Erotic Errands

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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I was thankful for that since it was my groceries and errand running day. I actually enjoyed it for the most part, I got out of the house; no kids no husband, no talking, no sentences that start with “Can I? or can you?” to deal with. Just me, my Starbucks iced mocha latte treat, and my music blaring drowning out any unnecessary realities. After leaving HomeSense I looked across the parking lot and saw the stag shop. I was running low on my favorite organic lube and decided since it didn’t look busy to run over.

I was greeted by a very perky early thirty something Latina lady named Elena. She reminded me of Honey Gold, my favorite porn star. I’m not a lesbian, but if I had to make the switch, she could definitely go down on me. She asked me if I needed any help, and I said smiling that I was good, just picking up some lube. Tilting her head slightly, Elena asked me if I’d seen this new one, they got in a few weeks ago. Same brand, new flavor and totally safe for toys and personal use. I said “no” and followed her to the shelf, her ass swayed so rhythmically in her black Lululemon tights it could have hypnotized you. Juicy Cherry. She offered to let me taste it and opened a sample bottle and told me to stick out my finger and she put a few drops on the pad of my index finger and did the same for herself. We both chuckled a bit at trying to get it in our mouths before it started dripping. It was a playful moment and became slightly more suggestive when she got a wipe out and cleaned my fingers off trailing her nails down my palm. I was a little astonished, but played it off and looked at her a little slyly, I wasn’t sure if I was misreading the situation, but I’m old enough to know what’s what. She confirmed I wasn’t crazy when she licked her lips and bit her lower lip with a devilish look. She took me by the hand and said she wanted to show me something else they just got in that was all the rage and she thought I might like it.

A suctioning clit stimulator with a remote……

How could I not buy it! Honestly, she got me a little hot and I wouldn’t have minded her being at the controls for a minute. I bought it and left, with her telling me if I needed any help with it or any questions, please call and ask for her personally and she hoped she’d see me again and let her know what I thought of it.

I climbed into my jeep and threw it on the front seat. I was definitely a little flush and my mind started playing out a little scene with me and my new friend Elena in between my legs. I grabbed the bag up and took out my new toy, pulled out a bottle of water I had in the door, wet some napkins I had in the center console, wet them and proceeded to clean of the we-vibe moxie. I slid my seat back a bit and hiked my skirt up my thighs, slid my damp baby blue plants down, relaxed and glided it in pretty easily, she’d made me hotter than I’d thought. I just want to test it out without the vibrator; something about driving with it in made me feel a little dirty which I liked.

I wasn’t going far, the grocery store was less than a 15-minute drive away, unless you’ve got a toy up your toite I’m not sure you realize how much working the gas and break move your pelvis. I leaned into it and wiggled enjoying the ride until I pulled into the grocery store.

I sat there for a minute staring up through the moon roof watching a dark cloud over take the skies and a warm drizzle started while I was internally debating if I take it out or just go with it until I get home. I was abruptly interrupted by a knock on my window, it was my friend Jay in parking lot started raining and I offered to let him sit in the car out of the warm rain while we caught up for a minute. He saw the bag on the front seat when he was about to get in. Considering the type of store, it was you’d think they would just have a plain bag. This had their logo on it, so naturally he asked “what’s in the bag?” chuckling and poking me in my side laughing.

I’m grown, no need to lie. Especially not to him, we’ve been friends for a while but if I’d met him in another life, I would have been fucking him from the jump. We friend flirt on occasion, cause it’s fun and reminds everyone there are choices. He’s not married and reminds me that anytime I’m ready, so is he. I’ve been tempted. Often.

Naturally his next question was how does it work, I explained and jokingly said you wanna try it out?

He didn’t even hesitate before the remote was in his hand, he said OK where’s the device. I smiled, coyly and said I was already testing it out since I had the time and inclination. It really was whisper quiet.

His mouth dropped open in disbelief, “Seriously!?” He said, “I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised you’re finally cutting lose, about time.”

I rolled my eyes, I Iiked the fact that he thinks I’m sexually repressed or vanilla in bed.

