Enslaved Chapter 17

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Enslaved Chapter 17Despite all had seen seen and heard previously about the ‘Paradise’, Quentin could hardly believe it was actually happening. He lay on the bed in his cabin, savouring the feel of the lips which pressed again and again to his hindquarter… feeling the firm flickering of a tongue… delighting in the way a nose delved into his flabby cleft.It is Julia Chant doing this, Quentin had to keep reminding himself. Julia, who is now my slave. Unbelievable, but true! Yes… this was the same Julia who had been wont to slap his face for so much as laying an unwanted hand on her knee. Who had taken him for a sucker; accepted his wealth and then two-timed him with other men. Julia, the arrogant, aristocratic one, who once had but to snap her fingers to have men come running.Now Julia was doing something which, not so long ago, she would not have imagined possible in a million years.All thanks to Madame Vesta… and the methods employed aboard the good ship ‘Paradise’. It really was quite wonderful. Even if the fees – which were fantastically high – had been five or ten times as much, Quentin reckoned, at that moment, they would have been worthwhile. he could notremotely recall ever enjoying a situation so much in his life before. Now he could do whatever he liked to Julia, and make her do whatever he liked to him. The very thought was hot wine in his veins. He owned her. She was his plaything.What, therefore, should he do when ordered her to cease the abasing ministrations he had demanded?He could give her a damned good hiding if he wished…He could have her suck him…Or fuck her to his heart’s content…But, already, a little plan was forming in Quentin Osman’s mind. When one had complete ownership, one had plenty of time. There was so much to enjoy in one’s possession, and somany ways of enjoying it. “All right, slave, that will do for the moment,” said Quentin and gave Julia a little kick with the back of his heel. “Get off the bed.”At once Julia slid off the bed and knelt by its side. She knelt in the fashion that Quentin was accustomed to see the slave-girls on the ‘Paradise’ kneel. That is to say, with back straight and hands clasped at the back of the neck, thighs parted. A posture of submission. Quentin admired the high, thrusting breasts… noted the smooth depilated mound of Julia’s sex… and saw the coral-pink pouting lips. His lust suddenly surged almost beyond control. Then he managed to get a grip on himself. Greater pleasures, he knew awaited him if he proceeded at a slow pace with this lovely creature.‘Festina lente’, he told himself. He looked into Julia’s large, blue-green eyes and saw them shimmering with tears. Once those eyes had sparkled with pride and confidence. Now they were dulled with despair and dread.“Your behaviour has certainly improved, Julia,” said Quentin. He lolled fat and naked on the bed, grinning, aware that he must repulse this young woman as much, if not more, than he ever did… and was glad about it. “They must have put you through it here, I reckon.”Two large tears rolled slowly down, one over each of Julia’s cheeks. She gave a sudden shudder and bit the fullness of her lower lip.“Yes, Master,” she said in a short whisper.“I’ve heard one or two tapes,” said Quentin. “Most instructive. And enjoyable, if I may say so.”Julia shuddered again. “Yes, Master,” she said in almost automaton-like fashion.“How does it feel to be my slave, Julia?” asked Quentin, his eyes roving happily over the lush naked body. A body that was his. A body that trembled with apprehension.“I… I am honoured to be your slave, Master,” answered Julia. “I will s-serve… and… and please you… in any way you wish…”Quentin nodded. Like all the slave-girls on the ‘Paradise’, Julia was indeed well trained. Incredibly well trained.Neither Madame Vesta nor her methods could be faulted. “I know that, istanbul escort Julia,” he said, “but how does it feel?”Several more large tears trickled down over Julia’s cheeks and her rounded breasts heaved. “I… I am h-happy, Master,” she choked, “Happy to… to b-be your slave…”Quentin grinned more broadly. Then he leaned over the side of the bed and, with one finger, casually toyed with Julia’s sex lips. The finger ran up and down and Julia shuddered more violently. But she did not recoil. “I’m, glad about that, Julia,” said Quentin. He continued to play with her for a few moments, then withdrew his fingers. “I expect you’d like me to fuck you, wouldn’t you?”“Yes… Master…” whispered Julia.“After all, you’ve been aboard this ship quite some time… and haven’t had what you enjoy so much. A solid piece of male flesh, I mean.” Quentin saw Julia’s cheek twitch. “That silver chain about your waist has seen to that.” (As Julia owner, Quentin had been entitled to put a silveror a gold chain about the girl’s waist. The former indicated that, as far as full sexual intercourse was concerned, she was reserved for him alone. A golden chain would have indicated that she was available to anyone aboard the ‘Paradise’.)“Yes, Master,” said Julia. “Your slave is willing and happy to please you… to be fucked by you…”What an effort it must cost her to say that, thought Quentin. Even now.