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Findest Du Mich Zu Dick?For some reason, Sophie had always been drawn to Asian men. Growing up in a small town, there were none around, but that didn’t stop her from fantasizing. Spending hours watching K-dramas and Japanese anime, she grew to love Asia even more. When college finally rolled around, she decided she wanted to go to a university in Tokyo. Needless to say, her parents weren’t thrilled with her packing up and moving around the world. A college in the US was what they wanted, but nothing could stop her. She had the grades and got a scholarship that covered most of the cost. Her parents decided that if that was what she wanted to do, so be it, but they weren’t going to help her out financially when she figured out that it was a mistake. Arriving in Tokyo was a bit of culture shock for Sophie. She knew what it would be like from years of TV, but being in the heart of japan was different than seeing it on a screen. Her blond hair stood out amongst the sea of black even if she was only 5’4″. People stared at her, not in a rude way, but she felt like a fish in a bowl. University was exactly what she wanted. She took courses in English, but the topics were all Japanese. Being one of the only white girls on a campus full of horny Japanese boys was also a dream come true. It didn’t take long for her to find a boyfriend. Within a month she had hooked up with Akihiro, a 20 year old premed student with his own apartment just off campus. Since she was paying for school herself, her savings were depleting quickly. Akihiro suggested she move in with him, she practically lived there anyway. Until now, she only returned to her dorm occasionally when she needed extra clothes or a book for school. Living with Akihiro seemed like a great idea and she gave up the lease on her tiny dorm room and moved into the spacious 4 bedroom apartment his family had bought for him.also sophie is a model on the pornsite |DasistLove . com| She lived with him for 2 years. Working quickly, she finished her degree in just 3 years and had a tough decision to make. She no longer had an excuse to stay in Japan. Akihiro was getting busier with med school and was rarely home. She felt him drifting away as he became buried in classes and labs. A month after she graduated, they broke up. She found herself with little money to stay, and not enough to make her way back home. She needed to find a job. Being in Japan for 3 years, she had often heard of hostess bars where men would go to find company. Women would be paid to drink and sing with slightly drunken company men. Foreign women were desired there, and one who could speak Japanese would be highly prized. She spent a night or two at a couple of the clubs, but it wasn’t for her. She didn’t like having to call men the next day and beg them to bring her out on a date. She decided to make one last try at a club, one recommended by a friend of hers. He said it was a bit…different. Located on the fourth floor of an exclusive building in an expensive district, she wondered what it would be like. The gold elevator with mirrors was dripping with wealth, the polished marble floors only confirmed it was a place solely for people with money. The owner met her at the door and led her down a plushly carpeted hallway to her office. Being in her mid forties, she was past her prime, but she was still attractive. “So, what brought you here?” “I was thinking about working in a hostess club, but it wasn’t the right place for me. My friend said this place was a little bit different.” “Your friend is right. This place is different. It isn’t a hostess club, not everyone can come in here. This is an exclusive place for the relaxation of some of the wealthiest men in Japan.” Sophie’s eyebrows rose. “Really?” No wonder the place practically dripped money. “We provide our clients with a more personal experience than you would get in a smokey hostess club.” The woman got up and walked around the room. “Have you ever heard of a soapland before?” Sophie shook her head. The term sounded familiar, but she couldn’t remember why. “A soapland is where men go to get a massage and a bath from a beautiful naked girl. We cater to only the wealthiest men, so we offer only the best girls. Understandably, more than a massage and bath happens occasionally, but we look the other way…” She trailed off, her meaning clear. “But isn’t that i*****l?” Sophie asked. Though she tried to deny it, she was getting a bit excited and curious about how the establishment ran. “No. Men pay for the massage and bath. If the client and girl happen to fall in love or become horny, they have consensual sex. We encourage our girls to fall in love quickly and often, that is all.” Sophie could read between the lines. She would bathe and massage men before having sex with them. She felt a tingle between her legs. Her sex drive was incredibly high, Akihiro had always said she was insatiable. The prospect of being with all those men was turning her on. Looking around her and guessing the costs for a single massage, she imagined the people who could afford them were likely a lot older than