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FORCED TO CROSSDRESS, AND I LIKED IT!!FORCED TO CROSS-DRESS, AND I LIKED IT!!!It all started not long after my eighteenth birthday when my parents decided to go on a well deserved vacation for themselves as they no longer have anyone to care for. Fucking great I thought that suited me just fine, as I was looking forward to time for myself as well, maybe looking forward to getting laid with no one around to hinder my pleasure or so I thought.Such plans shattered as my parents didn’t trust me enough to look out for the castle, fuck it! as long as they were gone it was good enough. They have chosen a family friend to assist me in looking out for homestead, oh well as long as he stayed outa my way things will be just fine or so I thought; enter family friend Xavier, long time friend of my parents. He was sort of an outdooorsman a scruffy looking tough man, any way as my parents packed an said their adios left for the airport. I helped Xavier haul and unpack in th guest bedroom, once settled we parted ways as I left to give my girlfriend much needed attention and told him I’ll be back later, bahis firmaları way later.OK, he says as I rushed out the door.A couple of hours later I was on my way home as my girl was not having anything to do with my advances toward her, bitch! my one time for some uninterrupted sex and she tends to be in some fucked up mood! Fuck it I thought as I walked on home horny and frustrated, oh well at least I can jack off in peace when I get home, little did I know what was in store for me that night. I have a good collection of porn stashed away in my room for when I’m alone and in need to pleasure myself, magazines some DVD’s and tons of kinky stuff on my computer. I was never in need to worry bout my parents snooping around my stuff as they believed in others personal space not being intruded upon, thank god for that they are cool enough bout it though.Anyway I got back around 11:00 and noticed Xavier still up and about, damn I kept thinking, well he stays on the first floor so that’s enough privacy for me to enjoy myself. My porn collection is everything one can think of, vanilla kaçak iddaa to wacked kinky shit, I really don’t have a preference I enjoy it all! As I was settling in I decided to watch some shemale porn, soon enough I was stroking myself to a hot looking tranny when all of a sudden Xavier walks in, holy shit what are you watching!? he asks, unable to lie about what he was seeing on my computer, just some porn I said nervously.I tried to cover up but at this point it was no use I was caught, he was silent for a bit, oh he says then walks back out. Damn this is one fucked up night I kept thinking, just as well call it a night and go to bed I guess, it was embarrassing but nothing I can do about it. Maybe he’ll forget all about it tomorrow I wished, as my pecker softened and shrunk I decide to turn out the lights and fell asleep. An hour later I woke up to a naked muscular body sliding into bed with me, am I fucking dreaming I thought?? What the hell is going on I said out loud!? it was then I felt Xavier spooning up to me whispering into my ear, shhhhh he says, I see you like looking kaçak bahis at shemale porn. You like that don’t you? hot looking tranny’s pleasing their man, yeah I know you do, I bet you wish you could be like them don’t you?? wearing those skimpy lil G string panties acting like a slutwhore for your man, yeah I know that turns you on so don’t deny it you lil slut! he hissed.I had to make a quick trip to the nearest and only porn shop downtown to buy you some lingerie and heels, so get your tranny ass up and go put them on, you know you want to. The fucked up thing is ,he was right don’t think I haven’t thought about that fantasy at least once in my life, as I said I like all porn, I just never thought I would have a chance to act it out ever! I was horny as fuck by now fully awake to what was happening.I couldn’t believe my luck, I was able to act out one of my fantasies in the comfort of my home to explore my sexuality out in the open. As I was getting up I reached underneath and grabbed his huge bull cock and stroked him a few times, damn that felt good!! as I noticed he enjoyed that too, go on baby cakes get dolled for you man go on, he said with what I know for sure he said with a wicked grin as Xavier sounded devilishly sly…….if you like the story so far I’ll finish part 2, so please comment!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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