Fantasy Man Ch. 02

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Double Penetration


Leon went to the door, his legs feeling wobbly, and his belly uncontrollably on fire, his brain a whirl of crazy thoughts. He kept telling himself to stop being so ridiculous, telling his cock to calm down, no way a beautiful young woman like this was going to let him touch her. But there was always what she had done, why on earth had she done that. He reminded himself to just accept things, especially the good ones, to stop being so analytical. He opened the door.

“Hello,” a truly beautiful voice said, “I’m Allison.” Up close she was stunning. Lightish blonde hair, green eyes, oval face with a slightly wide forehead, so, so beautiful, just the slightest scent of newly applied deodorant.

“Hi, I’m Leon,” he replied, trying to control his voice. He stood there awkwardly for a moment, not sure if he should ask her in, or just give her the cigarette. But he didn’t have them there, he would have to ask her in, he was glad of that. “Please, come in.” And he stood aside, watched her as she walked past, hoped she didn’t notice his eyes glance to her top, the material tight over pointy nipples, the jeans also tight across a beautiful little arse. No bra, his mind registered.

“Thank you,” she said, and brushed past him, liking that he had looked at her breasts, at her bum. He seemed to her to be about forty, slim, nice eyes, brown hair. She looked quickly around the open plan apartment as he led her into the living room, it was large, and the furniture hinted at someone well off , with quiet good taste.

“I hope you don’t mind this,” she said, “it’s just I ran out last night, and I was too tired to go and get some more.”

“Of course I don’t mind,” he said, how the fuck could I mind he thought, after what you have already done for me. He was grateful that at least his cock had had the good manners to relax, the robe he had on could only conceal so much. He gestured to a couch, and once she’d sat down he offered her a cigarette, lit it, lit one for himself, went and sat in an armchair opposite her. He hoped she had not noticed the trembling of his fingers.

“This is a really nice apartment,” Allison murder under the friday night lights izle said, looking around and admiring the furnishings. “I’m gonna go get my furniture today.” She liked that he was glimpsing down now and then to the crotch of her jeans, that was why she was sitting that way, with one leg up on the couch, she hoped he didn’t mind his having her bare foot on it.

“It’s not going to be delivered?” he asked, she was sitting very seductively he thought, with her legs apart like that, surely not, he wondered, is she offering something, no, couldn’t be. There is something just so sexy, though, he thought, about a beautiful woman in jeans like that, the crotch of them, the promise the denim held, hidden.

“Oh no,” Allison laughed, “I gotta go buy it, I’m really looking forward to it…can finally buy stuff of my own…that I like…”and the way she stressed the last few words hinted that in some way the business of having things she liked was a bit of an issue with her.

“Oh ok,” was all Leon could think to say. Into his mind crept the matter of money, this was an expensive apartment block, and now she was going out to buy furniture-a whole apartment’s worth. Where was the money coming from? Was she a prostitute? Was that what this was all about? Was he merely a potential client, who earlier had been given a preview of possible things to come? Suddenly he wasn’t sure about this anymore.

Allison was a sensitive girl, and she noticed the frown flash across Leon’s face. Shit, she thought, he might think I’m a whore or something. She decided it would be best to clear all that up straight away.

“My parents just got divorced. Part of the deal was that I was to be…um…provided for,” the way she said it showed her disapproval of the way her parents had treated her, just one more piece of property in the allocation of assets. “They set me up with a bank account, so much for somewhere to live…so much for uni fees…so much a week to live on…you know…I’m lucky I guess…in that regard murf the surf jewels jesus and mayhem in the usa izle anyway.” Her tone of voice made it clear that she was telling the truth, there was a sadness in it.

They talked for a while, she had another one of his cigarettes, he suggested good shops to go to for her furniture, Allison decided she liked him. He decided she was beautiful and nice and it would be totally ridiculous and humiliating to ask her out for lunch or even just coffee. If she hadn’t done what she had done before, he felt he could, but her strip had put an intimacy between them that would make it seem presumptuous of him to want more.

Allison put out the cigarette and stood up. She had made a decision, she had made it quickly now, before she could tell herself it was silly and no doubt slutty. “Anywayyyy,” and she dragged the word out as she stood up.

Leon felt his stomach fall, he struggled with the words to ask her could he help her with the furniture shopping in any way, he didn’t want her to leave.

Allison stood next to the lounge, and looked him in the eyes.

“Can you promise me something?” she asked, her hands on the hem of her pullover.

“Of course,” he said, assuming she would ask him never to say anything about what she had done earlier.

“Just never, ever ask why ok?” and before he had a chance to ask her what she meant, she lifted her pullover up over her head, held it there above her head, and smiled at him. Leon felt his cock jump, just a few feet from him she was half naked, her beautiful smallish breasts pointing out, slightly up, the lovely little pinky brown nipples erect, flat belly pulled taut by having her arms above her head, the slightest hint of overnight stubble in her armpits. She smiled at him, and lowered her arms.

“You like?” she giggled.

He struggled to find an answer that wasn’t inane or crude. “You are very beautiful Allison,” he said, his voice husky.

“Thank you,” she said softly, and dropped the pullover my dad the bounty hunter izle on to the coffee table, she could feel the little tingles racing through her lower belly, the way it always was when she was excited and frightened. She could also feel a wetness between her thighs, building. Turning to face Leon, she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, one hand holding them up though. She was looking right into his eyes, and smiling softly.

Shit, was what raced through Leon’s mind. He gulped. She had stripped for him earlier, but from a distance. Now she was right in front of him, her belly button, the slight roundedness of her lower belly, the jeans were slightly open and he could see she had no undies on, his cock jumped again.

Now she started to step out of the jeans, bending and pushing them down to her knees, her breasts falling they were so beautiful and he knew he had to put his mouth around them he could see her mound clearly now, dark brown hairs obviously growing back from being shaved, her slit was so close to him, he could see its beginnings amongst the hairs, creasing away to between her thighs, now she lifted her left leg out of the jeans, he moaned audibly hoping she didn’t mind, she had to know what effect this was having on him, she smiled, he couldn’t take his eyes from her mound and that pretty crease, the lips closed, hiding their beautiful secrets.

Allison watched his eyes, heard the little moan that escaped from him, noticed the way the material of the robe over his cock moved every now and again, I have never felt so horny she thought, even that first time she had knelt on a bed, another girl’s cunt opening in front of her, not even that had been this sexy she thought.

She stepped completely out of the jeans and just stood there for a few seconds, totally naked, come on fantasy man this is fun isn’t it. Between her thighs the tension was building, she could feel her body preparing for him. She smiled at him again, then sat back on the couch. She sat upright, one foot on the floor, the other leg raised so that her knee rested on the couch, she wondered if her slit opened, wanted to look down and see.

He looked at her, the way she was sitting, looking for a little suggestion of her clit, her legs open like that, and she was smiling at him. Her breasts straight out at him, the mystery of the look on her face, shit, he thought again, she wants to fuck me, the little smile, the look in her eyes.

This is cool she thought, a total reversal of how it normally went with a guy. She patted the couch next to her knee.

“Why’nt you come sit here Leon,” such a soft, kind, beautiful voice.

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