First fictional story – with names of real people

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First fictional story – with names of real peopleThe excitement of the evening gave me a definite buzz as Danielle and I drove to the party. Danielle is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes on. Puerto Rican and Black, with long, wavy black hair, the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen, and an amazing smile, she had my attention the moment I saw her. We met one day at TGIF, where she was bar-tending. Since it was lunch and I was by myself, the bar seemed to be the best spot. I ordered a turkey burger and a beer and this gorgeous woman sparked up a conversation. From that day I made it a point to stop in at least once a week, either on my lunch break or after work, when Danielle was working. Since then we had shared many secrets, including our same-sex desires. It was scary, but when we opened up to each other, it was a huge relief to find out she was not only ok with me being bisexual, but the thought of two men together had always turned her on. Naturally, me being a man am turned on by two women together, but she was still nervous and embarrassed to admit to me that she was also bisexual. After almost a year of looking, we finally found a bisexual couple who seemed like a match for us. Debbie has a cartoon body, like Jessica Rabbit, she’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way. Okay, so she actually is a little bad, but more of that later. Debbie has giant, perfectly shaped natural breast, a slim waist, wide hips, and a very large, round, firm ass. Her skin is very dark and smooth, and she has a great smile that, like Danielle, buca escort is on more than off. Her man, TJ, is about 6′, and spends good quality time in the gym and it shows. He’s shaved bald, has very little body hair, and has a beautiful male body – hard, well-defined, and muscular. He has sexy lips and a nice, clean shaven face. As we walked into the restaurant, TJ and Debbie were already seated. They looked exactly like the photos they sent and my stomach started to get butterflies. This seemed almost too good to be true. We walked over to them and exchanged hugs. Debbie’s huge boobs felt heavy against my chest, and TJ surprised me by giving me a big hug as well, which felt great to be held by his strong arms. Danielle also really liked the hugs our new friends gave her. I felt myself start to get hard so I sat down and tried to start a generic conversation. All four of us quickly started to vibe and the conversation was quite a bit easier than I expected. I thought there might be a lot of awkwardness, but after we moved past the small talk, we quickly fell into good discussions that put us all at ease with each other. By the end of dinner it felt like this sexy couple was old friends. We talked about whatever came to mind, and we had no problem being a bit touchy-feels with each other. After dinner, drinks and getting to know each other we agreed to meet the next afternoon at a nearby resort and take things to the next level. The next day we all arrived in the lobby at the same time. We got our key cards, and escort buca headed up to the suite, which had two rooms. As soon as we closed the door to the room, Debbie grabbed me and kissed me. Even though I was surprised, I returned her kiss, while TJ and Danielle started making out. After several minutes of our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, Debbie pulled away, and said to TJ, “Baby, this man knows how to kiss!”With that, TJ pulled his tongue out of my woman’s mouth, came over to me, grabbed the back of my waist with one hand, and the back of my bald head win the other and started gently, passionately kissing me. I responded by wrapping my hands around his back to pull him closer and returned his kisses. I could feel his hard dick pressing into my crotch and knew he could feel mine. I opened my eyes and glanced over at the ladies, who were in just as passionate of a kiss as me and this sexy man, and my dick throbbed and I felt the first rush of precum escape. At this point we all started removing clothes off each other. I moaned when I looked over and saw Danielle and Debbie topless, Debbie’s huge titles covering Danielle’s more modest but still impressive boobs. TJ stopped kissing me to look and said, “damn they look good together,” while reaching down to grab my hard cock.”Mmm,” he said, “is this a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see us?”As corny as that was, all I could respond was, “yes!” And grabbed his face and started kissing him again. I moved my hands down and felt his hard cock, which felt buca escort bayan bigger than my 6.5 thick inches. He pulled away, pulled off his shirt, them pulled off mine. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants,and pulled out his 8″ cock. He did the same and both our pants fell around our ankles as we stroked each other’s hard dicks that were both wet with precum. I pulled him to me as we made out and felt another surge of precum as I felt his hard chest, and harder cock against me. After a couple of minutes I squatted down to taste his beautiful cut cock. First I stuck my tongue out to catch the large drop of precum that was about to be wasted. Then I swirled it around the head of his dick with my tongue and felt more cum out of his hard throbbing dick. It was delicious. Slightly salty, but sweet, with a very light flavor and no real smell. His dick smelled good too. Not too musky, and clean and natural. I started sucking, going farther down each time until my nose was on his stomach and his big balls were on my chin.I heard him say, “you better stop, I’ve been excited all day and you’re gonna make me cum too fast.”When he said that I grabbed his muscular ass with both hands so he couldn’t get away and started sucking him like this was the last time I’d get to ever have my mouth on his pretty dick. Within about 10 seconds I felt him tense up and the first shot splashed against the back of my throat. So did the next one. I swallowed as much as I could and he kept cumming in my mouth while telling me how good it was. His cum was much sweeter than I expected, but still a bit salty which was perfect, after he stopped cumming I realized the girls were watching us and when I looked over at them with TJ’s dick in my mouth they started clapping and screaming.And this is the end of part one…

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