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Anal Solo


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Authors note.

Ok guys, I got this out as fast as I could. From your feedback, I thought a few of you were going to string me up for the way I ended the chapter. I hope you feel like it was worth the wait. I wanted Brian”s mounting to be special, but also wanted it to be high pressure. How did Brian hold up? Did he go through with it? You will have to read on to find out. Please send me your thoughts, I do respond to all emails sent to me.

I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html  and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..




Chapter 11

Who”s the Man


I took some deep breaths and pushed open the door. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust and realized that I was in the same room Dr. Butler showed me. In front of me was a naked man with his back to me.

When he turned around and I saw his face. I screamed “NNOOO… DON”T HURT ME.” I ran out the door I came in and Tyler who was about to turn the corner turned when I yelled, “TYLER… HELP ME, HE IS GOING TO HURT ME.”

Tyler came running down the hall and caught me. I was having a major panic attack. There was another boy at the end of the hall. Tyler yelled, “Go get Dr. Butler quick.” The boy ran off. “I worried that you might not be able to go through with it.”

It was hard for me to talk, but I managed to say, “I am… not afraid… of the mounting… It is the man… he is going to hurt me. Please Tyler… Don”t let him hurt me.”

Tyler was confused, “You knew it was going to hurt Brian, we”ve been telling you that for a while.”

Dr. Butler came running down the hall as fast as he could. “Brian, what happened?”

Tyler said, “I think he is just too scared of the pain. He came out into the hallway and screamed that the man was going to hurt him.”

“Brian, I need you to calm down and breath for me. Just like you learned from the boy in the dining room, in… out… in… out… in… out… That” it you are doing fine.”

I was just getting my breathing under control when the man came out of the room. He was wearing pants now and looked worried. When I saw him, I lost it, “No Tyler.” I screamed. I dove behind Tyler keeping him between me and the man. “Don”t let him hurt me please Tyler.” I begged.

Dr. Butler took my face in his hands, so I had to look right at him. “Brian, what is going on, this is more than just about the mounting isn”t it? Why are you so afraid of this man? Don”t look at him, look at me. What is going on.”

I have never felt fear like I was feeling right now. I saw the Headmaster coming down the hall. I broke free of Dr. Butler and ran to the Headmaster. “Please Sir, I am sorry for whatever I did. Please don”t let him hurt me.” I said in hysterics.

The Headmaster picked me up and held me tight with my head on his shoulder. “You didn”t do anything wrong Brian, why would you think you had?”

“Because you are going to let him hurt me, please don”t let him hurt me.”

Tyler stood up and went behind the Headmaster so he could see my face. “Brian, please tell me why you would think this man would hurt you. If it is not about the mounting, then why?”

I looked at him and asked him to come close with my finger. When he did I whispered in his ear, “He is Mr. Donahue, and he is going to hurt me.”

“I am sorry, I still don”t understand, do you know him from somewhere?” He whispered back.

I took a deep breath and whispered, “He is Kyles dad, and he is here to hut me for what I did to Kyle.”

The Headmaster held me away for me him and looked into my face. I was even more scared now, because I could see he was getting mad, “I am so sorry Brian. I can”t believe how stupid I am.” Now I was confused.

Tyler moved back in front of the Headmaster at the same time Dr. Butler stood up. “What is going on here?” Tyler asked in a tone that said he was mad. I even had to turn my head to see what was happening. “How could you do such a thing to him. This was hard enough for him to process and you go and set him up with the dad of the boy he basically sent to jail.”

“I am such a fool. I forgot Brian was in my office that day. I am so sorry Brian, I am not sure you will ever forgive me, but I am truly sorry.”

Mr. Donahue walked toward me, and Tyler got between him and me. “I may not be a man yet, but if you lay a hand on him you and I will be going down a road I never thought I, as a Crossman would. How could you take something so special and his first mounting and turn it into some kind of revenge for the actions of your disgusting kid?”

I could never in my wildest dreams, think that Tyler even had this side of him. Mr. Donahue spoke for the first time. “Brian, please forgive me, I never meant for any of this to happen. For the record, I have never held you responsible for what happened to Kyle. He brought all that on himself, which is why he is still in jail.”

Dr. Butler asked, “Why did you chose to bid so much on the boy that started the downfall of your son?”

