First time with former mother in law

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First time with former mother in lawThis happened a couple years ago when I was 30 or 31 and Gail, my former mother in law, was 55 or 56. Gail and I got along great. I would hang out with her and Ron (former father in law) pretty frequently, even after my ex split about 2 years before this night. Gail was Ron’s 2nd wife and my ex’s step-mom, so that was probably why she was easy to still be around after my ex & I split. But about a year after our split, Gail & Ron separated. Getting together became less frequent because Gail & I were both pretty busy. One Thursday morning Gail called me saying she had tickets to a baseball game later that night and wanted to know if I could make it. Luckily, I could. I wasn’t swamped at work so I was able to leave early. My apartment was about an hour from Gail’s condo, and Gail was only about 15 minutes from the stadium, so I was just going to stay with her for the night and head into work late the next day. When I got to Gail’s house she suggested that we take her new SUV instead of my little sedan, which was fine with me. She was wearing a low cut sundress and flip flops. She looked fantastic to say the least. Not that she looked bad in general, she looked really good for her age. About 5’4″, slightly overweight (maybe15-20lbs, not much), she had only a single wrinkle or 2, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, nice round & tight ass, and her cleavge gave zero indication that she had 2 c***dren. The game was pretty uneventful, we just drank and caught up. Gail was having 2 beers to my 1, so in the end I had probably 4 and she had at least 8. For that reason pendik escort I volunteered to drive us back to her place. Getting out of the parking lot is always a headache and takes forever, but tonight there was a fender bender at the exit causing an even longer delay. After about 15 minutes of not moving at all Gail had to go to the bathroom. Seems all the beer caught up with her and she couldn’t wait until we got home. There were some thick bushes to the left of the car, so she hopped out, walked into them, and I saw her squar down and lift up her dress. The look on her face was pure pleasure and I could tell she let loose. When she got back in the car I just stared at her for a minute. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Nothing. That was just really, really hot seeing you do that right out in the open” was my reply. “Oh, well I couldn’t hold it any longer. Glad you liked the show I guess!” she said in a flirty tone, pushing lightly on my shoulder. We kept up the small talk for a couple more minutes while we weren’t moving, and I thanked her for taking me to the game since it’d been a long time since I’d been to one. She went a couple times a year since she was so close to the stadium. “When was the last time you came to one?” she asked”Well, the last time I was here Michelle still liked me enough to blow me from the parking lot until we were almost home, so that should tell you how long it’s been” I answered chuckling and not fully realizing what I’d said. “The last time you were here you got a blow job in the parking lot? Geeze, I thought we were having a great time tonight. Kind of hard to top escort pendik that memory” “Well, I did get to watch you pull your dress up and piss in the bushes. There’s no way I’ll ever forget about that.”At this point we started to move a little bit, but I was also getting extremly turned on. I couldn’t wait to get back to Gail’s and rub one out thinking about her pissing in those bushes. My dick was harder than it’d been in a long time and was sticking straight into my shorts. I tried to discreetly reach down and adjust it, but Gail spotted me. “Everything OK down there?” she asked with a smirk & raising an eyebrow in an extremly seductive way. “I’m good. Watching you in the bushes and the blow job talk just got me a little hard”Right then we got out of the parking lot and past the police directing traffic from the accident. I hadn’t even gotten the car up to the speed limit and out of nowhere Gail leans over and in one swift motion unzips my shorts, reaches in, pulls my hard dick out and took the whole thing in her mouth. I didn’t say a word at this suprise, but I did let out a couple “oh shit’s”. After deep throating me for a couple minutes she reached back intk my shots and pulled out my balls and started licking and sucking on them, all the while working her hand up and down me. This went on for the entire drive to her house. How I handled 15 minutes of that without cumming down her throat is beyond me, but I’m glad I didn’t. As I was pulling into her garage she unbuckled my seatbelt and once I stopped she reached over laying my seat all the way back. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I pendik escort bayan wasn’t stopping anything. Once I’m laid all the way back Gail reached under her dress and pulled her panties off and tossed them on my face in a teasing way. I was ready to get inside her, but she had other plans. She climbed over and sat on my face, putting her asshole right over my mouth, then she bent down into the 69 position and started deep throating me again. I used my hands to spread her ass cheeks and started swirling my tongue around her hole, poking it in a couple times. Then I started stretching my tongue out as far as I could, licking from her clit all the way back to her asshole. I did this for a few minutes, and when her ass was wet enough I adjusted my face a little so I could get my tongue on her clit and slowly shoved my index finger into her ass. When I did this she started moaning with my dick still in her throat. That felt amazing and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. After less than a minute of my finger in her ass and tongue working her clit she suddenly clenched her ass around my finger, and it was right after that she started squirting. Right into my mouth. In all my life I’ve never been with someone that squirted, and now it was right in my mouth. That pushed me over the edge and I shot probably the largest load of my life right down Gail’s throat. She swallowed all of my cum with no problem, and I gladly swallowed all of hers. As soon as she swallowed the last drop she climbed off me and back into her seat. She wiped a little bit of my cum that dripped out of her mouth with her finger, put the finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. Once she did that she leaned over, gave me a soft kiss on the lips and said;”This game going to be a little more memorable than the last one when you got a boring old blow job?”

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