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Subject: Finding Life 8 Thank you for reading the stories. Questions and comments can be sent ail. These are real life stories with the names and locations changed to protect the anonymity of those involved. Nifty is able to provide stories like this with your help and support. Please consider donating below to continue your fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Finding Life Chapter 8 Lunch Time Blow Jobs I was having a busy couple of weeks at work and with some of my volunteer commitments. The normal time I had for play after work had been interrupted. I was feeling more and more frustrated without an outlet. I turned again to my go to source, Craigs List personals, but did not have extra time so I choose not to look at the massage postings. I instead moved to the MM personal postings. I was amazed at the number of posts to meet up for blow and go type of situations. Here are a couple of posts and experiences that I had a few days apart. Thanks! Mace POST: Gay Male, 30’s, DDF, Looking for to host discreet B&G, East City I sent the message that I was interested and got a quick response with the address, just a few miles away. I confirmed and headed to the car. I left the office and went to the address provided at an apartment complex not to far away. I was there in less than 10 minutes. I parked in an unnumbered space as requested and headed up to the third floor of the mentioned building. I knocked on the correct unit door. It was answered by a slightly chubby, light skinned black man. He ushered me in and lead me to the couch in his front room. He sank down to his knees, his eyes directly in front of my crotch. I undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I go commando so, my quickly hardening cock swings out, raising to the cut 6″ tool. I look down the the dark curly haired man. His eye gaze at my hard member. I let my pants fall the rest of the way to my ankles. He leans forward and reaches his hand out to grab my hard cock. His full lips part and his tongue darts out to lick a small bit of pre-cum that had formed. I twitch from the brief contact. His hands push me back, I sit down on the couch. I am now lounging with my legs spread wide. The younger man has moved forward, now between my legs. His hand is positioning my erect cock up. He glances up as he takes my cock head in his mouth. His brown eyes stare at me while his lips continue down my shaft. I lay my head back as he bottoms out on my dick, his lips touching the top of my balls. I bring one of my hands to play with his head as he starts to suck. He glides his lips now up and down on my cock. His tongue brushing the underside of my shaft and then swirling on my cock head at the top of his bobbing. His hand has moved south and has started to rub and tug on my balls. “Ugh!” I exclaim, “that’s it play with those balls. Knead those baby batter makers.” His grip has increased to match the intensity of his sucking. My hand grabs his curly hair as I start to fuck his mouth. He gags slightly as my cock pokes his throat. I pull back to give him time to adjust to the pounding, but he pushes himself back down on my dick. He only chokes another time or so before his throat opens up and admits my cock head. I grip his head tightly as I start to skull fuck his face. His lips are slobbering as my cock quickly passes through them. He is moaning now as my pace picks up. I feel my balls start to churn, my pace has not diminished. The cum rips from my balls and shoot down his throat. I release my grip of his hair. He takes the five volleys of cum, only leaking a few drops. His puffy lips are now moving back up & down on my still rigid shaft. He pulls off and begins to clean up my cock and my spent balls. He leans back kocaeli escort and I stand up. He watches me gather my pants that were pooled at my ankles. I pull them up, he leans in and helps stuff my cock in my pants. “Any time you need a release, let me know.” He says. I nod. I have arranged my clothes enough to leave. I head to the door. As I open the door. I lean back. “I’ll let you know,” I tell him, “that is some hot mouth, man.” Here is the second post I responded to. POST: Young business professional, hosting in hotel, GWM ddf, discreet. I sent him a message and got a response quick. He was about to get on a 2 hour conference call in his hotel room, but wanted company. We would be muted and he was hoping to blow someone for a while. We made plans for my lunch hour as it was coming up and his hotel was only a mile from my office. I arrive and text to get the room number. The reply was room 304. I head in and take the elevator up. I knock on the door and am greeted by a late 20’s, 5’10” sandy blond haired, green eyed man with a closely shaved beard. He ushered me in, “Make your self comfortable.” He starts, “I just made all the comments I needed to my call, so I am good for a while.” “Great!” I reply as I come in. I move toward the couch in the small living area of his