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The last thing I remember before going to sleep was that it was hot. The kind of scorching, dry heat that not enough water in the world can quench. I was sleeping nude to try and maintain some normal body temperature, my old fan slowly pushing hot air around the room. I thought I would never fall asleep.

The first thing I thought upon waking up was that somehow, it had gotten worse. I felt like my skin was on fire and that I was burning up from the inside; and then I tried to breathe. My lungs had tiny fires burning all over them and my throat was filled with razors that cut the air. After a few moments of blind panic I realized that the building must be on fire and grade school memories began to come back to me. Get on the floor, the air is cooler down there. Don’t breath too deeply, the smoke can damage your lungs. Crawl towards the door, but put your hand on it first to see if it’s hot. The door was very hot and I remember thinking that there was something about a towel I should be remembering before the pain in my lungs started to blanket out my thoughts. Then there was a loud noise and suddenly I was airborne.

Someone was carrying me through the building and down the stairs, I was handed off to someone else and all of a sudden we were outside and the air was still warm but free of those killing knives. Whoever was carrying me set me down at the back of an ambulance and left. I know it was silly after just having my life saved, but I was suddenly conspicuously conscious of my nudity. Apparently everyone else had thought to wear pajamas before getting rescued, I was the only one in the nude. Normally I’m not shy about my body, although I’m too short to be a supermodel, I’m content with my looks. However, it felt like I could feel everyone looking at me, and while it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, I did feel mildly inappropriate.

Just as I was looking around for something to pull over my body an EMT appeared, grinned at me and then reached around me to grab something. Her arm brushed against my bare shoulder and the contact sent sparks shooting down my body.

“Here, put this on”. She had a low voice that went with the broad shoulders and spiky hair, “My name’s Casey, let me take your vitals, make sure you’re ok.”

I put on the white doctor’s coat she handed me and considered that just as my concern about my nudity had been slightly absurd, so were the feelings of lust that were coming over me for this woman. Despite being covered up almost to my knees by the coat, I managed to feel sensual knowing that it was only a thin coat between the world and me, between Casey and me. Meanwhile, my EMT was talking as she took Ankara escort my pulse, listened to me breath and wrote things down on a pad of paper.

“Rough luck about the fire, although I think they contained most of it on the first floor where it started. I overheard the fire fighters saying it was mostly smoke damage on the upper floors; that’s where they found you, right?”

I nodded, still not trusting my throat enough to talk.

I shouldn’t have worried, Casey kept on going. “Ok, take as deep of a breath as you can for me, good. Now another.” Her hands were cool on my shoulder as she moved the stethoscope from my chest to my back, but she left them there longer than she needed to.

“Ok, I’ve got a few more people to see, but then I’ll be riding back to the hospital with you. Stay put and I’ll send someone over with something for your throat.” She briefly ran over hand down my arm and then left. I remained perched on the edge of the ambulance, still only wearing the coat, watching everyone move about. When someone needed something else from the back of the truck, I hopped down and the coat shifted over my breasts. I was all ready slightly aroused, that did it for my nipples. Despite the heat, they became hard and sensitive and as I saw Casey come strolling back over to me I began to get that familiar heat.

“Well, we’ve got to get you to the hospital, I’m a little concerned about your lungs. You can also get some food, a shower and we might even be able to find you something else to wear. I’ll need my coat back then” Again, she winked.

I was surprised and tried a sentence, “It’s yours?” I said, pointing to the coat.

She grinned, “Oh, yea, I’m a med student. I’m on the ambulance/Emergency Room rotation right now. They like the students to get the full picture, so we go out with the crews on calls and then stay with the patient at the hospital. That’s why I bring the coat, I just don’t wear it on runs because it tends to confuse people about who’s really in charge. Come on, hop up, we’ve got to get moving.” She jumped into the back and then grabbed my hand and pulled me in after her, we sat next to each other on the cramped bench in the back. There were a few other people in with us; I wasn’t paying them too much attention. Casey had stretched her arm out on the bench behind me and due to the cramped quarters I was pushed right up against her side. She was taller than I was by a good few inches; we actually fit together that way rather well, which did nothing to quell the heat building inside of me. A few dry hours earlier, I wouldn’t have said it was possible, but I was slowly becoming soaked between my Ankara escort bayan legs, an embarrassing occurrence considering I was wearing Casey’s coat.