“Let me make this perfectly clear, Brian did not start the downfall of my son. That distinction lays completely on Kyles and my shoulders. When Bryan came into the Headmasters office that day, I could not believe that this little boy could take out Kyle in a fight. As scared as he was, he sat in that chair shaking worried that the police would be called on him. I am not ashamed to say that with everything that I knew was happening with Kyle, I was more worried about how Brian was. I hated the thought of him suffering for what my son did.”

Tyler was still ready to fight him if he so much as moved. “Kyle was not a Crossman, so how is it that you were able to bid on Brian?”

“I had been talking with the Headmaster for months before that day. My best friend is a Crossman and it was my hope that Kyle and myself would be able to join and Kyle would move into the Crossman House, but I waited too long to get rid of his mother and get control of him. If I would have only acted sooner, my son would be here instead of jail. Everything that happened was because I didn”t have the balls to act sooner.”

Dr. Butler asked, “I am still a bit confused. If you were not planning to hurt the boy, why bid on him for his first mounting. You bid over everyone else, so there has to be a reason.”

“There are a few Doctor. First, I know that the money goes to help him in the future, and I wanted to make sure that he will have a great one. Second, is a little harder to explain. I guess I was hoping to be his first, because I wanted to do everything I could to keep the pain of the first time, as little as possible. I was worried that he would get a man that would not be gentle with him and cause him more pain then necessary.”

I could see Tyler was confused about what was just said. He was ready to fight for me and now he is not sure what to do or say. I asked the Headmaster to but me down. When he did I walked up to Tyler and asked him to kneel down. When he did, I wrapped him in a hug and said, “Thank you for standing up for me, I love you.”

He hugged me back and said, “That”s what big brothers are for. I love you too Brian.”

I finally let go of Tyler and went over to Mr. Donahue. He got down on his knees, “Mr. Donahue, I know that it was not my fault that Kyle is in jail. I need to tell you though, after what he did to my friend Owen, I hope he is there for a long time.”

“I am sorry about your friend Brian. I know about his dad and am doing everything afyon escort I can do to help get them back together. Until then I have informed the Headmaster that I will take care of anything that he needs. As for you, I will not withdraw my bid, that money is yours. I understand if you want someone else for your first mounting, but I hope you will allow me to spend some time with you in the future.”

I looked at Tyler, the Headmaster, and Dr. Butler. Then I turned took hold of Mr. Donahue”s hand and pulled him back into the room. When I looked back I could see how proud Tyler was of me and that made me feel like I could do anything.

Once the door closed behind us, I knew there was no turning back Mr. Donahue removed his pants again and sat in the chair. “Brian, will you display for me?” I did as I was asked, and he ran his hand over my body. I giggled when he lightly touched under my arms. That made him smile and then he looked at my butt. “I notice you have some faded black and blue marks, what happened?”

“Oh that. I got a paddling the first day I was here.”

Shocked he asked, “What did you do to deserve a paddling?”

Looking down I said, “I beat up Kyle.”

“Wait, what? You got paddled for that fight? It was not your fault.”

“It kinda was my fault. You know that fighting is not allowed here, and I was fighting.”

“But you did not start that Kyle did.”

“Kyle was just talking then, no one thought that it was anything more than Kyle running his mouth, of course, now we know better, but then it was just words. I was trying to get into this school, and if I didn”t take the punishment, I would not have been allowed to come here. That was a week ago, and now I know that it was worth it. I love it here and even have friends now.”

“Good for you Brian. You know that you are an amazing kid, and I am very proud that you are allowing me to be your first. How about kneeling down here and show me what you have learned about sucking cock.”

I got between his knees and pulled his cock and balls to the right and stuck my face as far as I could between his thigh and balls and just breathed. I did my ten inhales, hold for ten, breath out, and repeat. I am still really nervous about this, but also very excited. I licked every inch of his balls and then licked up all seven inches of his cock. I guess I was so caught up in it that it never occurred to me this cock would soon be buried deep in my cunt.

I sucked him for a few minutes when he pulled out of my mouth and stood up. “Are you ready sweet boy?”

“Not really.” I said nervously.”

“Brian, the thought of bringing you any pain hurts my heart. I want you to know that I will be as gentle as possible, but it will still hurt very badly. Please know that what I am doing is to help you past this step in your development as a Crossman. Once I enter you I won”t be able to stop until I cum. Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir, I am a Cboy and this is what we do to please the men. I trust you, but remember no matter what I say, you have to finish.”