“Whatever, I have few things to pick up, are you coming inside?” I instantly heard kadıköy escort it but not before he did a full belly laugh and said, “I hope to,”

“You are so predictable,” I said, “let’s go before it’s starts raining even harder.”

We climbed out, I grabbed a cart and we headed for the door. First aisle I stopped in was, produce I’m sure it was no coincidence that while trying to pick the perfect ‘not to soft not to firm’ bunch of bananas he picked that moment to test out level 1. It was more the anticipation of the unexpected that got me, the vibration and suction was totally tolerable. But he saw my ever so slight quiver and his eyes danced with devilish delight.

At that sight, I immediately started second guessing this little game, but it was a nice escape and way to finally kind of be with him in a way I wanted while technically not cheating since there was no physical contact between us.

Like any man I think the idea of controlling me especially in public was a huge turn on. Putting them in my basket, moving onto my next item on my list, I stopped to order some olives from the deli counter. My usual guy was behind the counter, we made idle chatter while he scooped pitted green olives into the large container. Then I felt the surge of suction and vibration hit me and my knees buckled and I gasped. The man behind the counter looked so concerned for me; “Are you alright Miss?” I managed to get out a choppy, “Yes fine, thanks for asking,” with an awkward smile to go with my lie. I was anything but fine and I felt the warmth spreading and wetness too. I looked around swiftly to see where the perpetrator was. Standing behind a display of tuna cans, when he stepped out from behind them to wink at me, I swear I saw a bulge in his Nike grey joggers. I see we were both having some fun.

A little shook now I thought it best to stick to picking up the absolute essentials and getting out, I must have been at level 3 or 4 out of 10 and there was no way I could make it the even 7 without losing my shit in the middle of the store. Milk and bread, then get out, the dairy section was less 25 feet from me and he hit that pulse I’m sure every 10 feet. Shit, this has to be at a 6 now and these panties weren’t going to much more absorption from my now swollen clit and could feel the warmth moving downward, the butterflies swirling in my tummy and my nipples hardening and the climate change between my hot flesh to the stores air conditioning.

I picked up my pace, matching my rapidly increasing breaths, I needed a bathroom and quick, an escape, I felt like I could cum right there in aisle 5 as I got rocked with another hit. Fuck, I’m so stupid for doing this. I looked back still maintaining my rapid stride to see Jay walking slowly and lightly behind him having the time of his life. I walked-raced down the little hall, I only stopped long enough to compose myself from another shudder. I finally reached the single stall door; thank God it was unoccupied because my pussy juices had broken the blue cotton barrier and running south.

He’d followed me to the restroom and knocked on the door, Elle, you good? At least I think that’s what he said I could barely hear through the thick door. I tried to answer but all that came out was a whimpering moan.

“Elle? Open the door, I can’t hear you.”

I unlocked the door and stepped back to regain my balance by holding onto the edge of the sink. He came in and quickly locked the door back and just observed me. He noted my tight Vee neck t-shirt was not hiding my hard and pointy nipples that not even my white lacy plunge bra could hide. My long legs and thick thighs made the skirt I was wearing seem even shorter, only making it a few inches below the round of the bottom of my black ass.

I spat out at him a little more venomously than I’d intended, “Happy now?! Look what you’ve done, you’re such an asshole sometimes.”

He stepped towards me, standing beside me I could feel his rock-hard cock rub against the side of my leg, and yes that turned me on too knowing he was aroused by me, or at least by controlling me. It made me feel sexy and desired for once, confirming it was a mutual attraction. He said, “Don’t be mad, do you want the controller back?” And outstretched his thick dark hand with the hot pink controller in his palm.

I did and I didn’t. The ‘did’, obviously this was not morally right, the ‘didn’t’ it felt so amazing and I hadn’t even been touched yet and I desperately wanted him to touch me; to feel the wet warmth in between my slits. So, what am I supposed to say?

I said “Yes, I’d like it back.” He said, “Say please Jay, I’d like it back,” and closed his hand quick and tight around it pulling his arm back.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now!? Y—” (you) was cut off by a quiet pulse that was so strong my knees buckled and I grabbed the sink again with such an energy it shook.

“Say it.”

He maltepe escort moved closer to me and his pants were really stretched now in the front with his bulging erection.

