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One day I was just minding my own business, filling up my tank one summer morning. She was a station employee wiping down the pumps. She noticed the gloves I was wearing and asked, “Don’t want to get gas on your hands, huh!”

I told her no but that I usually wear gloves because I’m a clean freak. We got into a conversation about cleanliness and she asked if I was a germ freak as well. I answered in the affirmative and she got really interested. I realized that there was a strange young woman just barely out of high school who was really interested in talking to me about something as inane as my hygiene fetish. My little head started thinking………

I began to look her over as she continued her work, spending a great deal of time on the pump I was using. So what is a healthy attractive red blooded man supposed to do next! I asked her when she had a break next. The reply was “in about 45 minutes” when she checked the time on her cell phone. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Andrea.

I asked her if she couldn’t go right now because I wanted to buy her a coffee and continue our discussion. One of the great things about being self employed is that you don’t have to report to anyone. I suggested we could go to the coffee shop across the street. She turned and began to walk toward the service station saying “I’ll be right back.”

I finished filling my tank and was getting my receipt at the pump when she returned. I offered her a ride but she said that she couldn’t get into a customer’s car but she’d meet me over there.

I met her and we shared a coffee, chatted and made plans to meet later when she got off work. Turns out the girl was a clean freak as well and was eager to talk to someone who shared her clean fetish.I held the door open for her on the way out and as she went through I put my arm on her waist and walked with her back to my car. I let my hand slide down nikki bella says i do izle to her buns as we approached my car. She didn’t resist so I caressed it, feeling the tight curve of an ass I couldn’t wait to get my lips on.

She turned to me and said she had to get back to work. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and just hovered there long enough that I decided to go for it and moved my lips to hers and kissed them. It was a quick peck but it told me all I needed to know about what was to come later that day. I watched her walk away, oh what a sweet ass she has. It was going to be a long day till I could see her again.

It had been a long day when I picked her up after work. We met at the same coffee shop as we had previously agreed. I was giving her a ride home so she could clean up before she went out. It was a good 20 minute drive to her place, which turned out to belong to her aunt. She was house sitting while the aunt and her husband were away in Mexico.

When we got there, she said she wouldn’t be long (intimating that I should wait in the car). Yeah right! Well I suggested that I could come inside as I had to take a leak. She reluctantly agreed, saying that she wasn’t allowed to have anyone inside. So I parked and followed her into the house. My mind was racing. What’s the best course of action? Get naked with her now? Wait till we come back from dinner? Skip dinner, make love all night? I was getting hard watching her sweet ass and trying to listen to her talk about her aunt’s house. I put my arm around her waist again and just kept it there.

Well she showed me to the bathroom and said she’d go have a quick shower in the master bedroom. I patted her bum and suggested that she leave the door unlocked so I could come find her when I was done. She smirked and said “I’m sure you’d like that.” I suggested that she wouldn’t want nolly izle me wandering about the house alone.

Well it was hard to pee with an erection, so I had to drop my pants and pee like a girl so as not to spray the whole bathroom. When I was done I went looking for Andrea. I heard the shower and tried the door. It was unlocked, man was I relieved. Was she was meeting me half way? I knocked, so as not to startle her, and entered. I could see her shadow through the curtain, but i wanted more. “Hey Andrea,” I said.

I peered around the curtain and there she was, glistening wet and gorgeous. I was looking at her perfect ass and wanted to eat it. She said, “Hi, I’m almost done.”

I stepped back and began to undress saying, “no need to rush, we’ve got all night.” I said coyly.

Now nude I stepped into the tub with her. This time she was startled, saying “what are you doing!”

I replied, “I want to freshen up too”. I held her and put my lips on hers while I reached around and gently squeezed her cheeks. Well that’s all it took. She responded and reached down for my cock.

It didn’t take long till I was on my knees in the shower coaxing her to lean forward and spread her sweet cheeks. I lapped at her anus like it was an ice cream cone before shoving my tongue into her sweet pussy while my nose rubbed at her anus. This she enjoyed so much she squealed. I kissed my way up her crack and all the way up her back to the back of her neck. I pressed my raging hard on into her crack and she pushed back into me. I nibbled on her ear and asked her to take me to her bed.

We quickly dried each other off and headed for her bedroom. For the next hour or so I licked this girl all over and back again. We made love in almost every position I know. When I first came we were in a sixty nine and I gushed into her mouth as she kept up the pace bobbing her head up and down normal people izle on my cock, even after there was nothing left. At the same time she was soaking my face with her warm juices.

She turned around and said, “nice cock.” We cuddled and chatted for a short time. I put my fingers between her cheeks and played with her anus, eventually making myself hard again. She climbed on top of me and said she wanted a ride. I was happy to oblige. She lowered her pussy onto my pole as I took hold of her ass cheeks and began to squeeze them. When she had impaled herself on my shaft she stopped and just ground herself around a few moments seeming to savour being filled up.

“I liked what you did with my bum in the shower Tristan.” “Its nasty, but so good!” she said.

“I do like munching on a good bum Baby,” I replied. “And yours is primo, I’d be glad to do it all over again.”

She kissed me and we began to fuck slow and deep. She rode me well for such a young honey. She slid up, and on the downward stroke she would grind in a circle, circling down on my shaft. Oh man, it was fantastic. I would normally do this when I rode my lover, but I had never had it done to me. She rode me to orgasm this way till she finally slumped down on me. I kept on pumping up into her, since it takes me a long time to come a second time around.

I ended up rolling us over still up to the hilt inside her. I got on my knees and pulled her legs up and she obliged by hanging her calves over my shoulder. It was so good to watch her face contort in pleasure as I continued pounding my cock into her slick vagina. I took short strokes and then drove it in all the way in with full force.

I did this over and over again and it drove her mad. I then slipped only my little head into her just past her lips and pulled out again. I did this over and over again and she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. I continued my assault on her wet pussy till we both screamed in ecstasy and went limp.

We never did make to dinner that night. We ordered in a late night pizza and fell asleep cuddling and chatting. This led to a relationship which lasted a long time, till the next lady that walked into my life ………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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