Forbidden Lust For My Cousin

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Forbidden Lust For My CousinIt is in the middle of June and is a warm day outside. I am sitting outside in my red bikini catching some rays when David showed up.I say “Hey cousin.”David says “Hey. Whew, it sure is hot today”I think to myself “Yeah, it sure is.”I turn my head to look at him and could not keep my eyes off his body. He is wearing a white T-shirt and denim shorts.I move my eyes up and down his body stopping at his hips.Staring at the crotch area of his shorts thinking of what a hot 13 1/2-inch cock is hiding beneath them.And how I’d like to get my hands on it.David started talking to me and I am so engrossed at looking at his body that I do not hear him.David says to me, ” Stephanie, are you listening?”I jerk up out of my daydreaming long enough to hear the question.I respond by saying, “Sorry David, didn’t hear you. Was not concentrating. Mind repeating yourself, please?”As David starts repeating himself, I just smile and think to myself, he is a hottie.”Want to take a swim with me, Stephanie?” David asks.I say “Sure David. Let’s go.”So he takes off his T-shirt and I cannot stop staring at his chest.While I am staring, he pulls off his shorts and jumps into the pool.I jump into the pool with him and we start swimming.We swim for about 20 minutes. Then he gets out.I get out too feeling hornier for him. He dries off with a towel and puts his clothes back on.I lay face down on a towel that I have put down and ask David to please put some lotion on my back.David says, “Okay.”He reaches over to grab the lotion. He grabs it and I undo my bikini top so he can get better access.He squeezes some of the lotion on his hand and then puts the lotion down. I scoot over some and he sits on the towel next to me.He brings his manly hands down to my hot bare skin and starts applying the lotion to my back.I start moaning softly over and over hoping that David will hear me.And he does. But instead of paying attention to my constant moans he just finishes applying the lotion to me and put his sunshades on so he can avoid the sun rays.Since he did not notice while ago, I decide that I should just go ahead and get bold to show him that I want him.So as David is lying there, I move over some and brush my hand against the crotch of his shorts taking a feel of his cock.David acts like he did not even notice so I do it again. The second time around gets his attention and looks over at me.He then says “Stephanie, is that your hand on my cock?”I act all innocent, wondering if he will buy it.I then say, “Whoops, sorry David.”I move my hand away quickly.David then says,”That’s ok, Stephanie.”I am not sure but I thought I saw him smile when I did that. I decide to go inside so I get up and get ready to walk inside the house.”Hey, where are you going?,” David asks me.”I’m going inside to cool off some.,” I say.David says, “Good idea, I’ll join you.”He gets up and follows me into the house.I purposely stop by the chair so I can walk behind him and keep my eyes focused on his body.Touching him earlier just makes me want him more. He walks past me and I follow keeping my eyes focused on him.I walk into the kitchen and grab some ice to help cool me down.I walk into the livingroom where David is sitting on the leather couch. I go and sit next to him.”Would you like a piece of ice?,” I ask him.He says, “No thanks, Stephanie. Maybe later.”As I am sitting there feeling hot, I grab a piece of ice and start tracing my body with it.Down my neck, over my breasts, and even down between my legs.I notice that David is watching me now and that he has this new look that I have never seen before in his eyes.He watches my hand as I trace it all along my body. I see him lick his lips when I bring it down towards my pussy.Then suddenly, David reaches out and grabs my hand putting in on his crotch. By doing that, it makes me notice that his cock is rock hard.”Oh David,” I moan out softly.Then he pulls my thong aside and shoves the piece of ice right into my pussy making me gasp then moan out loud.He then takes his hand and starts manuerving the ice in and out of my pussy.I am speechless feeling the lust within me grow for him.I let David have all the control for now. All I can do is moan.I start stroking his cock slowly through his shorts waiting for any kind of bad reaction from him.When I receive none, I start stroking a little bit faster.I hear David starting to moan a little bit himself. David keeps on fucking me with the ice and leans over planting his mouth on mine.He kisses me