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They were in a lesbian bar with a rather outre reputation. Unlike more demure bars that catered to gay women, Klit Klub had a rep for attracting women whose interest in each other was, if not entirely, at least partly sexual, frankly so. And that sexual vibe — attraction, desire, call it what you will — is what had Svetlana, the tall, buxom, older Slavic beauty pressing close to the lithe, waifish, younger Beth, an all-American pixie of just the sort Svetlana tended to relish. Yes, they were inches from each other now, drinks in hand, bodies radiant with heat, so close that it looked to an outsider that they were about to pounce on one another like a pair of cats in female heat. While they had said little that was provocative to each other, it was clear, lucidly, abundantly clear, that lust was in the air, that the erotic charge between these two was becoming quickly electric.

It was dark and crowded here, they were pressed closely together, and Beth happened to be wearing a rather short skirt. So at that moment Svetlana took a chance, lowering her hand and slowly gliding it up the bare, smooth thigh of an almost quivering Beth, her eyes glistening with arousal, with expectation. That hand of Svetlana’s traveled so very slowly, so very provocatively until it reached its destination and Svetlana found herself cupping the crotch of Beth’s panties. And that crotch? To call it merely damp would be such an understatement; it was soaked!

The evidence of the young waif’s arousal could not have been more profound, more obvious, or more welcome to the seductive Slav.

“Mmmmmmmmh,” Beth purred, her eyes closing part way for a moment to relish the sensation of Svetlana’s hand resting between her legs, squeezing the pubic mound softly, meaningfully.

Suddenly Beth reached down to put a hand on Svetlana’s arm.

“Hold on, I think before we go much further, I better go and use the bathroom. I’ll be right back, I promise.”

Beth gave Svetlana a quick kiss on the lips, a tender kiss, and then pulled away.

“Right back.”

Svetlana finished her drink, waiting for Beth. And waited a little longer. And then yet longer. She knew restrooms here could get pretty crowded on a weekend night, with lines snaking outside the doors. But looking in that direction, Svetlana could see no such lines. She started wondering, getting just a little uneasy. Could it even be that this pretty young thing got cold feet at what she may’ve felt was Svetlana’s too-brazen advance, and decided to slip away? That seemed unlikely, given her response and the kiss, but it was possible.

Finally, a few minutes later. Beth returned.

“Sorry I was so long.”

“Is everything okay?”

Svetlana could detect a slight look of discomfort on Beth’s face.

“Well, uh, not really,” Beth stammered, “I needed to pee and I peed, I peed an ocean. But I also really need to take a crap and I couldn’t. You know, I tried and I just couldn’t.”

“Constipated?” Svetlana asked, sympathetically.”

“Very,” Beth whispered, looking for the first time a little ill at ease herself, Avery, very constipated.”

Svetlana stepped closer, smiling warmly, running a comforting hand down Beth’s cheek.

“Maybe I can help, Beth,” Svetlana said, “you won’t believe this, but I’m a nurse, and I’m a nurse for a proctologist. I’m a proctological nurse. We can’t really go to the doctor’s office now, and I don’t think you’d want to, but if you’d like me to take you back to my place, I think I have everything there I need to help with your problem.”

Beth looked a little stunned.

“A proctologist’s nurse? You? Really?”

“Yes. Would you like me to help you?”

“I’d love it!” Beth said, almost with a passion, “I really could use some kind of help.”

In the car over to Svetlana’s place, she explained that she had been educated as a nurse in the Ukraine, and had been in the U.S. for almost ten years. Beth noticed that while Svetlana spoke with an accent, her English was virtually perfect, the phrasing, the grammar, everything. Svetlana went on to tell Beth that she worked for a female proctologist whose practice serviced almost exclusively women and children. She explained than many female patients were uncomfortable to see male doctors for procedures such as colonoscopies, or other colonic issues. And many men, for different reasons, also were rather uneasy about being examined and treated by a female proctologist.

When they returned to her home, Svetlana asked how long Beth had been constipated, how long it had been since she’d had a bowel movement. Beth confessed that it had been at least a week, maybe longer.

“That’s quite a long time,” Svetlana said, “you must really be packed inside. I can imagine how uncomfortable you must be feeling.”

“You know, to be frank, I’d do almost anything to be able to take a shit, a nice big shit that really emptied me out.”