“You got it boy.” I felt the panic start and did the breathing that I was taught. He lifted me up on the table, got me into position, and pulled the strap tight. I heard him flip two switch”s on the table and I felt the table move up a bit. “First I am going to insert a tube into your cunt. This is lubrication and I will squeeze a bunch inside and then all around your cunt hole. I felt it slide inside me and even fill me up a little. Not as much as the cunt cleaning, but still a lot. Then he pulled the tube slowly out of my cunt and felt his fingers rub around my cunt hole, I really liked that. I heard the squishy sound as he was rubbing a lot of lube on his cock and then put the tube down.

“Ok Brian here we go.” I opened my eyes for a second and saw a little red light in front of me. I just started wondering what it was when I felt the tip of his cock against my cunt hole. I closed my eyes again and prepared myself. “Brian, as soon as you feel pressure, you will have to fight all of your instincts to squeeze your cunt tight. Instead you will need to push out like you are taking the biggest poop of your life. Once I have the head in, I will stop and give you a minute to get used to it before I feed you more. Here we go baby.”

He pushed against my cunt and I tried to push out, but I tightened up instead. “Brian, if you don”t push out this will hurt a lot more.” I pushed out and felt him push hard, just enough to make me open up and take the head inside. At first I didn”t feel anything, then it felt like my cunt was on fire. I screamed so hard I hurt my own ears. I was crying and begging him to pull out, but he just stayed put like he said he would. After a few minutes he pushed more in, and again I screamed and begged him to stop. This went on for what felt like hours. After starting and stopping six times I think, I felt his pubes against my butt.

He leaned over me and said softly in my ear, “I am all the way in now sweet boy. Are you ready for me to mount you now?”

Through my tears I asked, “I thought that is what you were doing, isn”t if over yet?”

I thought I heard laughter from far away when he said, “No baby, that was just the penetration, this is the mounting.” He pulled his cock back which felt ok, but then he pushed it back in again. This got another scream out of me. In and out, in and out. It started out slow, but got faster, and faster, harder, and harder. I couldn”t scream anymore so I just cried. This went on forever, and slowly the pain turned from a searing, burning pain to a dull ach.

“You have such an amazing cunt sweet boy. I have only been with a few boys, but you are by far the best. He was really mounting me now. He was hitting my butt so hard with his body that if I hadn”t been strapped down, I would be flying across the room. I heard him start to grunt and then he said, “Here we go Brian, I am breading you.” I felt a warm feeling inside. I was sure I was bleeding to death in there.

He laid across my back and started to kiss my ears and neck. So far, this was the only thing that felt good. “You did good boy, very good. Your cunt is a gift from the gods and will please many men.” That was just not something I want to think about right now. After a while, his cock started to get soft and he pulled it from my cunt with a pop. Then I felt something against my sore hole slide inside. I felt my hole close around it and wondered what it was. It was big, but he was moving around so I knew it was not his cock.

I heard running water and then a wet towel was rubbing all around my butt. He unstrapped me and helped me off of the table. “How are you feel sweetheart?”

“My cunt really hurts. It feels like you are still in there.”

“I am so sorry for the pain. I tried to be a gentle as possible, but once I started I couldn”t stop. The way your cunt squeezed my cock and massaged it was something I never imagined possible. As for the feeling in your cunt now, that is a cunt plug. You will wear that till morning so that your first breading will have time to absorb into your body.”

I guess I was not sure what all that meant, but I was too tired and too sore to care right now. I just wanted to go curl up in bed and cry. Once I was cleaned up, he took my hand and we walked out of the room into the big common room. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the brighter lights, but then I saw what looked like a hundred people all staring at me.

Timmy, Tristen, and Aaron were going crazy clapping me on the back, giving me hugs, and kisses. Timmy was all over me, “You did it, you did it!!! You are really one of us now, I am so happy for you Brian!”

“That was awesome, I can”t wait for my first mounting. I hope I do as well as you did.” Aaron said agrı escort excitedly.

Tyler came over, got down on his knees, “Brian, I am so proud of you. I will admit that I didn”t think you would go through with it. When you came screaming out of that room, I was sure you were done. I am sorry for not believing in you about this. You said you were committed to doing it and you did. How are you feeling?”

