First Sexual Exposure

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First Sexual ExposureALL TRUTH……. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTHFirst Sexual ExposureBy: Londebaaz ChohanThis is exact and true count of my first sexual encounter. I don’t say each word I narrate is exact and true but I take an oath that the incidence I am going to narrate and the way it took place is all truth, nothing but the truth.Due to the family business commitments, my dad decided to move to this relatively serene and tranquil neighborhood on Staten Island. The Middle School I was supposed to attend was almost one and a half to two miles away. We were told of School bus being available but I don’t know why my dad insisted that I should start behaving and being like a grown up boy and get used to the world around me. Mom agreed and I was elated too when dad announced to buy me a bicycle as my first transport. Wow!!!!Soon I was an expert bicycle rider in my neighborhood. Once you have your own transport, I learnt that not only the world start shrinking, other funny and or crazy things also start happening. I would ride my bicycle to go visit my class mates, to the park and for any and all necessary or unnecessary reason. One day one of my classmates talked to me of being a paper boy. The suggestion was great; I could distribute newspaper to some houses in my surrounding vicinity and net some money every week as pocket money.Mom did not like the idea but dad backed me up fully. He said, it would make me a good boy by learning to appreciate the responsibility. It will also make me early riser by accepting the call of duty and liability. It took some time but then I had my own paper route. I would wake up early and distribute the paper to decent number of houses in the surrounding streets before going to school. It was fun, a great exercise and a source of money too. I had hit puberty, the hair were spurting all over my body and some special spots like the arm pits, pubes. My body was growing tall and strong, day by day. I could tell, I was far hornier than any of my friends or mates. I had started masturbating too and would shoot like a long barrel cannon, thanks to the large size of my cock since the younger age and very vibrant, potent balls to compliment the activity. Riding the bike early morning, wearing my shorts and sleeveless t- shirt would let the air hit my body and specially the balls hanging off the seat making me stiff and extremely aroused and sexy making it extremely difficult to resist masturbation as I returned home almost as a daily routine. Rubbing and massaging my meaty cock in my hands would provide immense pleasure but not sure, what may go wrong; I would jerk off and stop suddenly when there were severe twitching or spasmodic convulsions felt in my well grown about 6 plus inches long and decorously thick dick. Easy said than done, lately more often than not I was unable to control the urge and had seen very thick, warm and slithery liquid gush out with forceful jolts making my body writhe with brutal tremors scaring me to death because the total body would shake and quiver making it hard even to breath normally. A very sudden gasping for air gave me a real scare of my life, every time I could not control myself and continued yanking off my penis (did not even now then that this grand act was called Masturbation). But somehow as they say, the things were falling in place and I was discovering the mammoth joy of playing with my cock and balls because nothing bad ever happened after an extremely pleasing sensation that ran amok my whole body and an overwhelming, overpowering craving to do it again and spew out more of the gooey liquid as the balls churned and tethered together in a huddle and felt so deliciously impressive like a humongous piece of rock supporting the gigantic shaft from under making it swing and sway freely forming a nice bulging outline. I remember the Sunday morning in August; I finished my rounds, came home and ate the breakfast after the shower when suddenly thought, it would be better to go out now and collect the bills instead of going later in the afternoon when it would be scorching sizzling hot. I had finished preparing all the bills as well and so I was out in next minute.Within about an hour, I had collected most bills and it was getting really hot when I thought to hit the last house here and quit to come back until the afternoon and make collections on the other side streets. I was feeling thirsty and day’s heat being unbearable.Soon as I turned into the street, I saw the house lady and she saw me also. I don’t recall her name but do remember, she was about 30, not fat or chubby but beefy built of about 5’ 6”. She was wearing an overall gown as she stood there watering her lawn. She greeted me and as I pulled my bike on to the side of her lawn and handed her the envelope containing the bill. She let the watering hose drop and walked to enter home to bring the money. As she walked up the steps, I walked to the hose and had almost brought it to my mouth to drink the water, when she yelled to freeze me. Are you thirsty, baby; she said in her very melodious voice, to which I readily nodded. Oh sweetie, this water is not very safe for drinking, she said in her very pleasing tone. Come