Finding Love Pt. 01

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Author’s note: This is the first part of a very long story. It is a work of fiction and if you are looking for something quick, this is not it.

I hope it will be enjoyed. Comments and votes will be appreciated.


Katelyn read the first two lines of the second paragraph on page twenty of the manuscript for the third time and still it made no sense. What was the author thinking, Katelyn asked herself. She quickly pushed the question aside. Her job was not to worry about ‘why,’ it was to read the manuscript and determine if it would be worth publishing.

The green light above her office door flashed on and off twice. Katelyn called “Yes.” Her assistant Megan entered. Thanks to a scuba diving accident some years ago, Katelyn was completely deaf.

Megan Reece was five foot five and twenty six years old. Today she was wearing a lilac shirt with small ruffles around the collar and sleeves. The shirt fit perfectly, accentuating Megan’s well endowed chest, and was tucked into the short black skirt that fell just above Megan’s knees. Her firm legs led to feet that featured two inch black heels today.

Megan’s hair was an unusual golden blond color that you just could not find in a bottle or at your local salon. She kept it long, past her shoulders, and styled to frame and highlight her face.

That face had eyes of blue, so blue that you thought they sparkled like the stars in the sky. Her nose was extremely straight and was framed by high cheek bones and a lovely jaw line. Perfectly straight white teeth were covered by thin but rather sexy lips that she invariably painted pink. Those lips were both a blessing and a curse to Katelyn.

On the one hand, they were cute and the smile they produced made everyone within view smile too. On the other hand, those lovely lips were murder to try to read. Katelyn pulled herself together when she realized she was staring at the younger woman. Megan wasn’t bothered by it at all. It was something that always surprised Katelyn.

Megan smiled and began to sign “I’m glad you approve boss,” referring to Katelyn’s staring. The girl smiled and continued.

“Your eleven a.m. appointment has just canceled with an emergency. I’ve rescheduled for next week. Would you like to take the time off and have a long lunch, leaving the afternoon appointments as is, or should I move the appointments up so you can have a late lunch?”

Katelyn smiled at Megan and remembered why she was such a good assistant. She always came in ready with suggestions instead of waiting for Katelyn to always come up with all the ideas.

“I’ll take lunch early Meg and leave the appointments as is,” Katelyn said as opposed to signing it. Megan was one of the few people outside of Kate’s family who she actually used her voice with.

Kate had learned the hard way that if you were deaf but your voice seemed pretty normal to others, people quickly forgot and turned their heads when they spoke, making it impossible to read their lips. So it was just more practical to not speak at all and use an interpreter to communicate.

Megan nodded and left without another word. As the door closed, Kate turned in her swivel chair and looked out the large office windows. She stared at the other buildings, the skyline and the mountains beyond. As she did, her thoughts drifted to what her life had become.

Katelyn Amelia Price was born to James and Sabrina Price. She was the second of three children and the only girl. Hers was a close family because neither of her parents had any other family.

Puberty, when it came, blessed Kate with a frame that was five foot nine inches, long legs, full hips, a slim waist and modest breasts. Her face was sculpted with high cheek bones that movie stars would kill for. Her lips were full and oh so kissable, her nose small and delicate looking.

And you could drown in her large, dark eyes. Her hair was raven colored; Kate always liked keeping it boy short but styled. If she had to be labeled then she would be called a ‘soft butch.’

Her body was toned and lightly muscled because of a demanding workout routine she had started just after she lost her hearing and still continued to this day.

Kate had fallen in love with scuba diving. It became her greatest passion and she became an instructor at eighteen while attending college.

During her second year, just after her twentieth birthday, Kate had a horrible accident and became permanently deaf in both ears.

A surgical solution that might give her some hearing was possible, but the odds of success were not positive. Kate had decided that it was not worth the risk of going under the knife for what seemed to be a questionable outcome. It had taken her a lot of time to adjust, but she had come to terms with her new way of life.

James and Sabrina had always remarked at how much they were looking forward to welcoming two daughter-in-laws and one son-in-law into the family. Someone somewhere up high must have had a sense of humor.

Kate’s Ankara bayan escort parents would get their wish but in a different way. Kate at fifteen knew she was gay because when all the girls were thinking about the boys, Kate was thinking about the other girls. To top that off, her younger brother was also gay. So the son-in-laws and daughter-in-law dream wasn’t dead, just different.