During the ride she managed to get my personal information out of me, my name was Josephine Roberts (but everyone calls me Nina), I was 24, a PhD candidate at the state university, I was around 5’3″ and 130 pounds and I did have health insurance. My throat became less painful by the minute; helped by the drink another EMT had handed me earlier.

Our arrival at the hospital was sudden and chaotic, but Casey cut through it all like a pro; holding me by the hand I was swept along in her wake. One minute we were in the middle of the central ER lobby, surrounded by screaming patients and bustling nurses and the next we were alone in a sort of locker room.

I asked, giving her a quizzical look, “Should I be out there…?”

She replied casually, “I figured you would want a shower and some clothes first. It’s going to take a while for the chaos to calm down.” Saying that, she tossed me a towel and jerked her thumb at a row of shower stalls on the far wall, “There’s soap on the walls in there; it’s nothing fancy but it does the trick. When you finish, there’s some scrubs on the shelves, just grab whatever size you need.” She then grabbed her own towel and headed towards one of the other showers.

I showered quickly, the water felt too good on my skin and I was afraid I’d start to moan with pleasure and it hit my still hard nipples. I emerged wrapped in the towel and almost giggled about how I had been in public without clothes for longer than I ever had before. Granted, I was covered for most of it, but still. I swallowed the laugh, not wanting to hurt my throat, and began to look for the small sizes of scrubs. Of course, they were on the top shelf and as I was straining to reach them without dropping the towel I felt a sudden heat behind me. Casey had come quietly out of the shower and stood behind me; she was also only wearing a towel. She reached up and then stopped, and once again ran her right hand down my arm. Only this time, there was no white coat between her hand and my skin. I shivered slightly. That was enough of a sign for her and she dropped her head and began to kiss that wonderful spot where the shoulder meets the neck. I tipped my head left to give her better access, as well as to send the signal that I was more than happy about what was happening.

She reacted appropriately by bringing her other hand up and running it up and down my other arm, and then over my towel covered midriff. Her kisses were still light on my neck, but as soon as her hand Escort Ankara hit my nipples I shook almost violently. I turned abruptly in her arms and kissed her mouth with feeling. My towel was gone at that point and she put her hand on my bottom, kneading and grasping me closer to her. I became desperate for the feel of her body and separated us just enough to yank off her towel. Her breasts were larger than mine and I started to reach for them, but she got to mine first. She spun me around to have better access to them, pulling my back into her chest and I realized that she had us facing the mirror in the locker room now. As I watched, her hands were massaging my breasts, pinching my nipples, pulling and squeezing all while she looked directly into my eyes in the mirror.

As the pleasure became too much and I started bucking my hips in frustration, her left hand slipped down my stomach and began to tease me through my curls. Her hand was deft, perhaps she would end up a surgeon, and long fingers danced gracefully over my clit and into the center of my heat. She grinned when she found out how wet I was and remarked, almost casually, “Enjoying yourself?”

I was gasping for breath at this point and started to respond in kind, “Only a little”, but I never finished the last word as she reached down farther and sunk a finger into me. Time stopped just a little as I froze with how good that felt, and then almost cried out when she took her finger away. I was overjoyed when it was replaced with two fingers and when those two fingers started moving in and out I went a little wild. Her right arm was now snug about my waist holding me to her, I hadn’t realized how strong she was. She seemed to realize that I didn’t want it slow, however, and her thumb teased my clit until I was incoherently moaning and babbling with pleasure. All the while, she was watching me in the mirror, anchored by the waist, catching my eye whenever I managed to open them.

Unexpectedly, her thumb pushed hard in on my clit as her fingers thrust deeper and I came in waves on her hand. Her arm remained an anchor around me as I trembled in delight; she then sat down upon the bench and held me in her lap. I clung to her in relief, the release of the night’s tension was great and I felt drained. She held me for a while longer, but then set me aside as she got up to get me some clothes.

“I should get back to work now, they’ll have been wondering where I got to…well, only some of them will wonder once they see you.” Her grin was familiar this time, I smiled in response. She also put on a pair of clean scrubs, but then tucked a piece of paper into my pocket. She said, almost vulnerably, “That’s got my number on it, call me if you want to hang out again.”

I looked her in the eye and said, “Don’t worry, I will.”

(This is my first submission, constructive criticism is more than welcome.)

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