First Thirst Ch. 10

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Chapter Ten: First Lesson

“Aufenthalt,” Nutte barked before stepping to the cart and retrieving the towel. I could tell it was wet and she went to my behind with it. As she traveled she pressed down in the small of my back with a finger, causing me to arch and bring my rear into greater prominence. “Gut. Ja, gut,” she said, watching my buttocks rise to the occasion. I felt it best to stay as I was and expect the worse. Nutte went for my puckered rosette and dabbed it, wiping me clean carefully. I kept blushing as Nutte pried my tiny cockle open to clean deeper and deeper. She took the time to explore me in a most intimate way. “Hubsch,” she said with a deep sigh. I steadied myself as best I could and looked around hoping to put Nutte’s endeavors out of my mind. My lover’s room was truly elegant and I surmised Colleen was wealthy.

A very thick rug, with a very deep pile, covered the floor. It was an off-white shag, with a pale tinge of blue that went well with the dark woods and pastel pink walls. The room spoke of strength and femininity, domination and surrender. I found it both pleasant and frightening, and regardless it took my breath. There was a large leather upholstered chair in one corner and the walls sporting oil paintings. The room was very bright and very warm… no, very hot. Light came from the drapes, turned by the light into a pair of fluorescent lamps that emitted the morning sun as a glorious glow. The light told me it must have been a magnificent day and befitting my magnificent new life. I was thrilled and concerned by all that was happening. I had promised myself to make this relationship work and looked back at Nutte.

The German vixen used both her hands to hold my ass cheeks apart and I could feel several of her fingers on the rim of my sphincter, holding my tight aperture open. “Ooooo, anbetungswurdig,” I heard her exclaim to herself. She seemed quite enthralled by my rear portal and that worried me. I thought it strange, the way my mind was forced from thought to thought and worry to worry. I no longer felt concerned about my mother’s feelings. I must have been daydreaming because I hadn’t seen Nutte move to stand in front of me. She took me by the hair and pulled me from the ottoman.

“Aufstehen,” Nutte barked. I stood, bent at the waist and held by my hair. She dragged me with her to the chair and sat down. I was left to stand before her. She indicated how she wished me to stand and I ended up with my hands behind my head. I felt like a prisoner of war from an old war movie, about to be interrogated by a German camp guard. With words I couldn’t understand, pointed looks and a finger, Nutte arranged me the way she wished to see me. When she finally sat back in the chair with a grin on her face I felt like the lowest thing in the world, and loved it.

Nutte expected my chin to stay up, but I lowered my eyes enough to see my boner sticking out in front of me, in a solid salute to my handler. It was impossible to miss the shine from the çankaya escort gunk coating the front of my body. I was coated in slime from head to toe and my hard-on kept releasing more. My condition impressed Nutte who let me know with tacit signals. Suddenly, standing like this brought me a moment to discover an itch. With one itch came another, then three and then several more, followed by the horde. Soon I was painfully aware of how much my body itched all over. I thought of reaching for a spot and relieving myself. I could simply excuse myself, but the look on Nutte’s face told me not to move. Between the rivulets of perspiration that streamed down my body and the strands of lubrication that landed to tickle my thighs, I was being driven insane. I was sure this little monster knew only too well about my condition and enjoyed my misery.

Nutte picked up a tube from a small table near the chair. She twisted the cap free and looked up to me with a wicked grin. She squeezed another white substance into an opened palm; it almost disappeared against the white leather. She placed the tube aside and brought her palms together. She gentle worked the substance onto both palms and then went for my crotch. Before touching me she looked up and issued what I took to be a warning most severe, her look and tone gave it away.


“Yes ma’am,” I returned, guessing at what she’d meant. Nutte’s growl turned to a smile and a nod. Her fingers dove into my pubes and began coating my curly hairs with the substance. She worked it to the roots and rubbed it into my skin. She was rough and thought nothing of twisting curls in order to keep me steady. This was another embarrassing moment that caused me to blush and hide in a closet of my mind. Nutte’s hands and fingers worked diligently and I needed to spread my legs further. She brought me pain and to my toes a couple times, but quickly pulled me back in place. When finished, the tube lay empty and my entire crotch to my anus was coated with white gunk. Nutte wiped her hands off on my legs and finished in a towel while sliding back in the chair.

“Du meine Gute! Gut, gut,” Nutte said with glee. She indicated for me to stand straight and I complied. She had me pull my elbows back further and place my feet six inches apart, with my toes pointing in. Then she had me push my throbbing hard-on out to her and smiled when she was pleased. I was ready for her hand and an orgasm, my cock was about to explode. But Nutte crossed her legs and picked up a near-by magazine. She turned her attention from me, dropped her eyes to between the pages and began leafing. I stood as she’d left me, ready and able, afraid to even blink.

This was just another embarrassing moment. Believe me when I say my entire life has been one unending stream of humiliating experiences after another. Colleen’s abrupt entrance into my life had quickly coalesced my otherwise fragmented mentality around her baby finger. I’d been called a masochist çankırı escort by one of my mother’s favorite priests and now I understood what he’d meant. He’d chased me away with his disgusting advances and warned me that no woman would have me. ‘Look at me now father Thikhorn, look at me now,’ I thought in a pique of haughtiness. Here I was learning what it takes to be a husband, and I was about to marry the loveliest girl on Gods green earth. I was proud to be a masochist if these were the results.

