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Sofia was feeling miserable like the weather. She had arrived in London 6 months earlier from her native Germany to find work. Leaving everything behind, friends, family, a now ex-boyfriend. She was brought up on a farm in the communist east, dreaming of a life over the wall. Now she was in the west, she couldn’t help but feel let down with capitalism and secretly wished she was back on her farm in Saxony. She had used here brains and beauty to get where she was today. At 31, she knew the later wouldn’t last for ever.

Sofia had moved into a shared house when she first arrived, with the plan to get her own flat once she settled into her new job. However, the money for a flat was never there and she still lived in the same house in North London. There were three other flat mates, two guys and another girl. Sofia quite liked her flatmate’s, despite as she reasoned, the obvious disadvantage of them being English, and had secretly fantasized about her flat mate Adam.

Adam was about 6 years her junior. Although he wasn’t your traditional tall dark and handsome type, he was full of life, had a nice smile and made Sofia laugh. Sofia was acutely aware of the age difference and thought that any 25 year old male would be happier shagging his merry way around the post codes of London. Adam on the other hand was also totally smitten with Sofia, he fantasied about her and thought she looked like a Greek goddess and would love to have the opportunity to worship her. However, he thought that she would see him as an immature oaf, and that she deserved better. As a result, they had never done anything past some serious flirting.

“Hi Sofia,” Adam asked as he bounced into the living room, “can I borrow some of your shoe polish?”. He was brandishing his work shoes, and was obviously getting ready for another week at work.

“Sure” she said and disappeared into her room to retrieve it. When she had returned, Adam was sat on the floor in front of the sofa, with his shoes laid out on newspaper, ready to get cleaned. Sofia handed him the polish and sat back down on the sofa, pretending to watch TV. In reality, she was watching Adam. She was wondering who he had been with on the weekend and what he must be like in bed. She had heard him enough times and the noises his lady friends made left her in no doubt that he knew his way around the female form. She hadn’t had sex in a while and was feeling quite horny and here sat on the floor in front of her, was a man who could definitely satisfy her. This made her feel even more hot. All she had to do to scratch her itch was say 2 little words to Adam, and she too could experience she was sorely missing. The 2 little words were “Fuck me!”. However, she didn’t ask. Like most, she was afraid of the rejection. Plus, they were flatmate’s and it would be awkward for them both if he refused.

“OK, get a grip Sofia” she thought to herself, “if you’re that horny, just go to your room and get busy with your long-handled hairbrush.”. She hadn’t noticed, but she had crossed her legs and was bouncing her foot up and down. This action caused her inner thighs to rub together, which excited her even more. She was so lost in her day dream of dirty sex, that she didn’t notice that Adam had finished his work and had seen that she was watching him.

“Are you OK?” he asked, a little wry smile on his lips. He wasn’t an expert on woman by any means, but he could see that Sofia was looking a little flushed, and he knew what that normally meant. He thought that this might be the perfect time to push his advantage.

“Thanks for letting me borrow your polish. Well, I didn’t borrow it as I’m hardly likely to return it am I? So I guess I owe you a favour in return. Anything you want, just name it and I’ll do it!”

Sofia looked down at him, her foot had stopped bobbing up and down. She couldn’t believe that her she was, wanted to have sex and sat in front of her was a man willing to do anything she wanted and all she had to do was ask.

“Uuuh!”, Sofia was lost for words. She didn’t know how to ask for what she wanted. She looked deep into Adam’s eyes, desperate for a sign that he would indeed do anything she wanted, but all she could muster was a stutter.

“OK” Said Adam. “In return for letting me use your polish, let me polish your boots as well”

“Um, OK” said Sofia. This wasn’t quite what she had in mind, but now felt that now the moment had gone and all that she would now get out of Adam was a clean pair of boots.

Adam moved over to sit in front of Sofia, and before she could object Ataşehir Escort he started to apply the polish to the boots that she was wearing. They were ankle boots made of black leather, with a rounded toe and a chunky heel. They were Sofia’s favourite and she wore them pretty much all the year round. They were fairly well worn and the tops were creased from repeated wear. Adam had gripped the heel of her boot and was slowly and methodically rubbing polish into the top of her boot.

“Um, wouldn’t you rather I took them off first?” She asked. She could feel his fingers massaging the polish through her boot leather and was enjoying the sensation.

“No, really this is fine, just think of me as one of those shoe shine boys you get in the City” Adam said.

“OK, but you had better do a good job or I won’t give you a tip” She cooed. Oh well, she thought, this is better than nothing and he is sweet for doing this. She pushed herself further back into the seat and watched as Adam pushed up her jean hem to polish the ankle part of the boot. His head was no more than 6 inches from her boot.

“Careful you don’t get any on my skin” She chided.

“Yes miss” he replied, feeling quite submissive. His reply made her feel much more regal and in control than she did 30 seconds ago.

Adam has finished applying the polish and started using the brushes to buff the polish into a shine. He brushed quickly and energetically.

“Slow down”, she ordered, “that’s tickling my foot”. He didn’t reply, but did as she wanted and slowed his brushing down and also stopped pushing the brush hard against the leather.

