Entertaining M’Lady

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Entertaining M’LadyAs soon as i awoke the first conscious thought i had was of the unaccustomed weight of something in my loins; an odd constraint which meant i was not nearly as tumescent as perhaps i might be. Very much awake yet with my eyes still shut, my hand eased itself there so i could investigate. Of course i knew full well what it was, it had just not been sufficiently long for me to have become quite used to it. A hard plastic shell encased my most intimate part and though it strained to rise valiantly the shell prevented this. It prevented touch as well, i was constantly confined and being aware of such was to a greater or lesser degree aroused by the thing but at the same time unable to find my pleasure or the heat of friction that my hand might have offered. Yet still the thing pleased me greatly; for it confirmed M’Lady’s regard for me and control of me. Even though it would have no effect upon my state i caressed the plastic; it was smooth and rigid. i smiled at the pun i made of calling it a helmet. Behind it closer yet to the flesh of my lower stomach was the silk of M’Lady’s other gift; Her ribbon, favour and plume of the helm.i really couldn’t stay abed though; there were ingredients to buy and a trip to make before i could even start on the actual baking. Though i do not consider myself a cook, let alone a chef i can bake and i have always found pleasure in doing so for others. Today i would be doing so for M’Lady and Her guests and as such i must be very careful indeed that all was as perfect as i could make it. After swift ablutions i inserted the plug that i was used to wearing whenever i attend M’Lady and dressed. Perhaps choosing the tighter of the two pairs of trousers i can boast was an error though since they made the bulge at my loins caused by the helm all the more apparent. Still it couldn’t be helped, and it wasn’t as though anyone would care to notice that part of me. So it was; confined and plugged that i set off for the shops with a shopping list and a smile at my private condition.The list wasn’t long; melon, preserved ginger, chestnuts, cream, corn meal, eggs, butter, sugar snap peas, carrots, honey, trout fillets, chocolate and sugar. Even so it meant visiting several different stores and a bus there and back. Although i was intent upon finding the best of what i searched for it did seem that from some people i was attracting an unusual amount of interest. Not a few Women regarded me but when i turned they looked away with an almost predatory smile; perhaps my confinement was somehow evident after all, or maybe my gait was affected by the intrusion to my fundament? At first i tried to convince myself that my prideful state at being so confined for M’Lady meant i imagined, it continued though. Indeed whilst queuing at the till in the greengrocer’s the Lady in front of me – elegant, well dressed and perhaps ten years my senior – reached back and cupped the helm…! When thus assured it was what She evidently thought it might be She turned to me, smiled wickedly and in a soft voice barely above a whisper said; “I envy greatly the Woman for you’re bound young man and hope you honour Her correctly” as the warmth of her hand teased my intimate part. By some unknown intuition it seemed that those Women who were aware and assured of their supremacy to me knew the state in which i had dared venture forth. My shopping trip now became something of a trial; my embarrassment becoming all the more obvious which only seemed to encourage some Women and i received a plethora of subtle teasing caresses and once a quick pinch to my glutials. i was quite breathless and relieved when i finally made it home.i prepared what i could and packed it into sealed plastic boxes so that it could be easily transported to M’Lady’s residence and then went to have a shower; it would not do to arrive sweating and travel wearied at M’Lady’s. i shaved my head, chin and as much of my genitals as kıbrıs escort the helm allowed and then cleansed myself in the cool water. The play of which upon my skin reminded me of the interest of the Women from earlier and i swelled as much as i was able in the plastic. Once clean and relaxed to some degree i tied about my person a clean ribbon and for a few seconds admired the figure thus presented in the mirror. Perhaps to some to be thus in so obvious a submissive fashion would be shocking or an embarrassment, but i still found pride in my appearance for it proved M’Lady’s regard for me. Once dry i donned the best clothes i had, collected up all the food (Some still raw and packaged and some part way to being cooked.) to await the car M’Lady would send for me. i did not wait long to hear a single note from the car horn and collecting everything up i hastened into its big back seat. Whenever the car comes the windows are always darkened and i do not see the driver, the partition between the back and front of the car is also dark so i do not yet know if M’Lady has only one driver or several, or the sex of any there might be.As is ever the case there was a small card left on the back seat, it was via this that M’Lady instructed me in what state i should be when i attend Her. As i had rather expected it would considering that i was to cook the