Being as close to their kids as they were, Kate’s parents weren’t upset or disapproving of their children’s preferences. It was a shock, but they dealt with it the only way they could ? by accepting it. That had been a blessing.

But now, as Kate stared out the windows at the endless azure sky, she felt that maybe there wouldn’t be any more in-laws in her parents’ future.

Her older brother, Sebastian Eric, was already married with two kids and her younger brother, Logan Richard, had already found his significant other.

Only I, Kate thought, am still alone. And, pushing thirty, there didn’t seem to be any prospects in sight.

Her mind wandered towards Megan, her lovely assistant. She had met her four years ago. Kate had just joined her long time friend, Steven Wroth, in starting the small editorial company, and she was interviewing assistants.

Most of the hopeful applicants were qualified but put off at the fact that in addition to their office skills, they would need to learn sign language to be able to competently work with Kate.

Then Megan arrived. She was fresh out of secretary school, had very little experience in office work, but was willing to take the time to learn the proper way to communicate with Kate.

With no one else lining up for the position, Kate had agreed on a trial basis. The first few weeks were tedious at best. Megan began taking night and weekend classes in order to quickly learn the new language. Communication was slow, with Kate using her voice more than she liked and Megan using written notes.

It was frustrating at times. Megan would sometimes forget and start talking while moving around, which caused Kate to lose sight of Megan’s already hard to read lips, thus losing half or more of the conversation.

But after about a month, things improved. Megan’s signing steadily improved and working with her became easier. But just as the frustration ended, other problems came up.

Kate found herself lost in the gaze of Megan’s eyes and Kate couldn’t stop herself from watching Megan’s voluptuous body. The form fitting tops and hip hugging skirts didn’t help. The way her ass swayed when she was leaving Kate’s office. The cleavage that showed when Megan bent over Kate’s desk. Kate couldn’t help but watch and notice it all.

They were becoming friends and had lunch together at least three times a week. Megan was glad for the chance to practice her sign language skills in a more casual setting. But Kate enjoyed these times as well as she got to learn all about Megan.

Megan was straight, and Kate felt compelled to tell her the truth about her own orientation. To Kate’s surprise, Megan admitted that she already knew.

When Kate asked her how, Megan said that she noticed how Kate watched her the way most men do, with lust in their eyes.

Kate was embarrassed to say the least but when she apologized, the blonde had said it was okay with her. She had said that men looked at her without reservation so why should Kate have to apologize for it.

She had made it clear though that Kate was free to look as much as she liked but no touching. It just wasn’t Megan’s thing.

So here they were four years later. Megan had become Kate’s right hand. Not only was she Kate’s office and administrative assistant, she was also Kate’s official translator for clients. And she was a trusted friend.

The green light flashed again, rousing Kate from her remembrance.

“Yes,” she called and Megan entered carrying two food bags. Kate checked the time on the large wall clock. Only about ten minutes had passed. It took at least twenty minutes to order and have it delivered.

“The food came rather fast,” Kate said.

Megan replied with a smile, “I made the order before I came to tell you about the cancelation.”

“And you assumed that I would want the early lunch instead of the late one?”

“No, I just know you,” Megan said, smiling.

Kate watched her as she laid out the food. A roast beef sandwich for herself and a grilled chicken for Kate. Megan moved to the small cabinet where Kate kept her coffee mugs and glasses. Meg took two glasses and poured the Diet Cokes into them. She moved so gracefully and with such ease that Kate found herself staring at Meg again.

‘She is so perfect,’ Kate thought. She shook herself and cleared her mind. She really needed to find herself a girlfriend. All this dreaming about who and what she couldn’t have was not healthy.

And yet the thought of Meg’s naked body made things in Kate’s lower stomach tighten and made her pussy itch. Kate had often gotten off Escort bayan Ankara while thinking about Meg.

But the feeling was so not mutual. Meg had made that clear. So Kate hoped that the girl of her dreams would come by soon and take her mind away from Meg. Until she did, a trip to Serafina’s was in order.

Chapter 2

Serafina’s was a hot little spot for the local lesbians to hang out. It was a combination strip club/night club. Its owner, Ms. Vivian Chase, aka Serafina, was a strong, confident, intelligent and beautiful black woman.