“Thats better. Keep up the good work and I may let you clean all of my shoes” she chided. Sofia found herself relaxed in this position and thought she could very quickly get use to having a man at her feet.

“Maybe I’d like that” he replied. Adam stopped brushing and looked up at her with big blue eyes, checking her reaction. He had always had a submissive side to woman. He enjoyed pleasing woman and had yet to meet a woman who didn’t appreciate what he could do with his tongue. He was turned on by worshiping woman and here he was, cleaning the boots of the one woman he thought he would never get the opportunity to honour.

Sofia could see in his eyes that he was being truthful. She had never experienced such a submissive man before. Most of her previous boyfriends just wanted to shag her and roll over and sleep or for her to suck them off without any reciprocation. However, she was a woman of the world and knew that such men existed, but she had not paid them much thought before. She was happy to let him serve her as at least she was the one in control. Looking down at him she wondered what else he might be prepared to do. The thought stirred some heat within her loins.

“Well, you haven’t even finished this job yet, so back to work”. She playfully kicked out with her foot against his shoulder. He smiled at her and quickly resumed brushing the leather and had achieved quite a good shine. She flexed her toes in her boot as he brushed around the toe, enjoying the feeling of the brush through the leather. She never wore socks when she wore her boots, a habit from growing up in East Germany.

“What are you doing” she cried. Adam had just spat on her clean boot.

“Um, sorry, I’m just giving them a spit shine” he explained, “the spit helps buff up the polish”

“What!, I don’t care, don’t you dare spit on my boots, ever” she said, enjoying the position where she was chiding an adult on his knees in front of her. “I bet even Cleopatra didn’t feel this good with all her slaves” she thought to herself.

“I’m really sorry Sofia” Adam stammered, looked crestfallen as if he had committed a serious crime, he didn’t know what to do.

“Well”, she began, “if you must use saliva when cleaning my boots, then I don’t want you spitting on them, clean them up and think of something else”

Sofia didn’t expect what happened next. Adam lowered his head until his mouth was inches above her boot toe, extended his tongue and slowly licked from the toe to the top of her ankle. Sofia was shocked and excited both at the same time. She had never seen such submission before, certainly not in a man, and certainly not in a man she fancied. And definitely not in a man she fancied who was being submissive to her. She felt supreme, perhaps this might turn out to be my lucky night after all, she thought.

“That’s better” she said, “I like a man who can show me the proper respect”. He beamed Acıbadem Escort up at her, happy to receive her praise. He couldn’t believe that he had just licked her boot and she was OK with it. He wanted to abandon the pretense and cover her boot in kisses, but realised that he was still playing the game and it wasn’t taken for granted that she would let him do it again. He resumed the brushing.

“That’s enough” she barked, “let me see your work”. He stopped brushing and moved back slightly with his head slightly bowed so she could examine her boot. It was spotless, she thought, he has done a good job.

“Barely satisfactory” she pouted, “Perhaps you will do better with the other one”. She recrossed her legs. As she did so, she briefly brushed her boot sole over his groin. She felt that he was enjoying this as much as she was. She brought the other boot up under his chin and lifted his face up with her boot.

“I want this one clean enough for you to eat your dinner off” she said. Sofia couldn’t believe that she was being such a bitch to her flatmate, but equally, she couldn’t believe that he was happy to take this level of humiliation. She was becoming very turned on and realised that she was going to have to do something soon. Adam started to rub the polish into her boot again, taking extra time with the creased and toe area. Sofia relaxed and closed her eyes, enjoying the slight massaging effect of the rag polishing her boot. Again, Adam started working with the brushed to bring up the shine, but this time, he was much more gentle. Good, she thought, he is learning. Perhaps he will make a very good student. She was lost in her daydream when she felt the brush stop. She opened her eyes and looked down at Adam. He was obviously thinking about the spit shine part.

“What have you stopped for” she questioned.

“Um, would it be already if I licked your boot again” he asked. He was being very meek and Sofia was going to exploit it to her own satisfaction. She was charged with a new sense of confidence.

“That all depends, you need to ask me really nicely” She smiled down at him

“Please, Sofia” he began casting his eyes downwards, “please my I have the privileged of licking you boot so that I can clean them to the best of my ability”

She couldn’t believe this was happening. Only ten minutes ago this guy was her flatmate, an equal, now he is kneeling before her begging to lick her boot. She felt supreme.

“You may” she commanded with a quick royal wave. Adam quickly lowered his head to her boot again, but this time, he continued to lick her boot over and over again. He was lost in a world of submission and all he wanted to do was to worship this boot. Sofia had forgotten about getting her boots cleaned now and was enjoying the spectacle of this man ravishing her old boot. Men are such strange creatures she thought to herself, but have some uses. She could feel his tongue working her leather. She could feel the urgency of it and wondered what it would feel like on her womanhood.

“Stop” she ordered. At once Adam stopped. Well trained she thought. “Follow me”. Conscious of the fact that the other two flatmate’s would be coming home pretty soon, and this would be a particularly strange situation to explain, Sofia decided a change of venue was in order. She stood and walked towards the door. Adam scampered after her, half standing, half on all fours.

