Fiery Love

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Kat and Mark invited me over for dinner tonight. Mark has to go back in to the office after dinner for a late night, so I’m here to keep Kat company.

Dinner’s delicious, but I keep making subtle side-eyes at Kat. God she looks SO hot tonight. I don’t even know what it is. I mean, part of it’s what it always is–Kat’s a freakin’ bombshell no matter how conservative her outfits or clueless she is–but there’s definitely something else going on tonight. I don’t know, maybe it’s me.

“…Tim and Andrea are staying late tonight, too, to try to fix this mess with me. We’re having a meeting the three of us at 7, so I won’t be reachable from 7 to 8….” Mark’s talking about work. He had some mess pop up at closing today that the client insists HAS to be fixed by tomorrow, hence the late hours. The plan was already for me to come for dinner tonight, but they invited me to stay late when Mark had to go back in. Kat doesn’t love being alone in the evening, so I’m here for her. I will behave myself, and I will support my friend, and we will fill the time however she wants. Now, I do have some ideas, if she wants them….

“If the meeting’s at 7, you really better get going, baby,” Kat says as we’re finishing up.

Mark checks his watch and sighs. “Unfortunately.” He moves to clear his place to the sink, then gets ready for work–re-buttoning his collar, rolling his sleeves back down, gathering his briefcase and jacket….

Kat stands up to work in the kitchen. She has some outfits that I think are particularly sexy–a couple of her dresses, most notably. They show off her curves fantastically. But she’s not even wearing one of those tonight: a T-shirt and floofy skirt. Her dark hair is half up–one of the rare times it’s not in a full bun–and of course she has all her matching accessories. She’s big into those.

Mark is ready to go, and he comes over to kiss Kat goodbye. He might not even be back before she’s asleep tonight. She stops, wipes her wet hands on her skirt, and turns to wrap him in a hug for a sweet kiss.

“Love you, baby.”

“Love you, too, sweets.” He turns to me with a mock-commanding expression. “Keep her occupied tonight, Allis. Whatever will keep her from missing me too much.” Gosh, he says that last part with a wink at the end. He dashes out the door, stopping just before he’s out to call, “Love you both!” and off he runs.

Kat turns back to the sink to finish with the dishes. I bring her the rest of what’s on the table, then she starts scrubbing the larger pots. I’m not sure how NOT to look at her butt as she swishes slightly in her floofy skirt from the scrubbing.

When she’s finishing rinsing everything off, I ask, “Is there anything in particular you wanted to do tonight? Or should I start making suggestions.” Kat grins at me as she finishes loading the drainer. Then she chuckles, drying her hands. “What!” I ask, laughing.

“You do a marvelous job of composing yourself. There’s a reason I didn’t pick up on how you felt for so long. You keep your voice casual and light, you look at me and care about me as me, but, darling, it’s ENTIRELY obvious what you want to get up to tonight. I’m sure if I didn’t, you would be entirely respectful and focus on whatever else we got up to, but it’s obvious what you want.”

I blush. Yeah, it is. But I smirk and jokingly say, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

She raises her eyebrows at me with her own smirk. “No?” Looking down at her breasts, she cups under them and squeezes them in a caress, squishing them up, amplifying her cleavage, and spiking my heat. They’re absolutely the sexiest tits I’ve ever seen. She glances up at me. “This isn’t doing anything for you?”

I laugh, blushing, but still act casual. “You know I find you attractive, but I can behave myself just fine, sweetheart. We can do whatever you like tonight.”

Stopping with her chest, she prowls over to me a bit cat-like, slinking behind me and pressing against me. She drapes her arms over my shoulders, pressing her chest into my back and nuzzling into my head. “I know you can behave yourself…” my pulse is racing beneath my composure, which is getting exceedingly difficult to maintain. She licks my neck all the way up, and I can barely breathe. “…But I don’t want you to,” she whispers in my ear. Her hands rub my upper chest warmly, she licks and kisses my cheek, and I’m practically trembling.

Then she pulls away. Her fingertips slowly trail off my shoulders, and she takes a few steps backward. I turn to her, inflamed. Taking one look at my flushed face and heavy breathing, Kat laughs, turning teasingly around. She walks away, then glances over her shoulder at me, still standing in the kitchen. “I’ll be in the bedroom, darling,” she smirks.