her. Sophie had a thing for older men. “What type of clients do you get here?” She enquired. “Businessmen mostly. Most are married, 40s and 50s, but we get some older and younger as well. Discretion is guaranteed here so they feel safe visiting us. Most of our clients are regulars, so you would almost have a schedule of who you would be meeting. Does this sound agreeable to you?” Sophie thought about it for a moment. When would she ever get a chance like this again? Her dirty little secret desires would be fulfilled in the most spectacular way. She nodded her head. “Yes. I’ll do it. When do I start.?” Two days later, fully groomed and ready for her debut, Sophie took the elevator back to the fourth floor. She wasn’t sure how it would go tonight, or how long she would want to work in a soapland, but she would try to enjoy it while she could. Once she earned enough money for a plane ticket home she would again have to decide what she wanted to do. Sophie was given a lavish room complete with a marble tiled bathroom and a king sized canopied bed. She was dressed in only a white lace bra and panties. The owner had supplied her with a wardrobe after she supplied her measurements. From experience she knew that finding a bra in Japan that fit her C breasts was difficult, Sophie gave bahis firmaları the owner her respect for that small miracle. She also advised her to keep a small triangle of pubic hair. Men tended to like a bit of pubic hair in Japan, and blond hair would be a huge draw for her. Her first client was a bit of a surprise. He was probably the same age as her, 21. He seemed nervous and couldn’t meet her eyes as he sat in the plush chair in front of her. He was exceedingly polite to her, but she felt this could have been his first time being with a woman, let alone a foreigner. Helping him to stand, she started to remove his clothes. The front on his pants pushed out towards her, but she didn’t draw attention to it. When she finally got him nude, he covered his groin with his hands, still unable to look at her. She found it endearing. Sophie slipped her bra off as she pulled him towards the bathroom. She heard him take a sharp breath and though he still wouldn’t look at her eyes, he was looking at her bare breasts. She had him sit down on the special stool that was provided for customers. Unlike normal stools, this stool had the middle part of the seat cut out so that there was free access to clean between a man’s legs as he sat down. As he sat down, his balls hung freely below him while he still struggled to cover his cock. Sophie could feel his shy gaze as she slowly removed her underwear and stood naked in front of him. She tried to make small talk with him, but he was painfully shy. She began to lather his back with soap, using her hands to rub up and down his skin. She leaned closer to him and her breasts rubbed against his back. She pressed herself against him and used her nipples to draw circular patterns in the soap. She heard his breathing become a bit more ragged. Moving around in front of him, she started to soap his shoulders, then his chest, slowly making her way down to the part of him he was protecting. He reluctantly moved his hands aside as she started to soap his lower stomach. His cock was standing straight up against his abdomen. It wasn’t the largest cock, just over 5 inches, but it was incredibly hard. She massaged it with her soapy hand, making sure to pull back the foreskin and clean every part of it. She reached between his legs and cupped his hanging balls, rolling them against eachother in their hair roughened sack. The young man closed his eyes as she massaged him. Through the soap she could see precum leaking from his dick. He reached down to jerk it and find some relief, but she gently but determinedly pushed his hand back down to his side. She generously spread soap on her breasts and moved in between his spread legs. She leaned down and wrapped his cock between her breasts. He moaned as she encircled him with her flesh, moving up and down so that just the tip would emerge from between their silky embrace. When his stiff flesh was close enough, she licked it, toying with him before moving and having it disappear in her cleavage again. He started to move his hips and thrust his erection up and down her soapy flesh. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her closer as he thrust faster. With little warning, he started to shoot sticky ropes of his cum across her chest. She kept fucking him with her breasts until the last shudder left his body. Her breasts were covered in the sheen of his milky cum and he massaged it into her flesh. Sophie used the hand-held shower to wash him clean of the soap and cum before turning it on herself. Despite not actually having sex with him, she was very wet between her legs. She was beginning to like this job already. Her first client made his way out of her room, bowing and cheerful. He promised he would come back, and judging by the satisfied smile he had, he would be back soon. Sophie cleaned up and changed to get ready for her next client. Unlike the young man, her next client had booked a full service with her. She would be busy with him for the rest of the night. She didn’t know much about him except that he held a high position in one of the most powerful companies in Japan. He was also likely much older than her. A knock came at the door and when Sophie opened it, she found herself face to face with an attractive man in his early 50s. His black hair had streaks of grey in it and he was at least 6 inches taller than her. As he walked past her she could feel her body’s primal reaction to him and a shiver went down her spine. “Hi. I’m Sophie.