Fate at First Sight Ch. 05

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Alyss stepped off the elevator into BRs followed by the group riding along with her. All the way up, she felt the eyes of every man in there upon her. She even glimpsed the look of disgust one woman gave the man she was with after catching him checking her out.

Before leaving, she took a few minutes to fluff up her flat hair and touch up her face, then don one inch heel pumps. She didn’t want to be any taller than him. A small blue purse hung from her shoulder. Within it the bare necessities for the evening. Also before leaving, she decided to stuff in a condom. Two exactly. Just in case, and hoping both would be used.

The only thing no one could see was her heart beating faster than normal and the feelings of anticipation and fear swirling within her.

I need a drink, she said to herself, stopping at the end of the bar nearest the elevator. I need to calm down or I’m going to look like some girlish idiot fresh off the farm and never been laid.

“Hey Alyss,” the young bartender spouted, drying his hands.

“Hey Chris. Can I get some rum.”

Chris nodded. “Neat? On Ice? Soda back?”

“Just ice and… make it a double.”

Chris felt a bit surprised. “Okay.”

“Make that two.”

Alyss turned to see one of the men from the elevator standing next to her. He was young, short dirty blond hair, clean shaven save for a small triangle of hair below his mouth.

“Meant to say hi in the elevator,” he said. “But kind’a crowded in there, you know.”

Alyss looked up at him and smiled politely. She then turned to see another young man standing slightly behind him.

“So you here with friends maybe?” the first man asked.

Alyss drew in a breath, then thought a moment before speaking.

Didn’t even introduce himself first. Just dove right in to see if I was alone.

“Yes. Actually. Invited to a private party,” she said. That should blow him off.

The man nodded. “My friend here and I…”

The elevator doors opened up again. Alyss looked over to see if Kayden stepped out, totally ignoring the man no doubt trying to bed her as he went on about why they were here. It was only one of the waitresses stepping out bearing food from the restaurant below.

“That’s nice,” Alyss said, turning to the bar and her drink.

“So like, if your party starts to suck, just hook up with us if you want.”

Alyss took a long pull of her straight, on ice rum before answering. “Thank you for the invite.” She looked at him and his friend.”I’ll keep that in mind.”

He smiled back, taking up his own drink, placing some cash on the bar. “I’ll get mine and that one for her.”

“Thank you,” Alyss spouted, giving a goodbye smile.

“No problem.” He and his mute friend wandered off.

Alyss turned back to the bar. She took a sip this time, not wanting to get buzzed before seeing Kayden.

Just be calm, Alyss told herself. Walk up to him. Let him check you out. Start talking business. Graphics. Find out if he’s single. Let him know you are too.

Just knowing he would be there began arousing her as the rum ever so slightly warmed her up. She closed her eyes. There he was, on top of her, staring into her eyes, the warm feel of his skin against her and in her. She imagined the sensation of him slowly moving in and out of her. How good it would feel. Then him going down on her. Kissing her—

“Bet you get a lot of that.”

Alyss opened up her eyes and turned. The older man sitting next to her looked twice her age and three times her weight. At least he had the foresight to shave and not keep a scrap of hair on his face that made little sense to her. Of course, she could see him checking out her butt as she looked at him.

Not wanting to get into a conversation with him, she just smiled, then returned to her drink. Sipping slowly, hoping the older man didn’t try talking to her again, she thought it was Kayden’s reflection in the mirror behind the bar between the bottles of imported scotch.

She turned. Glancing towards the patio stood a man with dark hair and plain white shirt conversing with others. But it wasn’t him.

Great, she told herself, looking back towards the elevator. I’m I that desperate or just—

Regina stepped off the elevator followed by a few others wanting to enjoy happy hour.

Seeing Alyss standing near the bar, she put on a smile. However, seeing what Alyss had on, she became puzzled as she approached.

“Hey Alyss,” Regina said, national treasure edge of history izle stopping next to her, taking in her. “Glad you could make it. And… nice outfit. Didn’t think you were going home first.”

