First Orgasm

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College Guy

First OrgasmI had been masterbating for a couple of months rather unsuccessfully. Meaning I would play around down below but would always stop before the big “O”. Fear held me back. I can’t really explain it other than that.I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm. My panties were moist from the dream I was having. It involved Peter from school and my vision of him undressing me and covering my body with kisses. When he finally stopped between my legs is when I abruptly awoke with my pillow trapped between my teen body and the bed. I was sweating caused by the stir of emotions from the dream and disheartened by the fact that it wasn’t real. I was crying out for relief from the inside. Remaining in the same position I took up my now usual habit and slid a hand into my damp panties. I found my lips wet and ready for action. My middle finger parted my lips as I slid past them dipping into my honey pot. Each time going a little further than before, collecting my juices and coated them on my finger. My breathing and becomes labored and my hips bucked against my imagination. I felt that familiar warmth in my stomach and was destined to go through with it. Then my mom brought my world to a screeching halt as she knocked on my door reminding me it was time for breakfast. Again my time would have to be postponed.At school before second period my best friend Debbie had started with her barrage of “Did ya?”. We shared everything and I learned early on that she was far more advanced sexually than I was. She hadn’t gone all the way yet, but she had covered a lot of the bases.”No,” I finally bahis siteleri responded.”Why not?””I was going to this morning. I was on a path, no turning back and then my mom knocked on the door and all inspiration was gone. It’s like she knew what I was up to.””Was you moaning and making a lot of noise thrashing about in the bed?””No,” I replied giving her a playful shove. She smiled back and we headed off to class.I got home from school and checked the messages on the machine. The one of importance was from Lane. He called my mom explaining that he was sick and wouldn’t be able to cut the grass. Mom was having a dinner party tonight and wanted everything to be perfect. I called mom at work to inform her. She responded disappointedly that it was ok and that we wasn’t going to be home till 7 and the party started at 9. I told her I would get everything finished before she got home and Debbie and her mom were picking me up at 8. I frantically raced around the house finishing up cleaning. I was done by 5 and thought how much mom would appreciate it if I cut the grass. We had a push mower from when we first moved in. I changed into my bikini swimsuit and pulled on my cut off shorts. It was fall where it got cool once the sun went down but was still very warm during the day. Our yard wasn’t that big so I knew it wouldn’t take but about an hour. Once I got the backyard, it was getting chilly for what I was wearing. Our backyard is completely shaded by the neighbors trees and is fenced in with a tall wooden privacy fence. The covered deck off the back contains a hot tub canlı bahis that supposedly fits 12.By the time I was done my nipples were rock hard due to the combination of sweat and cool air that had picked up after the sunset. As a matter of fact I had goosebumps all of my body. Instead of getting in the shower I decided to warm up in the hot tub. I turned the jets on and peeled back the cover. I slid out off my shorts and into the water. The hot water was refreshing to my chilled body and the goosebumps instantly vanished. As I sat there with my head back against the edge my mind wandered to the actions of the day. I kept drifting back to thoughts of Peter and with warning my hands started exploring my body. I cupped my young small breasts and then got the sneaky idea to remove my top. It wasn’t unusual for me when I had the house to myself so I tossed the bikini out of the hot tub. I sank down so that water bubbled against my chin. I began caressing my breasts and toying with my nipples. Small moans starting leaving my mouth as I held on to the thought of Peter playing with me. I could feel bubbles hitting against my pussy through my bikini bottoms. I decided to go a little further and tossed my bottoms with the rest of my swimsuit. The bubbles now were parting my lips as the traveled to escape. My hands were no longer continent with my breasts so slid them down my stomach. Parting my legs a little further my right hand index finger slid over top of my mound. I moaned a little louder as I proceed to enter. Sliding back and force my middle finger joined my search for güvenilir bahis the spot. I continued to apply more pressure slipping a little further down in the seat. This cause my nipples to break the surface of the hot water into the cool air. Chills ran throughout my body as I continued on. My left hand grasped and pulled on my nipple as my right hand meet my bucking hips with force. The other surprise that my adjust had made was causing the bubbles to hit against my asshole and roll up to the front in search of air. A quick turn of the controls increased the speed of the bubbles causing the warmth in my stomach to greatly increase. I picked up the pace at which I was thrusting against my fingers. I curved the tips so that they would enter me on each thrust. My breathing was shallow as if I was gasping for air. It felt liked stomach had dropped completely out of my body but I knew I was finally past the point if no return. All fears were gone and I was consumed with a new passion. It had been building up for a long time. My pussy was becoming very sensitive to my touch as I was frantically fingering myself. By now my two fingers were deeply plunged into my body. I was focusing all of my efforts in that area.Then it started. My first orgasm riveted my body. It shook with such an intensity that I could never had imagined. I screamed out partly in pain but mostly in pleasure. I was rewarded with not just one but two waves. The second wasn’t as intense and I seemed to have better control of it. My legs squeezed my hand tightly as I rode it out. When it was gone I collapsed against the seat while my breathing started to normalize. I had never felt anything so wonderful. And this was the start of it all. Needless to say I told Debbie all about it that night and we ended updated aging together.

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