Sofia led Adam to her bedroom. “Stand up” she ordered. Adam did so with a little unease. Sofia could see the erection in his pants and it took all her willpower to stop herself ripping his clothes off and jumping on top of him. Time for that later, she thought, I don’t think Adam is going anywhere for a while. She circled him. caressing his chest and back as she walked around him. He was the same height as her although she felt ten foot taller than him at the moment. She stopped directly in front of him, eye to eye barely inches from his face. She moved her head to whisper in his ear, her pubic mound pushing against his rigid penis.

“Are you willing to do what ever I desire?”

“Yes” he replied

“Are you willing to be used for my pleasure?”

“Yes” he whispered.

“Are you willing to be my slave then?”

“Forever” he croaked, barely audible. Adam was almost shaking with anticipation. What would she want him to do.

She moved her head back, then gently grabbing his head in her hands kissed him passionately on the lips. She probed his mouth with her tongue, taking the initiative.

“Good. İstanbul Escort Now, strip” she ordered. In less than 10 seconds Adam’s clothes were scattered around her room and he stood naked in the middle of her bedroom. Sofia examined the good. She had caught him naked before when he came out of the shower, but that was nothing to her joy of him stood to attention in the middle of her bedroom. Sofia sat down on the bed.

“Remove my boots” she tossed her hair away from her face as she issued the order. Adam slowly lowered himself to his knees, picked up her left foot and slowly unzipped the boot. He pulled slightly on the heel and with a soft pop, her foot was released from the leather. Sofia let out a little sigh, and wiggled her toes enjoying the freedom and cool air. Adam repeated the procedure with her right foot.

“Do they smell?” She asked. Knowing that her feet can get quite funky as she doesn’t wear sock, she knew that they probably did. Adam, ever submissive, lowered his head to her foot and slowly drew in the aroma. “Well boy, do they smell?” she asked again. Unfortunately, Adam was so excited that his fantasy was coming true that he lost the power of communication beyond one syllable.

“Yes” he replied. Adam slowly began massaging her foot as he smelt it. Sofia had had foot massages before and did enjoy them, but before they were normally given as a favour for some sexual act she would have to perform later. This one was given with no strings attached and Sofia was determined to enjoy it.

“Get down and suck my toes”. Sofia was beginning to grow in the role as dominant and learning to listen to what it was that she wanted. Adam’s mouth felt cool and soothing as he slowly sucked on her big toe. He nibbled on the skin and ran his bottom teeth under her nail to extract the dirt accumulated there. At that point in time Adam was the happiest he had been in his life. He ran his tongue between her toes and he could taste the leather and sweat of Sofia.

Sofia leaned back onto her elbows and threw her head back, she closed her eyes enjoying the sensation going on at her extremities. She could feel his tongue slowly drawn along the sole of her foot and not for the first time wished it was on another part of her body. He hand unconsciously drifted down under her jeans, searching the ache in her loins. The waist band of her jeans was digging into her wrist so she slowly withdrew her hand, instinctively smelt her fingers, then leisurely unbuttoned her flys. She lifted herself up and pushed her jeans down past her bum until they where hitched around her knees. With her groin free from the restriction of trousers, she moved her hand down to her pubic area. Her hand slipped under her white cotton pants, searching for her now wet womanhood.

Adam was lost in a world of Sofia’s feet. His eyes were closed, as he wanted his lesser senses to experience his fantasy. Taste, smell and touch. He was kissing her soles, licking her ankles and sucking her toes. His body was prostrate before her bed and he was slowly grinding his body against the floor, extracting some more sexual pleasure from his position.

Although Sofia was content, she wanted more. She could have happily brought herself to a climax, she longed for the satisfaction from a climax induced by someone else. That someone else was, at that moment, happily trying to use his teeth to scrape her nail polish of her little toe. She stopped pleasing herself and sat up on her elbows again

“Adam” she began, looking distantly at the ceiling “no, I think I will now call you sl-ave” she drew the last word out to slowly to two separate syllables. She fixed her stare down at Adam who had stopped servicing her feet. “Remove my jeans, now” she barked. Like a scolded cat, Adam leapt to action, first jumping up onto his knees and then slowly pulling her blue jeans down both legs over her ankles and feet. He then folded them and placed them on the floor by the end of her bed.

Sofia looked down at him, kneeling between her legs, head looking downwards. She didn’t care, but knew Adam was enjoying this as much as her. This was it, she thought, now I’m about to find out what all his previous girlfriends had so vocally experienced before. She wondered whether he was like this with all his girlfriends or whether this was something special between them. That thought soon passed as her eyes were drawn to his manhood and the fire in her belly brought her mind back to her pleasure. Again she lazily smelt her fingers, the smell of her arousal making her light headed. Sofia sat up and held her fingers out to Adam. He closed his eyes as he took a deep breath of her aroma.

“Do you like my smell?” she enquired. Adam couldn’t speak so only managed a nod of his head.

“Good” Sofia replied, “then you will love my taste. Eat Me”

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