on in, I will give you some juice; and she held the door open şehitkamil escort till we both walked inside. Wow, nice house it was; I just thought to myself a bit loud. I thanked her very much as she poured me a tall glass of orange juice and placed it on the small dinette table in the far corner of the kitchen and offered me to go ahead. I honestly did not think much as she looked at me and smiled; her eyes literally felt like searching my body looking with a particular reason or purpose. I was sipping the orange juice and had no basis to substantiate but surely thought; she was making some odd moves. She was opening, closing the kitchen drawers, she was going into her gown pockets, she was putting her hand again and again into her bra, maneuvered her breasts with a definitive smile in her eyes as she kept looking at me with an eye contact longer than casually necessary.Told you already, I was a very horny sexy boy and she was not only searching for the money, I thought; which made my cock to betray and let down me with the uprising and upheaval. I was getting hard and tent pole in my shorts was getting very obvious and apparent to hide. Of everything else, it was an embarrassment; I had never been through before. She was glancing and smiling, definitely sensing and enjoying the predicament I was in. There was no way, I could adjust, tuck, pull or fix my erection without her viewing me doing this and I did not know what was the best thing to do in situations such as this one. My body was trembling, stressing with every single second passing because my cock was almost ready to tear the shorts and burst out in the open; it was ultimate stiff by now and outlined in silhouette because I was not wearing any underwear to confine it a bit extra. She kept looking from draw to draw and then suddenly a burst of soft giggle arouse from her deep throat. I did not have any clue what it meant or why, but then she started fiddling with the neck line of her night gown, tied tight at the top. Not being able to get her hand all the way back in there, she looked a quick peek towards me and pulled the strings. As if it only needy this small move, the night gown looking dress opened up and slipped down to her ankles showing me the bright red braziers tightly groping her breasts and a bright red tiny bikini covering her Y and mid body. Never being in such arousing and sexy predicament before, I was in a situation that I wanted to see it all but not wanted to be seen watching so lusciously.Hastily I tried to look away but she had caught my eyes and even gave me a smile as I surely felt my ears burning and face blushing. Oh, baby; she looked at me and said. It’s ok. You are a big boy. Don’t be shy my dear. I think I just stopped breathing, as I saw her approaching me swiftly. I know you want to see them all and want to touch and play with them too, don’t you babe; she said. And before I could move and make a large spill of juice on the floor, she had me surrounded in a fence of her pinkfleshed arms with the refrigerator behind me. I was kind of stunned not knowing what will she do next or how should I handle this, I saw her one hand rapidly drop to the front of my shorts with a deep sigh dissolving in the air. Why don’t you show me what you have in here and I show you too, she gave quite a tug there, gripping the fabric and part of my crotch meat and said in no uncertain words. I was definitely shivering and not comprehending it all as she took the glass from my hands and put it on the dinette table behind her before getting right back to me. She gave me no time to think or do anything like pushing her back or even decide not to fight back, her lips were tightly planted on mine and even felt her wet tongue push through my teeth and dance a little before she pulled back a little and we both gasped as she forcefully pulled my t shirt over my head. Oh my God, it really felt very good honestly. There was a bit feeling of guilt too but I wanted her to do it again. I am sure you liked it, she said with an assertive tone as I felt her hand giving a hard massage and rub to my cock which was already swelling and growing to make a tent like bulge up front. Ouhhhhhhhh, getting excited baby; hunghhhhh, she grabbed my cock which was good 6 plus inches by now and much thicker than a phone pole, with hot blood gushing in it making it throb. I was kind of hurting as my length pushed hard against the fabric and having resistance with no room to flex and stretch as it normally did. Plus her sexy advances and now nonstop kisses, licking and sucking of my neck, lips and tongue and long fingers and hands tickling my lower and middle body were overwhelming me to a sure needed and enjoyable degree but the fear of the unknown and culpability was also keeping me tamed and timid. I could not resist, her both hands dropped down now and were unzipping me and next, my shorts dropped to the feet and a real growling noise followed as she held my naked cock in her both hands and also pulled the balls sac engulfing, rolling the whole of it in her palms. It felt good but not right and the sense of fault was not leaving me and I just stood there with my eyes shut tight as if it was a bad dream that would end soon. Ahm, O fuck no; I could not dare open my eyes but in a flash felt her hand