Oh I follow. I definitely follow. I slink in right behind her and close the door, before grabbing her hips to pull her into me, both our backs toward the door. She arches her back, which presses her butt into my hip and kocaeli escort flaunts her chest in the front. I ask her quietly, still containing myself, “Do you really not want me to behave myself? Like, at all??”

She turns in my hands so I still hold her hips, but now we’re facing each other. Her deep brown eyes hold mine, sparkling, and she says, ” You can do the absolute sweetest love making, which I adore, but I get the sense you’re always toning yourself down. I know you’ve got a fire inside you that you rarely let me see.” She presses her body against mine, leaning back to still make eye contact, hands holding my waist. In earnest seriousness, “I want to see it, darling. I want to see what you’re like when you’re wild and unfettered and freely… taking…” she looks down slightly, blushing “…whatever you want.” Her eyes slowly flick back up to mine, and I melt. My breath catches, and I melt in her arms, and I want to melt into a kiss, but there’s a part of me that’s still holding back.

My eyes search her face, flicking from her lips to her eyes, trying to read her. “You want me wild? You want me to just take what I want? That’s really what you want?” I hold her hips tenderly, my hands brushing slightly in little circles.

“Yes, darling. That’s exactly what I want.”

Oh god I can’t hold back anymore. That’s enough to bubble my hunger out in view. I forcefully grip her hips to pull her tightly against me and crash into a kiss, eyes closed, melting into flames. Kat responds, and our lips mold together hungrily. Our tongues wrap and press together, and my hands slide slowly from her hips, to her waist, and up her back.

It’s not enough. I break from the kiss, panting, and fumble my hands at the hem of her shirt. That’s coming off–NOW. I quickly pull it over her breasts, over her head and past her arms, and toss it aside. I look her over hungrily, her breasts barely contained in her blue bra, and grab her to me again. This time I kiss the crook of her neck, hungrily and aggressively. From her shoulders to the small of her back, my hands press and firmly caress her back. Every single curve is mine, and she’s absolutely breathtaking. God she’s so warm… and smooth….

Looking over her shoulder, I slip my hands in her white skirt and shove it down for her to kick off. I grazed her cute behind to do that, but on the way back I squeeze and grope it with definition. Her hands are pressed against my shoulders, and she breathes heavily, too, now. Now I caress from her butt up her back, and I go back to kissing her neck. I bite her neck–


–mostly gently, then lick up to her jawbone and claim her whole face with my soft lips. Eventually, I melt back into her lips, gripping and groping her body against me. She melts in my forceful embrace with soft moans.

Finally, I break, panting. I can feel the fire in my eyes as I grip her neck and chin to pull her into eye contact. “You’re mine tonight.” I search her eyes intensely, then crash back into the kiss, gripping her chin gently. I consume her in a heavy makeout, until the flames rise uncontrollable.

“Mm!” Kat mumbles as I breathlessly break from the kiss. I release her–only for a moment–to rip my shirt off over my head and hurriedly kick my pants off. I grin at her as I bend to take my socks off, until both of us are standing in only our underwear. She stands there shyly with her arm over her torso, and in two quick strides I’m pulling her back into my arms, into my lips, warm skin against warm skin. I hungrily mush my lips against hers, holding her head from behind, and entwine our bodies together. My other hand reaches behind her waist–god… so silky, so soft… like flawless porcelain–and I can feel her skin on my stomach… my legs… her hand on my back….

I slowly walk her backwards, still consuming her hungrily in almost open-mouth kisses. I bite her tongue and grip her hair with my hand and kiss her with feverish passion. Eventually, her legs bump the side of the bed.

Finally, I break the kiss. “On the bed, darling,” I command quietly. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she scooches back on her hands and feet to the center of the bed. She’s an absolute goddess. Her breasts, the curve of her legs, her long, pale limbs, her dark hair falling softly over her shoulder, her plump lips and doe eyes looking innocently back at me…. I feel a fire in my sex and a burning hunger everywhere else

“You want this?” I ask, pausing to check one more time.

She looks at me intently and answers with a soft but definitive “yes.”

And that’s all I need. I pounce on top of her, pinning her to the bed, and totally release control–my lips at her neck, my hands on her breast and curves, my legs rubbing skin to skin, and my crotch grinding and humping her thigh.