“It hurt so much, I know we was trying to be gentle, but Tyler it hurt so much.” I started crying again and wrapped my arms around Tyler”s neck while crying on his shoulder.

He Picked me up and took me to a chair in the corner where he held and rocked me. “Brian, I know what you have just been through, I went through it myself. So, did most of the boys here as well as the men. All the men here with the exception of a few were mounted and bread just like you were. Now the worst of it is over. It will still hurt the next few times, but not nearly as bad and soon you will feel good enough for you to orgasm like I did on Monday.

He pulled me back and planted a kiss on my lips with tongue. I was in pain, and not happy, but I love those kisses. When he pulled back to look at me he said, “What do you say we go party and celebrate. You are now an official Crossman, and now you have this whole room and more to help you achieve anything you want in your future.

I really looked at the crowd for the first time. Everyone was naked, even the women. I saw boys and girls of all ages, some still in diapers. Those out of diapers were holding men”s cocks and licking them. I looked at Timmy and ask, “Hey aren”t those kid too little to be doing that?”

Timmy looked where I was looking at a three-year-old licking a man”s cock and replied. “No, not really. We are taught from the beginning to service men. For me I was just doing what my brothers were doing. We often fought over who got the cum. No child is forced to do it, is just the natural thing to do.”

I guess I understand that, as long as they are not being forced. I looked along the wall to see men sitting in chairs with boys and girls my age and older sitting on their laps. I could tell by the way their legs were spread that the men had their cocks in their cunts. I watched this man with a girl that looked like she was maybe eleven. She was on this man”s lap with his cock in her cunt, holding her against in chest and moving her up and down with one hand, while rubbing between her legs with the other. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was moaning. Then her whole body got stiff, her toes curled. and she moaned really loud. The man never stopped moving. She finally relaxed but started moaning again.

Joey came up to me and said, “My sister could go all day like that.”

“That is your sister?”

“Yep, her name is Jan. She is super cool I will introduce you to her later.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Do the girls have mounting parties too, and do the men put their cocks in their… you know, down there.” I said pointing down.

He laughed, “Of course they have mounting parties too. Jan was mounted on the same table you were and were I will be. It”s called a pussy by the way, and no cocks can enter them until marriage. It”s just the same as the boys dicks can”t be used or played with until marriage.”

“But he is playing with her pussy.”

“Yea, because girls don”t get the pleasure we do from their cunts. That is why men play with their pussies while they are mounting them. They only play with the outside though, nothing inside.”

“Ok, I think I understand now.”

Just then Timmy came over and grabbed my arm and pulled me across the room. “Hi daddy, I want you to meet my best friend in the whole world. Daddy, this is Brian. Brian, this is my daddy.”

He was definitely Timmy”s father. He was and older version of Timmy, only he was like six foot five, with blond hair with bits of gray in it. He reached his hand out and said, “Nice to finally meet you Brian, I have heard so much about you. Every time I talk to Timmy he is going on about you.”

I shook his hand and said, “It is nice to meet you Sir.” I felt like I should say something more, I was just not sure what.

“You did good tonight son. I heard there was a problem at the start, what was that about?”

Timmy said, “Yeah, what happened? You said you were ready to do it, cold feet?”

“No, that was not it.” I looked around till I saw Mr. Donahue and pointed at him. “Do you see that man over there?” Timmy and his father both looked where I was pointing and nodded their heads. “That is Mr. Donahue, when I walked in the room and saw him, I was so sure that he was going to hurt me really bad.”

Mr. Marshal asked, “You mean you were worried about the pain from the mounting?”

“No, I knew that was coming, didn”t realize it would hurt that bad though.”

Timmy said, “Then if it wasn”t the mounting, the why were you so scared of him? Did you know him from somewhere?”

“Yes, I met him and his wife in the Headmasters office with their son.”

“So, who is their son?” Timmy asked.

“Kyle, that one hurt Owen.”

Timmy was shocked. “Your first mounting was done by the man of the boy you put in jail?”

Mr. Marshal looked confused so, I explained the events of the first day. “Wow, Timmy told me about that. Why would he want to be your first though?”

“So, I would know that he cared about me and that he doesn”t blame me for Kyle.”

“Well your first mounting was a big night for you wasn”t it?”

“Yes, Sir it has been way different than I expected.”