Alyss looked at her and thought of an excuse. “Oh. This. Well,” she reached back for her drink, unaware the older man hanging onto her every word, and checking out Regina’s short skirt as well. “I grabbed some coffee right after work. Needed my fix you know.”

“Okay,” Regina said as Alyss took a sip.

“And then, ha ha, stupid me! Spilt the thing all over me. Soaked my shirt, pants. Didn’t want to come here looking like I just… you know!”

“I see.” Regina summoned the bartender.

“Ran home and threw this on.”

“Good choice,” the older man added.

Alyss and Regina glanced at him. Their smiles just as fake as their interest in him.

“Well,” Regina began. “Everything’s square with Mr. James—”

“Is he here?” Alyss cut in, wide eyed in anticipation.

Regina looked at her. “I… I don’t know. He said he had something to do before coming as well.”

“Oh.” Alyss took down some more rum as Regina ordered white wine, her drink of choice.

Calm down woman, Alyss thought, staring at the floor.

“You ladies looking forward to a few drinks after work?” the man next to them asked.

Alyss didn’t want to answer. She let Regina handle this one.

“Private party,” Regina said with a smile.

The man nodded.

“And maybe we need to get there, see if they need help setting up,” Alyss added.

Regina grabbed her wine. “Yes. Lets.”

She led the way. Alyss followed, leaving the man behind without another word.

The two headed away, weaving around and through others enjoying a few after work. The whole time, Alyss felt numerous eyes upon her. But it was not their attention she desired.

“Have to say, the old farts right. Nice choice of outfit,” Regina noted as they walked.


“You should do that more often. You got the legs for it.”

Hopefully Kayden will think the same thing! He won’t be able not to see me! Alyss thought, still believing that Regina’s were much more toned than her’s.

They turned towards the rear of the bar. There a small hallway lead to several rooms people could rent for private parties.

“We’re in the first room,” Regina said, slowing down.

Halfway there, the two paused, waiting for a few in a small group to make way for them. Among them, Alyss notice the same guy from a month before. He had on a different, but an equally tight shirt. She kept her eyes on the floor. Sipping her drink, she hoped he didn’t see her. Unfortunately, they had to stop and wait. Some in the group were oblivious to others wanting to pass by.

“Nice digs,” the one, overly buffed man said.

Alyss looked at him and smiled.

Please, not tonight! Not now. If Kayden saw me talking to this guy he might think I’ll into guys like that.

No such luck. He stepped toward her.

“I don’t know if you remember me,” he said, looking over Regina as well.

Alyss finished her drink. She nodded, but refrained from actually talking to him.

“You and your friend,” he gave Regina a smile, “are welcomed to join us. We’re all just here relaxing.”

Regina looked him over. “Thanks. But we have a private office party to go to.”

The man took a sip of his beer. “Sounds cool. But if I hear the words ‘shots’ I might find my way in there!”

Regina spouted out a diminutive, feigned laugh. Alyss said nothing. It might encourage him.

Finally the sea of people parted. With a now empty glass in hand Alyss followed Regina by the group. A low tone whistle sprang out from behind her. At the entrance to the small hallway, Alyss saw a drink tray full of empty glasses sitting in an alcove. She stopped and sat her’s upon it.

“Nothing like a room full of desperate men,” Regina observed, watching Alyss.

Alyss let out a sigh. “God no.”

“Of course, the only thing worse would be a room full of horny women!”

I know the feeling, Alyss thought but dared not give any indication of how she felt at that moment, or since walking in for that matter.

“Dressed like like that knowing you got the goods they want under that doesn’t help,” Regina observed.

Alyss looked back over towards the main next level chef izle area. Two men with two women were staring at her, with ever so slight smiles on their faces. Neither was Kayden.

Normally use to such attention, frustration began growing within her, brought on by anticipation and unwanted diversions. Alyss adjusted her dress.

