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Englishman Fucks Asian Teen Beauty MariamAs I close my eyes for a second, I flash back to an extremely lucid vision from my past. Maryam is kneeling naked in front of me. Her huge, beautiful dark eyes are in piercing, mischievous contact with mine. Half of my rapidly re-hardening cock is inside her full, soft lips. She is sucking it clean of the remnants of cum from our recent fuck, as her soft right hand fondles my balls. The sweet aroma of sex floods the bedroom…. Blissful memories indeed. The beginning:I first set my eyes upon Maryam in the warm late spring of 1999. I had just been enrolled onto a computer skills course at a technical college in Southampton, a city in Southern England. Although I was in the military, sometimes, as in this case, we could be sent for training or education at regular, or ‘civilian,’ institutions. Most of the students there were aged from sixteen to nineteen, although there were a few ‘oldies’ like me. I was twenty two at the time, and she was eighteen.Maryam was a very, and I mean very stunning girl. She was quite tall and was slim, with lustrous long black hair, light brown skin, a clear almost glowing complexion, and the most beautiful big brown eyes I have ever seen in my life. Although she was born in England, she told me that she was a ‘Kashmiri girl,’ that her family came from the Northern border area between Pakistan and India. I was always keen to undertake any qualification or training in those days; believing that it would all enhance my future promotion chances. The very first morning I started on the course my wandering eye was drawn to her. We were in a large computer room which was divided into roughly four rows of tables, with computers either side of them, and other elongated tables filled three of the four sides of the walls. The room was quite noisy; in fact the whole course was somewhat chaotic, with a mish-mash of students of different abilities studying, or pretending to at least, for several different qualifications. The quality of teaching was erratic too.The college itself was situated in an inner-city area. The area was very ethnically mixed, with white people like me being in the minority. Most people in the neighbourhood, and most students at the college, were of Asian descent, largely Muslims from Pakistan, like Maryam, or were from India or Bangladesh. There were also numbers of second and third generation West Indian migrants and some Africans locally. The majority white English people in the wider city referred to this area as ‘The Jungle,’ and there were always stories about muggings and ****s abounding about the vicinity; it had a very bad reputation. There was apparently an area of back streets nearby which were off limits for white men. The urban legend was that just to walk there would result in a beating.To be honest, I never really experienced any problem or prejudice there, although it was very noticeable that the students themselves tended to mix almost exclusively within their own ‘groups.’ Anyway, perhaps I digress too much? Sitting in a rear row from the doorway, I looked up from my keyboard and monitor for a moment and caught a very lovely girl looking right at me. As I caught her gaze, she looked momentarily embarrassed and stared away, although a few seconds later she looked back again and gave me a sight of her brilliant white teeth as a shy smile illuminated her face.She was very beautiful, and perchance, for only the second time in my life, I felt a harsh, almost audible pound from my heart. If not the cliché ‘love at first sight,’ it was certainly close; lust at first sight perhaps.I think I must have been gaping open mouthed, as my colleague and friend Chris, who was sat next to me, put it, “What’s the matter with you Jay? You look like a bloody goldfish staring at a headlight.”My reverie broken, I tried to focus on my task at hand, but my eyes that whole day where constantly drawn across to this girl.She was dressed in a kind of sari, a long patterned blue and purple silk garment that covered most of the length of her body. She also wore a type of semi-transparent scarf, which was pushed down from her thick, lustrous black hair. When I observed her walking at break times, it was apparent how graceful she was; she was quite tall, and although her attire was somewhat loose and free flowing, I could tell she was slim hipped and had fairly good sized breasts. Maybe those youthful days I had spent ‘live painting’ had given me a keen observational eye, or perhaps I had an over-active imagination. Anyway, I was certainly transfixed by her, and from the occasional stolen glances I received, it was a mutual attraction. At least I dearly hoped so.I wanted her. Badly!Back then, although I’d had a number of relationships, and the occasional enjoyable one-nighter, my experiences had all been with white girls. I’d had some great sex, and I had and have a high sex drive. I loved to kiss soft lips and to feel the warmth of smooth naked female flesh press against my firmer body. I revelled in feeling a hot mouth taking in my cock, preferably as I slipped my tongue into a beautiful moist pussy, tasting that wonderful feminine flavour as I pressed and rolled a firming clit with my fingers. Oh, and that wonderful feeling when cunt greets cock in union, as a girl moans and twists in delight, leaking juices on me as I power into her or she rides me at her want. And the taste and feel of soft breast flesh on my mouth and the hardness of erect nipples rolled by my tongue is ecstasy. The taste of fresh sweat and shared cum; the sweet smell of sex permeating a room after a long session of making love; the gentle swells and curves, the lines and folds, the tightness and the softness of the female form, and the joyful massive sense of power and release when she gives or gratefully takes cum. It’s all a piece of heaven.I wanted all this with Maryam; I needed to achieve this; it was a delightful goal I set myself.Well, the next day there I sat thinking how I could break