Father’s Day

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Father’s DaySaturday night, I’m closing up the sex shop. As I’m vacuuming the sales floor, I see some of the new nighties, that the new girl Robin had hung up. I found one that was neon yellow, stretchy lace all over, a tie back and crotchless. MMM my favorite kind…crotchless.I tried it on after I finished with the floor. I had also tried on a pair of yellow stiloettes. It was soo hot looking, that I sat on the bench, spread my legs and began to finger my pussy. My nipples were hard and were trying to bulge from within. I rubbed my nipples on down to my pussy and fingered my hole, til I came. I took off the nighty, placed the tag on the counter with some money to cover the charge. I left a note for Suzie the opening girl to ring it up and to take the change for ringing it up.I drove home in my new Mazda convertible. The night was too nice to be in a closed car, so I put the top down and let my hair free from the barrette. I was smiing as I came to a stop light. the cool breeze was making my nipples grow. The guys in the car next to mine, were winking and making gestures that they wanted to lick my pussy.I turned the radio up and drove to the gas station. When I pulled in, the guys did too. I was pumping my gas, when one of the guys came over to me. He leaned up against my car and asked how I was. I said I was doing good. He said that he liked my car and that he would love to bend me over it and tap my ass. I looked at him with a smile and finished with the gas.We stood there talking for a bit more, when he grabbed my hair and kissed me in the hottest way possible. His other hand was rubbing and tracing around my nipple. Kissing me with his tongue in my throat, then working his kisses to my neck and ear, were making me twitch down below. I ran my hands over his muscular arms down to his waist. I ran my hand over his package, that seemed as hard as a rock.I began to undo his pants, while his friend sat in the car and watched. I got his zipper undone and pulled his cock from his pants. I stroked him and wanted to suck his humungous head. I was getting so excited that I wanted him. I whispered in his ear,that I want to suck his cock. As I did, I began to slide down the side of my car and got his head in between my lips. I was able to suck on him for a few minutes, when he lifted me up and turned me around. He groped my tits some more and held me close to his cock, that was bulging on my ass.The guy had lifted my dress and slapped my ass as he spread my cheeks. His hand was rubbing over my pussy, I knew he got happier when he felt my wet panties. I spread my legs some more, he pulled my thong to the side and inserted his dick in me. I moaned wih an OH and he pulled out and then rammed into me hard. As I was enjoying his fucking, I saw his friend rubbing out his hard on.My new fuck was ramming me harder with each pull out. I’m sure the guy in the gas station was having a great time, rubbing out his hard on, too. I began to shake as I was having another orgasm, tonight. My friend said he was going to cum. I told him I want to swallow his cock and cum. He pulled from my dripping pussy and I bent around to suck his cock dry. I told him, his cum was delicious.When we finished and got cleaned up, we chatted a bit more. He introduced themselves as Joe and Frank. I said to Frank that he looked familiar. He began to laugh as he told me, we fucked that one night at the sex shop. He said he told Joe about me and that I liked to fuck. Frank said he knew I was leaving the store and that he knew I wouldn’t pass up a good fucking. He was right. I love to have a nice hard cock inside me.We traded phone numbers. Joe said he was having a party next week and asked to come on over. I told him to call me and give me details later in the week. I got in my car and mariobet güvenilirmi drove home. I was surprised not to see mom’s car in the driveway.When I walked in the front door, daddy was sitting on the familyroom couch watching a porn. I walked over, bent down and gave him a long passionate kiss, before I went downstairs to my room. I got undressed and stepped in the hot shower. I was lathering up my hair, when I heard my bathroom door open and close. I began to rinse my hair, when the shower curtain opened and in steps daddy. I smiled at him, as he grabbed the body soap and squirted some on my backside.Daddy rubbed the soap on my back and down my ass. His fingers slide down my ass crack, then into my tight asshole. I bent forward as he fingered me. His finger felt good as he put another in, to stretch me for his insertion of his cock. I’ve done this before with him and it always feels great. Daddy didn’t waste anytime. He pulled on his cock a time or two, before inserting his cock into my ass. Daddy fucked me until he came inside me.When he finished, I got out of the shower, wrapped the towel around me and went to my room, to change into my new nighty. I told daddy, to give me a few minutes before he came out. I combed my hair, slipped on the nighty and my black silk robe. I told daddy that I was dressed