Forced Ch. 13

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I howled in release, my cock spewing between our surging bodies. Every nerve exploded, imploded then burst anew as wave after wave of orgasmic intensity shook me. I was lost in the orgasm, whimpering, lost in the dizzying pleasure that inundated every sense.

Tom followed, bellowing, releasing his seed, hard pulsing volleys that tensed every muscle in his body. I could feel hot jets of cum coursing into my body, scalding me. We were both panting, trying to catch our breath. Tom’s hands were still locked on my hips and his huge cock deep in my ass.

“Randall, your ass is so fucking needy man. I love fucking you and you fucking love taking dick, don’t you bud?” Tom teased me.

I just stood there panting, bent over with my hands on my knees, unable to communicate.

“I am gonna call a bud or two over this evening for you to play with, ok?” he asked.

I couldn’t even answer. My mouth was so dry from panting over and over like I’d run a marathon.

“Let’s clean up and go find doc” Tom murmured, his voice being drown out by the hiss of the shower. I squeezed my ass on Tom’s thick cock still planted in my ass and wondered what I was becoming.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After a thorough washing until my skin resembled a prune, Tom shut off the shower and handed me a towel. We dried off together and he threw his towel over his shoulder. I copied him and followed him through the house to the entrance of the backyard. Near a table he gave me a pair of sunglasses.

“Put these on, Jason. The sun is so strong out there, especially down by the pool. I will have you stay in the cabana for a while until you get used to the heat and we will need to put some sunscreen on you, bud.”

“No suits?” I asked.

“Not for us fags, baby!” he smiled at me, then struck a pose like Michelangelo’s David. He wasn’t quite as cut as the statue, but he had it beat in the cock department. Tom’s skin was a rich light brown and was used to the sun’s rays. I could normally tan pretty well, but had been out of the sun since the previous summer and my skin was pretty pasty.

“Baby, we don’t want your buns to burn,” he said has he slapped my ass lightly. With that Tom opened a large French door to the outside and we walked into the bright sun. The heat covered me like a blanket. Even though I had on a nice pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, the sun was so bright that I had to squint. And even though I was squinting, I could tell their backyard was beautiful.

Smack in the middle of the Las Vegas dessert was this oasis. The backyard had to be ¼ acre itself of lush landscape. A custom made pool was surrounded by beautiful stonework and mosaic tile. A small island was in the middle of the pool area, with the pool around it like a moat. On the island was a covered gazebo or cabana with light linen drapes. The rest of the backyard was filled with palm trees, and beautiful flowers and shrubs. Sprinklers were going off in the rear of the backyard near a grove of trees. It was simply beautiful.

Doc was in the other corner of the yard with a hat on his head and a light robe covering his body. He was trimming bushes and cutting flowers. “Doc loves his gardens,” Tom said proudly. “He designed this entire place and spends hours out here every week planting and transplanting and taking care of his babies. We have a gardener from UNLV who is finishing up his senior year in landscape architecture. He’ll be out later today and you will want to meet him. He helps Doc with all of this, especially the water usage.”

I was amazed at the beauty all around me and kept on turning to see more of the lush landscape. When I turned all the way back around I saw Tom smiling at me. I don’t know why, but even thought I knew he was naked it was somewhat shocking to see him like that outside. And I was naked too. I could feel the sun on my shoulders and it was so warm I started to become really uncomfortable. Tom sensed this quickly and told me we needed to get to the cabana.

I followed behind Tom, no longer looking at the greenery and pool, but instead watching his muscular ass cheeks flex as he walked away from me. Tom led us around the side of the pool and turned, walking over a small bridge. I followed like a lost puppy. Once on the island, he pulled the billowing sheer curtain aside and waved me inside with his arm. I slowly walked past Tom into the shaded area.

I felt immediate relief from the sun. The cabana was round in shape with curtains surrounding it. Some were sheer, and some completely blocked out the light. In the middle of the cabana was a round raised bed in white with pillows everywhere. It made you want to jump right on it and snuggle in. Before I could make up my mind to do just that, Tom pushed me right in the bed.

“Jason, that is the most comfortable spot in the house, rest here a while and get used to the heat. Before you come outside we need to get sunscreen on you and you can’t get your stitches wet in the pool. Please rest casino şirketleri a bit.”