the verbal ice. It was not as easy to do this here as is usually the case. Maryam was always with another group of girls, dressed and acting similarly, usually conversing with each other in a language of which I knew not one word; although they all had excellent English when required. They were an insular group, not even appearing to speak much to the young men of their ethnic and religious persuasion. I reasoned that if I just walked over to her and said, “Hi, I’m Jay,” or, “Can I borrow a floppy disc?” or any such platitude then I would probably just embarrass her and myself to no end. It was as though she was in some kind of a closed community, a world of the ‘other’ where I didn’t know the rules. So I did nothing.However, fate lending a helping hand, the next day proved more fortunate. It seemed that we were studying for the same qualification. An element of the course was to transfer and receive documents and files via e-mail attachments. This was to be done via another student. My friend Chris was not at this study stage yet, so the teacher found another student who was sarıyer escort for me to work with: Maryam. ‘Hehehe,’ I was laughing and smiling to myself.Well, we started out on the task. We weren’t sitting near each other, but did exchange a couple of ‘recognition’ smiles, as we undertook our task. In the material we exchanged I slipped in a few pretty bad jokes I found surfing the net. To judge by some chuckles it appeared she liked them.Pretty soon I sent another one suggesting we sit together in a corner as it would be easier to work together this way. I didn’t receive a reply for a number of minutes. Looking across I saw that she was debating with herself, but thankfully I saw her gather her bag and a few discs up and move to a fairly remote corner of the room.I joined her, and with a, “Hi I’m Jay,” introduced myself. “I’m Maryam,” she replied with a shy smile. English was not her first language, and although she spoke it expertly, her voice had a heavy, slightly clipped Indian sounding accent. We chatted briefly; inconsequential stuff, where we lived, what we doing this course for etc. It seemed she wanted to build up a few qualifications and then study some kind of business technology degree at university. She seemed a smart girl but her studies had been disrupted previously as she had spent two years living in Kashmir, which according to her was, “The most beautiful place in the world, with high mountains, rivers and gorgeous valleys.” I had no idea if it was ‘the most beautiful place in the world,’ but when she smiled at me with her mouth and heart-break eyes, I was prepared to believe pretty much anything. God, she was gorgeous. There was flirting going on both ways; no doubt about it; mutually exchanged smiles, open body language and eye contact held just ‘too long.’One from her group of friends would come over from time to time, seemingly asking or telling Maryam something in their Asian language. We dragged out what should have been about two hours work over three days in the end, cocooned in our little corner.At break times she was always with her friends. For my part, my buddy Chris and a couple of other guys we got friendly with took great delight in teasing me, asking when I was getting engaged or laid, fucked etc. I laughed it off. The third day we worked together I tried to engineer some kind of date. Quite unsubtly I asked her where she like to hang out with her friends, what parts of town did she go to, the films she liked, that kind of stuff. Her replies fed my assumptions; she had a rather narrow existence, her life revolving around a group of friends who all attended the local Mosque, and her large close family. It seemed that a Kashmiri Muslim girl had little freedom.She seemed not to resent this. At one point she told me she was attending a marriage ceremony that week. A friend of hers was the bride. Before I asked, she anticipated my question. She told me, “Yes Jay it is arranged, and in a few years my dad will sort things out for me that way too. He will find me someone suitable.”There was no trace of any resentment in any of this. Although she was a clever girl, with a lively mind and personality, she was very accepting of her cultural role. She spoke of these themes in a matter-of-fact and content way. Maryam asked me if I had a girlfriend. I didn’t, I had split from a girl I had been seeing for several months a couple of weeks before.“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked her.“No,” she replied.“Have you ever had one Maryam?”She looked down avoiding my eyes. “Yes.”I looked across the room; we were as far as I could tell not being observed. I lightly lifted her chin with my finger, looked her in the eye and asked, “Do you want another one now.”“Yes,” she spoke, and YES YES YES sang inside me. Oh, and then she gave me just the most heart-melting smile.Before I could try to fix up a ‘date’ somewhere, she told me about her ex-boyfriend, Mohammad, or ‘Mo’ as she usually referred to him. He was a local youth, her age, and of the same cultural background. But, he was a bit of a ‘bad boy,’ an unsuccessful car thief, who was now serving a short prison sentence.Apparently girls, “Like me,” as she put it, didn’t have boyfriends as such, well at least none that there family’s knew of; this was a definite no-go. She knew Mo as the friend of one of her brothers; she had three, and four older sisters. Maryam would meet Mo whenever she could manipulate some free, unobserved time, which was apparently very hard to find.I asked her if they had split because he was arrested; she told me no, it was before that, because he took d**gs and she didn’t like him being a thief. Well, pretty soon I tried to fix up a date. I asked her if she wanted to go to a club, or have a meal or a day at the beach.She declined all offers and I was, truth to tell, pretty pissed off.