Svetlana was taken aback a moment, but pleased, by the blunt way Beth expressed casino şirketleri herself about this. She would’ve expected her to be a little more circumspect and formal. But Svetlana had realized that most people really don’t know how to speak about issues involving defecation, constipation, other rectal matters, and revert to what some may feel is coarse language, but which Svetlana regarded merely as frank and familiar. She was used to that more blunt, colloquial mode of expression from her nursing experience in the Ukraine.

“Well, the issue isn’t so much taking a shit, as getting that shit out of you. Many doctors would immediately resort to laxatives by mouth. But I don’t like that. Sometimes they don’t work too well, they can be irritating and they make defecation… excuse me, I mean shitting — I know I can just be blunt and upfront with you — unpredictable.”

“So what do you suggest?”

“Well, suppositories can be useful, but they only begin to address the problem. With the kind of severe constipation you’re experiencing, Beth, sometimes more radical measures are called for.”

“Such as what?”

“Enemas — colonic flushing or irrigation — is one obvious approach. And there is mechanical extraction. In the office we use special instruments for this procedure. But in the Ukraine, where getting those instruments was often a problem, we were taught techniques of manually assisted extraction.”

“Does that mean what it sounds like it means?”

“Yes it does, it means sticking a hand up your ass, and pulling, scraping the shit out of it.”

“Wow! That sounds pretty extreme.”

“Well, it’s one way of taking care of your problem,” Svetlana told Beth.

“What do you think we should do?”

“Let’s examine you up in there first, okay? Let’s see just how a big problem you have. Why don’t you take off your clothes.”

Beth did not need much encouragement to do that, quickly undressing as Svetlana now took in the very appealing sight of the lovely waif’s smooth, lithe body. She had also noticed, as Beth pulled off her panties, that the crotch of those peach-colored panties was rather vividly stained with the wetness of arousal Svetlana had first detected when she had slid her hand between Beth’s thighs back in the bar. Svetlana herself was quite shapely, with a nice, round ass and big breasts. But she somehow had a bit of fetish for bodies like Beth’s, slender, tomboyish, with small breasts and narrow hips. And she was happy to see that Beth, like herself, did not shave down there and, in fact, had quite a luxuriant bush between her legs, a vivid contrast to her otherwise porcelain smooth, girlish body.

“What should I do now?”

“Come with me,” Svetlana said, leading Beth to her bedroom.

Beth took in the tastefully furnished, nicely lit room, quickly feeling comfortably at home, or as comfortable as possible, considering the circumstances.

“Why don’t you get up on elbows and knees,” Svetlana said as Beth quickly assumed the position, not shy in the least. Svetlana could not help noticing, with Beth sticking out her bottom like this, just how moist and gleaming that pussy of hers was. She couldn’t help softly running a fingertip up along the creamy notch of her vulva.

“Mmmmmmmh,” Beth purred quietly, like a suddenly aroused kitten, “if you keep on doing that we’ll never solve my problem, will we?”

“I’m sure we’ll get to this later,” Svetlana said, leaning down and whispering “eductively in Beth’s ear as she expertly flickered a fingertip over Beth’s engorged clit.”But right now let’s get to the matter at hand, literally.”

Svetlana pulled open a drawer and took out a tube of lubricating jelly, squeezing out a dab on her fingertip. Getting behind Beth, she first took in an eyeful of that sensationally cute, trim ass of hers, the puckered anus in full view with Beth in this position. She rubbed the jelly around the rubbery ridge of the sphincter and then slowly worked a fingertip inside.

“In the office, of course, I’ be donning a rubber surgical glove. But with your lovely ass, I think I can forego the glove and go in bare handed.”

Barely getting that fingertip through Beth’s anal passage and into the very lower end of her rectum, Svetlana could immediately feel it, feel the solid mass of shit blocking and clogging her colon. With practiced fingers, she probed the contours of the tip intruding from Beth’s rectum into her anal massage. Judging just from the breadth of the tip, the log of shit inside Beth was truly massive, and as hard as cement.

“You really are packed up inside there, completely plugged up,” Svetlana told her patient, “At this point I don’t know if an enema is going to do much good, or even if I can inject one into you. You’re so full, I don’t think there’s even room for an enema; it’ll just back out as soon as it gushes in. So I can try to get as much out with my hand as possible, but first I think we’d better insert a few suppositories to help loosen casino firmaları up the clogging at least a bit, to lubricate you.”