The linens on the bed were so soft and smelled of lavender. It was so much cooler in the shade; and the cabana had a ceiling fan that created a fine breeze to boot. I hugged a pillow to my chest and took a deep whiff of lavender, closing my eyes and breathing in deep. It was so comforting. I was so wiped out from everything that I couldn’t even raise my head off the bed to say thanks to Tom. I fell asleep hard.

It was the most comforting sleep I had in a long time. I thought I felt someone come in and check on me, but I was too tired to wake up. I heard some voices and then felt a warm touch on my back, slowly rubbing. My eyelid cracked open a bit and I saw a familiar face but slowly drifted back to sleep hearing him sigh heavily. “Be well Jason”…and then darkness. The voice was filled with sadness and longing, but it made me tingle all over and I fell happily asleep.

I slowly started to stir sometime later, much later. The bed was so soft and warm. I was covered with a soft blanket. It was like I was coming alive slowly, my senses turning on one at a time. One of the first things I noticed was how dry my mouth was, yet the side of my face was wet as was the pillow. I must have been drooling. I never did that and wiped my check with the back of my hand. My eye adjusted quickly. It was no longer light out, the only light was coming from lamps from around the poolside and from the massive house across the pool and patio from me. I sat up and leaned back on my elbows, taking in the site. There was a much cooler breeze coming in the cabana, and the fan above was set to a much lower speed, but heat was coming down from the ceiling from the fan. I slowly stretched my body. I was sore all over, but it was a good sore like you get from working out.

I slowly pulled back the covers, already knowing I was naked. My cock was stirring and I had a need to pee. I rolled off the bed and shivered as a chill went down my spine. I grabbed the blanket off the bed and wrapped myself in it. I walked out of the cabana and breathed in the fresh cool air.

I heard light splashes in the water and looked over at the far end of the pool. There were swim lanes built in on that end and I could see the skin of a swimmer cutting through the water. And it was all skin, no suit in the way. The body was lithe and muscular and easily cut through the water. The swimmer’s head was covered in dark hair, so I knew it wasn’t Doc or Tom. I was drawn to watch him, as I was a swimmer too.

After a few laps and after coming to a stop at a wall near me, a handsome wet face popped out of the water.

“Hey, you must be Jason! I’m Alex, friends with Doc and Tom”, he said with a broad smile across his face. “They are inside getting dinner ready and were beginning to wonder if you were going to join us.”

“Thanks Alex, nice to meet you. I’m Jason,” I said before I even thought about the repercussions of sharing my real name.

“I know, Jason from Saint Louis. Jason Randall, right?” he said with a wink.

Oh shit, I thought. “Yeah,” I mumbled and headed towards the house ready to kick some ass. I couldn’t let this get out and have people know what I had been up to. SHIT!

As I walked up to the house I could see the kitchen and sitting area through the huge glass windows. Doc and Tom were in the kitchen, Doc at the stove cooking in a skillet and Tom cutting up veggies. Both were dressed in light linen pants and t-shirts. An attractive woman was also in the kitchen sitting up at the center island drinking a large glass of wine.

I stood frozen in the darkness watching, not knowing what to do. I heard footsteps come up behind me and saw Alex coming toward me with a swagger, with a white towel wrapped around his waist tightly. His body glistened with drops of pool water. I don’t know if it was the cool temps or his body, but another shudder went right down my spine.

“Here, follow me”, Alex said and grabbed me by the hand and led me to the side of the house, the darkness softened by lights in the gardens. We came to a door about 20 feet past the back of the house and entered. It was a mudroom. Tom kept holding my hand and led me back to the bedrooms. “Let’s get dressed, I’ll show you where you things are.”

“I don’t have anything here”, I replied but was cut off by this young stud. “Your boyfriend dropped off your suitcase a couple hours ago and Tom put it in the guestroom”, he said as we turned another corner into the guestroom. Sure enough, my suitcase was sitting on the bed. Alex closed the bedroom door then headed toward the bathroom.

“I’m going to rinse off quick…wanna join me?” Alex said as he turned and dropped the towel, dragging it across the floor as he gave me a great glimpse of his nakedness. OMG!!! He was a god. Tall at 6ft’3, tanned olive skin, tight & muscular build with long legs, pecs with quarter size nipples and defined arms. His cock stuck casino firmaları out from his body and it was 6 inches soft with a tuft of dark curly pubes over his cock and on his balls. He walked away with a smile showing me his ass. His perfect, tight ass. Perfect, big, strong, hairless male ass. And Alex was proud of it.

