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Subject: Fantasy by carol marie I called her and left a message on her machine, I didn’t want to sound frantic at all. I wanted to be the seductress in her life, not an anxious twit, and here I sat, staring at the phone wondering if she would call. The night was warm with the faint sound of coyotes in the distance and the constant chirping of crickets in the yard and field beyond. It was a hellishly hot day for the valley, but it had cooled off nicely. I poured myself a glass of Piper Heidseck brut, thinking of her and the night she drank too much champagne and how she told me how she nearly jumped her neighbor. Somewhere deep inside I had wished I had been the neighbor. I turned on the hot tub and while the tub heated I laid back against the post on the porch, sometimes looking at the phone, other times just spacing, looking at the full moon above me. How beautiful she looked in her harvest glow, illuminating the night. I pulled off my shirt and admired the tat on my arm, flexing once or twice thinking again how I would like to wrap my arms around her. I actually felt myself blushing in the silhouetted night. I ran my tongue around the rim of the flute, dipping lightly to taste the constant stream of bubbles, laughing. I flung my head back and there she was, standing, watching me. I didn’t hear her come into the yard. She startled me at first and then from kocaeli escort bayan somewhere inside I fully regained my composure and a small smile (bigger inside) appeared on my face, my heart was racing out of control, I could hardly speak. She said hello to me, asked if she could come in and I said, “of course silly, would you like some bubbly?” and she smiled and walked towards me. I had forgotten that my shirt was off till her fingers brushed lightly my hardened nipples. Oh wow! The electricity that pulsed through me made me weak and giddy at the same time. I pulled back coyly; I walked slowly into the house, returned with a glass, another bottle and a bag of ice. She had already gotten out of her tank top and shorts and she was sitting on the edge of the tub when I handed her the glass. Then I put the new bottle into the bag of ice. I told her that I hadn’t expected to see her. She told me that my message appeared frantic. I was so nervous; this just wasn’t like me. I brought the glass to my lips and licked the rim again, and breathing in the sultry night air. I watched her smile and drink from her own glass, then she said “I’ve been meaning to come see you for some time, but I’ve just been too busy lately, they are working like a dog over there. This certainly is much more enjoyable.” and my heart skipped 5 beats. While she talked I watched her kocaeli escort mouth move, the way the muscles in her arms flexed whenever she moved. I looked at her face, the face I longed to kiss. She must have read my mind, coz suddenly she leaned toward me and gently kissed my mouth. I felt dizzy all at once, butterflies roamed inside of me, I don’t even know if I kissed her back(I sure hope I did). Then she slipped into the tub and I followed her.The water was hot, so hot I felt like a baby as I took my time getting in, and then realized for a second that this slow movement could actually be seductive, I hoped she saw it that way. She moved closer to me, her body almost submerged in the tub, her breasts floating towards me. I wanted to suck them, but I felt like a teenager on my first date. It had seemed so silly.Just as those thoughts had raced through me, she touched me, and I fell into her arms. I kissed her lovingly, never realizing how much I had wanted her. Her lips were soft, yet so on fire, they seem to burn my flesh as she sucked the water from my neck and collarbone, and oh. Oh the way she kissed my breasts — one then the other. There was that electrical feeling again and I didn’t realize it, but my own fingers were entering her, they touched on slippery heaven, sliding in easily, I watched as her mouth opened in a circle, izmit eve gelen escort purring sounds escaped from her, then her breath quickened and I started to move in wide circles in her, sometimes letting in the water that surrounded us. She put her fingers into me, just slightly in the opening, and then she spoke: “Cary, I don’t want to do this yet, can we go inside?” I didn’t answer her; I just led her out of the tub never removing my fingers and took her into the house. There in the kitchen, amidst the pots and pans I laid her on my hook rug, and just stared for a moment. She had turned herself away from me and then I felt her–her beautiful tongue just flipping the tip of my swollen clit . She flicked back and forth intensifying her pace and weight so that soon my clit danced on its’ own. While she licked me hot, I pushed in and out of her, and watched as her pussy opened and sweet liquid poured out onto my face. I drank from her. I felt waves building inside of me and I started to rock — yeah we both started rocking… Our bodies were locked in some primal dance of lust. Tho we had been friends forever, it was like the first time we had ever seen one another. It was that longing from so far inside of yourself, the one that is always there in the background, you can feel it growing. You have no idea for so long where its going, but you can feel it inside of you…yearning, aching. We laid together in the early hours before dawn. The world held new colors in the joy I had found in her arms. What had been fantasy for so long now took new shape and feeling…tho intense, welcomed. Carol Marie Copyright 1998

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