“How do you feel about it now that you have lived through it?”

“It hurt my cunt a lot, but the pain is not so much now.”

“I told you it would not be that bad. I remember mine, and I think I screamed more than you did.” Said Timmy.

“So, I guess everyone heard me then?” I asked feeling very embarrassed.

Timmy laughed and pointed at the TV”s hanging from the ceiling. “Heard you and saw your face through the whole thing.”

“What do you mean? Are you telling me that all of these people watched me get mounted?”

“No silly, only your face.” He took my hand a pulled me over to this TV in the corner and pushed the button. My face came into view and I watched myself listen to Mr. Donahue tell me to push out and then scold me for tightening up. I saw myself look at the camera, oh man, that”s what that light was. I saw me close my eyes again and then watched them oven and the scream come out of my mouth.

I felt Mr. Marshal put his hand on my shoulder and guide me to a chair. Mr. Marshal sat in the chair and spread his legs while pointing at the ground between his legs. I got on my knees and was just about to start servicing him when I looked to the right and saw that eleven-year-old girl I was watching before. She was still sitting on that man”s cock. On the left side was a boy who was maybe five licking a man”s cock, looking just as happy as me when I am sucking on a cock. I guess Timmy was right about that.

Mr. Marshal put his hand behind my head and guided me to his cock. I sucked him deep into my throat until he shot his load. “Brian, Timmy has asked me if you could come over this weekend. If you would like to you are absolutely invited.”

“Thank you Sir. I will have to ask the Headmaster.”

“You do that and let Timmy know.”

I sucked the cocks of three more men before the Headmaster said it was time to cut the cake. I could not believe what I was seeing. On the cake was a picture of me on the table with Mr. Donahue about to put his big cock in me. This was done in frosting and some kind of food paint. I was given the piece with Mr. Donahue”s cock on it. We ate, talked, akdere escort drank punch, and laughed a lot before the Headmaster called it a night and sent us up to bed.

Tyler took me into the shower room to rinse off any lube left on my butt and just let me soak. I brushed my teeth and went back to my room. I kissed Timmy, Tristen, and Tyler goodnight and laid down on my bed. I don”t remember even getting under the covers before I was asleep.

The next morning was the usual up at five thirty, pee, brush my teeth, and then to the CCR. I forgot all about my cunt plug, until Tyler pulled it out of me. “Owwweee… That hurt Tyler.”

“I know buddy, but it would have hurt more if I told you I was going to do it and you clinched up. I am going to put the nozzle in you now and it will hurt a bit.”

It did, but something was different. The water going in was cold today instead of warm. “Hey, what the big deal Tyler? That water is cold.”

“I know it is Brian but coming out it will feel wonderful.”

He was right it did. I was still a little sore back there, but not too bad. After the first fill and hold, I went over to the toilet to release expecting to see a bloody mess. I did see a few spots, but nothing that I was going to worry about. When I was done with my cunt cleaning, it was back to my room, collect my clothes and backpack, and down to the common room for dressing.

Once dressed Tyler did his usual check over then said, “Guys, I wanted to tell you here, so I won”t have to repeat it during breakfast. I will not be at lunch today so don”t wait for me.”

I asked, “Where will you be?”

“I will be with the Headmaster taking my punishment for the disrespectful way I talked to him and Mr. Donahue.”

“Why are you getting punished, you were protecting me. You thought I was danger. You had to do it, you promised Donny that you would protect me.”

“That is true, and I would do it again, but I broke a Crossman code of conduct and have to answer for it. It will be ok Brian I answer for my mistakes just like you did. Let”s go to breakfast.” My dad used to say that he was so mad he could spit nails. That is the way I am feeling right now. I didn”t talk much during what little breakfast I ate. Timmy tried to talk to me on the way to gym and I asked, “Timmy, I know you care about me and I love you for it. Right now, I just need to take some time to cool off. Tyler should not be getting punished because of me.”

Timmy let it go, and when Mr. Price did his inspection of me and looked at my cunt he asked, “Brian, I know you had a rough night last night, do you feel like you can participate in class today?”

I was a little worried that I was too mad and might hurt someone, so I said, “I am kinds sore, would it be ok if I sat this one out?” It was not a lie I was still sore.

“That is fine, just dress out and sit in the bleachers today.”