“You’re beyond perfect, baby,” I whisper when I lift from her neck. Our legs tangle, and I love–love–the friction on my crotch. I throw my head back, panting and humping her, kocaeli escort bayan and she holds my hands to her body. “Oh god….” I duck my head, then catch my gaze on her chest. It’s so fucking huge…. I don’t even think to do it before my hands are squeezing her over her lacy bra in a rough, two-handed groping. I can’t look away as I squeeze her chest together for some breathtaking cleavage. Then I’m kissing her–kiss after kiss all over her heavenly breasts–before sucking harshly in one spot. She’s mine, and it’s going to show.

I suck for a long moment, almost freezing everything else, with only slow squeezing and grinding. Finally, I pull away with a gasp, looking down at my lover. I press down on top of her, moving in for a kiss with closed eyes, and embrace her body with mine. I feel her large chest pressing into me, and I straddle her hips tightly.

While lost in the kiss, I feel her delicate hands reach behind me to undo my bra clasp. She then slinks off my underwear, down off my butt, and I pause the kiss to fully disrobe. Our legs tangle as I sweep my underwear off, and I pull off my bra. Then I grab her firmly and roll us over so she’s on top and I can remove hers just the same.

I feel our naked bodies pressing against each other as she closes in for another kiss. She holds my face tenderly, subtly grinding against my body, and I feel a rush building from every square inch of our naked skin pressed together. Our breasts squish in a noticeable pile between us, and I can feel her all down my torso, my hips, my legs…. I hold her tiny waist and take just a breather with her on top.

Kat makes out with me, lost in the pleasure, and we kiss tenderly for a long while. Her hair falls over us, and her beautiful, beautiful face presses above mine, lips to lips and tongue to tongue. Her thumbs brush my cheekbones as mine brush her hips.

Eventually, I turn out of the kiss and pull her fingers into my mouth. I wet two of them, intense eye contact throughout, then take her hand to my sex. “Touch me, darling,” I say darkly. I smooch her again as her fingers make contact. She rubs firmly over my clit, then curls inside with slow pumps. I groan heavily. My hands caress her bare skin from her back down to her sexy rear as she begins to pleasure me, and I grip, pulling her ass toward me. I’m still breathless.

“Darling….” I hold her to me and roll again so I’m more dominant. Taking her wrists, I pin them by her head as I stare down at her, panting. She struggles ever so slightly underneath me, and I love to see her sexy body squirm. “I don’t ever want this to stop.”

Kat’s eyes look… turbulent. She’s full of desire, but something’s going on inside her, too. Throwing her head back, she squirms again and cries, “Then DON’T, baby. I want you. I–” She presses her chest up, still struggling lightly in my dominant hold. “I want you to take me. Please, baby. Give me everything. I can be whatever you want.” She looks at me so unbelievably vulnerably, and desperately, and adoringly. I’ve never seen her like this.

I kiss her firmly, molding our mouths together, then break. “You’re already everything to me, darling.” I begin kissing my way south, down to her beautiful chest, and slide my hands down her body to hold her breasts in place for my attention. I kiss her breasts, burying my face in her chest, and say between kisses, “You’re the most–beautiful woman–I’ve ever met.” Sliding back up, I look at her intently before kissing her on the lips once more. “I love you, I adore you.” I grind against her, kissing and nuzzling into her neck. Then I look at her again. “I’ve never felt happier, or safer, than when you look in my eyes and smile at me.” My hands caress her body everywhere as I breathlessly gaze into her face. “I would do anything for you, because I love you more than anyone else in the world.”

Closing her eyes, Kat’s delicate eyebrows furrow with passion. We each have a leg between each other’s, and she begins grinding against me. Her own body is moving ahead of her. Groaning, she grips my shoulders tightly, humping me, and then something cracks inside her. She pulls me down to her, pulls herself up off the bed to kiss me, then rolls us over, grinding and molding our bodies together. She brings her own flame now, and that’s enough to ignite me once again. She wants fire? I can more than match her for that.

I roll us back to me being dominant, still kissing her, her hands wonderfully in my hair, mine on her curvy frame, and tangle and grind our bare skin and limbs and whole bodies together in passion. God she feels amazing. I rub the curve of her waist, and I grope her perfect breast firmly, until I finally break the kiss, burying my face in her neck for another hickey.

Then I suck kisses down her chest and melt into open-mouth kisses all over her breasts. She gasps above me, and every breath pushes her chest into my face, as her hands still tangle in my hair. Kissing kocaeli escort my way there, I soon find myself at her nipples, swirling my tongue as I suck on her large nubs, lost in pleasure, lost in her body. Licking and swirling and nipping and sucking and smushing my face into her huge chest leaves me almost delirious with pleasure. I want her so bad. Everything in me is flaming with heat and pleasure. I give her breasts my best attention and adoration, losing track of everything else in those beautiful, massive tits.

