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First Time LesbianI thought it was going to be a normal day! Go to work, go to the grocery store, go home, eat, and go to bed. Well when I got to work my boss was being such an ass. I just wanted to kick him rights in the nuts. I really, really did. I mean I come in on my days off, I’m practically a slave. I think he is just made because his Husband is losing his sugar and hits on me. I can’t help it if I’m cute!Anyways, when I got out of the hell hole I call work, I went to the store to get some umm, oh alright, alright, I bought cucumbers. You can never have to many, I mean, they are good for you, aren’t they!? So, I’m in the store right, I’m getting my date for the night. Just k**ding!!!!! I bumped into this guy, he was so fine. He was a little on the chunky side, but more like built. He had strong arms, a firm tight ass, and muscular legs. Yet, there was something so familiar about him.We started to talk, he spoke in a soft voice “My name is Jordan and I’m 23, how about you?” I replied, “Sarina and I’m 26!” Jordan says with a smirk, “Good I like em, older!” I said, “Great because I like young blood!!” He asked me why I was buying so many cucumbers, I told him I was on a diet. He laughed and told me I didn’t need one. I think he needs glasses.We talked for a good hour in the store, he told me about getting his heart broke by some evil bitch who left him for his friend. I really kaçak iddaa took to him, we really hit it off. I felt bold so I invited him over for dinner. I told you I was getting my date for the night, what were you thinking of ya Perve!!!Jordan came to my house around 6:00, I had dinner already and had changed into some quite revealing clothing. I got him this far why not see just how far I can get. After dinner we sat on the couch and watched a movie that he brought over Below Her Mouth. It was about a girl discovering that she is gay. I thought it was a little odd that he would have a movie like that. They do say that it is every mans fantasy to see two women so I guess it makes sense in a way.The sex scenes is the movie got me so hot.He started to get closer to me. I could feel my hormones starting to kick in, when his hand lightly touched my face. He leaned over me a kissed me, kissed me like no man has ever done before. He gently laid his body on top of mine. My legs started to shake from the friction he was creating by moving his hips. I ran my fingers along his spiked hair, down along his neck. That really made him jittery and jirate more.My hands wandered off to explore the ripples of his stomach. Oh my god, I can’t believe!!!!! Jordan was no man at all he’s a,a, she, a fine ass woman. I mean I’m so confused, Jordan is a girl. Jordan jumped up I’m sorry I should have told you kaçak bahis but I didn’t think it would go this far. “I’m in shock Jordan!”, I yelled. She held my hand and said “I’ll go.”As she walked towards the door, I still felt my hormones raging, even more than before. “Wait don’t go!”, I stopped her from leaving. I grabbed her by the arm an threw her on me. We fell to the floor kissing all the way. She ripped off my shirt, my bra, History, gone too!! I removed her shirt with a firm tug, she had nice round breast. I can’t believe I just said she had nice round breast. I have never been with another women, let alone thought about one in that manner.I was loving every minute of it. She ran her tongue around my nipples, going from left to right. I thought I was going to scream, I’ve never felt this good before. As she kissed her way down my stomach, my body began to arch. Jordan reached the sacred territory, the land that no one has conquered in quite some time. Her tongue filled me inside and out, rubbing my clit with intense pressure. I hope she was thirsty because I got off about 7 times.She was licking to her hearts content and I was not about to stop her. She finally came up for air about 45 minutes later. As she kissed me, I tasted my own juices. “Not bad kinda sweet!” I replied. It was my turn to return the favor. I kissed my way down to what has turned out to be the best thing illegal bahis in life(PUSSY)!! My tongue and fingers explored her like a k** with a new toy. I touched and licked her at every angle possible.Her warm wet cunt filled my mouth, my tongue getting lost in a ocean of desire. I must have sucked her twat for a good hour if not more. I was so into it, literally. I kissed Jordan giving her a drink of her own nectar. She smiled and laid me down. I thought she was going back for seconds. She started to touch my clit with her thumb, while sliding her fingers deep inside me. She rammed her fingers in and out of my cunt so hard and so fast I wanted more and harder.My body jerked with anticipation for more friction, more pounding, “Fuck Me!!!”, I cried! Jordan had her whole fist inside of me, she fucked me over and over again. Making me scream with pain, with pleasure, with erotic confusion. Her legs laid upon my head, I pulled her sopping cunt on my face. Drinking every ounce of what she had to offer. As I slide my fingers into her I could feel her legs start to tremble.The pressure was getting to her, I was gonna give her exactly what she was giving to me. I slid my fingers in one by one, feeling her box open wider with each stroke. My hand consumed her, invading her flesh like a predator on the prowl. As she cried for more she poked me harder.I wanted to give her the fuck of her life. With my other hand I slipped my thumb in her ass. Working both my fist and my thumb, the tension was starting to get to her. I could feel her muscles start to contract as we both exploded into orgasmic spasms.

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