“Well, let’s just get back and…” she shook her head, taking in a few deep breaths.

“You okay?” Regina asked.

“Yeah. Yeah.”

Alyss shot passed her, striding down the hall. She wanted to be the first person Kayden saw when he showed up.

“Can’t believe it sometimes!” Alyss vented as they neared the door to the first room. Upon turning in, she just let it out. “I swear. Are all the men here tonight losers—”

She looked up and gasped, stopping just inside the doorway.

Everyone in there stared at her and Regina just behind. Several of her coworkers, some of them in fact men, fell silent, stunned at her pronouncement.

Kayden stood among them, still dressed in the light colored blazer.

Wide eyed, Alyss stared back at him, her mouth half open, hands raised halfway up in a gesture of surprise. She stood speechless and in shock.

Equally surprised, Regina felt the silence cutting through the air and bearing down on them. She smiled and put her arm around Alyss.

“Except for all the men here! Ha ha!” she said. With clenched teeth and a forced smile, she leaned over close to her friend’s ear. “What are you doing, Alyss?”

Alyss said nothing, fixated on Kayden looking back at her. Embarrassed and still in shock, she just stared at him. He smiled back. His face never once frowning or giving her the same look most others just did.

“I’m… ah…” Alyss spat out, never taking her eyes off Kayden. “I’m… having… a bad… day. Excuse me.”

She turned and left back down the hall.

Regina looked at her for a moment, then walked into the room. “Mr. James, glad to see you here…”

Alyss all but flew back towards the bar. Towards the restrooms and sanctuary. Cursing herself all the way there.

Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! What did I just do! He heard me! I called him a loser! A loser! Now he’ll never…

In an instant, all the feelings of expectancy, hope and arousal filling her all evening flushed themselves away. Now, only embarrassment, fear and fright consumed her.

I did it again! I did it again! Why can’t I just shut up sometimes!


Regina shot into the ladies room just as a few other women were leaving. Once in, she quickly scanned the bathroom. Seeing no one, she began peeking under each door of the stalls, seeking out one particular pair of shoes. In the last stall, there they were. She stood directly in front of it.

“Are you purposely trying to ruin things for me with Mr. James, Alyss?” she said, hands on her hips, her voice vibrating off the smooth, stainless steel door to the stall. “And Mr. Zuel who was standing in the back?”

No answer. Regina continued. “Calling people losers? Not very bright idea in a room full of coworkers and a client!”

A shuffling noise came from behind the door, followed by that of the latch. She stepped back, taking in a breath and readying herself to use the air now in her lungs to continue the inquisition. When she saw Alyss behind the open door, tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks, she said nothing.

Alyss walked out of the stall and shuffled towards the sinks, tissues in hand.

“I am so… so sorry Regina,” she said, her voice low and shaky. Regina followed. “I… I don’t know what’s come over me. Ever since… ever since…”

Alyss propped herself upon the marble counter around the sinks, facing the mirror. Regina came around, staring at her in confusion.

“Since what Alyss? What. The. Hell is going on?”

Alyss took in a breath, head still hanging low. There was no use hiding it.

“I haven’t…” Alyss began. “Ever since I first saw… saw him I can’t…”

“Saw who, Alyss? Can’t what?”

Alyss looked at herself in the mirror. Her puffy, reddened eyes stared back.

“I don’t even know why I feel this way. Again. About him. After I saw him that first time… here…”

Regina stepped closer to her, ready to ask to be more specific, raising her hand and pointing at the counter. Then it dawned on her. She drew back. One by one, the pieces fell together.

“That night court izle first time I saw Mr. James -Kayden- too,” she began, looking off towards the stalls. “I saw you sitting there, talking with Billy.” She looked back at Alyss. “I just thought you were, you know, just people watching. Then,” she shook her head, “avoiding him, or me and him, or talking about him. And today when you,” she let out a slight huff, recalling how Alyss stared at his crotch, “were acting like you finally got meet your crush, checking him out, staring at his junk.”