Then I begin kissing my way down her body and roughly spread her legs, holding her open below me. She arches her back as I press her knees up and thighs toward the bed and cries out before I’ve even touched her. She moans and whimpers, and I watch her helpless beneath me–helpless to my dominance, and helpless to her own desire. Slowly, I press my face toward her sex, until I’m licking up her slit with abandon. Again, I lose myself to it. I appreciate the whole terrain, careful of her clit, and love as she gets wetter and wetter from my attention. She’s already soaked. I bury my face in her juices, kissing her pussy and fucking her deeply with my tongue, and I rub her clit with my hand. I stay there, pleasuring and consuming her, as she cries and moans and squirms from my loving.

Finally, my own fire takes over. I need her attentions on me to satisfy that heat. I shimmy up her body, munching heartily on her breasts on the way, then dote on her with more kisses–face to face–before telling her what I need. Cupping her cheek and brushing her lips, I ask her to put them on my clit. I roll slightly off her, still holding her beautiful body, and she pushes up on her elbow. She’s deliciously curvy, especially in this position. She crawls over me like a cat, pressing me back to the pillows behind me, then backs up to my legs. She pauses, hands on my legs, breathing heavily, before she slowly pulls me open.

She kisses, first–tiny kisses straight down my sex, before a long, slow lick up my slit. She licks and licks, her tongue molding to my sex, before she gently sucks my clit between her lips.

She’s meeting the fire; she definitely is.

My hands grip the sheets, and I pant on the bed as she pleasures me. Every glance I give toward her, from my closed-eyes, head-thrown-back pleasure, I can see her fantastic breasts dangling down to the bed and her sexy ass high in the air. God she’s amazing. She pulls up, before I’m sated, and I press up on my elbows to look at her.

“I want to try something,” she says intently, “but stop me if I’m hurting you too much.” She sits on her hip between my legs, curves blatant and beautiful, and rubs her hand warmly and slowly over my sex. I can feel her getting slippery from my moisture. Then she takes her hand and reaches into my pussy. Slowly, carefully, she presses inside me, all four fingers, and pumps slowly. I wait, panting.

Then she goes further. She presses her hand deeper–ever so slowly–working her whole delicate hand inside me.

“Ah–” I cry. It’s exceptionally tight, but she’s slow enough and wet enough that it doesn’t hurt hurt. Her other hand rubs soothingly on my inner leg as she slowly works her way inside.

“You doing okay, love?” she asks at one point.

I nod rapidly, a little overcome by what’s happening.

Deeper and deeper, she presses into me, until finally she gets around her knuckles and can slide in up to her smaller wrist.

“Ohhhhhh…” I moan. God I love it. I love feeling full.

She slowly fucks me with her entire hand, and I thrust myself onto her.

“Oh god… oh god….”

My eyes are closed when she bends back down to suck my clit.


I squeeze her hand tightly inside me, and I can’t even really contract with my spasms because she fills me so tightly. My whole body writhes with pleasure, and I’ve lost vocal control. This is the most fantastic I’ve ever felt.

Kat sucks and flicks her tongue over my clit while pumping slowly and working her fingers inside me, and I moan with rushing, burning pleasure. Oh god it’s incredible. She’s so deep, and that tongue is driving me wild. I arch on the bed, clenching with pleasure as she fucks and sucks me. God I–I can’t even process the sensations anymore. I’m lost to her touch, grinding against her hand, spreading wide to her lips, absolutely incoherent.

“I love you,” I say amidst my moans, and that prompts her to dig in aggressively with her tongue, as well as ramp up the fisting. The wild pleasure builds and mounts, and I throw my head back on the pillows as my whole body heats and clenches, and then Kat finds just the right spot, rubbing firmly with the tip of her tongue, and the orgasm consumes me. I curl up on the bed, crying out in pleasure, grinding into her, as it floods through my whole body. I can’t even contract around her hand, and it makes the orgasm that much more phenomenal. God I LOVE having something big in there to squeeze. I curl and moan, riding out the orgasm in absolute bliss.

“AH… ah… OH g–oh god you’re incredible!”

I tremble, entirely spent, gasping on the bed. Kat leaves my oversensitive clit to pulse as it cools down, and carefully slides her hand out of my pussy.

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