Fateful Meeting, Part 4

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With Kat being married and having a full-time job (I also have a full-time job, although I’m not married), it isn’t always easy to schedule time when I can eat Kat’s pussy. And she can eat mine. Much as we both want to. Depending on the week, we manage to get together from one to three times a week. From time to time, I would mention that my boyfriend lacked her skills in bed. Or she would mention the skills that her boyfriend Dave’s tongue and cock possessed for inducing orgasms. I began to become intrigued about Dave. From time to time, she offered to share him with me. But he was the guy she had been cheating on her husband with several times a week for well over a year. I didn’t think it was right to move in on her man, even to share him while she was there. Besides, as awkward and unskilled as he was in bed, I did have a boyfriend. It was one thing for me to have some pussy on the side. And quite another for my boyfriend not to be my only source of cock. Then one day, over a dinner out, the relationship between my boyfriend and me got really strained. Never mind the details. Kat could tell I was feeling pain over this stress in my other relationship (besides the one with her). “I like you, Justine,” she told me. “A lot! In fact, I think I may already be starting to fall in love with you a little. You really should let me show you what a skilled cock can do for you. Let me bring Dave into our bed with us. If you don’t enjoy him, you never have to let him into bed with us again.” I was still hesitant. “I won’t push Dave on you,” she told me. “If and when you feel ready, just let me know. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about Dave or cocks right now.” “Oh?” I winked playfully. “So what do you want to do? Kat hiked up my skirt, smiling and gleefully clapping her hands when she saw that I had no panties on underneath. Her first kiss on my pussy made me warm. He second kiss made my tingle. Her first lick made me damp. Her sixth lick made me wet. Her second clit-nibble made me come. Hard! I put Kat on her back and began to lick her luscious little clit. She encouragingly placed her feet on my shoulder blades. I slipped a finger into her pussy, and curled it to caress her G-spot. Never for a moment pausing in my licks on her clit. I was resting in Kat’s arms, when my cell phone buzzed. Damn! I forgot to turn it off! It was my boyfriend. He chose that very moment to loudly resume our earlier fight; very loudly. güvenilir bahis I told him, “I’m not doing this right now.” My boyfriend ignored me, and he kept yelling. “Fuck off!” I yelled. My boyfriend was shocked at my standing up to him like that, and he began to apologize. Over and over. “I’m not doing this on the phone,” I said. “I’ll come by your house tomorrow and we can talk out our relationship.” He started to argue, so I hung up. I turned to Kat. “Set up a meeting for Dave to fuck me,” I said simply. “After all of this bullshit, I need a cock that knows its way around a pussy.” Kat kissed me. “I know you won’t be disappointed.” She reminded me that Dave is almost as big across as a soda can. And two inches longer than a soda can, too! The thought of all that cock in me was getting me more excited than I cared to let on. My pussy betrayed my thoughts, as it contracted and contracted and contracted, while letting out a loud, excited “squish!” noise. “I think somebody is horny!” Kat grinned, climbing on me and grinding her clit on mine. Through two orgasms each. On our next date, three days later, Kat picked me up at five o’clock P.M. (right after work) and drove me to an unfamiliar neighborhood. She wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We parked on a neighborhood street, and then we walked down the street and around the corner. She walked up to the door of a nice little Tudor-style brick and stucco house. She didn’t knock. She didn’t ring the doorbell. She just pulled a key out of her blouse, from her cleavage, and unlocked the front door. “Dave gave you a key?” I asked, surprised. “Well,” Kat replied sheepishly. “Not exactly. The last time he fucked me, while he was taking a break to pee, I swiped his spare house key out of his nightstand drawer. I’ll give it back. After he shows you what a real cock-fuck feels like.” We closed and locked Dave’s front door behind us. Kat led the way to Dave’s bedroom. As we kissed, she stripped me, so I started stripping her, too. Naked, we both climbed onto Dave’s bed, lying atop the sheets and blanket. “He should be home from work in about fifteen minutes,” Kat grinned. To pass the time while waiting for Dave, Kat picked up her cell phone and called her husband. She chose her words carefully, so nothing would be an outright lie. “I’m going to be home after work very late,” she said. Note that she didn’t actually say she would be at work. “We’re about to get güvenilir bahis siteleri very busy around here.” “We’re going