Family Paries and Aftermath

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Note: This is not the Jeremy or Aimes story. This is before Jeremy and after Aimes. I will continue other stories later..

I had built up quite a reputation at my school. The boy prone to injuries who use to be “Best friends” With Aimes Jefferson. The one who kept to himself and did not put up with other peoples shit. People began to try to talk to me, to notice me.

School had just ended for November Thanksgiving break. I had already been flooded with text messages to hang out, go places, eat and go out of town with others families. I ignored them, I would not acknowledge anyone until I knew why I was so popular all of a sudden.

The first day into the vacation there was a party. A family party. My aunt was hosting a fundraiser for her church. My family and her family along with family friends of ours and there’s were there. There was a boy there, a boy to say the least. He was tall and tan. His hair was shaved and he was wearing nice black pants and a black shirt. He had on these suspenders that pulled his shirt back showing the outline of a beautiful chest.

I kept noticing him, not because he was hot, but because he kept looking at me. A contributing factor was also that he had been at other parties and I wasn’t related to him. He would serve wine at the bar, obviously to young to be doing so. He would make his rounds at the party, busting a move every now and then on the dance floor.

The funny thing was, it looked like he was doing all this for me to notice him. I did what I do best and ignored him.

The break had ended and the first day back to school was like any other. I went to class and did what I had to do. Random people came up to me talking and I didn’t pay attention. I was gazing out the window in fourth period when I almost stopped breathing. Walking across the way was him, the boy from the party!

I thought he didn’t go to this school, he seemed like a private school kid from down the road. He walked past the window and I had to follow.

I excused myself from the classroom and followed him. He seemed not to have notice me and kept going. He went into the bathroom and after a minute I went in too. He was in the stall the farthest to the wall. I took the stall next to it. I didn’t know what I was doing and why I was there.

I began to hear grunting. He was mumbling şişli bayan escort something. Breathing heavily. I don’t know why, but my dick began to grow. He started saying things like “Oh yah, suck me”. It was until then that I realized he was jerking off since there wasn’t anybody else in there, judging by the feet on the floor.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I took off my shorts and took my cock in my hand. I began to jerk furiously, thrusting my hips up and down. I was getting close, he was breathing faster. I shoved my hand against the stall wall and his hit the same spot, but on the other side. I began to cum, I heard moaning from his side which indicated he was too. I cleaned up and exited the stall the same time he did. We ran into each other and he pushed me against the wall on accident. “Um, uh, sorry” I said. “No big deal” he said, still pressed up against me. “Uh, I have to go now” I said. “Oh yah, erm, right” he said.

I rushed out of the bathroom, completely intoxicated.

The following weeks I jerked furiously to this moment and what happened. It was so hot to me.

I hadn’t seen him at school, then I thought I never saw him at school.

My school days dragged on as normal. Same occurrences everyday. One night I went home and plopped on my bed, exhausted. My arm fell from the bed to something on the floor. I reached under and picked it up. It was last year’s yearbook. I had been wondering where that went too.

I opened it and flipped through the various pictures. But one in particular caught my eye. It was the boy I had been fantasizing about. HE was with two other boys and they were jumping for joy with a trophy in their hands. The best part was, they were in speedos.

His body was just like I expected, chiseled and godlike. I jerked off and off and off to this. The picture said “Juniors Jake Harding, Matt Kelter, and James Boehner celebrate their victory”. Jake Harding. He was him. He was a senior now though! And me, a sophomore. A mere blip on the radar.

I began to think of him more and more. School dragged on and on and on.

One day after school I was in the locker room, cleaning. I had gotten in trouble for a lot of tardys and this is how I had to deal with it. It was two hours after school was finished and I was almost done. The boy’s water polo team had just been in şişli escort here and I took extra long to gaze at their bodies and their scantily clad bodies.