and that I was going to get something to drink. I was in the kitchen, leaning against the sink, when daddy came up and looked at me. He grabbed me, caressed my shoulders and my tits. He said he felt something, but he knew it wasn’t my bare skin as usual. I gave him a nasty smile and licked my lips. I tugged on daddy’s towel as it fell on the floor. OH yes, another hard on. I stooped over to suck on him. Daddy reached over my back, pulled up my robe and seen the yellow lace. He rubbed my ass and as much of my pussy that he could.I lifted up, looked daddy in the eye and took off my robe, slowly. I let my robe drop to the floor, my nipples were poking again, just as much as daddy’s eyes were poking out of his head. I told daddy I bought this for him..Happy Father’s Day.Daddy kissed me as he lifted me to the counter. He kissed my cheek, to my ear, then to my shoulder, then on down to my chest. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he sucked my tits. I told daddy that I need him to fuck me, I want him to fuck me here, here on the counter. I want that big cock of his in my pussy. Daddy, moved me to the island counter and climbed up. I spread my legs as he went down to lick my cummy lips. His tongue was just inside the tip of my clit, then sliding down and rimming my pussy hole.I moaned and grabbed my tits as he teased me with his tongue. I was cumming again. I grabbed his head and buried him in my pussy. EAT ME, I yelled at him. He fingered and licked me, then pulled his fingers to my mouth as I sucked my cum from them. Daddy reached behind me and fingered my ass, then back to my pussy. I told daddy I need his cock, I want him now. I’m ready for a huge orgasm.Daddy lifted up, bent over on top of me, kissed me and slid his cock easily into me. We both moaned loudly as he slowly fucked me. I looked daddy in his eye and told him, I’m glad he married my mom. I’m glad that he made the first move to come fuck me when I was a bad girl that day. The day he found me masterbating. That was a very exciting day.Daddy said that he was glad that I got my mom to open up and become the slut that I was. I told daddy to fuck me harder, please. Daddy looked at me and said that he’s not fucking me anymore tonight, that I deserve to be made love to. I smiled at him. He pulled from me, got off the counter and took me to his and mom’s room. He layed me down, pulled the blankets back and slid next to me. Tender kisses every where, fingers mariobet yeni giriş exploring each other.My pussy twitching hard as I came again. I put my fingers in my pussy, then to daddy’s mouth. He grinned and went down south to clean me up. Once he had enough, he lifted and insert his cock again. This time, slow thrusts in and out a few harder, then some softer. Our love making lasted almost all night. When daddy felt like he was ready to cum, that’s when I told him to finger me, or to dine on me. I wasn’t ready for him to cum.After a few hours went by, Daddy couldn’t take it any longer when he gave me one more major orgasm. He came with me, that time. He filled my pussy as it dripped onto the bed. Daddy pulled me close and held me in his arms until we fell asleep. The next morning, I woke to see daddy’s limp dick, sticking to his leg. I slid down and began to kiss and lick his sticky dick. As I lifted him into my mouth, daddy moved and smiled. He asked if this was his Father’s day gift. I told him last night and today’s sex session will be his gift. I continued with giving him a blow job, until he was ready to cum. I crawled on top of him and rode his cock, hard. He pulled me towards his chest, wrapped his arms around me and fucked me, til he came.We layed in bed and fucked a few more times, before our shower. I asked daddy where he wanted to have sex, next. He said he wanted to go swimming at the local pool and to show off his beautiful step daughter. I had this really cute bikini that I was just waititng to show off. Daddy wanted me to wear that. He said that he wanted to fuck me in the pool, with all the other people splashing around.We went to a pool on the other side of town, where no one really knew us. There were fathers and their k**s, some guys with their sexy girlfriends or wives, some really hot twenty something guys and girls. The sun was hot as we layed our towels on a chair. We both jumepd in the chilly water. You can only guess what the cold did to my tits..Daddy swam up to me, grabbed me close and kissd me. I reached down to his shorts, to feel his small cold dick. He began to grow, with the warmth of my hands. Daddy pushed me over to the wall,pinned me next to it, to begin to make out with me. I stroked his cock, he tugged my nipples. I wrapped my legs around him, he pulled my bottoms to the side as he slipped himself into me. He fucked me right there, in front of everyone. He didn’t last long, cuz of some of the people watching.When he got off, his sperm floated to the top of the water. We splashed it around and began to horse around. I was getting cold, when we got out of the pool. I went to lay in the sun, when Frank came over to me and said hi. He told me, he seen me