Foursome pt2

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Foursome pt2I watched as Carmen and Edna went into the kitchen to mix up some drinks leaving Bob and I sitting there on the sofa next to each other. “You like watching Carmen sucking and fucking my wife?” Bob asked me. Looking at him,”I love watching Carmen suck and fuck anyone” I replied”It’s such a fuckin’ turn on” I added.With that Bob reached over and took my limp cock in his hand and gently started to rub it up and down. “You like sucking cocks too, don’t you?” he then asked me”Fuck yeah” I replied as I could feel my cock starting to get hard again.”Like fucking a man?” he asked”Almost as fucking a woman” I answered back”I like you” Bob then said”You’re my kind of guy” By now my cock had gotten hard again and Bob was stroking it even better when he shifted a little on the sofa and bent down. He licked my cock up and down”Nice fuckin’ cock” he whispered”You love sucking cocks too?” I asked”Fuck yes” he replied and into his mouth went my hard cock. I laid back a little as I savored the sucking action Bob was giving my hard cock, moaning a bit as he increased his tempo and took my cock as deep into his mouth as he could. I wasn’t aware of it, but the women had come back into the living room with our drinks and seeing Bob sucking hard on my cock, they put them down and Edna came over and sat on my other side while Carmen got down on her knees in front of Bob. “That karabağlar escort looks so fuckin’ hot” I heard Edna say,”My fuckin’ man suckin’ on another man’s fuckin’ cock” she added,With that she leaned over to me, placed her hand on my cheek, drew my head towards her and kissed me a long and deep kiss. As we continued to kiss, our tongues exploring one another, Bob continued sucking on my cock even as Carmen had now gotten up close to him and able to reach his cock, took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him off. I was able to stop kissing Edna long enough to look down and see Carmen sucking hard and fast on Bob’s big cock and just relished in the splendor of my whore sucking another man’s cock. “Oh fuck baby” I said softly”You like watching Carmen suck another man’s cock?” Edna then asked me as she too watched Carmen sucking Bob’s cock.”I fuckin’ love it” I replied”I love watching Carmen be a fuckin’ whore” I added”Suckin’ and fuckin’ other men like the fuckin’ whore she is” I finished”I taught her well” Edna then said”She learned to suck and fuck from watching me when she first did it with me and Bob” she added”Sucked like a fuckin’ pro” “Fucked just as good too” she addedBy now Bob had stopped sucking on my cock and turning his attention to Carmen, I watched as he grabbed her by her hair and pulling her off his cock, escort karabağlar started slapping her face had from side to side”You fuckin’ shit whore” he said to her as he slapped her more.”What the fuck are you?””I’m a fuckin’ piece of shit whore” I heard Carmen reply”A fuckin’ worthless cunt whore” she added as Bob pulled her up more and started slapping her tits.”I love watching Bob beat her fuckin’ tits” Edna suddenly said aloud. I looked at Edna who was now mashing her own tits hard, pulling on her nipples and twisting them hard.”Beat my fuckin’ tits” she said to me”Beat them hard” she added as she positioned herself facing me. I was totally ready to comply and across her tits I began to slap at them, sending those beautiful full tits swaying back and forth with each blow as Edna moaned out in sheer pleasure. “Punch them” she cried aloud”Punch my fuckin’ tits harder” she begged and I drew my fist up and started punching her hard.Bob had meanwhile pulled Carmen over to one side, rose up off the sofa and pulling Carmen by her hair to her feet, led her over to the lounge chair, d****d her over the arm rest and without missing a beat, opened up her cunt and rammed his cock deep into Carmen’s already wet cunt and started fucking her hard and fast. I had stopped beating Edna’s tit and looking over, I watched as Bob fucked Carmen really karabağlar escort bayan hard, reaching forward and grabbing her dangling tits and squeezing and pulling on them as equally hard.Edna, not to be outdone, had moved herself back a bit and bending down had grabbed hold of my cock and was now sucking it with wild abandonment. “OH FUCK” I cried out”Suck that fuckin’ cock you fuckin’ piece of shit whore” I added thinking of Bob’s retort to CarmenWhat seemed forever was only within some minutes when I grabbed Edna by her hair and pulled her off my cock, stood up and having her bend over the arm rest of the sofa, her ass high in the air, I took hold of my cock and rammed it hard into her wet cunt and started fucking her as hard and fast as I could. It was then I heard carmen cry out and looking over saw that Bob had taken his cock out of Carmen’s cunt and had shoved it into her bunt hole and was fucking her just as hard and fast as before. Edna could see this too and replied’ “Fuck my fuckin’ ass” she pleaded,”Fuck me hard” she addedI gave in and in one swift move, took my cock out of her cunt and not so softly rammed my cock into her hole and started pumping away as Edna moaned out in pain and joy. Fucking both women finally got to me and Bob and we both blew our loads into the women’s holes, took our cocks out and had each woman change places and Bob had Edna suck his cock clean while Carmen came over and sucked my cock clean. “That was fuckin’ awesome” I said as we all sat down to catch our breathes. We gathered up our drinks and toasted one another and the great sex we had just had. Somehow I knew in my mind the day wasn’t over yet and was I ever right.

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