move from the base of my cock to its hole; measuring the length and even the shape of a Cut cock with no dangling foreskin; she dropped down on her knees and now my cock was fully lodged in her mouth. I felt very ticklish and uneasy as her cozy mouth cavity and wet tongue wrapped around my hardness, lips clamped on the thickness while the mouth moved faster and faster from the rounded soft head of the cock to the very firm and solid base. The sensations felt more painful than pleasing as she buried her face forcefully and her lips grind ed and head bobbed as if she was trying to unscrew and detach and separate my dick from the body.I needed to moan with the hurt but was not even able to, as my body was tensing badly every second. She was tugging my balls harder and squeezing them too. Waves of sensations suddenly peaked and I could not control my shrieking cries, as my cock started pulsating feverishly and I wanted to pull it out of her mouth because of having no clue whether to spill my thick boy juice in her mouth or not. I tried as hard as I could but only if I was not pinned against the refrigerator behind I but she also did not let it happen and applied some serious sucking pressure. That started the cascading of my orgasm and with all the deep and furious spasms I started squirting my sperm in her mouth which she very rapidly swallowed and continuously milked me with power sucking every single drop even gently squeezing my balls and bringing it all out with fingers working from under my balls and go all the way up to the hole on the top of the cock head. Soon as the kitchen stopped spinning like a merry go round and my cock stopped throbbing with ultimate sensitivity, I was quite forcefully grabbed by the arms, spun around like a hypnotized doll and made to sit still on one of the chairs around the dinette table as she stood above me and took off the braziers and emerged totally naked after removing the red color matched bikini. Being a novice and not knowing the addicting flavor, taste, and urge to swallow and not waste the thick nectar that came out of the cock; I was already stunned and now this! O’ my God!I had never even seen a nude picture until then and now a live show all for me. What a hard and firm body, deep blue eyes, sweet pinkish juicy lips, nice sized pink nipples on the erect tits, small waist and plum rounded curvy hips, well trimmed tiny hair bush on the top of the pussy slit and long cylinder legs; she displayed all for me with couple of strip tease moves as I sat stunned and not breathing.She came in front of me and waved her hips showing me her pussy as she stretched it open with both hands, turned around and wiggled her ass and even exposed her asshole by separating the ass crack. I was so shame struck or humiliated that I do not know if my eyes were even blinking or my chest was heaving with inhaling and exhaling actions. She got very close to me couple of times, bended over and rubbed her tits on my face, force spread my legs exposing once again raging hard on in my lap and slick liquid flowing along the shaft totally wetting the balls and even seeping into the cloth covering the chair. Only if I was not naked, I would have ran and escaped while she got busy for a while and painted her pussy with the oil from a small glass flask like bottle on the counter and came back with both hands well slithered with oil and massaged them on my dick, now attention like an army soldier. She ouhhhhhhhed and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhed and went down on me for quick sucking and giving a coat of saliva over the oil slick hardness and then in one swift move straddled over my crotch and sat just making sure that cock and pussy hole were aligned properly. I do not know how to convey my exact feelings, how and what I felt. She was soft inside like an expensive silk, hot like a ready oven, wet like a soaked sponge and tight like a clamp. It was all a mammoth joy but my body was all cold although sweating profusely. She was holding on to the back of the chair and using it as a lever for jumping fast and furious making my cock go in and out of her pussy. Her hard tits and erected nipples were rubbing my chest in a very desired and arousing nature with every move she made up and down my shaft. She was constantly yelping, asking me to fuck her. She was moaning, she was begging, she was fucking my dick ever so powerfully and frantically that I could feel my balls jump up and down hitting the seat of the chair and pain numbing me there. Her pussy pulled my cock, twisted on it, wrenched it and I remember we both panted so loud that I came to life out of deep Trans.I felt her pussy muscles contracting and relaxing, I felt her pussy flex and loosen up, I felt her pussy walls crumble, I felt her pussy walls get strong and hard on my cock. She was moaning, groaning, gasping, growling, howling and if I understood, she had her orgasm and her pussy leaked the bucket full of climax juice, which washed over my balls and also soaked the chair completely. I shall be honest; if I was not totally absorbed in the acrobatic activity of her lusty cunt, tightening and calming, pushed and pulled in unpredictable shapes; I sure would have spewed my balls juice as well and as hard too. Her orgasmic climax kind of did a negative