I was going through picking up towels when I heard whistling. I went into the bathroom and someone was in the stall. Perfect. Now I had to wait for them to leave so I could lock up. I picked up a bag of trash and was walking it out to the dumpster. I picked up the bag and as I was lifting it, it broke. And tissue and food went all over me. Ew.

I ran back to the locker room, stripping my clothes and throwing them into a bag. I Jumped in the shower and began to let the water fall over me. It was cold, unbelievably cold. I turned to the wall and leaned against it. The shiver causing me to convulse. I didn’t notice that a shower next to me had been turned on. “You can share my shower if you want” I heard someone say. I looked over to see Jake standing there, his speedo clinging for dear life to his body.

“Th-th-anks, b-b-b-b-ut im f-f-f-inwe.” I stammered out. “Come on, mine super hot, and besides you could catch a cold” I smiled and ran over to his shower. He stepped aside and I stood under his shower head. I still shivered uncontrollably as the warm water flowed over me. I turned and leaned my head against the wall, in attempt to hide my dick, and in attempt to feel more comfortable.

All of a sudden, he wrapped his arms around my stomach, holding me from the back. “Your shivering dude, here ill warm you” he said. He began to run his hands up and down my stomach in a pathetic attempt to create friction.

“T-t-hanks” I said. I still couldn’t believe what was happening. He turned me around and hugged me from the front, placing my head under his neck and his head on top of mine. My hard dick pressed in between us. “A little happy I see?” he said. I turned bright red.

“Its ok, my dicks hard to” he said. I looked in between my chest and his beautiful abs to see his dick straining to the side in his speedo. HE leaned back a little looking at my eyes and said “Holy shit, your lips are purple, let me fix that for you. He leaned in and pressed his lips on mine. He began to kiss me passionately moving his hands towards my ass. I responded. I moved my hands up and down his back when suddenly I was pulled upwards by my ass and I put my legs around his waste.

He mecidiyeköy escort held me up and Kissed me, pressing my dick against his hard nipple. He put me down and mumbled, “Still cold?” “Freezing” I said. He smirked and sais “I’ve always wanted a sophomore, especially you” He yanked his speedo down, revealing an erect 9.5 inch cock.

My jaw hit the pole. His magnificent, uncut cock was gorgeous. He pressed himself to me and began to jack both our dicks while making out with me. I thrust my hips up and down as he jacked us.

Jake pushed me against the wall and released our dicks. He started to kiss my neck, traveling down my body. He got to my nipple and abs, and licked them both. He outlined my abs with his tongue and kept going down. Finally he got to my 7.5 inch cock. He fondled my balls and said “Not bad sophomore.” I smiled.

Without hesitation he forced his head onto my dick and bobbed up and down. He swirled his tongue and squeezed my balls. He was amazing. HE kept bobbing up and down, occasionally staring up into my eyes. I was getting close, I began to tense up and he only kept going. I yelled “IM GUNNA CUM!” and no sooner that I said that, come was rushing out of my dick and into his mouth. HE slurped it all up, but didn’t swallow. He turned me around and pushed me against the wall. HE spat my cum into his hand and lathered my ass up and his dick. “You want it” he said. “Mhm”. Without hesitation he shoved his dick into my ass.

His size was unbearable but so good. He began to thrust in and out of me. I began to grunt and he did too. I turned my head around and made out with him while he fucked me. His pace increased and he began to thrust harder and harder. He took my hips and pulled them back hard and he shoved his hips in and came. It seemed like he came forever.

When he was done he pulled out of me. He turned me around and kissed me again. We cleaned up while making out. When we dried off and I put my spare change of clothes on he handed me his speedo. “Keep this. I want you to have a little piece of me” he kissed me “Come eat lunch with me tomorrow, I want to se you more” he said. He kissed me and then walked out. I put his speedo in my bag and apiece of paper fell out of it. It said “Jeremy, your fine and I love you.” It was followed by his number.

I walked out of the locker room and locked up. I walked by the dumpster and looked at the trash on the ground. “Thanks” I said.

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