and I kiss him back feeling all my lust that I have had for him come out in that one kiss.Our tongues intertwine and our hands keep on playing with each other’s bodies.Our kiss is so hot and is so full of lust. Then he breaks away and moves the ice out of my pussy.He brings right it up to his mouth and licks it slowly tasting my juices.I keep my hand on his cock stroking more and more through his shorts. David looks over at me with lust.”Oh Stephanie, oh yes baby,” David moans out.I use one hand to pull my thong off so that I am now nude next to him. I use my other hand to keep on stroking him.I watch David as he looks at my body up and down seeing me fully nude for the first time.David then reaches down and pulls my hand away. I am confused for I am not sure what he is doing.David then gets up and pulls me down onto the couch so that I am lying down.David then spreads my legs open and he licks his lips.He then says, “I have wanted this for so long. I have always had the hots for you, Stephanie. Ever since we first met.”I smile wickedly and all I can do is watch David as he gets in between my legs.He pulls my outer lips apart, and starts licking my pussy hungrily.I bakırköy escort feel pleasure start to run through me like a river. I too have wanted this for so long. I have wanted him for so long.David then says, “Oh yeah, you taste so good baby. Mmmm, better than I imagined.”I start moaning feeling his tongue doing it’s work on my pussy.I reach down and run my fingers through his hair as he licks my pussy deeper and faster. I feel my juices pouring out into his mouth like wine.He licks them up hungrily. While licking me, David takes a finger and moves it around my asshole.David then penetrates my asshole with his finger.I gasp then moan feeling this new sensation and realizing that I really like it.Sensing that I like it, David starts fucking my ass with his finger while he licks my pussy. I moan more cause it feels so good.David hears my moans and he starts licking my pussy faster concentrating on my clit. He shoves his finger up my ass.”David, oh fuck baby!” I scream out.I feel my orgasm approaching rapidly and I cry out his name repeatedly.I start coming on his tongue and I feel him speed up his licking taking it all in his mouth.Not wanting to waste a drop of my sweetness.I cum so hard that I shake for about 10 minutes. He then pulls his finger out of my ass leaving me partially stretched.I feel David’s mouth on my pussy with his tongue still licking me even after I come down from my first orgasm.I tell him to stop, but he won’t. He just keeps on licking me hungrily.”I’m going lick you dry, baby. I want all of you.,” David says.All I can do is watch David as he plants his mouth back down on my pussy and licks me more.I feel myself cum again in his mouth, and David just licks me more.David then moves his head up quickly and says, “Mmmm, so tasty.”I then say to David, “Mmmm, I’m enjoying this so much baby. You’re such a good pussy licker.”David moves his head back down and licks me for about 5 minutes more.He then pulls away from my pussy. He walks up to me and looks deep into my eyes.As I am lying there on the couch, I look deep back up into his eyes. I can see the lust but can also see some love there.David leans down and kisses me on the mouth, running his hands along my breasts massaging them some.I kiss him back and moan into his mouth feeling his touch on my breasts. Oh god how good it feels.Then David pulls away from my lips and leans down to my ear.David then whispers, “I still love you, Stephanie. Do you still love me?”All I can do is smile and move up to his ear.I whisper back to him, “I still love you too David .”David smiles at me.He then reaches down and picks me up into his arms.He walks towards the bedroom carrying me and I can do is hold on to him.He walks over to the bed and lays me down.Then he lies down next to me and we kiss. Then I fall asleep smiling.When I awake later on that night, I look over for David and notice that he isn’t there. However, there is a note on the pillow.So I reach over and grab the note. I then read it.The note says, “Dearest Stephanie, I had to go home to do some things. Call me if you need me. I love you so much. Love, David.”I smile and get up off the bed.I put the note down, and walk towards the shower.I walk into the bathroom and turn on the water to the shower.I grab a washcloth and get into the shower.I get it wet, soap it up, and start washing my body down. I start thinking of David and of what happened earlier.I feel myself get horny again so I start rubbing my breasts with