Flatmates and Fetishes Pt. 01

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Hello reader. I first published this set of stories under the name “nylon_jo”. After stepping away from Literotica, I am back, and so are these stories. Please enjoy…


It’s rare I get a day off during the week. After putting in some nights recently at the office, my boss gave me the day off. I’m home, with a good movie and a bowl of popcorn.

“I’ve got a package coming, will you be in?” my flatmate Jess chirped this morning as she skipped out of the door. She’d left in a buoyant mood today, more than usual.

The doorbell rings.

The delivery guy gets my signature and hands me a brown parcel, about the size of a big book, but much lighter. The label reads “Miss Jessica Burton”. I toss it on to the dining table and smile as I think of Jess’ mood this morning as she left.

Settling back down to watch the movie, my mind wanders. I think of her more. We’d become friends at college, and when we both decided we wanted to move to the city, we got this place together. The flat is small, so there’s not much we can keep secret from each other, but Jess is great. We were friends from the moment we met. She’s affable and sweet, really easy company, and a wicked sense of humour that she keeps for just the right moment. And she is beautiful. Tall and slender, she moves like a cat. Her eyes look deeply in to yours and they crinkle when she laughs.

Our friends take far too much joy in asking why we’re not together, and the truth is I don’t really know. But she’s a great friend dikimevi escort and we’ve just been friends from the get go.

It’s early evening and I hear the jingle of keys in the door. Jess breezes in to the room.

“Hey, how was work?” I ask.

“Yeah, great! I’m tired though… Oh is this my parcel?” She glides over to the table and sweeps the package up in to her arms, inspecting the label. She looks amazing. A ruffled white shirt, sleeves rolled up to her elbows, is tucked in to a high-waisted skirt. Black and tight, the skirt hugs her figure, painting her curves down to her thighs where it gives way to her long legs, shiny black pantyhose showing them off perfectly. She kicks off her black leather heels as she drops her bag on to the floor and says “I think I’m gonna turn in early.” Noticing the surprise on my face she adds, “I ate at the office with Helen and it’s been a long day. Don’t worry, I’m good. Night hun.” She smiles, wrinkles her nose at me and disappears down the hallway.

She couldn’t have gone to her room any faster, I think. Normally we’ll have some food together and watch some TV while we make jokes about how terrible all the shows are. Oh well.

An hour later, I switch off the TV, bored, and get up to go to my room. Turning out the lights I stroll down the hallway slowing a little as I pass Jess’ room. Small noises are coming from inside. I concentrate, trying to pick up what’s happening. I can hear something that sounds like dikmen escort friction… sporadic bursts of small muffled sounds, it’s like someone squirming on a leather couch. Then I hear Jess sigh. It’s the kind of sigh that tells me I need to go to my room quick and give my flatmate her privacy.

Closing my bedroom door behind me, a wry smile breaks out over my face, knowing why Jess was so keen to go to her room. Thinking of what she’s doing in her room, I remember how she was dressed today. I begin to feel excited. I can feel a slow heat begin spreading between my legs as my pulse quickens. It’s early so I think I’ll indulge myself. I can’t stop thinking about how Jess was dressed… An idea comes in my head.

I’d dated a girl recently. She spent a lot of time at the flat, enough that I gave her a drawer which she’d filled with some things. We’d split up but she never came back for her stuff. I’d never emptied the drawer.

I opened it slowly, my hands trembling a little. Inside it was mostly empty except for some pieces of underwear and some toiletries. I picked my way through the underwear. A nude bra, some plain panties… and some pantyhose. It was black. Shiny. Just like the ones Jess was wearing.

The blood is rushing through my ears. I’m nervous, on the cusp of doing something I’ve never done before. I take the pantyhose to the bed. I love the feel of them. They’re so soft and silky. My cock is swollen, engorged. It throbs as the pantyhose slides elmadağ escort through my fingers.

Quickly I take off my clothes. Standing naked in my room my cock is thrusting straight out in front of me. I pick up the pantyhose again, and without thinking I begin to gather up one of the legs, finding the foot of them. I slip the tip of my penis inside the foot of the pantyhose before sliding the nylon down the length of my engorged cock. Sheathed in nylon the sensation is incredible. The pantyhose feels so smooth on my skin, the tip of my penis can feel every fibre of the soft nylon. Precum is seeping out of me and in to the fabric, making it shiny and wet, and now the pantyhose are clinging to me.

Grabbing my shaft I stroke my cock gently, savoring this new sensation. I feel like I’m surrounded in pantyhose, my cock is so stimulated by them that I can’t feel any other part of me. As my hand moves, the fabric glides up and down the length of my penis, creating an incredible sensation. The thought of Jess’ legs in her pantyhose keeps flashing in my mind. I imagine I’m masturbating in Jess’ pantyhose, and it’s just too much. My body begins to clench, my cock beginning to pulse and a breath later I’m cumming, thrusting in to the pantyhose, squirting my semen through the nylon, filling them, soaking them.

My mind goes blank. All I am is sensing the feeling of warm, wet nylon on my swollen cock.

A little while later I get my breath, and my mind back. I slowly peel the wet pantyhose off my cock, toss them in my laundry hamper and get in to bed. My mind is filled with the image of Jess as I fall asleep. I dream of her eyes looking deep in to mine, her legs rubbing up against me as she moves in close. I can feel the nylon on her thighs as she presses her body against mine…

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