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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I’m back. I haven’t written anything in a while, and for that, I am sorry. But a girl’s gotta make a living and jobs suck. What can I say? Anyway, here’s a little something that I started writing a year ago before getting sidetracked. I hope you like it. It’s dirty.


Disclaimers: 1) This is a work of fiction and all of the persons depicted herein are purely figments of my imagination – any resemblance to any real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintended. 2) This story contains strong sexual themes and explicit language. If anything in this story offends you, you know where the door is and don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out. 3) This work is copyright protected – please don’t steal it or I will never submit anything else to this site ever again.


That was the year I got sent away.

My name is Bailey and this is the story of how I discovered who I really was. It was the summer after my first year at college. I had a pregnancy scare with my boyfriend. Mom found the pregnancy test while *helpfully* cleaning my bedroom. That night, after all of the shouting died down, my parents decided that I could use a summer working on my uncle’s dairy farm in West Virginia.

I had only ever seen my uncle a few times in my life at family get togethers. He and my father had grown up together on the farm, but my dad had gotten a scholarship to play baseball and left home at 17. My uncle stayed behind and took over the farm when my grandparents good to old for the hard, manual labor. I had never even visited the farm.

The farm itself is so far in the middle of nowhere that I couldn’t believe that there was that much nothing in all the world, let alone one single state. I flew into Wheeling where my aunt picked me up. We drove for a while on the interstate, then turned off onto a state road for a while, and then onto a dirt road for more than an hour before turning into the farm. The nearest town was back off the state road, and even that was barely civilization. It had a car wash, a general store, a farm supply and a tasty-freeze. Another mile up the road, there was a dumpy little building with no windows and a neon sign that said, “Del’s County Line Bar.” It had a little gravel parking lot. We passed it at about one in the afternoon and it already had a couple of pickup trucks and an old Lincoln Continental with mismatched wheels sitting out front. My aunt gave the place a disgusted sneer as we drove by.

So, this was it. My summer was to be spent imprisoned in redneck hell, far from any sort of human contact.

I was surprised, however, at how modern the actual farm was. I guess I was expecting to find my uncle standing out in front of a white-washed clapboard house wearing bib overalls and holding a hoe or something. In fact, it was highly industrialized with modern equipment and, I later learned, the entire operation was computerized and nearly automated, such that only a couple of hired hands could manage it. And, no, this is not a story about an innocent farm girl and a studly ranch hand. The workers were older men in their 40’s or 50’s and I never saw much of them.

I was put to work on more traditional (unskilled) farm work… weeding the garden, taking care of the chickens, collecting eggs, feeding the pigs, mucking horse stalls… that sort of thing. I wasn’t very good at it and I wasn’t very happy doing it. I’m ashamed to say that I gave my aunt and uncle a rough time of it, too, acting every bit the privileged city bitch about the situation.

After less than two weeks, they’d had enough of me. They arranged for their daughter, my cousin Frances, or “Frankie” as she was called, to come stay with us and, for lack of a better term, babysit me. Frankie was about six years older than me and worked as a kindergarten teacher in Wheeling, so she had her summer off. She arrived at the start of my third week at the farm. After she arrived, I hardly saw my aunt and uncle at all.

I hadn’t seen Frankie since I was a little kid and she was a gangly, freckle-faced teenager. At the time, she wanted nothing to do with me and istanbul escort I couldn’t care less about her. We’d both grown up a lot since then. She had become a very pretty young woman with a nice, tight body that she liked to pour into very tight jeans, at least around the farm, anyway. I, meanwhile, was nobody’s super model, but I had taken up tennis while I was at school and I was getting pretty fit myself. Still, I found myself feeling oddly intimidated by her and I began taking care of myself more; spending more time on my hair and putting on makeup every morning and wearing tighter fitting clothes.

It was so stupid, I know. There was no one around to impress and being competitive with her was just childish. But, at the time, it was subconscious. Like how guys will sit up straighter and puff their chest out more whenever a more muscular guy is around.

I was more than a little snarky with her for the first few days. I resented being babysat and I resented being sent away by my parents and I resented being treated like a child, and so I guess I showed it by acting like a child. I fully expected Frankie to fight me. It would have fed my petulance and in my mind, would have justified my rebellion.

But she didn’t. She was sweet and kind and patient. After a couple of days, she even seemed to be taking my side and made me feel like I had an ally. By the end of that first week, we had become more like sisters. After that, she and I actually started having fun. We’d make up games while working and at night, we’d lay out in the field, under a sky studded billions of stars and just talk for hours.