and daddy fucking in the pool. He said that he wants to fuck me in the pool, sometime. I smiled and said not today. It’s father’s day and I’m only for my daddy today.Daddy came over, they introduced themselves to each other and Frank left. I told Daddy whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted to fuck today, I’m all his. Daddy said he was getting hungry and wanted to go back to our picnic area. He was bbq’ing some dogs and pineapple. I love grilled pineapple, I can’t wait to feed some to daddy.I set the picnic blanket with two glasses of wine, plates and dessert. ONce daddy was done with the meat and fruit, he brought it over to the blanket where I was laying on my belly reading a porn magazine. I love to read the erotic stories. Brian and I sometimes plays them out. Daddy bends over me and slaps my ass hard. I screamed and told him that stung. He just laughed and said that he would give me something to scream about. I rolled over, sat up and we ate our lunch.When we finished, I pulled from the cooler a can of whipped cream, strawberries mariobet giriş and peach slices. I smiled as I put some cream on a strawberry and fed it to daddy. He opened his mouth and bit down as i put it on his tongue. Some of the cream was on the outside of his lips, so I reached over to lick it from him. Daddy’s turn to feed me a peach slice. He did the same with the cream, then acted like he was going to feed me, but had purposely dropped it down my cleavage.Oops he says, then goes to fetch it from my cleavage. As daddy touches my boob, he smiles and reaches for the nipple. I grow hard. Daddy pulls away and looks at my nipples poking thru the very thin fabric. I tell daddy that I’m horny and want to fuck right here. The biggest smile comes across his face. He says we need to play it safe. So, I take my magazine and lay down in daddys lap. I lay my head right next to his dick and lifted the mag up high so I could feel his dick grow.I laid the book down and rolled over to nibble on his erection. I took a hand an slid it up one of his legs. I stroked his cock, til he pulled it out for me to suck him. I didn’t fight against the idea. His cock was big as usual and my pussy is twitching for him. I feel myself getting wet, I rub my clit and start to finger my wetness. When I look up to daddy, he smles, licks his lips and leans over to do the fingering.A guy walks over to us and tells us, we need to move to a more secluded area away from the c***dren. We smile and move over towards the bushes. While still standing in front of each other, I reach over and release daddy’s dick. I stroke it and pull daddy closer to me. He unties my top and frees my hardening nipples. He sucks and nibbles each one, then he unties my bikini bottoms and slides a few fingers in my pussy.Daddy lifts me up, I straddle his waist as I slide on to his rock hard dick. Daddy is fucking me and we are loving every moment. I tell daddy that I’m cumming and he backs us up to a tree and rams me harder and faster. Daddy cums deep inside me and kisses me passionately. We go lay down on the blanket and take a little nap. We wake to the sound of whistles. When I look around, I see that my bottoms are untied and my pussy is flashing the world. I smile and roll over to tie the side, that was undone.I wake daddy up and tell him we need to be going back home. We clean everything up, pack the truck and I get in right next to daddy. The radio is blasting some sexy tune as I rub on daddys cock again. He pulls his shorts down and he asks that I just stroke him off. I remembered last time I sucked him off in the truck, that when he cam, he almost drove off the side of the road. I stroked his cock till he came hot cream on my hand. I of course licked all of it up.When we got home, everyone was there. Mom just got back from visiting grandpa. She said he missed me, but understood that I had to work. Mom asked if we had a good time at the pool, we both smiled big and said yes. I reached over to kiss mom on her cheek, she kissed me back and told me that I had cum on my cheek. She licked it off, then went over to kiss daddy. He put his arm around her as they walked in the house.They went straight upstairs to their room and made love. I’m sure it’s not as sensual as our love making, but mom appreciates what she gets. I unpack the truck and put things away. I hear a knocking a noise and see daddy standing in the window with another hardness. I gesture where’s mom, he said peeing. I laughed and walked away. When I came back into the house, I collapsed on the couch and turned the tv on.Mom and daddy came back down. Mom said she was going to start a nice dinner for Father’s Day. Daddy sat next to me, said in a low voice, that he had the best Father’s day gift ever. I told him that he can have this every year. I wanted soo badly to suck his cock, I wanted to taste mom’s cum, but I think daddy has had enough sex and is exhausted. I got up, smiled and kissed him before I went downstairs. I told daddy that we will have to go swimming again, that I had a really good time.

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