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Subject: Family Redefined – Part 4 This story is fiction based on a fantasy involving hot sex between members of the same family. If this offends you, stop reading. Also, the story depicts unsafe sex with the understanding that HIV/AIDS and other STDs do not exist in the story’s universe. I am always interested in your opinions. Hit me at: ail Thanks…Papa Alan PLEASE remember: Nifty Archives needs your support through generous financial donations. This is the only way they can continue to provide these wonderful stories. We need this forum to share rotica and fun, so keep Nifty going! fty/donate.html ============================ Family Redefined – Part 4 …”Daddy, I don’t ever want to have sex outside of our family again. It’s just the three of us from now on, right, guys?!” I said. “I don’t know, Don,” Colin answered. “Josh and I had a really great time tonight. I’m not ready to give up sex with everybody else. I want to be part of this family, but I want a life too.” Daddy said, “Look fellas. It’s very late and we don’t have to solve anything right now. Let’s all go to bed and talk again in the morning.”… In the morning, I woke up with Daddy’s arms wrapped around me and his hard cock poking me in the back. My cock was wide awake too, and I couldn’t resist. I rolled over slowly, trying not to wake Daddy. I moved down and kissed the head of his mighty love muscle and sucked it into my mouth. I pumped him up and down, slobbering all over his shaft to get him lubed up. He tasted so delicious and sweet this morning. He was leaking tons of precum. Daddy was now awake, though a little groggy. I rolled him onto his back, I shoved some spit up my ass and I got on top of Daddy and rode his cock bronco. I sat on Daddy’s dick and it slid right in. I rocked back and forth on his rod. Then I started to pump up and down on his shaft, filling my gut with his hot throbbing meat. Daddy held my hips and pushed back against me so we were as deep together as we could be. I reached down and tweaked and twisted Daddy’s big, red nipples. He started to jack me off watching me ride him. He rubbed a hand over my hairy chest and pinched my nipples too. We both squealed with delight. It wasn’t long, though, until Daddy let me know he was ready to seed me. I took a few more pumps, then Daddy held me down on his cock while he shot his huge load of Daddy seeds into me. I felt the warm cream fill me up and ooze out of me, dripping onto Daddy’s balls. My cock blew a fountain of thick teen cum on Daddy’s chest and stomach, some even hit his face. I leaned down and licked the cum off his face and chest, then I pressed my lips to his and swapped cum with him. I climbed off him and took his cock in my mouth. I could taste his cum mixed with my ass juices, I could smell and taste both of us. We finished and went to shower together. In the other room, Colin and Josh were just waking up. They find themselves in a tangle of legs and arms, with hard cocks pressed against each other. No greetings are needed, they move quickly into a 69 and devour each other’s rockin’ hard teen cocks. Their slurping and sucking is audible and hot. Joshy feels pressure against his rosebud and he pushes out a little. Colin’s fingers slide right in and start to escort bayan rub against Joshy’s gland. Josh returned the favor by shoving his fingers into Colin’s ass. The suck and finger-fuck each other until their moaning and pumping gets louder. Together, the two boys let their morning loads pour into their friend’s throat. They suck and swallow every drop of hot, sweet boy cum. Then they head for the shower. Today is WrestleMania! There’s a cosplay show during the day with merch and guys giving autographs. Then the big show is tonight. We came prepared for cosplay; I even packed for Daddy. We each had singlets that were one size too small. The spandex stretched across our muscled chests, exposing our chest hair. Our cocks were also on full display in the tight spandex pouches. Daddy’s singlet was perfect. Every muscle in his body was accented by the tightly stretched spandex. We also had wrestling boots to wear to complete the look. The show was in the arena across the street from the hotel, so we would fit right in with the other cosplay folks who would be dressed like their favorite wrestlers, male and female. There would be a lot of guys like us, dressed in simple wrestling gear. There would also be several opportunities to match wrestling skills with other amateurs visiting the show. With no pockets and nothing left to the imagination, Daddy decided to be the hero and put all our needed belongings into a small cross-shoulder bag. He carried our tickets, our IDs, a couple poppers, some lube, and our keys. He also had a surprise for us. “Just a minute, boys, I want you to put these on.” He handed each of us a cock `n’ ball ring set. We stripped off our singlets and maneuvered our manhood into the rings. When we pulled our singlets back on, our cocks were even more prominent. Daddy smiled. “Now, everyone will know what they are missing.” We went downstairs, grabbed a muffin and some milk. Then We boldly walked outside and across the street to the arena. We fit right in, since nearly everyone there was dressed for wrestling. We stood in line, and there was a lot of staring going on as guys checked out the packages around them. You could tell who was really interested and who was just glancing for comparison. It was stacking up to be a great day. Once inside, we walked around to get the general feel of the place and where things were located. There were merch vendors and food vendors. There were several small stages around the hall where wrestling stars were talking to fans and signing autographs. The best part was that they were all in their wrestling shorts, leaving their hot, hard chests out for all to admire. I have always gravitated toward the hairy wrestlers, so I led the group across the floor to one of my favorite stars, The Big Greek. He was huge. He had to be at least 6′-6″ and 300lbs. His chest was covered in thick, dark fur and his shorts were form-fitted around his monster cock. We waited in line to get his autograph. As we got closer, we saw that the star was welcoming each fan to come right up next to him on the stage. He chatted with each one for a minute, signed their autograph, and then gave each one a long bear hug. I was chubbing just watching them. When it was my turn, I ran up on the stage kocaeli escort bayan and started talking a mile a minute. “Slow down, son,” the Greek said, “Take your time.” “Sorry, sir, it’s just so exciting to meet you and to see your hot, hairy chest up close.” `O shit! I said that out loud!’ I thought. “Oh, us, well, I’m flattered, son.” He said. “Not sure anyone’s ever been that bold and honest with me before. Let me sign your book, and then I’ll give you a feel of what you seem to like, up close and personal.” He signed my program book and then he grabbed me. He pulled my arms around in front of me and placed my hands firmly against his hairy chest. Then he pulled me into a bear hug, picked me up, and ground his cock into mine. I felt a wet spot forming at the tip of my chubby cock. The Greek held me like that for a minute and then put me down. He glanced down at my crotch and smiled. “I see you enjoyed our little encounter today. Have a great day and enjoy the show tonight.” I put my program in front of my crotch and went to join the family. I was blushing and hiding my crotch. I had to laugh when I saw that there was a small wet spot on the front of Daddy’s singlet too. We walked around the show and collected more autographs. When we got to the North side of the show hall, we saw a long row of what looked like large cubicles defined by pipe and drape dividers like you see at conventions all the time. At one end was a table with a man and woman standing behind it. The sign said, “Wanna wrestle?” “What does that mean,” I asked. “It’s a new thing,” the woman started. “There are eight sections, each one is a wrestling ring with mats. You can challenge anyone willing to step into the ring with you, or you can challenge one of our pros.” The man added, “You boys might want to be careful here. Don’t want you getting hurt.” And he smiled a mischievous grin. Daddy spoke first, “I challenge this kid here, my son.” “I accept the challenge,” I said. Joshy and Colin asked if they could challenge a pro as a team. She said, “Sure, It doesn’t look like you’ll have much of an advantage.” We paid and the man led us into a changing area. He told us all to strip and then handed us spandex shorts like the pros wear. Daddy and I went into the first ring, Colin and Joshy went into the third one. There was no referee, just us. We came at each other and bumped our hard hairy chests together with a loud grunt. Then we took the stance and tried to take each other down. Daddy was still strong and in great shape. I’m strong too, so we’re kind of at a stalemate. I grab the rear waistband of Daddy’s trunks and pull hard. He winces a little and I get away from the hold. Now we’re pacing in circles, sizing each other up like animals. I lunge at Daddy and miss. He comes at me and I deflect him. We spar like this until Daddy makes a sudden move and grabs me around the waist, and throws me on my back. He sits on my abs and knocks the wind out. He pins my shoulders for the count. It’s 1-0. I decide to make it interesting and I pull my trunks off and wait for Daddy to attack my nude body. He pulls off his trunks and we stand there facing each other, father and son, hot, sweaty, and hairy. Our cocks kocaeli escort start to react and I lunge at Daddy. I stun him and knock him off his feet. I sit down, trying to impale myself on his hard cock. I slow down and Daddy guides his cock into place, and I keep pressing down until his rocket is buried in me all the way. I pump up and down on Daddy’s shaft, and I look down at his handsome face, his hairy, chiseled chest. I can’t believe how lucky I am. This just doesn’t happen for everyone. At 18 years old, I am riding my own father’s cock. It blows me away. I feel like I’m watching this and it’s the best porn ever. A hot, gorgeous, hairy Daddy is fucking his hot, hairy teen aged son. Daddy is now stroking my cock and I can’t stop. My erotic thoughts and his handling of my cock have brought me to the edge and my cum spews out onto his chest and stomach. Just then, I feel the hot river of his cum filling my ass. Daddy slides out of me, and I lean over to clean Daddy’s cock with my tongue. He returns the favor on me. Then we share the cum off his chest and stomach. We pull on our trunks and exit the ring. In the changing area a man asked us who won. Daddy said, “We ended up calling it a draw.” Meanwhile, Joshy and Colin had picked their favorite pro wrestler, Prince Albert. He’s a big, hairy dude, with a ton of ink, and huge muscles. He takes his name from the PA piercing he has in the end of his enormous cock. The man accepted. He came into the ring in his trunks. He walked up to Joshy and Colin and said, “OK, guys, I get it. You want to have some fun in here, getting all sweaty together and rubbing our hairy bodies together. I’m down for that. Before it’s over, we’re all gonna be naked and my cock will breed you both. Assume the position.” Colin was first in the ring. PA rushed him and picked him up with one arm and slammed him on the mat. Then he lay on top of him, pinning his shoulders. At the count, PA jumped up and grabbed Colin’s trunks and yanked them down and off before he could get up off the mat. “Nice,” said PA, “One down.” Colin slipped off to the sideline and Joshy stepped into the center of the ring. They took the stance and Joshy rushed PA, but when he hit, it was like hitting a wall. He did manage to grab the waistband of PA’s trunk and pulled them down to his ankles. PA laughed and kicked them off. Joshy stood speechless, staring at PA’s enormous fat cock. His mind left the wrestling match and went straight to cock sucking. He knelt down in front of PA, and sucked his cock into his mouth before PA knew what happened. Joshy rushed over and started to massage PA’s hairy chest, rubbing his sweat all over the matted hair. He pinched PA’s nipple and chewed on them. PA let his knees buckle and the three of them landed on the mat, Colin still making love to PA’s chest, and Joshy devouring his monster cock. Colin ended up fucking PA while Joshy ate his cock. Colin left his cum dump inside Pas, PA left his inside. Joshy got himself off and sprayed his cum all over PA’s hairy chest. Colin and Joshy stood looking down at PA, lying on the mat. Colin smiled, “You were right about one thing, Prince, we all got naked. I just switched the breeding around.” Prince grinned big and jumped up to pull the boys into a bear hug. “I like you boys. Come back anytime.” Colin and Josh caught up with Donnie and Daddy out on the convention floor. They exchanged wrestling stories and decided they should eat something before the main event starts. [TO BE CONTINUED]

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