Once class was over and I was back in my robe, I headed to my next class. On the way my anger got the better of me and I headed to the Headmasters office. When I walked in Brad was at his desk, “Hi Brian, great job last night. I am so happy for you.”

“Thank you, but I need to see the Headmaster.”

“Sorry brother, he is in a meeting.”

“No problem.” I turned and walked to the Headmasters door and knocked before Brad could stop me.

I heard “come” from the other side of the door and was already inside before Brad could get to me. I walked in to find him with Dr. Butler. “Oh Brian, I am sorry son, but you will have to come back later. I am in a meeting right now.”

“I am here for my punishment Sir.”

“What punishment? I don”t remember you doing anything wrong.”

“I am going to take the punishment you are planning to give Tyler at lunch.”

“I don”t understand, did Tyler send you here?”

“No Sir, he doesn”t even know I am here.”

“Brian, as you know there is a way things work around here, and Tyler was very disrespectful to both Mr. Donahue and me. There has to be consequences for his actions.”

“Yes Sir, I understand the way things work. In this case however, the only reason Tyler is in this trouble is because he was protecting me. He promised Donny that he would not let anything bad happen to me. If I would not have panicked when I saw Mr. Donahue, Tyler would never have talked to either of you that way. So, the fault is mine, or I guess with all due respect, yours.”

“Mine, how do you figure that?”

“Yes Sir. You were there for everything that went down with Kyle after the fight. How did you think I would have responded by seeing Mr. Donahue? I was already trying to keep it together for my mounting that I was so afraid of, just to see the dad of the boy I sent to jail.”

“You are right, and I will take the blame for my error, but that doesn”t excuse the way Tyler talked to us men.”

“Sir, that makes no sense. If you know that you made the mistake of not warning me that the man who was going to mount me was Kyles dad, how can you punish Tyler for doing what he is supposed to do? I mean, he is my big brother isn”t he? His job is to teach me how to be a good Crossman and protect me, so how can you punish him for that?”

Dr. Butler said, “He”s got you there, Joe.” He said with a laugh. “Brian, how do you feel today about everything that happened last night? Not counting the issue with Tyler.

“It hurt very badly when he entered my cunt. I have never felt such pain, but today I am glad it is done, and I am not having to worry about it. I understand the next few times will hurt a little, but I am ready for it.” I turned and looked at the Headmaster and asked, “What is my punishment?”

“Brian, you are smart, and gave a good fair argument for Tyler. I think that law me be your future. As for Tyler, he and I will have a serious talk about what happened and why it won”t happen again. He will apologize to Mr. Donahue and myself, and we will call that his punishment. Will that be ok?”

“Yes Sir. Thank you, that is very fair. I will start by saying I am sorry for barging in like I did. I am sorry for interrupting your meeting.”

“Well Brian, here is the funny part. This meeting was about you.”

“Me, am I in trouble for last night?”

“No Brian, this is a different issue. Timmy”s dad caught me last night and asked if you could come spend this weekend with them.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot to ask you about that.”

“That is what Dr. Butler and I were talking about when you came in. Have a seat Brian. We have decided that it would not be a good idea for you to go there this weekend.”

I was surprised that he said no, “Why Sir.”

“You just had your first mounting yesterday, and it would not be fair to you to allow you to go to Timmy”s house. He has two older brothers that are no longer caged living there with his dad. You would be required to service all three men and any man that comes by. That means that you will suck their cocks, be mounted, and drink their golden water anytime they want it. I just don”t feel like that is a situation that you are ready for.”

“I guess you are right, that is a lot. Timmy will be real sad, but Owen will be happy that I am staying.”

“Well…” Dr. Butler said, “Owen won”t be here this weekend. He is going home with me. We are going to talk about how he is doing now. There has to be more to his suicide attempt than just Kyle. He also seems to have a real interest in becoming a Crossman, and I need to find out why.”

“I hope you decide he can be a Crossman because I hate keeping things from him. I guess I am on my own this weekend then.”

“That is up to you. Mr. & Mrs. Walters would like for you to come to their house this weekend if you want to.”

“Really!!!! That would be great, I miss Mr. Walters so much.”

“Well he misses you to. I take that as a yes?”

“Oh yes Sir. Thank you so much.”

“Then let”s get you back to class.” We walked out to Brads desk and he gave me a pass back to class.


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