Sure my body was a mountain of itches I couldn’t reach and couldn’t put from my mind. My body was burdened with drying scales of last nights discharge and running rivers of this mornings sweat. And suddenly my crotch and anus became warm. My mind was drawn to the area as it became hot and I started to panic. I spread my legs further and went up on my toes to escape the spreading forest fire. I looked to Nutte for help, but she went on reading an article, unconcerned with me. The heat intensified and I began sweating harder and trembling noticeably. My crotch soon felt like a burning ball of tumble weed on a dry summer day and I released a small, “oh.”

Nutte looked up from her magazine with a surprised look on her face. I looked down at her in despair, my mouth opening and closing in uncontrolled panting. I could tell she knew my pubes were on fire by the way she snickered. She simply shook her head and gave me a disappointed look. Oh God, I’d blown everything. Nutte was disappointed and would report so to Colleen. I had to perform better, I had to show Nutte I had what it took and the day was still young. I did my best to regain control of myself and I saw Nutte was pleased by my pitiful attempts.

I grit my teeth, planted my feet into the rug and tried to calm down. I tried taking several very deep breaths and blinking sweat from my eyes. I tried to stop shaking, to be still, hold my elbows back and my boner out, for Nutte. No amount of itching would keep me from performing adequately. I was a man, soon to be husband, and more than up to the job. I’d demonstrate this to Nutte and Colleen too. No matter what it took, I’d make Colleen the proudest woman in the world. I felt good about myself, proud to have definite goals and aspirations. It felt good to have a life, a game plan for my future. Sure, it was a bit cloudy, but I felt confident for the first time in my life. All the negative influences of my mother were being blown away and the positive ones of Colleen were quickly taking hold. I was a newly plowed field taken by farmer and seed. The itchiness just came with the life style.

I closed my eyes for a moment, in hopes of hiding from the itches, but that failed. When I opened them, Nutte was standing before me, pointing to the bathroom.

“Gehen,” Nutte shouted. She liked to speak in short loud bursts. I was sure it was for the shock effect and it certainly worked on me. I started off, needing to keep my thighs from touching because of the çayyolu escort burning sensation. “Eile, gehen,” she shouted to encourage. I was afraid to lower my arms and kept them behind my head as I moved along followed by my sadistic mistress. We entered the bathroom and I was made to stand on a small towel laid on the floor for my benefit. I was directly across from a full length mirror and had to admit I looked good. I came to attention as I felt was expected of me and Nutte expressed her gratitude. “Gute, sehr gute. Gut junge,” she said. Her tone spoke for her and I pushed the fire and itch from my mind, as far as I could. She produced a white wrought iron chair with padded feet from somewhere and took a seat in front of me.

I felt awkward looking at Nutte almost as lovers might, at least in my mind. I was offering my entire body to her and she could easily take it. She kept my eyes occupied and went to my crotch with both hands. Her left hand took me by the balls, while her right grabbed a fistful of pubes. Then she let her eyes drop to her hands, with mine in hot pursuit. She grabbed me tight, clenched her jaw and began yanking on the curls. I opened my eyes wide, locked my fingers together behind my head and grit my teeth. I looked up to the ceiling and screamed as quietly as I could. I just didn’t want to watch.

I could feel the hairs ripped from my body. I could hear each root ‘pop’ as it was torn from its bed. My pubes were an ocean of summer wheat and Nutte’s hand became a John Deere harvester. It must have been a prototype, because it was very choppy and Nutte had a difficult time holding me steady while she worked. I cried of course, but my whimpering only inspired Nutte’s sadistic nature.

Nutte really enjoyed my screeches and jumping about. She enjoyed fighting for control and winning, while causing discomfort. She enjoyed forcing her gloved hand between my thighs to reach my shortest hairs, almost as much as she enjoyed yanking them out. She enjoyed searching for the tiniest hairs. She enjoyed rubbing my skin with leather fingers to catch hairs and twist them free. She enjoyed her work and was very good at controlling me. I was bawling my eyes out in no time, tears raining on my chest. From there they ran in rivers down my belly and into my disappearing bush.

Nutte enjoyed fisting and playing with my testicles. She enjoyed pulling and yanking me about by them. She enjoyed the way I responded to the abuse and I have to admit I was liking it too. Maybe a person’s sexual nature is dictated by their first love and if so, mine was to be weird. Thankfully Nutte eventually ceased yanking on my hairs and I caught my reflection in the mirror. I was startled and not by my tear soaked form, which I supplied with endless amounts of salt water, but by my hairless crotch. I looked down at myself and sure enough, Nutte had yanked out every hair. I swallowed, sniffled and tried to get hold of myself.

Nutte appreciated her work and looked up to me with a smug, self-satisfied look on her face. She was very happy with herself and did little to hide her glee. Without letting me go, the vixen stood. She led me to the bathtub and made me step into it. The next thing I knew, my German handler was scrubbing me clean and I loved that too.

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