First Kiss Ch. 02

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Mike leaned in for a kiss on Lila’s right ass cheek and realized, at that instant, how lucky he felt. Savouring the moment, he slowly brought his face down to her ass cheek, then gave her a gentle peck through her yoga pants, then another, and again, another. He saw Lila starting at him through the corner of his eye, which made Mike feel self-conscious, so he closed his eyes and continued kissing her ass. With each kiss, he pressed his face ever so slightly harder into her bum. He really enjoyed the feeling of pushing his lips gently into her bubbly butt. Lila stopped looking at Mike and turned her head away, casually relishing the sensation of having her ass kissed. At the same time, Mike was starting to really believe he was making out with Lila.

After the initial enjoyment started wearing off, Mike became frustrated as the fabric of Lila’s yoga pants blocked access to her skin. He opened his eyes and said, “I think it’s a bit strange that I’m kissing clothing right now. Real make outs happen lips to skin.”

With a sigh, Lila said, “I told you, you only get to kiss my ass today. No face, no lips for you.”

“I know, and believe me I’m very grateful for the opportunity you are giving me, but I just wish I was kissing less pants and more skin, you know?”

Without turning her head, Lila smiled. “Are you suggesting I take off my pants?” she asked. Mike feared that his suggestion went to far, and that Lila was going to end their make out session. Trying not to sound ungrateful, Mike said, “I think it would make the experience more realistic.”

Lila thought of scolding him, as this was the second time he complained about his kiss being insufficiently realistic. But she was intrigued by the offer, thinking it might be more fun for her to let Mike indulge in his desperate attempt at intimacy.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? You know I was just at the gym” Lila said.

“I know, but I still would prefer feeling your bahis siteleri real skin.”

“Suit yourself,” she said as she began hooking her thumbs on the sides of her yoga pants. “But don’t say that I didn’t warn ya,” said Lila, laughing inwardly to herself. Mike notice how quickly and unceremoniously she removed her yoga pants. She tossed her pants in the corner of her room, stuck her butt back in the air and gave it a slight wiggle. “Dig in!” she said. Mike resumed kissing her cheeks. Oh yeah, this was much better, thought Mike.

At first, he didn’t notice a smell, but, for one kiss he got a bit too close to the center of her ass and he smelt an all too potent mixture of sweat and shit. This completely took Mike out of the mood to make out. He pulled his face back and stopped kissing Lila’s ass. Lila took note that the kissing slowed down and she correctly guessed that Mike had just gotten a good whiff of her ass. She patiently waited for his next move. After a bit of time, she felt Mike give her ass a hesitant kiss, and then nothing again.

This was the first time in Lila’s life a boy worshipped her unwashed ass. She enjoyed how attractive it made her feel to have Mike behind her kissing her sweaty, stinky ass because he knew that that was the best he could get. This, in turn, made her more annoyed by the hesitation that he was still showing in kissing her ass.

“You know women don’t like indecisive boys,” she said, “we want a man who knows when it’s the right time to hold you and start smothering you with kisses.”

Mike decided that since he wasn’t going to stop kissing her ass, he might as well just get over the smell. Trying to prove to Lila that he was a take-charge man, Mike wrapped his arms around her legs, launching a series of kisses alternating between her left and right ass cheek. Mike thought that Lila was enjoying the sensations of his lips on her ass, but Lila particularly enjoyed feeling his nose inhaling canlı bahis siteleri around her asshole. That happened only a couple of times, since Mike was mostly trying to avoid sniffing her asshole.

“Keep your face close to your lover’s face in between kisses,” she instructed, “it’s weird if you keep pulling your face back.”

Mike obeyed and kept his head pressed up against her right ass cheek, his face angling slightly towards her asscrack. Lila reached for her left ass cheek and spread it. Mike saw the panties slip in deeper into her ass crack. He was not sure what kind of kissing behaviour the spreading was supposed to represent, but he did notice it increased the strength of her ass odor. Still, he was pleased that Lila was actually participating in their semi-intimate interaction. So he responded by kissing her bum some more.

When he moved over to the left ass cheek, the smell became too potent for him to handle. Mike turned his head away from her asshole in disgust. This was the opposite of where Lila wanted him to be, so she stopped spreading her ass cheeks, reached back to grab the top of Mike’s head, then rotated it back to her asshole. Mike was shocked that she was actually grabbing his head but did not resist. He knew that Lila was trying to be a good teacher: lovers don’t just turn their heads away.

“Kiss her around the mouth now,” Lila said, eager and forceful.

Mike wasn’t sure where the mouth was supposed to be, but he didn’t feel ready, physically or psychologically, to begin kissing Lila’s asshole. So instead he began kissing the inner part of her ass cheeks. The center of Lila’s ass was much hotter and the smell was a lot stronger. Mike could tell that Lila was enjoying herself, and that made him happy enough that he was willing to put up with the unpleasant smell. He noticed how beautifully her back arched, and how her dark black hair complemented her form. This made him put even more effort canlı bahis into kissing the inner part of her ass crack.

Pleased with his act of submission, Lila stated: “Ok, I think you’ve earned yourself an experience of the real thing.” Mike thought she might be refereeing to kissing her on the lips. Such hopes were crushed when Lila began slowly peeling off her underwear, “I would feel really bad if your first kiss was not trully memorable.”

It was then that Mike realized that Lila was expecting him to make out with her asshole. Lila had talked him into giving away his first kisses to her feet and ass, and by the looks of it, his entire first make out would be with his best friend’s asshole. It made Mike bitter that Lila thought kissing his lips was out of the question, but that she just expected him to kiss her unwashed asshole. Mike never expected her to take it this far when he agreed to kiss her ass.

As she continued pulling the panties off her ass, her asshole came into clear view of Mike’s face. Mike saw small traces of unwiped shit on her ass, and the entire magic of the situation immediately disappeared all at once. Lila stopped pulling her panties down by the time it reached the level of her pussy. She wanted to keep her pussy blocked from Mike, who she didn’t feel was the right person to see it.

The reality of how desperate and pathetic he was hit him all at once and a couple of tears started streaming down his eyes. Lila glanced back at an opportune time to notice he was crying and understood that her ass must be revolting right now. She recalled how she had been lazy at wiping early today, almost as if she knew Mike was going to be worshipping her asshole. It made her happy to know that Mike was kissing her ass despite how bad it smelt, and not because he was some scat freak.

Lila knew her thoughts were borderline cruel but couldn’t bring herself to feel bad. Instead, she reached back, grabbed Mike’s head, and brought it right into her asscrack. Then she started rubbing her butt up and down his face slowly but rhythmically, effectively wiping his tears into her ass crack. Incapable of resisting Lila, Mike was completely broken.

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