First Meeting Ch. 02

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*all references to characters, locations and events are fictional. Any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental*

With my mouth and tongue occupied with your dripping cock, my mind begins to take in the details of my predicament. Here I am on my knees in front of you, my lips spread into a large O by the ring gag fastened around my neck. I am distinctly aware of the carpet under my stocking-encased knees and the toes of my high-heeled shoes in the floor under my round butt. The chastity cage around my swollen cock has been tight since you arrived and I can almost feel the wetness as it drips from the end. My wrists have finally become accustomed to the cold steel of the hand cuffs. The air is cool on the lube still coating my hole, recently opened by the rough fucking I received and still framed by the black open crotch panties which contrast with the rosy pink of my cheeks from the spanking. The boning in my leather corset is beginning to poke in places, reminding me of my place as your slut. My wig has begun to stick somewhat to my forehead and the collar around my neck has faded to almost an afterthought.

The mental explorations come to a close suddenly when I feel your cock shifting in my mouth from you settling in deeper to the recliner, using the remote to click between the channels on my television. News channels, sporting events, cable movies, all flash by behind me as my view of your cock in my mouth never changes.

“Yes indeed slut, the start of a beautiful weekend. Are you enjoying yourself?” you ask, looking down at me between your legs. I look back up at you, nodding my head as best I can with my mouth occupied.

“Hahaha! Hard to answer isn’t it bitch? Well you’ll get used to it,” you inform me with a wink and I can feel a deep blush pervade my cheeks at the attention. The minutes begin to tick by one after another until I’ve lost track of time, the only sounds marking the silence those of the changing channels and your occasional moans when I perform particularly well. I find myself trying to illicit deeper and longer moans from you, doing my best to please you. My reward is your precum coating my tongue, allowing me to taste you in my mouth.

“You are growing quite talented at this, slut. I wonder how long your training will last until you become the consummate professional. We’ll have to wait and see at another time,” you say, pulling your cock out from the middle of the gag and freeing my mouth. Grabbing my chin and looking down into my open mouth, I see a most wicked smile cross your face.

“Yes this mouth will become most talented indeed! For now however there’s nothing worth watching on TV so you’ll have to provide an alternative.”

Rising up from the chair and standing over me you reach down to the buckle at the back of my neck.

“Now I’m going to take this gag off and give your jaw some time to relax. But while it’s off you are not to say a single word, understand? Nodding or shaking that pretty little head will have to do. Got it?”

I nod my head up and down to indicate my understanding and I’m rewarded with the release of my mouth from the strict confines of the ring gag. Stretching my jaw I’m careful escort izmit not to utter any noise of relief. Looking up at you I can see a satisfied smile on your face and I blush once again from the attention and my own pride in myself for pleasing you.

“Feel better, slut? Well don’t get too comfortable. We’re going to play a little game. It doesn’t have a name, at least not one that I’ve come up with yet but I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“Rule number 1: no peeking!” I’m informed as you move to the table, taking up the blindfold and adjusting it around my head. My world goes dark and I can feel my other senses begin to heighten. Suddenly I feel your heavy cock smack into my right cheek, making me jump with surprise.

“Hahaha! Just checking slut. Rule number 2: this is a hands on game so these cuffs won’t be needed.”

My wrists are released from the handcuffs, allowing full movement once again of my arms. I bring my hands around in front of me, rubbing the red spot where the cuffs were sitting. With the circulation returning I place my hands on my thighs to either side of my cage.

“And finally rule number 3: you will use anything I give you to use in whatever way you think will please me to watch. Do you understand the rules, slut?” Remembering your instructions to keep quiet I nod my head up and down to indicate my consent.

“Good. First, I’m sure you’re getting a little cold so lay back and use those hands to warm up.”

I nod my head in understanding as I slowly lay myself back on the carpet and begin to run my hands over my body. Starting with my neck and slowly rubbing down over the corset my hands explore under the leather, pinching my sensitive nipples as I go. Moving down my smooth torso, my hands frame my chastity cage and make slow circles around my trapped cock. Raising one leg in the air, I run my fingers down my thigh and calf before massaging back up my legs. Repeating the process with the other leg, I soon have both legs in the air. Slowly spreading my legs I run my hands down the inside of my thigh, up my body and back to my neck and shoulders. My hands continue to explore my body when I feel a slight bump from an object landing on the floor next to me.

“Reach out to your right, slut. Take it and use it.”

I reach out my right hand and feel my butt plug next to me. I realize it’s the same butt plug that I had mistakenly worn to meet you at the door, the same one that had been harshly yanked out of my hole upon sight of my mistake. Taking up the plug I quickly raise my knees up to my chest and put the tip to my hole which is now on prominent display. Working the tip inside I push the plug in deeper before removing it back to the tip. Repeating the process I soon have the major bulk of the plug poised just outside the rim before popping it through with a quick push. The plug’s crown quickly thrusts against the insides of my ass as my hole closes around it, bringing a flush to my cheeks at the sudden feeling of fullness. As the plug finds its seat in my hole my hands begin their roam over my body again, becoming more sensual and insistent as the plug heightens my own state of arousal. My hands are interrupted when a small metallic chain lands on my izmit escort chest.

“I’m assuming you know what to do with those.”