One night, after we cleaned up from dinner, Frankie came to my room with a couple of towels. She told me we were going night swimming in the pond. “Night-swimming” meant skinny dipping. With nothing else to do, I quickly agreed. The pond was located near the edge of the pasture at a low point on the property and was feed by a stream that ran through the north end of the farm. It was a hot, sticky night and as we undressed, we were attacked by a bazillion mosquitoes at the water’s edge. Shrieking and swatting at her arms and face, Frankie ran splashing into the water. I followed close after her and ended up slipping and falling into her arms. She caught me and held me while we both laughed.

She didn’t let go right away and I didn’t mind. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I’d had any sort of human contact and it felt nice to have her arms around me, just standing there naked, up to our necks in the pond. When she finally released me, I actually sighed. We played for a bit… swimming and splashing and talking. It occurred to me that she seemed to be coming into contact with me more than was necessary… nothing dirty… just… brushing past me, touching my foot, placing a hand on my back momentarily. It was nice and kind so I did my best to encourage her by swimming close to her and allowing myself to be within her reach.

Before long, touching became holding and playful tussling. At one point, our eyes locked mid-sentence and suddenly, I felt very close to her. She had her hand on my hip at the time and she just sort of leaned closer and closer as we were talking and then it happened. She kissed me. It was a total surprise and shock. I was overcome with panic… I don’t even know why. Maybe it was because I was so inexperienced or confused… By brain was screaming in my head, “What am I doing? I’m naked with a girl and we were kissing… Ohmygod it’s my own cousin! I’m naked with my cousin and we are kissing!” I scrambled out of the water and grabbed my towel and clothes and I ran. I didn’t even know where I was going – wet, naked and carrying my clothes… not to the farm house… I ended up in the barn and I flopped down on a hay bale and began crying. I didn’t know why I was crying. I had a thousand emotions flooding through me. I missed my home and my friends and my dipshit boyfriend who didn’t understand how condoms work… I felt alone and sad and ashamed that I had kissed my own cousin and even more ashamed that I had liked it and I was afraid. What if I was a total slut like my mother said when she found out I’d been having sex with my boyfriend? The mental image of avrupa yakası escort Frankie’s naked body in the moonlight had secretly turned me on. Was I a lesbian? What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I just go home?

Frankie found me. She had pulled on her jeans shorts and her tee shirt and she dropped to her knees next to me, placing her own towel over my shoulders. She was hushing me and caressing my shoulder, apologizing profusely. She was the only friend I had and I was mentally and physically exhausted and I rested my head on her shoulder. I stopped crying long enough to tell her to stop apologizing. I told her that it was my fault… that I was just a slut who couldn’t help herself.

Frankie fell silent. Then she giggled. “What was that?” she asked. “What did you say?”

I was confused. “I said that I was a slut and that I couldn’t help myself. I just give off some kind of sex vibe or something,” I replied. “I’m sorry. I’ve just been without any sort of…comfort… for so long.”

Frankie laughed at this. “Oh, girl,” she said, “You give off a sex vibe alright. But it’s not like you’re seducing me. You ain’t the first girl I’ve fooled around with, just the prettiest.” I was so confused. “Look,” she said. “It’s just natural. Here we are, two hot young women stranded all the way the hell out in the middle of nowhere with no way to get no release. Well, there ain’t nothing wrong with foolin’ around a little here and there. A woman’s got needs. Well, if there ain’t no man around, a woman’s got to make do. Plus, no man can touch a woman like another woman can. I think you’ll find that most women sneak in a little play session with a female friend every now and again… even them married, church-going, holier than thou bitches.”

I pondered that. It was certainly reassuring and, damn was she right about needing some kind of release. “But…” I began. It still didn’t feel quite right. “We’re… we’re cousins,” I blurted out. I had stopped crying and I was trying to dry my eyes with the back of my hand.

“So?” she said. “What? Are you afraid that we’re going to make two-headed babies or something?”

I laughed at that. “No, dummy,” I finally said. “But, I don’t know… it feels…”

“Real dirty?” She asked.

“Yeah!” I said.

“Yeah,” she replied. She was grinning and blushing. “Yeah, it does seem real dirty. Mmmmm. Reeeeeaaaaaaal dirty.” She grabbed my hand and slipped it up under her shirt. I could feel the full swell of her breast. “And that’s even dirtier,” she said, closing her eyes and feeling my hand on her skin. Out of reflex, my hand closed over her breast. I felt her nipple stiffen against my palm and nearly wet myself. I began caressing it and weighing it in my hand.