“Fuck. You.” Was my defiant reply.

“Fuck Me? Looks like you want to, but that’s no way to talk to a friend.”

For a brief second my rage took the number one emotional spot over my horniness, but only for a split second. I was about to answer when there was a knock on the door accompanied by an “excuse me, is anyone in there?”

“Occupied!” we both answered in unison, which made us laugh breaking the mounting tension.

“Okay,” Jay said playfully, turning me to face him, “I just want to try one more thing with it then I promise I’ll give it back.”

I said OK, honestly, I assumed he was going to put it as high it could go but instead, I felt the surge of a tickling light level, his breath minty and rapid down the side of my neck and his hand moving up my moist thigh. I tensed up and had to remind myself to breathe when I noticed I was holding my breath. His hand stopped on the outside of my blue panty and firmly pressed his fingers against me to feel the vibrations from the toy. My head tilted back exposing my neck to the cool air and he caressed it gently gauging my response to what was happening.

His hand continued to stay where it was and rubbed the we-vibe back and forth against my clit not that it needed the help gradually turning up.

I lightly protested, “Stop please, we can’t…mmm, we shouldn’t and we’re in a Farm Boy bathroom for fucksakes.” of course I didn’t mean it but I more wanted it on my moral record that I tried to stop myself.

He whispered in my ear, “it’s ok, just let go.”

And I did, I completely relaxed my whole body and just focused on the sensation and he could feel the difference in my swollen lips. His warm breath in my ear tickled my lobe and he slowly started kissing my neck, his lips were so full and soft I closed my eyes.

His hand was moving even faster and his breath was matching the tempo and raspy with laboured sounding breath he said again,” it’s ok, just let go I got you,” and his left arm was curved around me with his hand in the small of my back, the right one was tugging my panties down, and it wasn’t a graceful glide either – they were way too wet to do that.

When he replaced the we-vibe with his fingers and it fell to the floor and began skillfully playing in my pussy folds rubbing my clit, his hand soon covered in my juices when I shook and came right there in the bathroom. My head was leaning on his shoulder when it happened; God knows I needed the support I’d gone completely weak.

This was clearly a turn on and released the floodgate for both of us, the hunger and lust built up over the years, could finally be released.

He kissed me with such hunger with his tongue as deep down my throat as I’d hoped it could reach in my all holes. His hands were tweaking my nipples and squeezing my breasts hard while I was rubbing his crotch feeling his fullness before I reached into his joggers and pulled out his throbbing and surprisingly nicely sized cock. I’d barely gotten in 2 full strokes of his thick shaft when I was turned around and bent over. I grabbed for the only thing available to steady myself against the blows that were surely coming to pound my tight and dripping pussy. The sink offered the necessary support, I was holding onto the sides and looked back to see him peeling off his shirt before slowly lifting up my skirt so it sat in a bunch around my waist and he caressed my round plump ass with both hands making circles admiring how smooth my skin was. He was making a low humming mmm sound that was broken by the clap sound to my left cheek. It hurt a little, his hands were rough as were most men who did manual labour, but I like a little pain. I let out a small little uhhh, with my sharp exhale. He took the tip of his cock and rubbed it in between my lips and got more than enough silky lube on his nob that he traced up and teased my tightness before slowly sliding himself in. Fuck, I didn’t notice the girth before but I sure felt it now and I let out a little yelp. “Shhh, he said, be quiet and just take it.” But with the next deep and hard stroke and I couldn’t help it and I let out a groan. He slowed from his hard pumping which I was loving btw to a slower speed letting go of my hips and lifted my shirt up and, bawled it into a lose knot and shoved it in my mouth. In the mirror I could see my full double DD’s bouncing and swaying; before putting hands back to steady himself against me he pulled them free form my bra and pinched my hard nipples, getting a two handful of tits before tracing a line down my ribs to my waist.

The noise from my ass smashing against his pelvis, his little grunts and moans and my muffled ones seemed to be echoing in the small room and I could feel myself getting closer to cumming escort bayan again and I could guarantee it would be quiet, gag or not. I fumble on the wall and found the fan and hit the switch to help drown us out.