my hand. I pull on my nipples making them hard.I moan softly under the sound of the shower and I run my hand over my breasts more thinking of his touch.I use my other hand to wash my body down with the washcloth. I run the washcloth down my body further circling my tummy and running it over my pussy.Then I move it back up and down over my body. I let my hand trail down my body until I reach my pussy.I take my hand and trace the outside of my pussy lips, which make me shudder.I open my pussy lips up and run my finger across my clit, causing a small moan to escape from my lips.I circle my clit more and then pull my hand away for the water in the shower has suddenly became cold.I rinse myself off and get out of the shower.I grab a towel and start drying my body off.I dry my body off fully and walk out of the bathroom.I then walk to the closet and open it up.I get out my sexiest outfit, which is a red lace teddy that hugs my body perfectly.I grab the teddy, walk over to my dresser and open it. I grab my red lace bra and my red lace thong to match.I then grab my red garter belt, my red hose and my 5 inch red heels.I put everything on slowly, taking my time. When I am dressed I look in the mirror and am quite pleased with the sight before me.I turn away from the mirror and walk into the livingroom. Once I reach there, I grab the telephone and dial David’s number.David answers the telephone after two rings. I ask him if he would like to come over and spend the night with me. I hear David breathe.David then says, “Sure baby. I’ll be there.”I respond to him saying, “Good. I’m waiting for you”I hang up the telephone and smile wickedly knowing that tonight will be magical.I go over and put a porn into the VCR. I sit down on the couch and turn the TV on. I then push play on the VCR remote.The scene that is playing before me on the screen is of a man fucking a woman hard. Ramming his hard cock into her pussy repeatedly.I get so into the movie that I don’t even hear the doorbell ring the first time around.The doorbell rings again and I turn my head towards the door. I put the porn on pause and walk towards the door, swinging my hips seductively.When beşiktaş escort I reach the door, I look to see who it is and I notice that it is David. I feel my pussy get wet by just seeing him.I open the door and stand against it seductively. I see David’s eyes grow wide as he sees what I am wearing.All he can do is stare and lick his lips. I feel the wetness between my legs grow more.David then walks into the house and grabs me, kissing me hard.I almost lose my footing but he grabs me tighter and I kiss him back.He picks me up and I wrap my arms around him. Then I wrap my legs around him and we started walking together.We walk towards the kitchen where he lays me down on the kitchen table.He then moves his arms and goes over to refrigerator grabbing some whipped cream.David then walks back over to me and just stares at my body as he puts the food down.I watch David as he takes his hands and runs them all over my body.He squeezes my tits and then rubs my pussy through my teddy. I moan softly and David kisses me silencing my moans, which makes me hotter.I kiss him back with passion and so much lust.Then David takes his hand and slips it underneath my thong, rubbing my pussy. I hear him moan happily as he feels how wet I am.I feel David slip his fingers into my pussy fingering me. I open my legs wide and moan loudly.David takes the incentive and rips all of my clothes off me with his other hand.Then suddenly I feel something cold against my pussy. I cry out cause it feels so good.Turns out that David had sprayed some whipped cream on my pussy.I grip on to table and look down to see David’s handsome face between my legs.He licks the whipped cream away from my pussy and swallowing it down his throat.David starts licking my pussy so hard. He looks up into my face and sees all of the pleasure that he is giving me.David then says, “I love licking your pussy so much Stephanie. Gotten me so hard for you.””Oh David,” I cry out in response.Then he resumes back to licking me.Harder and faster he licks me holding my lips open to get better access to my clit.I feel another orgasm coming on and I cum into his mouth for the third time today.David then grabs onto my clit with his mouth and sucks it. He wastes no time taking my juices into his mouth.After I finish coming David moves off the table. He comes up and kisses me snaking his tongue into my mouth.I kiss him back passionately. After about 10 minutes, we break our kiss.I then move off the table and grab David. I