only words upon it were; “remain clothed”. The drive to the house i still knew so little of was about twenty minutes and still stuck behind the dark glass – which at first had surprised me to find was not one way, but in fact no way – i had no idea where I was being taken. Perhaps if i were a driver or cared to try and work out direction and distance from the speed at which we travelled i could have, but it was of no great importance to me. Instead i tried to slow my breathing and maintain a calm i certainly did not feel.M’Lady’s house is large and surrounded by what seem to be extensive grounds around all of which are i think high red brick walls, all of this i can only gather from the snatches of view i gain whilst crossing the crunchy gravel from the car to Her grand front door. As ever She opens this before i have even reached for it to knock and i am unable to suppress a smile rising to my lips or my heart racing at merely seeing Her. She wears a tight white silk blouse under which just the ghost of a camisole is visible and a black satin skirt that falls to just below Her knees all of which cling to Her delicious subtle curves as though the material is wet. i stirred again within the helm, She always has this effect upon me but i hurried to obey as She asked I make my way to the kitchen and start. She left me to it as i had expected Her to; it is certainly not Her place to be involved with the preparation of Her food. So i set to making amuse-bouche of tiny melon and ginger kebabs with the melon baller on cocktail sticks, a rich thick chestnut soup and cornbread. Being a vegetarian it is hard for me to cook trout – or for that matter any meat or fish since i cannot taste it – but poached the fillets in milk and thickened this to make a sauce and added a few complementing herbs which would be served with the peas, honey glazed carrots and new potatoes. i put most effort into the dessert; chocolate chestnut gateau with a piped cream topping. All were now baking, restring or in position so that a few moments heating through or finishing was all that was needed before service. Without my informing anyone M’Lady arrived to check on my progress, “Whilst I taste everything please go and remove your clothes and store them in the cupboard under the stairs, await me in the hall.” I moved quickly to do so.The marble floor was cold on my naked feet and the interior of the entrance hall was shadowed and cool, i tried to convince myself i shuddered from cold but i knew it was actually from the adrenaline fizzing through me. The clicking of M’Lady’s heels escort kıbrıs across Her marble floor excites me in ways it is impossible to explain except to those who love the sound as i do. i judged She stopped a pace or two behind me and when She spoke it was to allow me the honour of turning to look upon Her. Still dressed as before She carried a collar and lead which She buckled about my neck and once these were in place i was turned again and my hands were secure with leather cuffs. To my surprise i was turned yet again and taking the small key from Her blouse pocket She undid the lock which secured my helm! i could not have stopped myself rising to the occasion if i had wanted to, and beamed with pleasure. After breathing into Her hand to warm it slightly She took me in hand and massaged the straining length of me a couple of times. “You’ve done well; everything tastes wonderful. If my guests are pleased with their meal i might even go as far as rewarding you later.”“Thank You M’Lady.”“Quickly now on your knees, you will attend me thus as my guests arrive and take their coats from them as they do.” i was a little surprised at this since with my hands tied behind me how could i do so? Obediently though i sank to my knees beside Her, the end of the lead just hooked on a single dainty finger. It was only a couple of minutes that we waited thus before i heard a car upon the gravel and with a gentle tug at the lead i stood once more. The bell chimed somewhere off in the depths of the house and with me following close behind M’Lady sashayed forward to open the door. The first guest was Female as i had expected She would be, tall and elegant and wore a skirt not dissimilar to M’Lady’s but with a tight jacket. She had already removed Her coat, it was light and silky. With an obvious affection She greeted M’Lady and They started that infuriating air kissing with exaggerated “Mwah” sounds that i must admit even when M’Lady does it i find superficial and annoying. Without being instructed to though She d****d Her coat upon my still straining member! The weight of it and the softness of the material were quite delightful. “Go and make yourself comfortable in the lounge dear you know the way. I’ll just go hang your coat.” the guest made Her way to the comfortable lounge and M’Lady led me; the weight of the coast still very much teasing me to the cloakroom where She removed it after caressing me through the material a couple of times and hung it on a hook. We returned to the hall, there were two further guests; both Female. Each time I carried Their coats – one a ticklish fur and the other a soft, but heavy leather thing – to the cloakroom in the same manner. After being so long denied any stimulation; that which the garments gave me was quite wonderful and almost too much