I felt her hand land on the inside of my thigh. I was still naked with just a towel over me and that had parted, leaving me exposed. Frankie leaned close to me, like before, in the pond. Only, this time, she had a hungry look on her face. Her eyes locked onto mine as I gave her breast a subtle squeeze. With that, she leaned in and kissed me hard. This time, I didn’t run. I returned the kiss, parting my lips and allowing her probing tongue inside to explore my mouth. I felt her hand slide up my thigh so high that I could feel her thumb twitching the soft hairs on my mons. I spread my thighs open wide and was rewarded with two over her fingers stroking the lips of my wet pussy. I moaned into her mouth and nearly came. When she slipped those two fingers inside my vagina and caressed my clit with her thumb, I did cum. Instantly. And hard. Bucking and shaking and holding onto her for dear life.

When it passed, I could still feel little after-shocks. Frankie broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, “You ARE a little slut!” I giggled. Frankie stood and in one swoop, dropped her jeans shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. Then she pulled her tee-shirt off, so that she stood there, naked before me as I sat on the hay bale. Her navel was at my eye level. I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her to me, laying my cheek on the hot skin of her tight tummy. I felt her fingers run through my hair. I kissed her belly and flicked her skin with bahçelievler escort the tip of my tongue.

Frankie eased back slightly and placed one foot up in the hay bale. Her fingers were still on my head and she guided me to her cunt. She was shaved but for a thin landing strip and I nuzzled my nose into it. With the tip of my tongue, I licked at her lips. The scent of her was overpowering and the taste was sharp. It was like her pussy was steaming vapors. I opened wide and allowed the flat of my tongue to run up the full length of her pussy, dividing her lips and opening her up. I felt her whole body shudder. I kept licking until she was sopping wet and then I brought my hand up, slipping two fingers and then a third inside her and began to pump them in and out slowly.

I looked up. Frankie’s eyes were closed and her head was bowed sideways. “Oh god yes,” she muttered without opening her eyes. “Suck my clit. Suck my clit, baby” she began to beg. Still looking up at her, I closed my lips over her clit and began to suck it and to flick it with my tongue. I kept up the pumping motion with my hand and before long, Frankie began to quiver. She clenched her fingers into my hair, threw her head back and began to grunt. I thought she had cum and was about to stop when her real orgasm finally hit. She shook hard and her knees went weak, causing her to slump down onto my lap. I lost contact with her clit, but I kept my fingers in her twat. Still shaking, she rested her head on my shoulder so I turned and sucked on her neck, right below her ear. “Oh GOD!” she shouted as she convulsed at that, falling backward.

She was on her back, panting and gasping. “TOO much!” she finally managed to say. And then, after a bit, “Oh wow. Oh wow. That was… Come here!” she held her arms up. I obliged and lay down on top of her, into her waiting arms. She squeezed me tight and kissed me all over my face.

When she finally calmed down, we just lay there for a little bit. “Ok,” she started to say, “Playtime is over…”

“Un-uhh” I cut her off. “You got the good stuff. I just got a little quickie. You gotta eat MY pussy like I ate yours.”

Frankie’s eyes lit up and she cracked a big smile. “Then get up here, dummy” she said. She pulled my hips up so that I was straddling her with my knees on either side of my head. “You sure you can handle this?” she asked. I said that I was willing to give it a go. With that, she buried her face in my cunt. It was like a carnival had suddenly appeared. In the near darkness, I saw flashing lights and stars. I had never felt anything like it in my life. Her mouth was hot and wet and her tongue probed me inside and all over. Because I had just cum, I couldn’t quite get there right away again, so it went on and on and I was ready to explode.

I felt her finger, slim and slippery with my own juices, begin to trace small little circles around my anus. I had never felt that before, but it was like she had turned the pleasure knob up ten notches. I tried to spread more to give her better access, but I was quacking losing control. After a bit, I felt a little pressure then realized that the tip of her finger had entered my ass. I could feel it moving around inside the tight ring. It felt so dirty and so wrong. It pushed me over the edge and I came for the second time. It was glorious and when it passed, I rolled over and lay next to Frankie, just basking in her presence.

For the rest of the summer, we’d sneak off whenever we could and fool around. Every morning when I woke up, I’d think, “Today, I am going to fuck my cousin!” and it would make me smile and touch myself. It never stopped feeling naughty and dirty and I began to crave it. But, like all good things, that summer eventually ended.

I was sad when I had to leave, but when I got back to college for the start of the next semester, I made up my mind to find someone to play with whenever I was feeling lonely or down. As it turned out, I found several girls who were willing to get down and dirty every now and again. I still keep in contact with a few of them, but now that I have a full-time job, a fiancé (yes, I still like boys, too), and a wedding to plan, finding the time and energy for play time is getting harder and harder to do.

Fortunately, Frankie still gets her summers off, and sometimes, she makes the trip out to visit. I mean what could possibly be better than raunchy, filthy, taboo sex to recharge the batteries every once in a while? Does that make me a slut? It does, doesn’t it?

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