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Female friend from the gymI was at the Gym one day and after this work out class I was sitting and chatting up with one of the regulars from the class.. I always liked this class most of all because some of the women were very friendly. Today was the day I got really lucky. We had seen each other many times and I always tried not to stare at her body. She is close to 5’… very CURVY… very flat stomach, thin waist.. not an ounce of fat except for her Huge TITS… Huge ASS.. And with a tight fitting work out Spandex ….WOW… She was very Flirty today. I am being touched on my arm as she is talking to me. With a few moments of laughter, huge smiles … And every time my arm was patted she would give me a soft gripped squeeze.. then rub her had up and down my arm.. I was having a tough time not to just grab her and wrap my arms around her and start Kissing, while I ripped her clothes off… She mentioned how nice I was and how having a guy in the class was nice( I was one of the few guys who would work out with all these women). Pretty soon she has her Huge chest pressed against my arm from time to time during our conversation.. I am certain I was just glassy eyed by now with all this body contact.. But instead of finding a reason to part and go our separate ways as we usually do. I was invited over to her place for a cup of tea. I mentioned I needed to shower. I was then told I could shower at her place. I followed her home, then into her Condo/Apartment. I noticed they had a Pool and Jacuzzi area ..I did not intend to go swimming so I was with out a swim suit.. As we are chatting over our tea I mentioned I wish I had brought my suit for the Jacuzzi.. I was met with this HUGE smile and her offer of a suit for me to borrow. My mind is racing again with thoughts of seeing her naked. I mentioned that would be great with I guess some hesitation in my voice. This is when she mentioned that it was her Husbands and it may be a little loose on me. She assured me he was out of town when I started to mention that I did not want him to get mad if he caught me wearing his suit. This is when she put her hand on my arm again and patted then moved her hand down to my inner thigh brushing against my Dick… All the while pressing her Huge Tits against my arm while she leans in for a Deep Kiss .. All I can think of is to open my mouth and prey I am not getting into some thing I will latter regret… OMG.. My head is spinning.. The Kiss turns into a Deep Tongue Battle with her climbing up onto my lap.. Pressing her chest against mine, Wrapping her hands around my head and taking control of the Kiss… This left my arms by my side, moving them to her thighs on the way to her Ass.. Pulling her against me.. She pulls her face back and says lets go to the Jacuzzi and relax .. I just nod my head … Sitting in the Jacuzzi I am getting my leg felt up and down… All the while it am doing the same to her. Staring into her eyes as I am Pinching her nipples.. I started to tell her how beautiful she was. As luck would have it we were the only two in this area. I felt fatih escort comfortable enough to start up some deep conversation about her personal life and not have her neighbors overhear us. It seems she has this Fantasy to have a White guy (she is a very Dark skinned Black Woman) in her bed when her Husband comes home and catches them.. In this case ME… All I can do is Smile back with my response being have you done this before?? And do I need to meet your Husband so he can Give me the OK… Her Answer back was ..” NO and I would get to PICK the GUY who I want to FUCK ME”.. And so I sit there with this Partially stunned Stupid Smile on my face.. While nodding my head in agreement.. OK.. So what do I do next I am thinking.. This is when her hand moves from my thigh to the back of my neck.. As she is pulling my face towards hers.. I am putty in her hands.. Opening my mouth again for her tongue.. then she rises up and pressing her Huge tits into my face I now have a very large hard nipple in my mouth.. Even with her top on her nipple is poking out enough to easily be found with my eyes closed… We head back to her place and into the shower to get the ball rolling so to speak.. While in the shower I am asking her all the details of her Fantasy so I can get it right and make this a Real Dream Cum True.. For both of us.. She said she needed to call her Husband and get him home at the right time and all the other Details.. I was to be Naked on top of her and not see him come in the room.. He would be mad .. But wanting to get even with me for trying to DO his Wife.. This all sounds good for me.. She would direct things and all would progress as she wants.. Unless she or he needed for this to stop due to some one Freaking out, the plan would proceed.During our time in the pool I was questioned about some of the different types of sex I had and with who… What I liked, what turned me on most. So by the time she has called her husband her mind was pretty made up as to what she wanted to happen. She had asked me about my willingness to be in a three way. If the guy touching me would Freak me out? By now I had admitted to being Bi.. Loving Huge Tits, Pussy, Ass.. More than willing to suck a Dick..I am led to the bed told to lay down and she climbed on top of me.. Kissing my body from my belly to my neck.. When given the chance I am sucking her nipples, neck, stomach… Pretty soon we are in a 69 with her on top.. She is sucking my Dick and Going to town on my Ass with her tongue and fingers.. Pretty soon in walks Hubby… strips and is now Naked with his Dick in his hand being stroked.. She is still on top of me with my face covered by her Huge Ass. I can not see him or hear him due to her thighs covering my ears.. She sits up and pulls forward.. This is when the Whole Fantasy comes into Play I am thinking.. Not Quite what she has told me to expect.. But I am thinking this is her Plan and she just feels like Changing things a bit.. He starts Yelling something about catching us about to Get Nasty arnavutköy escort and Cheating on him… on and on he goes.. If this had not been planed some what I would have been scared.. He is a real