First Night with My Future Wife

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Note: My stories are all 99% true, with minor details changed to help obscure identities. Anything that is purely fiction will be noted.

What was initially a platonic “date” for dinner then drinks at a local bar with Katie was seemingly taking a more intimate turn. However, our families had long been friends stemming from the close proximity of our parents’ houses growing up, so I didn’t want to be too presumptuous and damage what is otherwise a good acquaintance.

She is two years younger than me (me 29, her 27), and I’d developed one of those “maybe one day but probably not” attractions to her as she filled out into a gorgeous, curvaceous woman, standing 5ft 4 with what I estimated were borderline C/D cup tits, trim waist, and the most amazing biggest ass that I’m guessing I have her half Syrian heritage to thank. Her natural hair is light brown, not quite dirty blonde, but lends itself well to coloring and she’d range from platinum blonde to a dark auburn red throughout the years. She was now a fairly standard light yellowish blonde. I had gotten hints that she had a similar state of attraction to me here and there, but we never seemed to be single at the same time until this time.

I am your standard dark brunette 5ft 8in Irish/German midwestern build. Not slender necessarily, but still on the right side of stocky, with a waistline that fluctuates between 30 and 33 inches depending on my lifestyle. A fair amount of hair on my chest, abdomen, arms and legs (back is relatively naturally smooth), but not to the extent one would accuse me of having any Mediterranean in my blood.

I don’t know which ancestry I have to thank for what I’ve been told is a gorgeous, perfectly “big but not too big” cock. A slightly upward curved, evenly pink model coming in at about 7 1/2 inches long, 5 1/2 around, circumcised with a large pronounced mushroom head the size of a doorknob. Sure, blowjobs have been an issue with some girls in the past, and I usually have to take it slow on initial penetration, but once we’re into it I’ve had few complaints. Underneath sits a taught sack holding largish balls which are comparable to the “large” grocery store eggs sold in the US. Being a low maintenance kind of guy, the hair down there is usually free to grow wild, but I’d trim if I had a date coming up or my partner at the time preferred. Not being a hypocrite, I have never met a pussy that had too much hair on it.

So we’re at the local watering hole and both feeling no pain, given we are within walking distance of my apartment so driving isn’t required. This does obviously mean that Katie is coming home with me, but I’m happy to pass out on the couch and give her my bed and take her home in the morning. She’s becoming a bit more forward as she works through a few gin and tonics, asking me about my tattoos, where did I get them (bunch of different shops), bahis şirketleri did they hurt (not really but depends on location), do I regret any (not one), confessing that she has a couple in mind but is nervous about pulling the trigger on. Her questions also give her license to be a little physical as she feels my forearm and biceps in order to determine how inked skin feels compared to virgin skin. I, not sure where this is headed, have slowed down a little on my rum and cokes, but am also certainly not in a sober state.

It’s around 1 or 1:30 am, and some insecure “tough” guys are starting to get a bit out of hand, which is my cue to pay the tab and walk home. No offer to split iit was a good sign for me, since we split dinner earlier, not being on a “real” date, rather just talking and catching up as we’ve both been quite busy lately, me with work, and her with grad school. She gets the first door and I get the second, allowing me to test the waters gently guiding her the step down with my hand on the small of her back. I can just make out her smile when I do. The walk is only about 5 minutes, but we take it slow, casually walking quite close with shoulders touching at times as our slightly impaired gait allows.

Not wanting to create an awkward situation, I opt for the stairs over the brightly lit elevator we would surely have had to ourselves to make it to my third floor apartment. Not one moment after the door shuts, we instinctively start kissing in the entryway, getting more and more heated as what I’m not sure if are seconds or minutes are passing. Eventually we break to remove our shoes and I offer her some sweatpants, slipping into basketball shorts while getting them. She uses the guest bathroom to change into them, and I notice she must have removed her bra as her tits had less cleavage than before.

Already sitting on the couch when she comes out, I ask if she wants to watch anything, to which she simply climbs on top of my lap, picking up where we left off a few minutes earlier. She’s stradling me, tongue practically down my throat, and I move my hand up her black tank top, soon feeling one of the biggest tits I’ve ever felt, its large nipple almost as hard as my cock is growing in my shorts. After a few more minutes of making out and feeling her up, I unbutton the top of her pants, but she stops me short when I put my hand down them. “Did I feel some fuzz or was that her panties?” I think to myself when she says “Not tonight, it’s my time of the month.”

“Shit, ok,” I think right before she stands up and points to my shorts. “Off” I’m almost commanded, but certainly not complaining. I promptly remove my shorts, my mostly hard cock bouncing free as I didn’t have underwear on. “Ohhh…” she trails off looking down at my dick, taking it in her hand as she kneels on the rug in front of me. “This is… not… quite bahis firmaları what I’m used to” she tells me, slowly stroking my shaft, achieving the last 5% of blood flow for my rock hard erection. I know she doesn’t have the most experience as she had been dating the same guy since high school until recently, but obviously like what I hear, turning me on more, especially since I knew her ex pretty well too.

