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fantasyThis is a fictional story, a personal fantasy of mine———-“Cum to my place, I need you 😉 xxx” Was the message I recieved from her. Needless to say you do not pass up on an invitation like that so I had a quick shave and a shower, got dressed and headed out to find my ‘girl’.When I arrived in her apartment it was pitch black except from the candels lit down te corridor, guiding me to the bedroom. Feeling the blood start to rush away from my head and into my cock I proceeded hastily down to the bedroom. I opened the door, expecting to see my lover but there was a note and a pile of clothes on the edge of the bed instead.”Put me on x” the note read so I dutifully got undressed and began to robe myself in the clothes she wanted me to wear. A matching pink bra and panty set which i happily slipped on as well as some lovely stockings with a suspender belt. I was so excited that my dick stood fully erect in the panties, enjoying the wonderful feeling of silk against me. My shaven legs looked so good in the stockings too, I was desperate for her to come in so we could start the fun.The bathroom door opened isveçbahis yeni giriş and there she stood, my perfect “woman”. Clad in a dominatix suit, whip in hand and adorable penis which was 5 inches semi hard, she looked at me with pure sexual lust and desire, licking her lips and walking slowly over to me. She placed her head on my shoulder and breathed sensually into my ear,”I am going to give you a night you will never forget…” My whole body shivered with these words, she giggled softly, enjoying the unspoken bond between too people who need each other, who need to connect to each other and enjoy passionate, heart felt love making.”Now turn around for me…”I turned so I faced the bed, my back to my lover. All of a sudden the lights went out. Not the candels but she had placed a blindfold around my eyes, obscuring my vision completely. The only thing I was aware of was her hands, tickling and teasing everypart of my anatomy. Slowly caressing and tickling my panty clad ass, running her gloved hand gently over the tip of my cock, sticking up out of the panties, moving them isveçbahis giriş sensually up my body to my breast, slipping her fingers into the bra and teasing my sensitive nipples, making me moan in pleasure.”Hmm, someone need some release? Hehehe””Mmmm, yes mistress” I breathed out heavily.”Well, as you are looking like a such a sexy girlie I suggest you bend over for your mistress to reward you.”Without hesitation I bent over the bed, my ass stuck right up in the air, waiting for her to slip her gorgeous cock inside me. Instead I heard a powerful thwack! as her whip cut through the air onto my pantied bottom.”OW!” I screamed.”Now now, keep quiet baby, take it like my good girl and you will get your reward.””Yes mistress”thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack!My ass was stinging and burning with each lash of the whip, but it was so horny it was turning me on to be so thoroughly dominanted by her. When she had enough of the whipping, she pushed me further on to the bed and ordered me on to all fours. I obeyed and she began stroking my ass, making the sensation even more vivid and painful.”Hehe, lets isveçbahis güvenilirmi take these sexy panties off you, I want to see how much damage I did. If it is enough, your hole is next up for my abuse”With that she ripped my panties off my legs and not saying a word, started spitting on my ass hole, lubing it up for her wonderful cock.She slid it inside me and I moaned with peasure and had cum within a few thrusts of her rock hard penis. She didn’t care, my ass was hers for as long as she wanted asnd she knew it. She started slowly, teasing my ass with gentle thrusts, the wonderful sensations being enjoyed by us both as she did me doggy style.”Mmmm, nice and tight, just how I like my prey”She began thrusting harder, i felt pleasure mixed with pain as my hole was being stretched by her eight inch, fully hard cock. THis lasted for hours, her fucking and teasing my ass until she had enough, she wanted to cum and I was going to feel it. The fucking turned into heavy pounding. Our breathing got quicker and I was screaming between the thrusts at the top of my lungs.”Mm… mm… mmm… get ready bitch, im cumming!”Suddenly what felt like gallons of hot fluid exploded out of her cock, right up my ass hole. It felt so good to have her shemale juices inside me that I came again! When she had fully emptied herself, she flopped forward on to me and we collapsed on the bed.To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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