“I dare say,” he almost sneered. “You were always too free and easy with your offerings. Except to me. That’s why you’re here. Still, now that it comes to it, I’m not sure I fancy you all that much.”The look of shocked amazement on Julia’s face was a unique joy for Quentin. Having been put through Hell on Earth in order to be made to offer herself in this fashion – now she was being rejected! Quite delicious…“Still,” said Quentin, “you might as well show me what you’ve got to offer, I suppose.”Julia’s features quivered uncontrollably for a moment. This was development she could have scarcely have imagined. Rejection! From this gross pig! All the same, she quickly took hold of herself – as her slave training had taught her to – and turned away from Quentin she went down on hands and knees, pressed her nose to the floor, and thrust her hindquarters high. Then she parted her long thighs. Quentin could not have been given a better view of ‘what she had to offer’, as he put it. It was a degrading posture which over the months, Julia had become used to. However, there was a special extra shame to it, now that she had to adopt it in front of her actual Master.Quentin, face slack with lust, studied the female loveliness displayed to him. What a beauty this women was! And all mine, he kept on saying to himself. Mine, mine, mine! I can have her whenever I want, in whatever way I want.“Mmmmm…” he said musingly, after a minute or so, “Yes – it’s true. I’m not so sure I fancy you as much as I did, Julia.” He saw the girl tremble. “Not as much as that Melissa, for example,” continued Quentin. “The girl you’ve been sharing a cell with. Now there’s a real beauty. I fucked her quite often when I was last aboard. Or, perhaps she told you?”“Y-Yes… M-Master,” croaked Julia. Her abasement was complete. Every fibre, every nerve, had been concentrated on forcing herself to give herself utterly to this vile monster… and now this! This!Quentin Osman picked up the bedside telephone. He was enjoying himself no end. “Put me through to Madame Vesta,” he said… seeing Julia tremble again.“Yes, Sir…”There was a click, and Vesta came on the line, brisk as ever.“Hallo Quentin. Having trouble?”“Oh no,” purred Quentin. “She’s being as good as gold.”“I’m glad to hear it… for her sake…”“It’s just that I’d like Melissa sent up here. If she’s free.”“You old dog,” laughed Vesta. “Yes, I’m pretty sure she’s free. I’ll have her zonguldak escort brought up right away.”“Thanks, Vesta…”There’s service for you, he thought as, smiling broadly, he put down the receiver. You would think I was ordering a cup of coffee to be sent up, rather than a ravishing young beauty who would do whatever was demanded of her!“O.K. Julia… I’ve seen enough of your wares. You can kneel up again” said Quentin.With a little sobbing moan, Julia resumed her former posture and Quentin smiled upon her benignly.“You heard that, slave?” he asked.“Yes… Master…”“It means that I have decided to fuck Melissa rather than you.”Pale as Julia’s face was, it seemed to blanch and her lower lip quivered uncontrollably. “Yes… Master…” she somehow managed to say.„So you’ll have to wait awhile before you get what you’re aching for,” went on Quentin. “Still, no doubt you’ll enjoy watching Melissa and me. She is a very capable girl. I trust I find you equally so when the time comes.”Julia’s face puckered and her breasts heaved with her sobs. “I… I… w-will please… my Master… in every way… yes… in every way, Master…” Julia managed tochoke out.“I’m very glad to hear it,” said Quentin. Then his features hardened with a sudden cruel lust. “Because, if you do not, it will give me very great pleasure to cane that shapely posterior of yours until you do!”At that moment, there was a knock on the door, Quentin gave the word to enter. In came the tall, blonde Miss Judith, leading Melissa on a collar and chain.The overseer was garbed just as she had been when Quentin had first seen her. That seemed a long time ago now. She was all in black leather… thigh-length boots, short skirt; brief bolero jacket. At her waist was looped the long leathern thong she always carried. Quentin recalled what Miss Judith had said when he had told her that Julia was something of a tigress. ‘So much the better… we like taming tigresses here’. Well, Julia had been tamed alright.„Everything O.K., Mr Osman?” enquired Miss Judith, glancing at Julia’s kneeling figure.“Yes, thank you,” answered Quentin. “I just fancied having Melissa along. Take that collar and chain off her please!”“Sure…”Miss Judith removed the items and Melissa sank submissively to her knees alongside Julia. She had a superb figure… tall and lissom… and her features, as well as her temperament, were rather similar to Julia’s. But Melissa’s arrogance, selfishness and short-temper had been subdued anderadicated even earlier than Julia’s. Quentin had enjoyed her frequently when he first come aboard the ‘Paradise’ and, indeed, Melissa had been the first woman he had ever whipped.“You remember me?” he enquired.