“I would have trimmed if I knew,” not knowing what else to say, but her response of taking one of my hairy balls gently in her mouth as she strokes me tells me it’s not an issue. I reach forward to feel her tits again, and she sits up and pulls her big breasts out of the top of her low cut tank top. Seeing them for the first time, I marvel as her slightly veiny, slightly saggy D cup tits hang prominently on her chest. Her dark pink areolas are large, slightly puffy and clearly defined, covering about 2/3rds, capped with erect thimble sized nipples which point slightly downward underneath the weight. I instinctively lean forward, taking one in my mouth and tweaking the other, but she pushes me back and grips my rock hard cock again.

“Jesus,” she mutters softly, gazing at then kissing underneath my big mushroom tip, her hand covering about a third of my shaft as she strokes from the base to the head. I love the way her tits sway slightly as she strokes it, big on her frame interfering with her arm. She makes eye contact with me, slightly nervous but with desire, and I feel her take the head of my dick into her warm, wet mouth. Her hand has stopped stroking, instead steadying my thick shaft at its bushy base. Her other starts lightly caressing my hairy sac as she works further and further down the length, eventually almost but not quite meeting her steady hand. I’m in fucking heaven, watching what has until now been a “forbidden fruit” family friend sucking on my big hairy cock, her D cup tits hanging and swaying as she does so.

“Uh… um, teeth,” I hesitantly say as she picks up her pace, knowing the scraping generally just prolongs things and I’m already gracious for the pleasure I’m receiving. “Sorry,” she removes my cock from her mouth, “It’s just, I’m just not used to this,” she furthers, taking a break resuming stroking. I’m not sure if she’s complaining about the size, relegating things to a handjob, but then she leans back in, taking only my fat mushroom in her mouth, swirling her tongue around and underneath it as she firmly grips the rest of my shaft with both hands. This is the hottest visual I’ve ever gotten while getting head and I can’t even see any of my cock, her two hands and mouth covering its 7 and a half inch length.

I’m groaning as she starts focusing her tongue on my frenulum, creating the perfect amount of suction pressure on the tip with her mouth, her two hands squeezing ever so gently around the remaining kaçak bahis siteleri shaft, her fingers just touching around its girth. “Where should I cum?” I manage to pant, feeling myself approaching the point of no return quickly. “Just not in my mouth,” she answers, which shifts my focus back to her big hanging tits. “Tits?” I mutter, her slight nod of approval accomplished without interrupting the tongue bath she’s giving my cock head. My eruption pending, I take over with my cock in my hand, stroking it eagerly as she leans back on her knees and pushes her tits up and together.

The way she holds her big nipples in her fingers as she does so, faintly rubbing them, is what does me in. But instead of our agreed upon target, my first rope of cum flies over her head and I hear it splat on the hardwood floor, easily clearing the area rug in front of the couch. Being a little dark, I don’t even know if she saw it, but gets promptly sprayed in the face with 2 or 3 more big shots before I can adjust my aim downwards, pawing her hand out in a feeble attempt to block them as I do. Her tits now in my sights, there’s a couple seconds delay before a massive rope splashes off her huge areolas, with her hand that left supporting her tit upwards cupping my balls. “Oh my god,” she gets in before another and another and another shot, each landing on her substantial bust, diminishing in quantity until I’m finally spent, dribbling my final bits of seed on the couch between my legs.

Regaining my composure, I look around and take everything in. There’s no other way to put it – I just legitimately hosed down Katie, family friend for almost 15 years. She’s looking at me, her face and upper body completely covered in cum, when she says, but not disapprovingly, “Holy shit.”

“Yeah…” I kinda laugh, to which she starts laughing, looking down at her big cum drenched tits she’s holding, then back at me, then my slightly softened cock. “Um… where can I get,” she starts, prompting my reply “oh yeah, just a second,” getting up and finding a hand towel. “You could shower if that’d be better,” I offer but she only wipes her face off, leaving my cum to soak in and drip down her jutting tits. She gets up and turns around, presumably to head to the bathroom and complete the job, and starts cracking up. “I just stepped in more,” she giggles before I can even ask, having found the initial blast’s destination. Feeling somewhat guilty, I get up to get another towel, but she drops hers to the ground and stands on, playfully wiggling her feet to soak it up, causing her heavy tits to sway back and forth. Had we not been drinking earlier, just this visual may have been enough to get me ready for round two, but not tonight.

“You want a water?” I ask, grabbing one from the fridge then heading towards the bedroom. “Yeah,” she answers, and she joins me in my bed in a minute or so. And while I didn’t know it then, this long lusted after woman, this sexy minx that was covered in my seed only 5 or 10 minutes previous, would become my wife, mother of my children, the last woman I ever share my bed with.

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