to get busy as soon as Dave shows up,” I giggled. “I’m on the phone,” she said to me, as if addressing a coworker. “I’ll get to you in a minute.” I smiled, because I knew that Kat and Dave were both going to get to me. And to get busy with me. I think her husband asked who was talking in the background. Still maintaining answers that apply equally to sex and work, Kat craftily replied, “One of the other people here. We’re all going to be very busy this evening. I have to hang up now. See you when I get home.” She hung up and turned off her phone. So we wouldn’t be disturbed. We just both lay face up on Dave’s bed, side by side, naked, holding hands, occasionally leaning over each other for a kiss, but mostly just waiting for Kat’s boyfriend to get home. Dave had agreed to fuck me, but he didn’t know yet that it would be today. I was already getting wet as I thought of Dave’s full eight inches in me. We heard a car pull into the garage. We heard the door from Dave’s garage to his kitchen open and shut. The refrigerator door opened, and finally closed after several minutes, during which he had apparently been searching for a snack. We heard shoes being kicked off, and they dropped to the floor. Finally, we heard soft footsteps on the carpeted stairway. And footsteps padding down the hallway, toward the bed where Kat and I both lay naked, face up, holding hands. Dave was momentarily startled to see two naked women on his bed. Then his handsome face lit up in a big smile. Dave made quite a show of stripping for us. Slowly. Sensuously. Kat was right. Even only semi hard, her boyfriend’s cock was big and beautiful. Instinctively, Dave headed for Kat’s bare pussy, which he had eaten so often in the past. “No, Dave,” Kat stopped him. “I already know how skilled your tongue is on me. But Justine has yet to experience your magical tongue for herself. The poor dear has never been able to come on a man’s face! Ever!” “I’ll remedy that,” Dave assured Kat. And me. Dave leaned over me and took his time kissing all over my naked body. Randomly. He might kiss my neck one moment, my thighs the next, my feet next, and then my breasts, my navel. I never knew where he might kiss next, and I think that random unpredictability is why I felt my pussy getting really, really wet. As I softly moaned iddaa siteleri and squirmed against him, Dave began to softly kiss my pussy. He licked at my clit. The folds of my pussy now opened to him like flower pedals opening to welcome the first morning rays of dawn sunlight. His tongue slithered into me, and over my g-spot, and then back out to my clit. He then began the clit nibbles that I was now getting used to from Kat. Except Dave nibbled with the strength and the quiet confidence of a real he-man. I rubbed my foot against his leg. Then I locked my long legs around his waist and his butt. I shoved my pussy hard into his face. As his tongue swirled and danced on my swollen clit, he slipped a finger into my pussy, rubbing my g-spot with his finger. His tongue and finger sent me over the edge. Shuddering hard from head to toe, I came. Dave kept licking and nibbling, until I thoroughly soaked his handsome face. He hungrily lapped at my juices as they poured out of me, making sure to lick at both my clit and my g-spot. He didn’t stop until I had come three times. “I still want to eat you, too, Kat,” Dave grinned at his girlfriend. The man was incredible! Three mouthfuls of my pussy juice, and now he moved over to drink even more out of Kat, as she lay beside me. I leaned over and watched them. Dave ate her like he was still starving for girl-come. She locked her legs around his neck and rocked in rhythm with his licks. When she moaned loudly though her second orgasm into his face, the sight and the sound were so hot that, without me or anyone else touching my pussy, I came again. That made four for me. A happy smile came over Kat’s beautiful face as she watched me come. Dave was still licking Kat, and the combination of feeling his tongue, and seeing and hearing my orgasm, sent Kat crashing into her third, and by far her most intense, orgasm so far that evening. I kissed Dave and told him he was wonderful. Kat kissed his cock and told him “I agree.” Dave began to throb a little against Kat’s mouth. “Hey!” Kat giggled sexily, “Save that for Justine!” Then she turned to me. “The honor of the first cock suck of the evening goes to you, my love. If you want it.” If I want it? Was she kidding? Dave’s cock was at its full eight inches, two inches across, and hard as a diamond. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t want to suck that? I couldn’t gobble him down my cock-hungry throat fast enough! I tried to say “Damn, Dave’s cock tastes so good!” But with my mouth stuffed so full of hard cock, it came out sounding like “Mmmmmph!” My tongue licked and swirled all over his enormous cock, as I greedily sucked more and more and more down my throat.

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