for me. Seeing this M’Lady released my hands and once i had subsided sufficiently I was locked once more back in the helm and instructed to go and continue the cooking. I served the amuse-bouche with glasses of champagne the name of which i am not sure i can pronounce. I was all set to return to the kitchen to prepare the soup (Which i was pleased to do, for though it was pleasant to be amongst the guests and M’Lady naked as i was whilst they remained clothed it was not a little embarrassing.) but M’Lady instructed that I should stay and “entertain”. i was a little taken aback since i had no idea just what She meant… She told me to kneel on the floor in front of the soft deep chairs in which She and Her guests lounged; getting up She knelt before me too and once more took the key from Her pocket! Once released again, even so soon after the last time it was mere seconds before i rose in homage again. I was instructed to spread my knees at least as far apart as my shoulder width whilst M’Lady moved behind me and cinched my cuffs together. From somewhere She produced cuffs for my ankles too and these too were also secured together kıbrıs escort bayan and finally the two sets of cuffs were connected by a short chain only a few links in length. Balanced on my knees and my toes whilst my shoulders were pulled back my member thus reared proudly in front of me. M’Lady returned again to Her soft chair and once comfortable said; “Right then girls, the first to score gets the use of him until he manages to satisfy you.” At which point each of the Women drew a bag from beside the arm rest of Their chairs all were of linen and different colours and once opened revealed elastic bands of a colour to match the bag. Some of these were long and thin whilst others were wider and heavier but shorter; it was only too apparent what the game was…The bands were to be flicked by the Women until one managed to get a band over my straining member. It would remain to be seen however just how desperate or not they were to actually score a point. With each miss though there might well be some pain on my part and this was obviously just more of the fun for Them. The thin bands even if they hit directly and at full stretch were tolerable but the thicker ones smarted badly. They took turns loosing at Their target and not so very accurately it turned out; each miss was greeted with progressively more raucous peals of laughter as more champagne was consumed. By the time the Woman who had arrived first managed to loop a long band lazily over me my lower stomach and intimate parts were painful and red.As soon as the point was made M’Lady called a halt and told me to lie back on the carpet, still secured as i was though this of course meant my knees now reared upward and i was lying uncomfortably on my arms. The winner was removing Her skirt as i did so and i caught a glimpse of long fine stockinged legs and a French style nether garment of grey silk as it was removed too. She walked around me till Her feet straddled my head and i looked upward directly into Her delta; such a lovely view…. With a fluid grace She lowered Herself upon my face and caught my member in Her hand. Whilst riding my nose and chin to Her pleasure She strongly pumped me. It was the most stimulation my senses had had in months; though i could see little, the scent and taste of Her and the sound of the audience and Her as Their excitement blossomed flooded me with sensation. Yet still She knew just when to stop Her ministrations so that i did not reach a crisis.She rode me thus for much longer than She massaged me, but even so i enjoyed it and revelled in the gush of Her pleasure Her crisis provided. Once She had caught Her breath and composed Herself again She rose and when my member had sunk again M’Lady confined me once more in the helm and released the cuffs. “Go and finish cooking now.”Once i had served each course at a table that was higher than normal (It was as high as a bar with stools to match.) M’Lady buckled on the lead again and bade me kneel beneath the table with my hands secured behind. The crisp linen table cloth fell to the floor and i knelt beneath; my lips paying service to the nether mouths of M’Lady and Her guests. When each Woman was sufficiently pleased a tiny tug of the lead that She held indicated that i move on. So i acted as butler and source of pleasure for all. Each Woman with gentle tongue’s homage i licked to a little death three times and though they had the delight in the taste of the food i too found pleasure in a nectar sweeter yet than the honey and chocolate i had used in preparation for the meal. i had become just an unseen tool for the pleasure of Woman, a role which I found enormous joy in.All the food was done with and my tongue and jaw ached from the effort, i remained hidden beneath the cloth whilst the Women left after thanking M’Lady for Her wonderful hosting and the enjoyable time they’d spent. When all of them had gone, M‘Lady called me forth and thanked me for all my efforts, releasing me I was lain down upon the soft carpet once more and She too rode me to Her pleasure. This time though my part was inside Her and I too found at last my release…Everyone had enjoyed the evening, but certainly none so much as i!

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