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Euro GirlfriendA previous girlfriend when I lived in Europe used to swallow everytine we would fuck. The first time was when we were sharing a bed after a party we had been to. We were not in relationship yet, just two friends trying to get e decent sleep. A few hours after we fell asleep I woke up to find her sleeping snuggled up to me. She was pretty with freckles and strawberry blonde hair. She looked rather beautiful as she lay there. I thought about what an idiot I was that I hadn’t made a move yet and sad that I thought she probably didn’t like me enough to make a move herself. I put me head back down to sleep but couldn’t get comfortable with her pushing up against me. I moved my arm and eventually was able to bend it and put it behind my head, her head was now just below. I got off to sleep but woke later with her head on my arm. Now I definitely couldn’t move unless I woke her. I took the opportunity to look at her lovely face again. As I stared she opened her eyes and stared back at me. I couldn’t close my eyes quickly, I had been made already! She gazed at me then leant in to kiss me! I let her come at me, feigning some surprise. She cranes her head towards me and kissed me again, harder this time on the lips and lingered there to see if I would kiss her back. Idiot or not, this was a no brainer. I kissed her back, she turned toward me and put her arm over my chest, squeezing herself against me like she had won a prize. She kissed me again, this time with open lips and a little bit of tongue. I kissed her back and after a few seconds it had already turners French and she moans as she pushes her tongue down my throat, her arm pulling me close to her and throwing a leg over me. She starts to rub her thigh against my crotch, and wakes my cock. I turn towards her and pull her waist towards me, my cock jutting out and poking her in her groin. She gasps and her hand darts under the blanket to grab my dick. She kneads it and massages it making it bigger and ping up towards her belly. My hand reaches down to grab her arse, Pulling her close to me, she arcs her butt back, I slide my hand along her buttock crack and place a finger over her pussy bahis firmaları which I can feel through her trousers. She gasps and arches back a bit more giving me easier access. I slide my hand under the waist of her trousers and feel her skin and thong. My hand slides down again and I feel her pussy against my middle finger. It is soaking wet, I can almost hear it. I massage her hole a little, the palm of my hand against her arse hole. She keeps pushing back and my finger slips past her thong and pretty much ends up in her cunt. She shudders and stays frozen still in anticipation of my next move. I continue to slide my finger in till it’s knuckle deep, then I withdraw it and reach down further to find her clit. I use my other fingers to part her Pussy lips and then my middle finger starts to tap on her clit very slowly. She can’t take anymore of this and disappears under the covers towards my dick. She releases it from my jeans while she is down there and then I feel her pull the foreskin back kiss the tip and then plunge it into her mouth. It was fucking amazing! She used her tongue to lick the underside of it while she sucked and blowed and used her hand to jerk me off into her mouth. I can’t say I lasted long at all. I drew the covers back to tell her I was going to cum while caressing her hair and face. She looked up at me and continued to suck me off. She gently cupped my balls and deep throated me which of course took me to that point I couldn’t help but start thrusting myself into her mouth. She stopped jerking me off and let me fuck her face. She occasionally had to push on my thighs to stop me banging her head off her shoulders, but she continued to lick my cock as it thrust into her. I couldn’t hold back any longer and whispered to her that I was cumming, expecting her to pull me out of her mouth and jerk me off. She kept right on sucking my cock, eventually just leaving the tip in her mouth when I started to cum. It felt like buckets were coming out. She gently tugged on my balls and tongued the underside of my cock, sucking the cum out of me. She continued to keep me in her mouth swallowing everything that I gave her. She jerked kaçak iddaa me off a few times to make sure it was all out, cleaned me up my sucking it down more and then rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom, where I heard her gargle and spit a few times. I got up and went over to her, “K******, that was amazing, you didn’t have to do that”. “My turn now” she says leading me to the living room. She pushes me onto the sofa and straddles me. My dick is so hard again that she giggles when it stops her from sitting on my lap. She moves to lie down instead and places my hand on her tummy. I look at her and know what she wants, I get her to lift her butt and pull her trousers off. I leave her thong on. She has gorgeous shapely legs while pale freckles skin. I can see her pubic hair just peeking out from the sides of the thong. I kiss her tummy a few times before I lower my head to her soaking wet thong. I start to tongue her pussy through it, tasting her musty sweet pussy juices. She arches her back and groans when I near her clit. Soon my tongue is sliding against it, the thong now in the way is removed. Her partly shaved pussy is dripping wet, the labia swollen and parted to reveal her hole. I drop my head down to run my tongue up and down her juicy cunt, sometimes starting at her arse hole. She squeals when I pout the tip of my tongue into her butt hole. But what she really likes is when I place my whole mouth over her pussy and run the flat of my tongue against her clitoris. She groans and squeezes my head between her legs pushing my mouth into herself with her hands. She starts to grind herself against my face, she gushes into my mouth before I push two finger inside her which sets her off shuddering to a massive orgasm. She goes off for a good minute or so, I am sure she is squirting into my mouth it is so wet. Her legs clamp my head in place as she bucks her hips and grinds her pussy against me. She stops and pushes my face away before grabbing me and kissing me deeply on the mouth. She obviously likes the taste of her pussy because my face is covered in it. She pushes me down onto my back and position her self over my cock, which is dripping kaçak bahis wet now with pre cum. She stops and shuffles down a bit so that she can get it in her mouth again. She sucks up my pre cum and spits it back onto it, before lowering her cunt onto me. She is so tight. She bounced up and down on me kissing me hard on the mouth. “Tell me when you will cum again” she says between bounces. Her feet are placed either side of my thighs. I reach up and pull her top off to reveal her perky tits with hard nipples. I start to suck on them, she moans some more and reaches down to rub her clit. She screams a little and squirts onto my belly, I can feel her pussy contracting in another orgasm. She close her eyes and bounces deeper for longer, really grinding down on me so that her clit rubs against me. She reaches back and caresses my balls, arching her back and rubbing herself against me. I pull her back down to tell her that I’m going to cum soon. She kisses me hard on the mouth before she stands up and turns around getting into a 69 position with one of her legs standing on the floor. She lowers her pussy towards my face and starts to grind against me face, before she deep throats my cock again. I push up into her hot mouth, she pushes her head down. I can’t hold back. I start to thrust up into her mouth, and she starts to grind down on my face, her clit is scr****g against my teeth as I have no where to withdraw my head to, her buttocks start to convulse, and she moves her pussy lower so that I am now tonguing her arse hole. She reaches back with her hands and pulls her arse open slowing my tongue to get in further before she reaches down and starts frantically rubbing her clit. I pull her pussy open and start sucking on her clit, she puts her hand over her buttocks and starts thrusting some fingers into her pussy. She screams onto my cock as her pussy floods my mouth. She sits up on my face grinding down onto me. I can hardly breath, my nose full of her squirting pussy. She gradually stops grinding on me to be able to put me back in her mouth where I release the biggest load of cum I have ever felt. It goes on for ages, she swallows and gags, then swallows and jerks me off. She sucks every last drop up out of me. Then lies on top of me and smiles. “That was beautiful” I say. She kisses me, “I want that again this evening, can I stay here tonight again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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