My cock was nicer (and cleaner!) than Franks chubby little stump . I positioned myself infront of her and with my right hand I slowly aimed it at her mouth . She took me in her mouth and ohhh it felt soo good.. She sucked me really well and with more enthusiasm than she had done with him. I wanted her pussy BADLY so I looked at her and she was staring at me with those grey blue eyes and I said ” On the table ” She obliged and spread her legs I pushed my dick at her thick hairy ginger cunt and could not find my way in ( I was too high up!…) she kindly reached down and positioned me into her. I gilded up her fuck tunnel and could feel my dick nudging her cervix . After thrusting in and out for a while she was rolling her eyes and saying “Oh fuck!” I started to slowly fuck her ,feeling her passage the fulI length of my dick .I worked my way up getting faster and faster ,I could hear her pussy starting to squelch and I was grateful for the noisy scrunching of the newspaper as it was putting me off cumming quickly I stood more vertical and played with both of her tight but soft tits .After a few mins I felt my nuts tighten and I pulled out of her . She quickly fell onto her knees and this time she grabbed my cock and opened her mouth . I felt the burn up my cock as I sprayed huge strings of thick semen into her mouth , onto her forehead , on her nose and eyes . After I finished I watched as my sperm dripped off her chin and onto her chest and tops of her legs. I was shaking with adrenaline . She calmly cleaned herself off with the towel and I got dressed. I noticed Frank was sat in the old tatty armchair with a lap full of spunk spatters. Unbeknown to me he was wanking off watching me screw her. She washed her mouth and face in the sink and dried off . “Thats it now love, you are settled up , ” Frank said. She gave me a small smile but looked at him with contempt . When she left through the back alley . Frank said to me ” What I do in this shop and with whom STAYS here ..UNDERSTAND !” He walked up to me and said quietly “If anyone found out about my girls that come round here then I will tell her old man what you did with her..Do you get what I am saying” I had a knot in my stomach but I nodded. With that he said quite cheerily “Good, Put kettle on son, have a fag ” We never spoke about it again . Jenny still came into the shop but was quite different , never made cheery small talk with Frank and always paid cash from then on. When Frank was in hospital for a week with a compound fractured leg near that Christmas he left me in charge .I was 17 at this point, Jenny had come in to buy some things and was very nice and chatty with me, I apologised for what happened and she told me not to worry about it as I had made her cum. Being Christmas she was skint like many other housewives .To get back at Frank she suggested I let her have a paper cube of 100 Players No.6 Fags and a couple of bottles of booze , some tinned ham and she would fuck me again. I could not resist and I closed the shop bang on 6pm I made provision upstairs with clean bedsheets on Franks bed . I waited for her to call round the back . She turned up , Her old man out of the way and being a typical 70’s the pub all night . I banged her all over . She had got on the pill by this point and it was the first time I had spunked up inside a woman . I remember feeling my sperm shooting up inside her as her pussy tightened . I managed that 3 times and my god was it passionate ! The whole place was cold but the bedroom was even warm through our efforts .I talked with Jenny after we had sex and we agreed to do it again. We met several times and I even took her round to a mates house and we screwed in his bed while he was at work . I think I left the shop when I was 17 to go work in a factory . Never saw her again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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