“Yes, Master,” answered Melissa. Her voice was firmer than that of Julia and, though her demeanour was fully submissive, she seemed more in control of herself than the girl alongside her. A matter of experience, doubtless. She had been through so much with so many men there did not seem to her now any lower depths to which she could sink.“There’s just one thing, Mr Osman,” interrupted Miss Judith.“I must apologise for the state of Melissa’s bottom.”“Oh… why so?”“She was caned this morning… and there has not been any time yet for her to have Treatment,” said Miss Judith. “Show your Master, Melissa.”The girl turned at once and postured herself as Julia had done a little earlier. Quentin studied the dozen or so crisscrossing weals that encircled that curvaceous bottom.“What was she caned for?” he asked.“Simply for the amusement of the gentleman she happened to be servicing I gather,” replied Miss Judith with a thin smile. “A Mr Svenson. I don’t think you’ve met him yet.”“No, I haven’t,” said Quentin. “But it doesn’t matter a bit, Miss Judith. Thanks for telling me though. I’ll call you when I want her taken away again.”“Very well, escort bayan Mr Osman,” nodded Miss Judith. The guests on the ‘Paradise’ had to be treated with courtesy and their requests complied with. After all, they were footing the bill! With a final glance at the trembling Julia, the tall blonde left the cabin. She was satisfied that the girl was in prime condition to give her Master what ever enjoyment he wanted. Her weeks and months of training had seen to that!“You may kneel, Melissa,” said Quentin when the door had closed behind the overseer.He sighed contentedly as he looked from one naked beauty to the other. It was a moment very much to be savoured.“I have had you brought here, Melissa,” he said finally, “because I wish to fuck you.” Hardly surprisingly, Quentin was more than half way to full erection and was gently playing with himself in order to achieve rigid solidity.Thanks to the ‘booster pills’ Vesta had supplied him with, Quentin was able to perform more like a man in his thirties than one in his fifties! “I have decided I fancy you more than my own slave.”Julia’s features twitched; Melissa remained silent, simply waiting. She had been repelled by Quentin before – and pleased him. She had been repelled by countless men – and pleased them. What difference did it make any more? She had become an object merely to be used for brutish pleasures.“I think I’ll have you on top of me,” said Quentin, reclining back on the cushions. He was well pleased with his rigidity.“As my Master wishes,” said Melissa. She rose and moved seductively towards the bed. “I am honoured to be summoned to please you,” she added as she insinuated herself on to thebed.Quentin looked up at the lush breast fruit swinging above him and his hands clasped soft buttock cheeks as Melissa straddled him. He felt the weals upon them; heard the girl give a tiny gasp. He squeezed and Melissa gasped louder.Then Quentin felt her hand on the base of his root, guiding him. His knob slide along the lips – so meltingly warm. Then the girl lowered her haunches, in an almost languid fashion and Quentin went fully into her. The sensation was exquisite.“Aahh… you beauty…”Melissa raised herself slowly, wriggling her bottom slightly, contracting the muscles of her sex. She kept just the knob of Quentin’s organ within her whilst she wriggled some more, before sinking slowly down again.“Aaaahhh… you beauty…”At the same leisurely pace, Melissa repeated the movements. She had the skill and she was quite unstinted in her efforts to please the flabby pig beneath her. That was her duty.Her duty as a slave. And, if she failed in it, she could not complain if she found herself being taken to the Punishment Room.Quentin turned his lust-filled face, towards where Julia still knelt, watching submissively.“Melissa makes a marvellous fuck,” he said thickly. His hands were still on the girl’s buttocks. How deliciously they squirmed to please him! just as they had squirmed – but more violently – when he had whipped them. He would never forget that day. Nor when she had been sent to him as hispersonal slave, whilst he was on his first visit, and he had caned her for the first time.“Faster,” he said. “I want it quick today…”“Yes… Master…”Melissa’s hindquarters begun to undulate more swiftly but she kept a well-controlled rhythm. Above Quentin, her pendulous breasts were bouncing and swinging. But Quentin’s eyes were not upon them. He was still turned to Julia, his face a mask of lechery.“I… I don’t n-need you… you trollop…” he panted.“Not… not aaahhh… when I’ve got slaves like… aaahhh… M-Melissa… aahh… hhaaa… I’ll give you… to others.”Faster and faster swung Melissa’s weal-striped bottom…Up and down…Up and down…Up and down…She knew the pig she serviced was nearly there.Faster yet…But controlled…Faster… fasterSuddenly, all the pig’s fat was a quiver. His belly, his bowels, everywhere. And he was snorting like a pig, too. Heaving and turning… eyes closed and mouth open-slack…Quentin spent himself again and again in the luscious, liquid depths of the young woman who still squirmed upon top of him…

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