number on my cock because I did not know; that was how women enjoyed sex and that too because of taking a cock inside their bodies and then getting their pussy innards massaged by it. I thought she had urinated on my beautiful cock. Shit! I thought why she did that. About a minute or so, all became normal except for the river of thick viscous gelatin like liquid that had made us both damp and wet far more than our labored sweat. She slowly raised her pussy and released my fucking cock. I do not know why looking at my cock made me feel very proud although it looked dirty, bruised and kind of beat up like a boxer in the ring being announced to be the winner of the fight.She only took time to grip my cock in her palm and very lovingly massaged it removing the excessive pussy lube all over its length and then just left me sit there almost stunned on the chair and rapidly moved to the other side of the small dinette table and spread herself on it upside down. Her boobs were crushed against the table top, her body just ended near the edge of the table such that her leaky pussy was very clearly visible to me. Oh’ fuck me God! What a grand scene, the upside down pussy with pussy knob on the lower end instead of the top end, for my viewing. I had only heard of something called Clit or pussy knob but now I was seeing it live and full grown, about ¼ the size of my cock knob but looking exactly like it and could easily be defined as the cock knob of an elementary school boy. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the naked beauty when I heard her speak in a tone which was drenched in sexy lust. She was asking me, ordering me to get there quick and fuck her. I got the situation, she was unable to fuck her pussy as bold and blatant on my fucking dong as she needed and was calling me for the helm duty, taking charge of the controls and do her. No offer could be more sweet and pleasing and I jumped on my feet with my fully extended sex partner, straight up front. As I got behind her, she extended her hand and groped my very fuck hungry cock pulling me to her in urgency. I don’t know why I was thinking that she would pull me to her mouth and suck my cock, lick my balls; but no. Instead she was trying me to take the center stage behind her pronto and with her other hand she was separating her ass crack.Was she trying to tell me to get into her asshole? What a stupid thought! No actually I was the stupid totally amateur, inexperienced one there. I did not even know then of the second hole and its usage as an alternative, and why alternative but as much a fuck worthy hole as the pussy hole in the front. I did not understand and I lost my chance but I did rub and made a few circles with my cock head around her ass hole and as it jerked producing a large gob of lube on the tip, I quickly targeted the pussy. The swollen lips of the dungeon entry parted readily and welcomed me inside. Recently fuck thinned pussy tunnel was still burning hot to roast my rooster in it but it did not keep me going in the deepest. The nature works wonderfully and even I knew then what was to be done the next. So I summoned all the strength in my body and bent forward holding the farther edge of the table she was spread eagle on. I feel belittled but the truth is I was a total beginner and cannot claim that I fucked her but at least I tried as much and as powerfully as I could. She helped more and more by raising her hips, bringing her pussy up and presented it to me for conscious thrashing and pummeling. Yes at times it was well synchronized effort and she just stood still and allowed me to butcher her pussy with my sexy sword but even though if the pace or the range of motion was not well established, she compensated with her talent and with all her pain and pleasure laced moans made me drown in the sea of arousal along with her. Time did pass, I was so busy merging into her, the urge to ejaculate did not happen quickly but when the moment came, even today I can recall the rush I felt in my balls and then it did spread throughout the body as I surely bred her pussy with my seed and final moments when she sucked me as I screamed loud as possible. She sucked me dry and then cleaned me with a kitchen towel before helping me put my sneakers, shorts and t shirt back on. My hands were trembling as I held the glass still half full with orange juice and gulped it down in one or two large sips. She went to the kitchen drawer and pulled some money and handed it to me, still naked and mumbled to keep the change which was slightly under $ 2.00 and handed me another $ 20/= bill as my labor. Daring enough, she walked me back to the exit door still in her birthday suit but cautiously stayed behind the door as we kissed before I left the house. I was her paper boy for next over a year almost and saw her many times afterwards. I told her that I had gained experience and can fuck her far better with now even larger and thicker cock that had grown with time but she never gave me a chance. I do not blame her but do regret it because I would have loved a chance to fuck her and get even for the fucking she did to my young and inexperienced dick with her pussy. Oh well, all wishes never come true; we all know, don’t we? The End………. 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