lay him down on the table and let him get comfortable.I then move my hand down his chest lifting his shirt up then taking it off. I throw his shirt to the side not caring where it landed.I then kiss my way down his chest.”Oh yes honey. Mmm, go lower baby. Please. Suck my cock,” David says to me.Then I reach what I have been waiting for all day, which is his big hard cock.I unbutton and unzip his pants taking his boxer briefs off with them.I pull them off him and watch hungrily as his hard cock springs out.I then take his cock into my hand and start stroking slowly. I hear a moan escape from his lips.I want to hear more so I move my hand and take his cock into my mouth. I suck fast and deep.I run my tongue around the shaft and the head. Then I deep throat him.”Mmmmm oh yes Stephanie,” David cries out.I suck his cock faster and faster tasting the precum on my tongue swallowing it.It tastes so good in my mouth.I take one hand and start massaging his balls making him groan in pleasure.I massage his balls over and over while keeping my mouth secured around his cock sucking and licking.Then I bite down softly and I feel his cock jump following by a low moan.David reaches down and takes a hold of my hair running his hands through it.I look up at him and see him look back at me. Faster and quicker, my mouth works on his cock, sucking more and more.David’s moans grow louder and louder each minute.David then says, “Oh god baby, I’m gonna cum in that hot mouth of yours. Gonna fill it up. Drink my cum you sexy slut cousin of mine.”I feel his hips thrust forward and I know that he is about to cum.So I increase my sucking on his cock and I hear David moan loudly.His hips jump forward and he explodes in my mouth. I feel and taste his hot cum running down my throat.I start swallowing as fast as I can, not wanting to miss a drop.David’s cum just keeps on spurting down my throat as I swallow it all.It tastes so good that it makes me want more.When I know that David has finished coming for now, I move my mouth and crawl up to him.I kiss him hard letting my tongue slide into his mouth. I feel this tongue slide into my mouth and we kiss passionately.After we are done kissing, I move off the table and grab David’s hand.I lead him to the couch where the porno is still on pause from earlier.David sits down on the couch and pulls me down onto his lap. I spread my legs open and straddle his lap with my back facing him.I push play on the remote and both of us start watching.The porno keeps on going with the man fucking the woman even harder now.I get more aroused watching the porno and start moving on David’s lap back and forth.I move my pussy against his cock, which I notice is regaining its hardness.I feel David run his hands along my thighs and I sigh softly. I lean back against him and start running my hands along his thighs too.His hands trail closer and closer to my pussy. My hands travel closer and closer to his cock.I start moving more on David’s lap back and forth. The porn keeps on playing but we are not even paying attention to it anymore.We are more focused on and with each other.David then leans up, bringing his body close to mine.David beylikdüzü escort then whispered in my ear, “That’s how I want to and how I am going to fuck you tonight. Just like they’re doing on the porno.”Hearing that makes me sigh and whisper his name softly.I feel his hands move up my body and grab onto my breasts pinching the nipples gently.I moan loudly but only loud enough for David to hear.David then starts rubbing my breasts repeatedly making me feel so much pleasure.I can not help but move my hands up and run them through his hair.I turn my mouth and start kissing his neck grinding against his cock now. I hear David groan in pleasure.My hands are going wild in his hair now and I am licking his neck hitting all the right spots that make him more aroused.I feel his cock become rock hard beneath me and I just grind harder.I move my mouth from his neck and I lay back against him more.I feel David move his hands down and grab my hips helping me grind against him.David starts moving his hips up and down slowly making the grinding hotter.Together we move moaning in unison both teasing each other.”God, I want to fuck you so bad baby.” David says to me.”I want you to fuck me hard baby.,” I say in response.Both of us wanting to fuck each other but holding out making it better. Finally, we both cannot stand it anymore.We have to fuck each other for the teasing had become unbearable.I reach and grab the remote to stop the porn. I stop the porn and turn off the television.Then