“I’m not surprised, it’s so long since I’ve been able to shit. And every day I’ve been feeling full and fuller.”

Svetlana took two suppositories from her drawer, and removed the foil.

“Let’s get these inside you,” she said, inserting the first suppository. She tried to wedge it between the immense fecal mass, the plug of shit, and the rectal wall to which the mass adhered. The shit inside Beth had built up to such dimensions, and it was so dense, and it had been inside Beth for so long that it’s as if it were glued to her rectal walls. Detaching it from those walls would be what Svetlana would have to do first, and working the suppositories into a groove she was creating between the plug and Beth’s colon was the first step.

“Now let’s give the suppositories a few minutes to melt and do their work,” Svetlana said, “and tell me? Just how did you manage to get so blocked? Have you had this kind of severe constipation before?”

Now Beth, still on all fours, turned her head to look at Svetlana, an odd little smile on her face, like the smile of someone about to willingly confess something she had been keeping a secret,

“I wouldn’ be telling you this in a doctor’s office, that’s for sure,” Beth said, “but, anyway, we met at Klub Klit and you were making me so wet and feeling up my pussy, so why keep the facts from you. What happened is that about ten days ago this woman picked me up at Klit and took me home. I’m not really a sub, but she was a domme and there was something very persuasive about her. To make a long story short, she strapped on a very large dildo and started fucking me, first my pussy, and then my ass. I told her that I probably should shit before she worked it in my ass — I remember I was feeling quite full then, inside — but she didn’t even give me chance and just worked it right in and fucked my rectum very hard and very deep and for a long time. The next day I felt blocked in there and couldn’t shit. And I haven’t been able to take a crap since then.”

Svetlana listened to all this, mesmerized. It’s not that she was so shocked; she, herself, quite aside from her proctological nursing was an intense devotee of anal and rectal play. But she nonetheless was a little stunned to hear this from Beth.

“What she probably did was pack in all the shit very deep into your colon with her dildo, which then created a blockage, the shit becoming condensed, and as more and more accumulated in your bowels, that plug kept you from being able to evacuate it all, to empty your bowels.”

“Yeah, that sounds about right. I should’ve known it. In the future I better be careful about who fucks my ass and how she fucks it.”

“So what we call a procedure like this is the ‘manual extraction of an impacted fecal plug or bolus. Or, in layman’s terms, I’m going to use my hand to pull that big mass of shit, that giant turd, out of your ass, Beth.”

“Anything you think I need… Nurse,” Bath said sweetly, and, at the same time, so very sexily.

“I think what I need is to take all my clothes off. This isn’t the office. Here, if my sexy little patient is going to be naked, then her nurse is going to be naked too,” Svetlana said, quickly shedding her clothes and revealing her womanly body to Beth, big breasted, full bottomed. Beth, looking back from her elbows-and-knees position, sure seemed to appreciate the sight, a roundly contoured body very much in contrast to her own.

“Okay, that should be long enough,” Svetlana said, this time squeezing a generous amount of lubricating jelly right onto Beth’s anus, then coating her own fingers with more. Then she began to slide fingers inside, first two, then another, then a fourth.

“From what you’ve told me you experienced, babe, this may not be as much of an ordeal for you as it would be for others,” Svetlana said, sliding in her thumb. Now, corkscrewing all five of her fingers, she slowly worked her hand into Beth’s rectum, watching Beth’s anal ring dilate more and more and more as she pushed her hand in and the anal sphincter surrendered and stretched. Svetlana hadn’t quite fully let it be known to Beth yet, but she wasn’t just a proctologist’s nurse for whom such dilation of the anal orifice was a medical routine; she, herself, was an avid devotee of intense anal sex with other women. And the stretching and extreme dilating of other’s women’s anuses or, or, as she much preferred to think of them, assholes, always thrilled her immensely. To see the ring open and stretch, and to open and stretch some more. And then even more. It amazed her, this ability of the anus to widen and widen and widen.

Now with her full hand deep inside Beth’s colon, Svetlana could really feel just how immense and hard this big mass of shit really was, this fecal plug, really quite astounding. And she’d had experience with more than one seriously impacted colon.

“Oh güvenilir casino god!” Beth gasped, groaning now as she felt an anal intrusion more profound that any she had probably experienced with a mere dildo.