I stood there stupefied. I heard the shower start and the door close and I could feel my cock raging hard. Fuck, I’m such a fag I now get hard when I see naked men. I’d never be able to go to my gym again. I took a couple deep breaths and walked to my suitcase. On top was a pair of clean blue scrubs. I quickly put them on and grabbed a t-shirt out of my suitcase. I had to go to the bathroom bad, and the sound of running water was not helping me at all.

I went into the bathroom and quietly sat on the toilet. I wasn’t sure I could stand in my current condition and I knew I couldn’t piss standing up with a hardon. I pissed so hard my cock deflated fast. Damn that felt good. I looked over at the shower area. It was with mixed emotions that I noted the shower was a separate room, and I couldn’t see Alex at all. I got up quickly and flushed, then scurried to the bedroom. My wallet and phone were over on the bedside table. I grabbed my phone and walked out of the room, then out of the house to the side yard. I called home.

I got our voicemail and then tried my wife’s cell. Voicemail again. I left her a cryptic message telling her that I was feeling better and resting well, that I had slept the entire day away in fact. I told her I was going to eat dinner and she should call before 10pm her time. Little did I know that it was 8:30 pm in Phoenix, so it was already 10:30 in St Louis…but I would learn that lesson later.

I went back into the house and back toward the guestroom. Alex was pulling up a pair of sweatpants, going commando underneath. He then turned and put on a UNLV sweatshirt that he pulled out of one of the dressers in the room.

“Is this your room?” I asked.

“No, but I keep some stuff here. I help Doc with the gardens and irrigation system. I’m a student at the university here.”

“Oh, ok”

“That woman out there is a complete pain in the ass. She’s Doc’s sister. She will be leaving soon which is a good thing. Why don’t we get to know each other better until she leaves,” he said and sat back on a loveseat in the room. This quickly eased my anxiety and we sat and talked for a long while. He told me about himself, and asked me all sorts of questions about myself. Alex was genuine and low key. He wasn’t hung up on the whole gay thing and it was really easy to talk to him.

As the conversation put me at ease, Alex reached over and touched my knee. I felt a tingle go down my spine and right to that knee, which moved on autopilot closer toward Alex. In the process of talking, Alex leaned closer and I could feel his breath on my neck. His eyes glimmered with mischief. He then leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss, laying his soft lips against mine. He grabbed the back of my head to pull me closer, allowing our mouths act as one. I could feel a passion within him as he kissed me. My body reacted quickly, it was like touch was magnified 1000 times and I became rock hard in seconds. I had immediate urges — wanting to kiss him harder, to get naked, to fell his body and to share mine. Alex responded, too, kissing me deeper and sliding his hand directly to my crotch. He knew exactly what he wanted.

I broke the kiss for a second and stared into his eyes. He smiled seductively at me and ran his hands along my face, “Mr. Randall, I want you to fuck me right now!” he said matter-of-factly. Then he dove in for a more wicked kiss than before and he gripped my raging cock in his hand. The front of my pants had wet marks from precum.

Alex’s athletic body moved fast yet gracefully. He stood up and dropped his sweatpants and pulled off his sweatshirt in one quick motion and stood before me in his naked glory. His cock was no longer soft, it was rock hard column of ivory flesh with a thick circumcision scar and flared head. It was medium thick and about 8 inches long. His lithe body was hairless with the exception of a light dusting of dark brown hair on his legs, a full cropped bush around his cock and light treasure trail up his taut stomach to his belly button. I could also see tufts of hair under his armpits.

As I stared at him in wonder he quickly reached down and grabbed my scrub pants by my ankles and yanked hard, pulling them from my body with force…and in the process pulling my ass closer to the edge of the couch. My cock was pulled down for a moment, and then snapped back up onto my abdomen with a ‘thwack’. My cockhead was dripping wet.

