Fixing a mechanical trouble…

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Fixing a mechanical trouble…I was sent to Kansas City that week end, to perform some training with the new employees there. My Boss apologized; but he could not get me a plane ticket; so I offered him to go there by my own car. But my car was in the mechanic workshop; so I borrowed my hubby’s one.Victor offered to go with me, since his car was having some mechanical troubles; but I told him to stay at home and get a good relax, since he had been very much stressed during the last weeks.I drove to Kansas City and I had a relaxing time driving. No troubles with the car’s engine. The first night after doing the training task, I called Victor to tell him that his car had given me a very good performance on the road.Hubby was glad to hear me, but he insisted to be careful with that…Victor asked me about my day and I told him it had been a bit stressing; so now I was going to masturbate myself, since I had no other chance, because my loving husband was so far away now…He laughed on the phone and wished me luck.As I had promised him, after hanging the phone I took my favorite red vibrator from my purse urfa escort and licked it; imagining it was Victor’s cock. I then shoved it well lubed deeply into my hungry cunt…I moved it in and out, until I came screaming loud like crazy.I spent a good night at the hotel and next morning I got ready for another stressing day…On the third day there, I completed my job early afternoon and decided to leave right there, to get home during late night.Victor’s car seemed to behave fine; but after several hours on the road, it finally came to an overheating.It was almost midnight; so I pulled off and got a motel room until daylight. Of course I used my red vibrator again, until I passed out after climax…Early morning, I looked for a mechanic shop and found one very close to the motel. Luckily for me, these guys had hubby’s car fixed in a couple hours.The owner was a huge black guy, handsome and muscled; so I decided I should show him how much I appreciated his job well done. So, while we talked, I started rubbing my hands up his chest.The black man looked at me in my eyes and he grabbed my hand, putting escort urfa it down to his huge bulge on his crotch. I looked down and began rubbing that huge hard thing that I imagined wanted to get free from those dirty mechanic clothes.The more I rubbed the harder his cock became. I finally dropped to my knees and opened his fly.As I got to the head of his hard throbbing cock, I put it in my mouth. I desperately wanted to taste him. I needed a cock, even better if it was a black one…His cock was uncut. Thick and long as my forearm…The harder his cock got in my mouth the more I realized I wanted this monster black thing deep inside of my hungry wet cunt.I looked up at him; but the black guy had his eyes closed and he was moaning softly, enjoying my nice oral skills.He suddenly grabbed my curly hair and made me stand up.I was pushed against a car parked there and he made me turn to put my hands onto the hood. The black guy positioned right behind me and his oily dirty hands pulled down my yoga pants down to my knees. He smiled and let out a whistle as he saw I was not wearing any thong urfa escort bayan underneath.I braced myself as he teased me for a long while; sliding his hard cockhead up and down the crack of my ass. I felt getting wetter by the second as he teased me so badly…I finally could not stand it anymore and yelled at him to fuck me with his hard black cock and to show no mercy with my hungry cunt…He laughed and I felt his huge dick invading my cunt from behind, as he grabbed my hips firmly.I came just as he penetrated me and my body shuddered wildly.He then began thrusting hard his huge dick into my soaking wet cunt, making me cry in tears as it hurt me…Soon the pain became into pleasure; so I started to grind my butt against his hard cock. I begged him to fuck me harder.After a good pounding, the black man grabbed my hips and he gave me a hard push; he then stood quiet and I felt him emptying his balls deep inside of my womb.He pulled out and slapped my buttocks, saying I could bring my car to his workshop whenever I wanted…One hour later, as I was on the road again, hubby called.Victor asked about his beloved car and I explained him why I had spent a night in a motel. He was concerned about if I had enough cash to pay for the fix. I told him that I had paid with my body…He laughed on the phone; but I knew he understood what I meant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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