suite. I can hear muted talking coming from the laptop on the hotel room desk. I glance over and he has it pointed toward the window sheers. The sandy blond man has taken his polo style shirt off and tossed it on the bed. He comes over to me. “Let me help you with that.” He says as he undoes my belt, while rubbing my cock through the material. He then unbuttoned the slacks. “Why don’t you kick off those shoes?” He asks. He still is rubbing my dick. “No problems with that.” I answer. I flip one dress shoe off, then the other. He then lowers my slacks as he lowers to his knees. My unbound cock swings out as he does. He looks up at my dick is filling out to my full 6 inches, my cut cock head swelling from his previous rubbing and now attention. I can feel his breath against my exposed dick. It causes me to twitch. I step out of my pants as he helps me with them. He lays them on the side table, while still on his knees. “I see something that I want,” the blond haired stud starts, “I think it wants something too.” He reaches out and steadies my cock by gripping on the base of my shaft just above my balls. He bends his head close, parts his lips and sinks them around my cock head. I feel his tongue swish around my corona and I reward him with a dollop of pre-cum. “Hmmm!” He says around my cock in his mouth, “I like that love juice. Will you give it all to me Daddy?” “You want this Daddy dick?” I inquire, then press on, “can you handle this cock?” To answer he slides his lips all the way down to meet his hand at the base of my balls. I feel the tip of my dick touch the beginning of his throat. He removes his hand and starts to bob his head up and down. My dick slides in and out of his lips. I move my hand to stroke the side of his head, feeling his blond hair and his tightly shaved bearded jaw. I feel his jaw open wider as I rubbed it. My cock pushed through into his throat with the additional space. His bobbing now was moving my cock head through his tight throat. “That is good, Boy.” I encourage, “That is going to give you want you want. Daddy likes a Boy that can take it all down.” I move my hand from the side of his head to the back, as I start to fuck my cock deeper in his throat. He only gagged once and then got the rhythm for his breath. My hips were furiously thrusting. I feel my climax building from deep in my balls. I moan and I shove my fuck tool deep. My balls pull up closer to my kocaeli escort bayan body and my cum shoots up my cock and deep in his throat. I shoot two volleys directly into his belly, then pull back a bit to let the rest pool on his tongue. “Hold the rest of that load of my Daddy batter in your mouth.” I instruct the blond cocksucker, “I want to be able to see it before your swallow.” He nods as I spew the remaining shots of cum in his mouth. His lips are tight around my shaft to keep from spilling any spooge. I stop my hip thrusts and let my dick rest, still in his mouth. I look down at him and nod from him to pull off. “Show me.” I order the blond boy. He pulls back off my cock head and opens up his puffy lips to reveal my cream sitting on his tongue. He is swirling it around to get a full taste. “Come up here by me now,” I tell this hot boy, “Share my cream with me.” I pat the spot next to me on the sofa. He slides up and leans into my kiss. He is moving my cum between our mouths with his tongue. We gently battle our tongues together. I pull back and he swallows the remaining cream still in his mouth. “You want to earn a second load from this Daddy cock, Boy?” I inquire. “Yes, Daddy!” He eagerly replies. “I want you to work for it.” I tell him, “You will be well rewarded if you do it right. Is that what you want?” “Yes” he murmurs. “Tell me what you want.” I inquire, “I need you to say exactly what you want, Boy.” “I want to eat more of your Daddy cream.” He answers, “I will do what ever it takes to get more.” “OK, Boy” I continue, “That is what I wanted to hear.” I see him smile at my response. “I am going to need you to work your tongue and lip magic to get you that load of Daddy cream that you need.” I advise him. I pull his chin close to mine so I can gaze in his emerald colored eyes. “You are a good Boy, so I know that you can work my hole and balls to churn you up another batch.” I tell him. His eyes light up. “Yes, I will lick, kiss and tease your Daddy hole and balls.” He answers, “That is so hot Daddy. I want to be a good boy and get my reward.” I push his shoulders down to slide him off the couch back onto his knees. I stand up and turn around. I grab my ass cheeks and spread them open as I position myself in front of his waiting face. He gives a low moan as he watches my hole being revealed to him. I bend my knees and rest them on the couch, leaning my chest forward to rest on the couch back. “You can get to work, Boy.” I tell him. The blond bearded twink moves his body forward. I feel his excited breath on my ass and feel his hands grip my ass globes. He pushes his face into my exposed crack, his beard scratching the