When Kate started frequenting the club some four years ago, Vivian took a liking to her. They had dated and the sex between them was amazing, but they were too much alike to be a good match as a couple.

In the end they remained friends and had casual sex when neither was in a relationship. Kate hoped that Vivian was single right now. She needed to get the lust-filled thoughts of Meg out of her head, and Viv, as she preferred to be called, was the one to do just that.

Dressed in a white, long sleeved shirt, black fitted pants and black heeled boots, Kate walked up to the front entrance of the club. It was just after nine and the line was long but Kate didn’t need to worry about it.

She walked up to the bouncer and flashed her special platinum member’s card. It was specially made for her by Vivian, and gave Kate as much free reign as Viv herself.

The bouncer was new, but he immediately recognized the special card and quickly ushered Kate inside. From the bouncer Kate went straight into the care of a VIP hostess.

Kate took out her small note pad, scribbled on it and handed it to the girl, dressed in a fitted knee high black spaghetti strap dress.

The club was packed as usual, with ladies of all descriptions seated around the small stage for the live show. The dance floor was standing room only and each table was taken. Ordering a drink at the large mahogany bar was best described as chaotic. Kate was thankful for her pass.

In accordance with her note, the hostess led Kate to one of the private rooms on the second floor. The rooms were small and decorated with black curtains.

After she was seated, Kate wrote a second note which said, ‘Tell Priscilla that Lyn is here and waiting.’ The hostess nodded and left. A few minutes later, Priscilla arrived.

Priscilla was one of the character dancers who specialized in lap dances. Of the dozen or so girls who did what she did at the club, Priscilla was Kate’s favorite.

Her petite frame was curvy with medium sized breasts and inviting legs. Her heart shaped face and deep green eyes were her most defining traits. Tonight she was portraying a sexy vampire seductress.

Her corset, stockings, gathers and four inch heels all matched her flaming red hair; her vampire fangs completed the illusion.

As always, Priscilla began by turning on the music that Kate would never hear then advanced slowly. Her movements sultry and graceful, she slinked towards Kate.

As the beat sped up so did she. Her hips and ass rotated and gyrated, her entire body slowly getting into the act. She was all over Kate, teasing her, making Kate want her body.

The golden rule of the lap dance was that the dancer could touch the patron as much as she wanted but the patron could not touch the dancer, except to give them their financial reward.

The way Priscilla moved, it took all of Kate’s will power not to grope the vixen. The dance lasted a little over five minutes, with Priscilla ending up straddling Kate.

Priscilla then planted a light kiss on Kate’s left cheek. After dancing specifically for Kate for almost two years, it was a custom of hers to let Kate know that the dance was truly over.

Kate smiled at her and fished out a hundred dollar bill from her pocket. It was about five times what any other person might tip for a lap dance, but to Kate, Priscilla was special.

As Priscilla left, the hostess returned. Kate scribbled a note of thanks and gave her a twenty dollar tip for her service. Then Kate went through the door at the end of the hall which led to a small spiral stair case. She ascended the stairs that took her to the third floor of the building, which was Vivian’s loft apartment and office.

Kate gave the small buzzer button three short buzzes and waited. When the door swung open, Kate was greeted by a very loving smile.

Wearing a gold, form-fitting, low cut dress that showed every line, bump and curve of her body, Vivian signed, “Hello beautiful.”

“Hi,” was all Kate could manage as she took in the sight of her enchanting friend. Vivian motioned for Kate to enter, which she did.

“How have you been, darling?” Vivian asked as she reached a hand to Kate’s cheek and gently stroked the soft flesh.

Kate smiled and said, her voice a little breathy, “I’ve been doing well. You?”

“I’m much better now,” Vivian smiled. After almost four years, she was still in awe of Kate’s beauty. Vivian Bayan escort Ankara drew the dark haired woman closer for a soft kiss.

As their lips touched, Vivian’s heart beat quickened. Kate always excited her and it was always a thrill when their kiss went from soft and romantic to passionate and hungry.

The kiss lasted almost a minute as both women began to battle with their tongues, each vying for dominance. Vivian was neither femme nor butch, just a strong and beautiful woman who enjoyed being in control. And though she preferred her lovers to be submissive to her, she enjoyed the fight Kate always put up.