Alex climbed on top of me quickly and forcefully kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I returned the favor and we kissed passionately as he sat in my lap. I could feel the heat of his young, toned body and my cock was already pressed up his cheeks güvenilir casino nestled in his crack. This kiss was electric and I shuddered as our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

He reached down to pull my shirt off my body and I helped him. As my shirt covered my face he acted fast, using a hand to trap my hands above my head, which covered my face with my shirt. Alex moved up for a moment and reached back with his other hand, lining up my cock to his hole and sat down deliberately. My cock was so wet with precum that it pierced his hole easily and drove into him, and he used his weight to slide it balls deep on the first thrust. “Uhhhhh, damn your cock feels good in me Jason” Alex groaned and started kissing my neck and moved down my chest, keeping my face covered by my shirt and my hands seized in his. He slowly licked and nibbled on my nipples, making my balls churn so much I almost came instantly while he continued to work up and down on my cock.

Not only was he riding my cock, his hole was throbbing on it too. My cock thickened in his ass and he grunted as he rode me. With my eyes covered my other senses went into overdrive. I could hear the sounds of our sex and smell the masculine funky smell. And as Alex bit my exposed nipple in his mouth I could hear my yelp and then groan fill the room.

I wasn’t in control. I wasn’t fucking Alex; instead he was fucking himself on me. I couldn’t anticipate what would happen next and felt so trapped in the situation, lost in our sex. Alex moved up and ran his tongue over my lips and I could feel a charge transfer over to me. I could feel his soft lips against mine for the brief moments that they touched. I got lost in the passion and knew that I had crossed the line. I knew I was fooling myself. These weren’t just urges, I simply wanted gay sex.

With that realization, I pushed my hips forward, driving my cock deeper in his ass. It slid in deeper until my balls tapped his muscular ass. His hole was really wet and sloppy but also very tight. The harder I fucked him the quicker I realized I wouldn’t last much longer. Alex was starting to lose it too, his moans had turned into grunts with every thrust and I felt his body immediately covered in sweat.

“I’m gay!” I gasped and jamming my hips up and started fucking him with long, deep thrusts. Upon uttering those fateful works I came as deep in his ass as I could. Alex’s strong ass milked my cock for every ounce of cum as he kissed me with passion I had only felt with my wife. I struggled against his grip on my arms and the shirt covering my face to no avail. We were both breathing very heavily. We stayed like that for a few minutes. My cock stayed hard in his ass, but I could feel warm cum leaking out of him and covering my hairy balls.

Alex was silently panting, leaning into me. His hard cock sandwiched between our bodies. He slowly let go of his vice grip on my hands and slowly pulled the shirt from my body, allowing me to see him. His eyes were smoldering with desire and his face was red and covered in sweat. His hair was wavy and wet from our passion.

“Now we switch places.” He said with a wicked smile and kissed me again, his tongue dancing through my mouth.

I pushed Alex over to the side and he fell off my cock, this body falling into the corner of the couch; his arms and legs spread. His cock was rock hard and leaking, and his full balls lay low in their smooth sack. Below I looked to see his taint, again smooth…then down further to his hole. It was hair-free and looked completely used, the outer rim slightly puffy and his hole agape with cum leaking from him. Fuck! I did that to him. I bred his sexy young ass. My cock was still pseudo hard and I was not done with him in the least. I pounced on him like a tiger!

It was such a wickedly hot thing to see and I dove between his legs, hitching them over my shoulder and ran my tongue down Alex’s taint towards his hole. My tongue collecting my cum which tasted funky and salty. Then I pressed my lips to his wet, freshly fucked asshole and stuck my tongue and began to tongue fuck his hole, sucking my cream out of my new friend.

Alex ohhhhed and ahhhhed and spread his legs fully apart. “OMG you are gay Jason”, he panted, “eat my fucking ass you bitch!” I ate his ass and swallowed my cum and it just made me hornier. My cock was aching again and I knew I had to fuck him again…my way this time. I wanted to fuck him like a woman.

“Get on the bed on your back, Alex, I am gonna make love to you bud,” I said.

We both moved quickly to the bed, my cock heavy….bobbing and swaying in front of me. Alex was already on the bed on his back, legs spread. I climbed between his legs and aimed my hardness right at his hole. There was no resistance at all, his pussy literally ate my cock up whole and I buried balls deep inside him in the first thrust. We both moaned and I dove in for a kiss. The passion was consuming, he shared his body with me completely. While it was different from fucking my wife due to the Alex’s strength, the missionary position was just as intimate as the couplings with my wife. Fucking him this way was a complete turn on for me. I was excited and completely out of control.

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