I grab the remote for the CD player and turn it on. A very sexual song fills the room.I throw the remote down and I stop grinding against David’s cock.I then turn myself around and sit facing him. I look into David’s eyes as he looks into mine and I move up some.I slowly move down and feel his cock penetrate my pussy.We both moan out loud in unison cause it feels so good.I start moving up and down on David’s cock as he thrusts his hips upward.It feels so naughty and wrong to be fucking my cousin but I don’t care. Neither does he.We start fucking slowly at first. Then David picks up speed.He starts thrusting his cock faster and harder into my pussy. I start riding him harder and faster.I moan in so much pleasure cause his cock feels so good filling me up all the way.I start bouncing up and down on his cock faster. David then grabbed my hips and pushed me down on his cock making it go deeper.Deeper than I ever thought possible.The leather couch starts squeaking some as we fucked.Suddenly David picks me up and I wrap my legs around him.He starts walking to the bedroom with me on him. I bounce on his cock the whole way, which makes it more pleasurable for the both of us.When we reach the bedroom, David throws me down on the bed and starts pounding me hard. Harder than I ever thought possible.”David, oh yeah fuck David, fuck me hard. Fuck your slut cousin. Your cock feels so damn good in my pussy. Fuck me till I can’t stand it anymore.,” I cry out.Upon hearing what I said, David starts pounding my pussy harder.”Oh yeah Stephanie, you like this bitch. I know that you do. You like having me fuck you this hard in your sweet pussy, don’t you. You like having this big cock of mine fucking your tight pussy, don’t you slut. Fucking your brains out. Damn, you’re so tight. I fucking love it.,” David says in response.Harder and harder we fuck, the bed shaking and our combined moans filling the room so loudly that anybody could hear us.David stops fucking me long enough and takes my legs moving them up.David then puts them on his shoulders and sticks his cock back into my pussy getting ready to fuck me again.I know that he wants what I want which is deep penetration. He starts fucking me hard and fast.I start moving my hips with his thrusts, matching them.Pounding me so hard that all you can hear is the slap of skin against skin. My moans became so much louder that they are deafening.Harder and harder we fuck. I feel my orgasm coming on and I know that it’s gonna be a big one.David starts shaking himself and I know that he is about to cum too.David grabs unto my hips pounding my pussy harder and faster making this fuck last for all it is worth.I start pounding my pussy against his cock as he fucked me harder.”I’m coming, Stephanie. Yes, oh yes!” David says.Then I heard him moan loudly and I watch his face as he comes inside of me filling me up with his wonderful i****tuous cum.I started coming myself at the same time.”Oh David, I’m coming too!” I scream out.I feel my orgasm riding itself out and I cannot stop shaking or moaning. I feel David’s cum filling me up more giving it all to me.Neither one of us not caring if I get pregnant.For if I do, it will be our love c***d and since we are so deeply in love it would not change anything between us.I put my legs down and wrap them around his waist holding them there.David leans down and kisses me. Then he looks into my eyes and sees all the love and lust that I have for him.I kiss him back and look up into his eyes to see the same thing reflected.Slowly, David pulls out of me and I unwrap my legs. Then I get up off the bed.David gets up too and comes up behind me. He then wraps his arms around me.David whispers in my ear, “I love you more now. I’m so glad I came over tonight to be with you.”I squeeze his hands and lean back slightly.I then whisper in his ear, “I love you more too. I am too.”We both decide to stay nude all night long. We then crawled into bed and went to sleep spoon style with my back against his front.With his arms wrapped around me and big smiles on both of our faces.In the morning when we woke, more lovemaking occurred between us. Cause David sold his house and decided to move in with me.During one of our many times together making love, I did get pregnant.And we got married in a beautiful double-ring ceremony.Now we live together in our house as a happy family. Just the two of us and our daughter Brittany.I had better go now. He is coming home and the baby is crying. Bye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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