Alyss said nothing. Regina had figured it all out.

“I take it you didn’t spill any coffee on you today, did you?” Regina asked.

Alyss gently shook her head. “No. I just thought—”

“You do know he’s a client?” Regina injected in a soft, compassionate voice.

“I know! I know! And… I didn’t care. I thought,” Alyss looked into the mirror again, “I could get away with it. No one would find out.” She stared Regina straight in the eyes. “That’s how bad it got for me and… him. I came here tonight to… to seduce him, if I even know how to do that. And I don’t even know if he married, dating, gay! God! How pathetic of me.” She looked at the floor. “I can sell our company’s services. Design the most eye catching stuff. Negotiate deals with clients. I can deal with those guys hitting on me and trying to just fuck me, but can’t stop my pussy from doing all the thinking when it comes to him!”

Taken aback a bit by her choice of words, some she never heard Alyss ever utter, any anger within Regina fell away. She put her hand on Alyss’ shoulder.

“You’re not pathetic. There’s a room full of people out there who’ve won that prize.” Regina lowered her head. “You’re just guilty of being human. With feelings. Wants. Hormones.”

Alyss wiped her eyes and turned back towards the mirror. “And I can’t even explain those. And the thing I did… with Russell. God. I’m so ashamed.”

Regina drew back, propping her hips upon the counter. “What do you mean? With Russell?”

“I sat there all night looking at Kayden. Three. Four. Five drinks. I don’t remember. Then I had to leave. I felt so…” Alyss drew in a deep breath. “I go so… horny. Watching him. Just watching him! If I’d had one more I would of went over and jumped him right there.”

“And Russ?”

“All I wanted to do was get home and screw myself senseless. Get it all out of me.”

“And Russ?” Regina asked again.

Alyss look at the sink, that shameful feeling returning. “He saw me leave and offered me a ride home. On the way I actually asked if we could go to his place.”

Regina’s mouth shot open. “You guys hooked up?”

“We didn’t hook up Regina,” Alyss added, ashamed. “All I did was sit there on all fours while he…”

Regina’s eyes widened, awaiting more details as Alyss continued.

“I remember him wanting to be all romantic. Take it slow. I tried to tell myself to leave but…”

“But what?”

“But all wanted him to do was screw me. That’s how horny I was. And when he was… he was just like a machine. Behind me.”

“A machine?”

“Just pumping away at me.”

“Pumping!” Regina felt herself getting aroused from the mental picture. She crossed her legs slightly.

“Like he wasn’t even there! All I could think about was Kayden. And I didn’t even know his name then! I can’t believe I was having sex with Russ and thinking about another man!”

Regina thought of something to say, glancing at the stalls. Congratulating her on bedding a guy like Russ seemed inappropriate at the moment. “Well, it happens. I mean, you saw this Kayden guy—”

“Even when Russ went down on me, all I thought about was Kayden!”

Regina whipped her head back around, eyes shot wide open. She drew in a breath, her heart beating faster, pointing down at Alyss crotch, her own starting to ache a bit.

“He… he went down on you. Like… tounge and—”

“Even after I came, I just rolled onto the bed, thinking about him. Like Russ hadn’t even been there.”

“He made you come!”

“Regina!” Alyss spouted, looking at her. “I was so ashamed when I woke up the next morning. Thank God he wasn’t there!” She turned back to stare at the sink one again. “Then tonight. All this. Embarrassing myself in front of my friends, coworkers… Kayden.”

Despite the mental image Russ repeating such a performance on her, Regina saw the look on Alyss’ face and the long, deep, painful stare in her eyes. She stepped over and put her arm around her.

“I’m sorry Alyss,” she said in a consoling tone.

Alyss looked up and into the mirror.

“You know,” she began, “not the first time I put myself through this…”

Regina stood mute as her friend gave the highlights of the story.

But in her mind, Alyss relived the whole thing, as though it happened yesterday.

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