Big Guy and I am in his bed with his wife.. OMG.. My mind was on Fire.. This all felt so Real. He Grabs her by the arm.. Pulling her off the bed and pushes her to a chair to watch “while he shows this White Fag how his life just changed”.. (Part of her fantasy was to see a white guy suck her husband off .. so I am thinking this is still her fantasy) I am a little scared because not only of his size, but I am in his bedroom and there are two of them.. I am not sure what he is thinking at this point in time. She is sitting back just watching and he is pulling me towards his semi hard… All the while still telling me about my new role in life as his new Bitch.. “Open that mouth Bitch and start sucking this Dick”.. I had no problem with these orders… But as I am sucking him he is laying out the way I am going to serve him and how he has always wanted to fuck some White Ass.. Pretty soon he is talking about Taking Photos to show his friends how good his dick looks sticking in this white guys Ass…. Making my ass Gape open with his Seed dripping out while I am eating his wives Pussy.. Once in a while I can see past him at what my friend is doing just sitting there watching us… Then he starts to tell more of who was behind this whole fantasy…. Seems they had been working this whole thing up over a period of time.. her wanting to see a guy suck his dick came after he wanted to go from her Pussy to her Ass as a regular thing.. She was willing to try Anal… But not on a regular basis due to his size and how long he liked to fuck and how multiple times a day were the norm.. So her Idea was to find a Guy who would let him fuck him in the ass.. This kept him from doing another Woman and making her jealous .. And she would get to suck, Tease, Torment another guy while baiting him into their Sex Games.. And so long as he was with another guy her husband would still want her tits and Pussy… I found out all these details after she explained the rules for return sex in the future..So back to the Action: I am sucking on his Fat Dick Playing with his balls.. Pretty soon he is telling her to get some lube for my ass.. And he is going to fuck some Ass for the rest of the Day… I can feel her playing with my ass, Lubing me up.. Pulling on my balls.. Running her finger nails up and down my thighs.. Biting my ass .. Scratching my back… Telling him how good my ass looks.. How much he is going to luv fucking this ass while she is fingering me.. Telling him how good his Dick looks down my throat… Then Asking him if it is ok to have this White Slut eat her Pussy while he is Tearing up this Ass… Pretty soon I am repositioned with her in of me leaning against the headboard.. My face between her thighs Eating and sucking on her clit and pussy.. With her hands holding my head to control my movements bağcılar escort and keep me from escaping when hubby starts to Work his Dick into my ass… I was kinda scared again due to them double teaming me and both of them holding me tight while telling me all the nasty things they are going to do to and with me… And with his threat of fucking me for hours non stop.. then she started to tell him to invite his friends over.. then mentioned her brother always wanted to fuck some Ass (seems his wife would not try Anal).. All this talk was getting both of them very horny… Each encouraging the other .. More and More… After a few hours of him on top of me in different positions.. then me on top of him with him fucking up into my ass.. me sucking his dick then back on his dick with my ass.. All this time she was in and out of the room.. Some times watching, getting horny… joining us.. taking a break.. then to return… This guy did not Cum the whole time and Stayed hard with me servicing him the whole time… When he did empty his load in me I was ready for sleep.. I did not remember her joining us in bed… but I do remember her tits against my face.. Her fingers going thru my hair and hearing her voice, telling him I looked good under him.. He fell asleep with his Dick buried in my Ass.. And that is how I was woke up.. His Dick grinding in my ass with him pulling my ass up to meet his thrusts… Looking into her eyes …. She into mine.. She asked me if I was too sore to take his Dick for his morning Wood… I told her I felt like I was run over by a Truck.. She smiled … Then told me with the biggest smile .. “If you can take it I will be so HAPPY… PLEASE… DO IT FOR ME…???” Then something about his morning wood is a quick one.. Then he likes to get up, Piss then have Breakfast… Then she leans into me.. Kisses me.. While he is starting to push my body down.. Putting all his weight against my ass.. So he can really grind his dick and balls against and into my ass… She moves to my ear to whisper about another Fantasy she has… Seems she wants him to fill my ass with her Husbands Piss.. Giving me an ass full of piss and then watching me empty all his cum and piss out of my ass would make her so HAPPY… She must have given him some sort of signal to really give me some hard deep grinding.. Soon I have his arms around me and I am being Bear Hugged as he grinds hard against me.. With his mouth next to my other ear he is talking nasty with very detailed descriptions of what I am going to expect next time I am under him.. Both of them by now know I really like dirty talk while I am getting fucked.. so they both turn it up a notch .. Each talking about how I look, feel and need all this SEX.. Not to even plan on going home till the weekend is over.. That this is only Saturday Morning… Monday is a Holiday… This time they are going to go easy on me… Next time they will have others over after watching the Video of this weekend.. After all this talk I was begging them to Keep Fucking me.. So she slid her Pussy in front of my face, I licked and sucked on her putting on a good show for the Camera while she Yelled at me not to stop.. All the while encouraging him to fill my ass with his big dick.. “Show OUR NEW BITCH WHO IS BOSS…FILL HIS ASS “… I wanted them to give me a break and stop… but at the same time I did not want this feeling to ever end..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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