First time with friends.

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First time with friends.I made it home from college for the summer break and I couldn’t wait to be not busy for the next month or so. Not even was going to visit with my girl because all she wanted to do was go out and party all the time. So instead I made plans on visiting with one of my friends who’s gay, there’s nothing wrong with that I have always said! or possibly having him over here for a evening of movies and drinks.Its a Friday and I’m getting myself ready to head over to Toms and just before I get going he gives me a call. Hey! Tom says, I need to let you know that my boyfriend will be here when you come over tonight. Shit dude! me and Tim don’t get along with each other. Yeah I know Tom says back, but maybe tonight will be better since I haven’t seen you in a while and Tim’s a little drunk already, he’ll be a little less hard core, if you know what I’m saying? Alright I’ll still come on over but I won’t stay long if Tim’s going to be stupid. See the problem with Tim and I is, that he thinks Tom and I have had sex before, even though we haven’t. I’m not gay but like hanging out with Tom because he’s so cool be to around and I have thought that if I ever wanted to have gay sex it would be with him.On the way overt to his place I stop and get the newest version of Friday the 13th, a case of beer, chips and smokes. I get to him and Tim around 7pm. Hey Tom says, glad you made it over and sitting in the living room I hear Tim yell out Hello Mike, how are you? now this surprised me because it the 3 years I knew both of them Tim has never asked me once, how I was, or anything like that.I knew at that moment something was different with Tim, maybe Tom finally told him to cool it or it would be the end of what they had. Anyway, we chatted for a bit had some beers and then put on the movie. We all were sitting on the sectional sofa and every once in a while I’d look over at them and saw that they had their hands resting on each others cocks. Man it would güvenilir bahis be nice to have that I thought to myself, it had been a while since I had any action but oh well no worries.About 6 beers later and at the point in the movie where the sex scene is, I had noticed that the resting of hands on cocks became rubbing, but said nothing of course. I’ll be right back said Tim piss break, about 30 second later Tom said yeah piss break, no need to pause the movie. Now the scene in the movie had gotten to the point where the woman is ridding on the cock of the man, my own cock was hard and I was wishing I had a beautiful girl fucking me like that. I hadn’t even noticed that Tim and Tom weren’t back yet.So I carefully got of the sofa and went down the hall to the bathroom and heard a noise coming from the door across from there. I listened and what I heard made me harder than I had thought was possible. God yes suck my cock I heard Tom say and Tim slurped and then said in return, god your cum tastes salty! and great. Man I couldn’t resist I had to cum, so while I listened from the hall way I started to stroke my cock.God yes put it in me Tom said, with that I heard him moan with delight as Tim slid in his man pussy. By now I’m getting close to exploding and moaned just a little louder then I wanted to. Hey did you hear that? Tim asked Tom, yeah I did he said back. Shit I thought to myself, I’ll just pretend I’m still on the sofa if they say anything to me. Tom yelled from inside the room, hey Mike come in if you want! I was frozen in my spot but said nothing. 10 seconds later Tim yells out well, are you going to come in or just stand there? I can see your shadow at the bottom of the door. What the hell I thought, I’ll go in and see what this is all about. When I opened the door Tom was on all fours and Tim was still fucking his hole and had one hand around him jacking his cock. This scene almost made me cum right at that moment. Have a seat Tom said as he güvenilir bahis siteleri pointed to the chair that was setting in front of him, I’ll just stand here for a minute if that’s ok I said back.Tim continued fucking Tom with a passion I had never seen and Tom was moaning with delight. Then he started to lick his lips as he was looking over at me and winked. I think I know what he wants me to do I thought to myself, so I went over and stood right in front of him. He took my hard cock in his mouth and started to suck me, I couldn’t believe what was happening, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that Tom or any man would be sucking my cock. I don’t know if it’s being half drunk, or possibly being bisexual that made me come over to Tom but having him suck my cock was great and I moaned with pleasure.Fuck I’m going to cum I said to Tom and with that he sucked a little harder. I blew my load in his mouth as he sucked every last drop out out my cock. Lets change spots Tim said, hey Mike have you ever had a cock in your ass? no I said back. Well do you want to try one now? well I’m not sure, will it hurt? only a little at the beginning Tim said back. Ok lets try, with that I got on all fours and Tom came up behind me and put a little lube on my crack and slowly stuck a finger in my hole and Tim had slid up under me so he could have access to my cock.A slight pinch is all I had felt with Toms finger in my hole for the first time and as he worked it in and out I had started to moan with pleasure, and Tim started to suck my cock which was hard once again. God this is what I have been missing, I thought as Tom took out his finger and had lined up his cock with my hole. Are you ready? he asked me, yes please be gentle. He slid his cock head in me super slow and I gasped for breath as his head just made it through the cherry and stopped.Just for a second or so then he started to push inwards until I thought I was going to bust, then slid iddaa siteleri out slowly until he was completely out, I gasped once again with pleasure but not much pain. Are you ready for more? Tom said, yes fuck me I said back with anticipation. He grabbed more lube and squeezed a generous amount on my crack and then lined up again with my hole. He said nothing as he plunged his cock in me faster than before, I squealed with pain and pleasure as he fucked me with excitement. I was loving every second and with my hole being fucked I felt the overwhelming urge to suck Tims cock, so I guided him to to point where he could still suck me and I could have access to his cock. I didn’t waste any time as I took his cock in my hand and started to jack him, and then lowered my mouth onto his cock head and started to slurp on his tool. I could taste Toms hole on his cock and then a slight salty taste as well and as Toms fucking me and Tims sucking me I felt myself getting ready to blow another load.All I could do was moan as I blew my cum in Tims mouth and was clamped down on his cock with my mouth wanting his hot cum to shoot in my mouth and he did just that, I tired to swallow all of his seed but couldn’t, man his cum was good. As I was cumming my colon muscles clamped around Toms cock begging him to blow his load and he did this with one more great push deep in me. I can’t believe how wonder this felt to have him fill my hole and I begged him not to stop. Wow I said, I never knew but now I know why men like having sex with men. They both smiled and said glad we could have helped you with this. We all got cleaned up and went back to the sofa to finish watching the movie, but instead of sitting across from them I sat in between them. Drank some more beer, smoked another cig and then put my hands on their cocks and theirs on mine.Instead of going home after the movie we all went back to the bedroom where we all fucked and sucked each other until our cocks had no more to give and fell asleep in the arms of Tom while spooning Tim. Wow what a great time I had I’m transferring to a local college, where I get to see my two new lovers daily after class to do some in depth research on the pleasures of sex with men…

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