When the kiss broke, both women were breathless. Vivian led Kate by the hand to her bedroom. Kate was no stranger to this place as she had spent many a night and always kept some of her things there in case she decided to stay over.

The room had not changed since Kate’s last visit. The king size bed was still in the middle of the room; to the left of the bed was the bedside table. Beyond that was the walk-in closet. To the right of the bed were a writing desk and the door to the bathroom.

Kate sat on the cerulean blue sheets as Vivian stood before her, eying her with lust. Kate drank in the sight of the amazing woman that stood in front of her.

Kate smiled at the dark auburn hair that fell just at Vivian’s shoulders, the dark chocolate color of her skin, the brown eyes with the shades of gray around the irises, her wide nose and thick, succulent lips, the curve of her strong jaw; her slender neck, firm shoulders and size forty ‘D’ cup breasts. With a flat tummy, slim waist, wide, well rounded hips and long sexy legs, there was so much about Vivian that aroused her basest desires.

Vivian turned slowly, giving Kate an eye full of the whole package. The strong, sexy lines of her back, that full and rounded ass, the well defined muscles of her calves.

Without any warning, Kate stood and closed the space between them. Kate aggressively grabbed Vivian and pulled her body closer. Holding Vivian from behind, Kate began to caress and knead her breasts.

After a few moments, Kate turned the slightly taller woman around and kissed her hard. All the weeks of thinking about Megan had put Kate’s libido in overdrive and she was going to unleash it on Vivian.

Being just as hungry for this encounter, Vivian kissed back just as hard. They ended up on the bed with Vivian on top, straddling Kate’s stomach, her dress hiked up around her waist.

Kate could feel Vivian’s wetness on her stomach through the thin fabric of her shirt.

As Vivian slid her tongue just below Kate’s earlobe, Kate reached her right hand up and under Vivian’s dress to touch her naked sex. She felt the smooth skin of Vivian’s hairless mound and silently thanked the woman who gave Vivian her waxing.

Vivian rarely wore panties and Kate was always grateful for that fact as she stroked her lover’s already swollen outer lips.

Quickly, Kate dipped her middle finger inside of Vivian’s extremely wet and throbbing hole. Her own excitement grew as she felt the woman on top of her shift her weight, trying to make the most of the small touch.

Kate withdrew her finger as quickly as she had put it in, causing Vivian to grab hold of Kate’s chin and force her to look at the black woman’s face. She only uttered one word but Kate caught it. “Tease!”

Kate smiled and moved her hand up under the dress and over Vivian’s stomach. When she felt the absence of a bra, she smiled. Kate pulled at the prominent nipples with her thumb and index fingers, causing a wave of pleasure to pass through Vivian.

“Oh, now that’s playing dirty,” Vivian announced, still holding Kate’s chin in place so she wouldn’t miss any words.

Kate fell into a rhythm of pulling, squeezing and tweaking the hard nipples. As Vivian began to feel the delicious tingle in her clit, Kate stopped and yanked the dress off of Vivian.

The dark goddess was now completely naked, sitting on top a completely clothed Kate.

“This will not do,” Vivian signed and then proceeded to strip Kate. In less than a minute, Kate was just as naked and the women began to devour each other.

Vivian stayed on top and proceeded to pin Kate’s wrists above her head with her own hands. She gently ran her tongue over Kate’s lips, her left cheek, across her jaw and then to Kate’s left ear. Vivian repeated the process on the right side before moving to Kate’s neck.

Vivian lingered there for some time, licking, sucking, biting the hot flesh; all the while Kate moaned and squealed loudly. When Vivian lowered her head to take Kate’s right nipple into her mouth, Kate gasped at the touch.

Vivian lashed her tongue on both nipples periodically, sucking and biting, driving Kate wild with pleasure. Vivian especially loved ‘B’ cup sized breasts, and Kate’s were her absolute favorite of all she had sampled.

After having her way with Kate’s tits, she slowly moved downward, kissing her way to Kate’s bellybutton. She moved past the perfect line of Kate’s right hip and down her toned right leg.

By now Kate’s hands were no longer being held and so she proceeded to knead and fondle her own breasts in order to continue what Vivian had started.

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