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Ryu. I hear you’re new here. It’s the first time they’re had a foreigner here.” He sat down on a chair and she knelt in front of him. “Tonight is my first night here.” “And how are you liking it?” Ryu’s dark eyes met her blue ones. “It’s exciting.” She decided to be honest. “I get to experience all of my desires with no consequences.” “And what desires would those be?” He leaned towards her. “Well…” Sophie trailed a finger up his calf and rested her hand on his knee. “I’ve always been attracted to older men.” She locked eyes with him. He smiled, “Like me?” She nodded. “How old are you?” “21.” With a rueful laugh, Ryu shook his head. “I am much older than you.” He leaned back in the chair and she trailed her fingers from his knee up his thigh. She moved them across her groin until she found his shaft stirring beneath her warm hand. Finding the outline of his cock she began to trace it through his expensive silk trousers, stroking him from base to tip. Ryu shrugged out of his suit jacket and lay back in the chair, relaxing under her touch. As his erection grew, she could see he was hiding a pretty good package under that expensive suit. Deep inside her, between her legs, she felt her body starting to react. When she stopped massaging him, he opened his eyes and watched her. She pulled on the knotted belt of her robe. The patterned silk slipped off her shoulders and revealed her red bra and panties. The bra lifted her C cup breasts high and her cleavage was inviting. The cleverly designed bra even had slits in the lace that allowed her nipples to peak through at him. Her panties were a tiny piece of fabric, just enough to cover her small blond triangle of hair before disappearing as a thread between her legs. His eyes grew wide and flooded with desire as he took in her outfit. “Red is my favorite color.” He reached out and cupped her breast in his palm. “They’re natural!” He was surprised. In kaçak iddaa a land of A cups, anything larger was almost certainly attained with a surgeon’s help. “Every part of me is natural,” she responded with a wink. He looked at her long blond hair then his gaze dropped to her skimpy red underwear. He raised an eyebrow in question and she nodded. Ryu got a little more eager to get unclothed after her revelation and began unbuttoning his shirt. She helped him slip it off and then unbuckled his belt. Sliding his pants off his hips, he was left only in his black underwear. He stood up and pulled her against him. “I think you’re a little overdressed.” He ran a finger along her bra strap. She pulled held his hand and brought him to a blow up mattress on the floor. He removed his underwear and lay down on his stomach. He propped his head up so he could watch her undress. Sophie slowly removed her bra and slipped her red lace panties off her generous hips. Ryu’s eyes widened when he saw the small blond patch of pubic hair, it was clear he had never seen a natural blond pussy in real life before. Sophie prepared the bowl of massage oil. She spread the warm liquid on his back, legs and arms before she applied is all down her front. Climbing on top of him, she lay down on his back. Sliding up and down his back using the oil as a lubricant, she used her body to massage every inch of him. Her breasts and pussy became her best tools. Sophie straddled each of his legs and slid up and down, her snatch rubbing the oil into his skin. He groaned as he felt he move on top of him. He turned onto his back, his front ready to receive the same treatment. Laying on his back, he revealed a full and hard erection. It proudly stood saluting her, curving towards his belly. 7 inches of hot cock with a large mushroom shaped head was waiting for her attention. She covered him with more oil, using her hands to spread it before straddling his legs again. As she slid up and down him, his cock trembled. He was resisting the urge to touch her, but his member gave his desire away. Precum dripped from the tip and collected in a small pool on his stomach. Watching him producing precum for her turned her on, and her pussy was drenched with more than just massage oil. Moving further up his body, she straddled his hips. Rather than slipping his rock hard cock inside her, something she was aching to do, she tucked it between her legs. She slid his cock along her slit, every time his mushroom head got to her clit, it snagged on her hard nub and a shiver went through her body. She was as turned on as him. Ryu couldn’t hold off any more, he started running his hands up and down her body. He massaged her perky breasts and slid his