Without seeing I reach down and take the chain off my abs, feeling the two clamps on either side. Reaching for the corset on my chest, I slowly unsnap the top hooks and free enough room to work both hands under the leather. My ministrations quickly have my sensitive nipples hard and I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning at the pleasure. With one hand holding my right nipple away from my body I slowly let a clamp bite into the tender flesh. As the rubber coated teeth go to work, my back is arched and my breathing quickens. After a few minutes of adjusting to the new sensation I take up the clamp attached to the other end of the chain. Opening the jaws, I hold my left nipple out and let the clamp snap shut. A few minutes more and my hands are once again roaming my body with a noticeably quicker pace, pausing occasionally to tap the end of the plug in my ass or tug on the chain between the clamps. Before long I hear a very noticeable thump from beside me.

“Let’s see how you do with that one, bitch. Make me proud.”

Reaching out, my hand wraps around one of my toys and from the touch I recognize it as the pink vibrator. It’s not my longest toy but it’s one of the fattest and I can feel my face blush at the thought of my ass soon being wrapped around it as you watch. On an impulse I bring the vibrator to my lips, pushing it into my mouth and licking around the tip. From your brief chuckle I can tell you are pleased and I work harder to suck the tip of the vibrator. After a few minutes I find myself more turned on from the performance, my hips slowly thrusting into the open air and my ass squeezing down on the plug. As I use one hand to hold the dildo to my lips, the other hand begins its journey down the length of my body before finding its way between my cheeks to the base of the plug. Slowly pulling it out, the plug stretches open my hole before being released. Laying it to the side, both hands are soon busy with the fat dildo as I bring it down to my waiting and eager ass.

Pushing the tip of the pink vibrator into my boi cunt, I can feel my hole open around it. As the head slowly pops in, my mouth opens into a silent O and I hold the vibrator still to give my ass time to adjust. After a few minutes the toy is slowly pulled from my pussy before I push it back in farther this time. Repeating this slow fucking I am giving myself, I pull the vibrator out and push it back in deeper each time before finally the round base is snug against my hole. The feeling of being filled returns as I lay my head back onto the carpet and begin breathing deeply, enjoying the sensation of being stuffed.

Soon the urge for more overtakes me as I pull the dildo out of my ass until just the tip is remaining. With a quick thrust, I plunge the dildo back into my boi pussy until it’s once again seated deeply. Arching my back in pleasure, I begin a slow rhythmic fucking of my ass. As my legs grow tired I slowly roll myself over onto my side, keeping the dildo deep in my cunt. With one leg bent higher and resting on the carpet, I reach behind my bubble butt izmit kendi evi olan escort and once again begin fucking myself with the fat vibe. As the tempo begins to grow faster and faster I am soon pulling the chain between my nipple clamps with my free hand. The toy is reaching deep inside my ass and the constant pressure is creating an almost constant stream of wetness from inside my cage. The pounding I am giving myself continues at a frantic pace, the base of the dildo almost continuously smacking against my cheeks. I am soon breathing heavy as my pace begins to slow and the hard fucking is replaced with a deep grinding of the toy into my boi hole. Attempting to push the dildo in deeper I am moving it around in circles, further stretching my ass. As my almost feverish pounding of my butt comes to an end, I slowly start to withdraw the dildo until the tip itself breaks free. Feeling my ass gaping open to your sight, the vibrator is replaced by the plug from the floor which I firmly seat back into my hole.

Lying back on the floor to catch my breath I reach up and gingerly remove the clamps from my nipples, a sudden intake of breath all that belies the pain present from the blood rushing back to my tender nubs. Putting the chain and clamps to the side and using my fingers to work on my nipples, I feel you stand up and walk over to me. I blink in the light as you remove my blindfold.

“Very good show, slut. I am very proud of you! In fact I think you’ve earned a treat. Let’s get you dressed and head out.”

I slowly nod my head as I stand up on legs still shaking from the strain of my self-pleasuring. Walking on the heels I follow you as you walk into my bedroom. Indicating for me to sit on the bed you walk into my closet and return with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

“Stand up and take off those heels and that corset” you instruct me, tossing the clothes in your hands onto the bed. I bend over and remove the heels from my feet, giving you an open shot at my plugged backside and pink cheeks. Standing back up and unhooking the corset I lay it on the bed in a neat pile. Coming over to stand in front of me you remove the wig from my head, then reach down and unsnap the collar from around my neck.

“You’ve been good so far slut, so I won’t make you wear the collar around your neck when we go out. But remember that you’re MY bitch and will do what I say, understand?”

I nod my head in agreement as I look down to the ground.

“Plus I’m sure that this will keep you line, won’t it?” you ask as you reach out and take a firm grasp on my cock cage. I nod my head more emphatically this time.

“That’s good slut, because I would hate for something to happen to the key” you tease, laughing when my eyes go wide.

“Now get dressed so we can go out!” you order. Picking up the jeans I pull them on over my stockings and crotchless panties. They are a tight fit and do a commendable job of holding my cage in check and the plug in my ass. I put on the t-shirt then take the sneakers that you’re holding, put them on my feet and lace them up. Standing back up and looking at myself in the mirror I see the appearance of my normal self, something I definitely do not feel like as you reach out and give the plug in my ass a firm tap through my jeans.

“Alright, time to go” you announce as you grab the keys and hand me a jacket before leading me to the door and out into the night, leaving me to wonder where we’re going.

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