tender sides of my ass cheeks. He blows on my hungry pucker. I writhe from the hot breeze caresses my ass lips. I feel his wet tongue swipe around my hole. He made a few more circuits before he slide his hot tongue right over the center of my pucker, up and down. I shivered as he lapped at my hole for a minute or so. He then slide his tongue down my hole, across my taint, to my balls. His lips fondled one then the other love nut, bathing my ball sack with his spit. He reached under and pulled my rigid dick back. His tongue traveled from my balls down the shaft, his lips swallowing my cock head for a few sucks. He licked back up my shaft and took both balls in his mouth. I could have purred. He popped my balls out and headed back to my pucker. He was licking, sucking and tongue fucking my hole. My cock was leaking streams of pre-cum. He pushed his tongue in deep like a dick and I reached back and shoved his head deeper into my ass. His tongue was circling around in my hole. I pulled his head back from my ass cheeks. Standing up izmit escort I guided him over the the bed. “I need you to lay down on your back with your head leaning off the bed.” I instructed the hot twink. I continued, “You need to tell me again, what you need Boy.” “I need your Daddy cream, I want you to breed my throat, Daddy.” He answered. He climbed up on the bed and laid his head back. “That is a good Boy.” I replied. I move into position straddling his hanging head. “Suck those balls just a bit more.” His mouth opens up and accepts my hairy balls. His tongue and lips suck and tease my nuts as I move them back and forth. Having my fill of the ball worship, I pull them out of his mouth. I lower my cock and rub it against his face, trailing streaks of pre-cum in his beard. I pull back and using my hand I push his chin down to open his lips. I push forward and insert my hard cock into his waiting mouth. I push just the head in and let him swirl his tongue around. He is rewarded with another drop of pre-cum. I push my hips further in and my cock sinks down into his mouth, pushing right into his throat. I continue until my balls are resting right on his nose. I pause and let his throat constrict around my cock head. I move my hips back and slide my dick back and forth in his mouth and throat. I bring my cock up almost to the tip and then force it back balls deep, bouncing my balls off his face and causing him to gag. “Relax that throat.” I command, “I am going to give you what you want and what I need” My hips are in a fast pace. His spit is covering his face and my dick and balls pummel his mouth. I reach down and hold on to his throat to put a bit of pressure for when my dick enters it from the inside. He is making a strangled moaning noise as my cock continues to assault his throat. “Jack your cock Boy.” I tell him, “I want you to shoot as I am feeding you my seed.” His fishes his hard cock out and starts to pound it with his fist. It appears to be close in size to mine and is covered by a neatly trimmed blond bush. He is working his pud as fast as he can. I release the hand from his throat and reach down with both hands to grab his nipples. I pull and twerk them into hard nobs. I position my thumbs to rub roughly over them, sending a shiver through his body. I can tell he is getting close so I pick up my pace and start to slam my cock hard into his mouth. My balls start to pull up again when I feel him shoot rope after rope of cum hitting my stomach, then my hands that are working on his nipples. I slide my hands back and grab his arm pits as anchors. I stuff my cock deep in his throat and start to unload my cream. I feed three volleys directly to his stomach, then I pull back with just my cock head in his mouth for the other few to pool in his mouth. He keeps my cream on his tongue and I pull my spent cock head out of his lips. I look into his eyes, “You can eat your reward.” I congratulate him, “You did a great job Boy. One you should be proud of.” I watch him close his lips and swallow the rest of the hot load. I scoop up the cum that he shot on me and on his chest. I feed him his load off my fingers until they are clean. My spent cock now dangling against my balls, I turn to grab a towel that he has on the bed. I clean myself and then toss the towel to him. He sit up rubbing his neck and throat slightly, but looks satisfied. I continue to get dressed while he watches me from his bed. I finish and come over to him. I leave down for a kiss and taste the faint combination of our seeds in his mouth. “That was hot, young man.” I tell him. Handing him a business card, “Call me when you are in town again, Boy.” “Yes, Sir.” He smiles in response, “I may need more Daddy deposits soon.” I head toward the door, pausing as I open it looking back. “Let me know, because you might need to be completely filled up next time.” I promise, “That is something we can work out. Bye for now Boy. Call me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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