fingers through the small blond triangle of hair between her legs. She humped his cock faster and she felt his long fingers find her clit and circle it over and over. He grabbed his cock and positioned it so that on her next backward stroke she impaled herself on it. Sophie felt the thick head force its way into her pink pussy. The oil and her own juice making its entry into her easier, she still struggled as her tiny hole had to stretch around his swollen head. She could feel it as it tunnelled inside of her, molding her young flesh around itself. She had never felt that full before. With Ryu pushing his hips up into her, she soon had accepted all of his 7 inches inside her. He pulled her hips down onto his and she settled down with her bottom resting on his balls. Their slick flesh moved against eachother as she ground her hips down on his over and over. Her young white pussy was stuffed with this old Japanese man’s cock. He was holding her breasts and pulling at her nipples as he thrust into her tight canal. She saw the glint of a wedding ring on his finger. The thought of having a married man’s cock inside her brought her to the brink. It added a forbidden element to their already illicit encounter. Ryu leveraged his body and managed to flip her on the mattress. Beneath him, her legs open, he settled between them. She felt him line himself up with her swollen pussy and push inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer. The oil on their skin amplified the slapping of their flesh and the sound echoed through the room, mingling with her moans. Sophie was driven over the edge and her pussy clamped down on Ryu’s hard shaft. She could feel exactly where he was inside of her. Her body spasmed around him and brought him to orgasm too. Pushing deep inside her, he began to pump her full of his seed. Feeling his cum fill her, Sophie remembered she was supposed to make clients wear a condom. It was too late now, she reasoned in her pleasure addled state, besides, raw always felt better. She loved the feeling of his liquid warmth filling her, and when she had accepted all the cum she could, she felt it begin to slide out of her and down to the mattress. Sophie hugged Ryu as he lay collapsed on top of her, his cock still sending shots of semen into her. For some reason Sophie didn’t think a 50 year old man would have so much sperm built up, but Ryu just kept flooding her. When his balls finally stopped jerking against her, he rolled over to the side. Breathing heavily, a grin spread over his face. Sophie quietly got up and began to prepare a bath as Ryu recuperated on the mattress. She didn’t want him to strain himself, they had all night together, there was no need for him to rush. When the bath was filled with warm perfumed water, she helped him stand and make his way across the room. He slipped into the warm water with a sigh. He cock was limp now and retracted against his body. It’s pale head barely peaking out from the thick thatch of wiry black hair. He settled back in the tub and motioned for her to join him. Slowly, Sophie lowered herself into the tub, kneeling between his open legs. The water felt deliciously warm and soothing. Ryu watched her as her body disappeared below the water line. When her groin slipped under the water, he could see a cloud of his milky seed appear between her legs. His cum kept leaking out of her at an amazing rate. He had pumped a lot into her, but there would be more to replace what was being lost. Sophie soaped Ryu’s chest and back, slowly removing all the oil from his skin. She could see his regaining his excitement as she rubbed him, her hands sliding under the water to clean his kaçak bahis abdomen. His organ began to wake up and stretch, reaching for her touch as it swelled. It didn’t take long before its head rose above the water and demanded her attention. She covered her hand in soap before reaching for him. Her hand closed around him and stroked up and down, his hips u*********sly rising and falling, sliding his hardening shaft through her fingers. He slid his own fingers between her legs and felt his way inside her slippery pussy. She felt them hook into her and expertly find her G spot. Her head fell back as pleasure coursed through her, this is why older men are better lovers, she thought. Ryu stood up in the tub, his cock pointing straight away from his body, trembling with each step he took towards the bed, She lay on her back and opened her legs submissively for him, her wet pussy on full display. His fingers found her clit and massaged it before his head ducked down to give it a quick kiss.He shifted so he was kneeling between her legs and held his cock in one hand. He used the swollen tip to slap her clit a few times, making her to jump in pleasure. Anticipating his penetration, juices began flooding out of her hole. Lining his swollen mushroom head up with her, he pushed at her puffy pussy lips until they allowed him inside. Sophie moaned as she felt his head tunnel inside her. She could feel her tunnel expanding around him as he pushed deeper into her belly. She felt him reach all the way inside her, claiming her pussy. He started moving