First Time Sex Party

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First Time Sex PartyOkay, first and foremost I’ve always wanted to be in an orgy so this being my first time I was nervous but in all I enjoyed myself. I’d like to start off that I had no idea that there was something like this going on and I just happened to have driven by the house in which the event was taking place. Apparently you are suppose to have an invite to one of these things but I literally just walked into the house and saw naked people. I dropped my clothes after furthering examining the place (looking for another dark skinned person and happy to see a few) and then explained that I saw naked people through a window while driving home so I decided to check it out. “Well just don’t stand there, the clothes come off” A guy said. Inside I was nervous but I had confidence that I would at least fuck a milf or two tonight. I made my way to one room from the main hall to the left and saw two guys plunged deep inside a woman while she sucked another one off. I was flabbergasted! I’d seen it in porn but I’d never thought I would actually see it in person, let alone so soon. “Try to blend in b*o,” I told myself. A chilling strip of fear went down my spin but was later diminished by a soothing compliment of my cock by a gorgeous blonde woman on a couch with her friends.”Come here,” she mouthed and motioned for me with her finger. As kırşehir rus escort soon as I walked over she reached over and grabbed my cock positioning herself on the end of the couch and placing me in her mouth. I watched as she sucked and pulled her head back carefully and maneuvered herself until I was erect. I paid only attention to her and the guy on her left stared at me. With the moaning of a woman to my far right and the sound of bodies smacking with a girl on my cock, naked people walking around and another girl coming up from my left side kissing my her with her plump lips and caressing my balls, I soon found myself enjoying this. I gently put my left hand on her head and stroked her hair watching her lick my left nut and the other girl’s finger. The guy positioned himself to suck my cock and even though I’m not gay, I still decided to let him taste just a bit. He had a thirsty look on his face and his blowjob was fierce. After a while I pulled out my now fully erected veiny cock and the blonde turned around.”Tramp stamp! Score!” I said to myself. I grabbed her ass and positioned myself with my left leg on top of the couch and right on the floor, I grabbed her jiggly ass and plowed deep in her pussy. She breathed heavily while the guy kissed me and the other girl masturbated, she kırşehir rus escort bayan was also drinking. I switch different positions until I was ready to cum. The boy and the blonde waited until I creamed both of their faces. After that I kissed the girl and made my way into the kitchen. There where about five guys on top of one girl. My inner diva envied her but I wanted something to drink. I looked and there was only orange juice and red bull. I took the red bull and started to jerk off to the gang-bang I was watching. I walked over there just to cum on her but she quickly put my cock in her mouth and then went back to another. I told her I was going to cum and I jerked off in her mouth. After that they continued and I walked into the main hallway. Towards the back behind the stares I saw some people on the back porch. I watched them. Two couples fucking.I made my way to a free seat and watched and a girl saw me from inside the house. Short, heavily tattooed. I motioned for her to come my way and she got on my lap. We kissed and with the last remaining strength I put up an erection. She rode me well and her ass was phenomenal. I was tranced and came inside of her, she kissed my neck and sucked the remaining cum out of my throbbing cock. I stood up, took her hand and walked into rus kırşehir escort the main hall where I was greeted with thunder like footsteps rushing down from upstairs.”fucking cunt!” a male yelled, naked and bruised slamming a girl on the ground then kicking her. “You like that shit bitch, you like it!”She coughed and gagged, and he spit on her bruised and bloody face. She nodded drenched in tears and he slapped her. He dragged her by the hair and her legs wiggled and he pinned her to the wall, another couple watched for a bit and returned to fucking.”Say you love it bitch, say it, spit on me!” She cried, and screamed!”I love it!” then spit on him and received a smack to the face and a kick to the stomach. Something about this made my cock quiver.He picked her up again and opened the front door into the dark night and threw her to the ground and pinned her down drilling his cock in her mouth. She gagged, cried, coughed, choked and spit while he slapped her and pulled her hair.”Take it bitch, take it!” She gargled her own spit and gasped for air.”I love you!” She said, with two black eyes, smeared make up, blood from both nostrils and mouth and bruises that were too many to count. He picked her up and twisted her to lick her cunt as she sucked his cock. Then he dropped her, picked her up and tossed her into the mail box which fell over and gave her a gash on her left side over her vine and rose tattoo. I was in shock and she whimpered but when he picked her up by the hair she still sucked his cock until her came and then threw her back into the front yard. I watched as she laid there breathing intensely as he sat next to her. Both in blood, bruises, sweat, cum and cuts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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