“Just breathe deeply and, if you’d like, reach between your legs and play with yourself. You’ve let me know that anal play is very much part of your menu, so you might as well try to enjoy this too. I saw just how aroused you became earlier –you’re a very, very hot young girl, Beth — so just because I’m going to be probing your rectum with a health issue in mind, doesn’t mean you need to become any less excited and aroused.”

Beth took the hint, reaching down between her legs to play with herself.

Inside, Beth straightened her fingers so they formed a sort of shovel or spade or trowel, digging the five fingers into the crevice she was wedging between the immense colon-clogging turd, and the rectal wall against which it pressed. The technique was to deepen this wedge by running her fingers completely around the log, working those fingers deeper and deeper until she could feel the giant turd finally pull away from the walls of Beth’s colon. And then, having done that, to firmly grab hold of it and pull it out. Beth was brave, enduring it, Svetlana’s hand well inside her rectum now, well past the wrist. Now she used her hand to actually grab hold of the turd. She’d had experience dislodging fecal plugs from the impacted colons of profoundly constipated women, but never one this massive or dense or hard. It was as large as a very large, very thick cucumber, and as stiff.

Slowly, she pulled it out of Beth’s bowels, Beth wincing and groaning now as the hand about to be pulled from her ass was not just a hand, but a hand holding in its grip a log of shit of stunning width. This meant that, on withdrawal, her hand would be stretching the anal ring even more than upon entry, much more. And this further meant even more severe dilation for Beth and even more to endure, as a fine film of sweat formed on Beth’ back now as her anus was stretched to an almost unimaginable degree.

“Oh…. my… god!” Beth moaned, squirming, desperately clutching the sheets, enduring the shocking sensations. She was now fully experiencing just what ‘manual extraction of a large fecal plug from a rectum’ really meant.

As her hand withdrew from Beth’s rectal depths, Svetlana could now see with her eyes, for the first time, what she had dislodged, the end of it nesting in her hand. Inside, she could feel its immensity. But now, seeing it with her own eyes, she was even more stunned by its massive size and width. It was as though she was holding a big club in her hand, a big, brown plug, now slowly pulling that club out of Beth’s trim bottom which, of course, made the contrast between the slim ass and the what was being removed from it seem truly amazing.

Slowly she withdrew more and more of it. With this kind of manipulation she feared that a section of it would break off, and she’d need to go back in a few more times to retrieve the rest. But the turd was so solid, so long embedded in Beth’s colon and so dense and compressed, that it was coming out of her, being pulled out in one gigantic piece, one truly awesome length of hard-packed shit. Svetlana’s hand now had been fully withdrawn from Beth’s rectum and she was slowly pulling out the log, wondering just when it would end as more and more and more and more of it emerged.

There it was, nesting in her hand, Svetlana awe-stricken as she looked down at it and took in its stunning dimensions. Tapered at each end and uniformly thick through most of its length, the log of shit must’ve been almost a foot long, maybe even more, and wider than her wrist. Its bumpy contours revealed it as an almost a perfect cast of the full length of Beth’s now nearly emptied colon.

Beth was still breathing hard, sweating, dazed by the extreme ordeal she had just endured. But inside she could feel the amazing difference, something so incredibly clogged now almost emptied.

“Take a look,” Svetlana said, holding the giant log in her hand. The turd was so hard and dense, it didn’t even sag. It sat there like a wooden log.

Beth turned her head to look.

“Holy shit!” she gasped, then laughed, realizing just how apt her word was this time. “That’s what was inside me?!”

“That’s what was inside you,” Svetlana said as Beth turned on the bed to come closer, gazing at it. “Would you like to hold it?”

Beth looked up at Svetlana with bedazzled eyes; all this was so unexpected, so extreme. Meeting Svetlana, confessing her problem, learning this was actually a specialty of the Slavic nurse’s, having it removed from her bowels manually like this, looking at what had been removed, and now being asked if she wanted to hold it. To actually hold in her hand the mammoth log of shit that had just been dislodged from her own colon! And yet that was what she did, extending a hand as Svetlana carefully slid the giant turd from her own hand to Beth’s.

“Oh my god, it’s so heavy!” Beth said in amazement.

“Yeah, I bet if you got on a scale and weighed yourself right now, you’d probably weigh five pounds less than you did a few minutes ago.”

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