in and out, massaging her insides. She was so tight she could feel the veins on his shaft as he slid inside her. She kissed him passionately, lost in lust for him. Her hips moved up to meet his, grinding her pelvis against him and not stopping until his balls were resting against her backside. Having cum once already, he was not going to cum as quickly this time. He seemed to be savouring being inside her, soaking in her juice. He was mesmerized by watching his cock split her delicate pink folds and her body swallowing him up. Sophie surrendered to the orgasm that Ryu coaxed out of her body. Even while her body was trembling beneath him, he kept thrusting into her pussy, She could feel herself clenching around him even as he pulled in and out. His thrusts became more frenzied and his grip on her hips tightened. With a final push he pushed until his tip hit her cervix and it was there that she felt the first blast of his semen. He released shot after shot inside of her pussy which seemed to eat it up, it disappeared deep inside her. When he was just about out of sperm to release inside her, he pulled out and rubbed his bulbous head against her blond curls, coating her pubic hair in his semen. “I don’t need to ask if you enjoyed that.” He puffed, his face still reddened with exertion. He rolled beside her on the bed, relaxed. His cock slowly deflating and resting against his inner thigh, she could see it covered with their mixed cum. She scooted down so she could clean it with her mouth, licking the entire shaft clean and paying particular attention to the head that brought her so much pleasure. Ryu was silent for a moment. “Do you really enjoy working here? Having men fucking you every day?” Sophie thought about it. “This is my first experience. If every day was like this, I would never want to leave.” She continued to suckle his cock. “You must have started working here for a reason. What do you need the money for?” “I needed money for a ticket home. When I make enough, I’ll have to decide if I stay or if I go back to the States.” Sophie lay beside him and he put his arm around her, hugging her naked body against his. “Dear, I don’t think you know how exclusive this establishment is. With what I’ve paid tonight you can more than buy your ticket home. You have to make a decision to stay or leave right now.” With his revelation, Sophie looked at him. Did she want to stay here? To offer ‘massages’ for men? Sure, she enjoyed having sex with them, but would she always enjoy it? She looked down, suddenly shy. “If it is with you, I will stay.” He ran his hands through her hair, playing with the ends. “I take a red eye from Kyoto twice a week. Rather than getting a hotel, I could stay here with you.” He lifted her chin so he could look in her eyes. “Would that make you happy?” She nodded. The thought of endless nights of pleasure with Ryu made her aroused. “You don’t mind that I’m older than you? That I’m married?” “I like older men, and if your wife doesn’t know, she’s not going to be hurt.” “We were married by arrangement, basically a joining of companies. We had a few k**s to ensure someone would take over the business, but we rarely have anything to do with eachother. I’m free to spend my time as I wish…and right now, I want to spend it with you.” Ryu and Sophie slept for a few hours, he held her against him, occasionally cupping her breast in his sleep, or running his hand down between her legs. Hours later she still felt his sticky cum on her thighs and once in a while feel a great glob of it work its way out of her well fucked pussy. Just before dawn she awoke, knowing Ryu would have to wake up soon. She pulled back the covers and noticed that he had an erection. Careful to not wake him up, she began to suck his cock, easily bringing it to full attention. He woke up just as she sat down on his cock, his first feeling this morning was of being enveloped in her tight wet pussy. Within a minute he was pouring his cum into her, he didn’t even have a chance to delay his pleasure. He surrendered himself to her and felt her warmth milking out his last bit of seed. “That was the best wake up I’ve had in a long time.” Sophie smiled a devilish smile, “I didn’t want to waste that wonderful morning hard-on you had.” “I have to get to the office soon. Is it alright if I book another appointment with you before I leave?” “I would love that.” “I might even tell a few of my colleagues about you. You’d like them. They’re a bit reserved, but I know you would liven them up. They could offer you company when I’m not here. A few more middle aged Japanese men to fill you up with their married cocks and sperm.” Sophie’s body involuntarily shivered at the thought of having sex with more men. She was definitely staying at the soapland until she no longer wanted to have sex…and that seemed a long way away. ***** I hope you enjoyed Sophie’s adventures in a Japanese soapland. I’m not sure if I’ll write a sequel to this story. If you have an idea, message me and I’ll see if inspiration strikes. Thanks for reading! XOX

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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