He said,” You’re so smart and fucking hot, I’ve wanted to do so many things to you; I can’t believe this is happening here – I don’t want to cum already,” and he slowed until I was just getting the tip teasing my throbbing and aching pussy.

“Omg, don’t stop now!” I said after pushing out my shirt from my mouth.

I love hearing you say that, don’t worry I plan to cum in you.” He pulled out completely and dropped to his knees,” I’ve also wanted to taste you” and spread me still from behind angled himself to see the shimmer from our combined fluids in between my legs and he kissed my ass, inner thighs and finally my clit. Then the kiss turned into a nibble, then a suck with his tongue darting in and out and around. Holy shit, if I’d known he was this good I would have spread for him long ago, I shoved my shirt back in mouth, spread even wide taking a firm stance and was basically riding his face; no one I could keep quiet. I gripped the side of the sink again and we both shook together.

I hate imbalance, now the score was uneven, 2 to nil actually; I also hate germy bathrooms but I didn’t even care right now.

Rising up, his face was shining with my appreciation for his skills and his dick still rock hard and poking me I turned around and wiped his face with my shirt and led him by his cock, shuffling a few feet over to stand in front of my while I sat on the toilet seat lid.

I started just licking his tip and gently playing with his balls, and he started playing with my breasts. Then I took him in deeper, cradling his filling veins with my tongues while sucking up and down, I could feel the blood surging. He abandoned my breasts and had both hands on the back of my head, the tides had turned I was no longer blowing him he was fucking my face.

I held onto his muscular butt cheeks digging my fingernails in every time he hit the back of my throat and I gagged and shivered, then froze. Someone was trying the door and knocking. After a few seconds they stopped but Jay never did. It was coming, he was coming I could feel it in his cock and taste the pre load in my mouth.

His ass cheeks clenched and moved forward and he ejaculated half in my mouth and half down my chest. He continued to spasm and spurt for a few more seconds. When he caught himself, he said,” Sorry, I didn’t know if you’d be ok with it in your mouth or not so…” he didn’t or couldn’t finish his sentence. Slightly limp dicked covered with his own cum, I started to clean him up with my tongue. I don’t know if it was the added excitement of being somewhere public, the buildup of sexual tension over time or the idea of getting caught but I was so turned on wanted more. He threw back his head in what looked like ecstasy and torment I’m sure since he was still so sensitive from his release. It didn’t take long though before he was erect and ready again, between the gentle licking and sucking and watching me finger myself at the same time he couldn’t not have been hard. In that moment I was thinking about how amazing it would be if Elena was licking my clit and Jay was in me.

I got up off the toilet, licking the cum from my lips and told him to sit down. He took one leg out of his pant to free himself up and sat down.

I was standing over top of him, straddling his legs with my tits at his eye level he pushed them up and together squeezing several times before licking my nipple buds one at a time. They were hard and he enjoyed sucking them and keeping them that way.

I took my hand and lined his cock up with my pulsing pussy, but before I sat on hit rubbed his smoothness against my smoothness, which made my hips start to rock already. The anticipation was mounting for both of us, but he broke first and forced me down his shaft until I could go no further. Now I threw my head back for a second or third time this afternoon in sheer pleasure and started bouncing, grinding in all directions feeling him fill my every corner. I grabbed onto him around his neck and he had me around my waist taking over control and speed thrusting himself up to counter my bounce maximizing gravity. I let out a, “Fffuuuuuuccckkkkk, Jay I’mgonnacumsohaard,” I practically sang out. He only went faster and harder.

“Just let go Elle”, and I did; and so, did he at the same time.

I was still sitting on him, my legs to shaky to dismount but I felt when he slipped out fully empty now. We were both sweaty and sticky, looking a mess. Panty on the floor, vibrator and remote got kicked under the sink, skirt wet, my shirt and his boxers full of evidence.

He helped me off of his lap and up and went for the paper towels and I turned on the water to warm.

I wet a few and gave them to him, took some for myself and we turned away from each other and wiped up and got dressed, but I was watching him in the mirror. I put my panty in my purse along with the vibrator I’d washed off. We both went for the door handle, not a word so far had been said we withdrew quickly and just stared awkwardly at each other for a second before he opened it again and said, “after you.”

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