“Jay, it’s not that I don’t want to go out with you, but I can’t openly, and you have no idea how protective my family are. I can sometimes manipulate a free hour or two when I am alone, that is all, and I can’t say from one day to the next when that free time will be. It’s also hard to meet up anywhere locally as it could get back to my family”I thought to myself how Chris, who was local to this city, had a small flat only about 10-15 minutes walk from the college. He had said I could stay at his flat any time I wanted to, although I hadn’t done yet. “Ok then Maryam, what about meeting at my friend’s place? It’s in a quiet street near here, and you could walk to and from there alone.”She thought a second, then said, “Yes Jay, I’d like for us to meet in privacy. Today I can’t but give me the address and I will try to get there about two or three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.I smiled hugely at this response, and looked around. Still no-one was looking so I quickly kissed Maryam once on her cheek. She pulled back, looking nervous and shocked. But then she smiled.Later I cleared it with Chris. He was cool about it, merely laughing and saying, “If there’s any mess on the sheets mate, then you wash them ok.” About ten to two the following afternoon I was in the flat and heard a knock. I greeted Maryam at the door and we went into the living room. I motioned for her to take a seat.Maryam sat on a sofa. It was quite hot in the flat and I offered her a cool drink. She nodded and I got her a cold coke from the fridge. I handed her a glass and poured most of the can into it.“Aren’t you having one to drink Jay?” she asked.“No,” I replied, “that’s the only one; I’ll have a glass of water in a minute.”She sipped from her glass and then offered it to me, “We will share,” she said. I took the glass, which had a slight smear of her lipstick, and drank some before handing it back. There was something somehow slightly intimate in this simple exchange, a touch of the hand, a shared shy smile; we were getting close to expressing our attraction physically. In clichéd terms: there was a certain something in the air.Maryam placed the glass on a table in front of her and I sat next to her on esenyurt escort the sofa. Our shoulders were touching. The fine smell of a perfume she was wearing was most alluring.“Well,” I said, “Now here we are Maryam; alone at last.” I spoke the words with lightness and some humour in my voice. She giggled cutely. Maryam was relaxed sat there with me. I slipped an arm around her shoulders and she leant her head against my upper chest. I kissed the top of her head.“What will you do if I kiss you on the mouth?” I asked.“I’ll kiss you back Jay.”She tilted her head back and looked my straight in the eye. There was no demure, modest little girl in her gaze; it was the look of a sensual woman. Her full lips were slightly parted. I looked at them and kissed her softly. Once, twice, three times our lips pressed together and released with a soft ‘smacking’ sound.“You’re beautiful Maryam,” I told her.Then I kissed her harder and held it. She responded by working her open mouth against mine as I drank in her clean fresh taste. Our tongues moved together in a sort of frantic dance.We sat there a while kissing, hugging, holding hands. I could feel that my cock was hard and pressing against the tightness of my jeans. I took her hand in mine and pressed it on the bulge. She looked at me with a look that was somewhere between dreamy lust and surprise. She didn’t move her hand away though.‘Mmmmm,’ I recall thinking, ‘Game on.’ I slipped a hand underneath her silk sari, and ran it upwards over her smooth flat stomach until I was cupping a firm rounded breast. While we kissed, she softly squeezed my confined erection, and I eased a hand under a bra cup, found a very hard nipple and rolled and pinched it gently with in my fingers. There was a muffled low moan from her throat.We played this way for a minute, before I broke our kiss and embrace. We were sitting back against the sofa and holding hands. I asked her, “Maryam, did you have sex with Mo?”She was nervous now; her gaze what at the floor, but she did answer me. “We did it three times in his car before we split.”“Cool,” I said. “Was it fun?”This time she looked me in the eye. “I loved it Jay, it was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life.”We kissed again, and then I stood up. I reached down and took her hand in mine. “Come into the bedroom with me Maryam.” She smiled both with her mouth and with her big brown eyes. I pulled her to her feet.In the bedroom, I stood by the bed and quickly stripped until I was wearing only my boxer shorts. Maryam was stood several feet from me, facing slightly away. She kicked off her shoes and lifted the long sari over her head and it fell to the floor. Wow, she was just gorgeous. Now she was now clad only in a bra and white cotton panties; her light brown skin was glowing; it was smooth and flawless.Maryam then turned and looked at me with a shy smile drawn across her beautiful face. Then her eyes dropped down toward my shorts. My big cock was jutting out comically.“Oh my God, oh my God,” she nervously giggled. The words gushed out of her in a half second.I pulled the shorts down and kicked them off my feet, giving her the full view.“Oh God,” she said once again.I laughed out loud. “Anyone would think you had never seen one before Maryam.”“I haven’t,” she said. “Well, only on the Internet.”“What, I thought you and Mo had made out?”“We did Jay, but I didn’t see his… ummm… dick. It was dark when we… done it… it was in the back seat of his car in a country-park at night. I didn’t see anything really; we lay down, he pulled my panties off and stuck it in me.” All the while she was talking her gaze didn’t leave my cock and balls; she looked transfixed; almost like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights.“Well then Maryam, come closer and get a look a mine,” I offered; generously so I thought (cough, cough).She moved close, and quickly kissed me on the lips before dropping to her knees. My cock felt hard enough to dig up a road with. This scenario had me just sooo horny. My balls felt almost swollen and full.“Touch it then baby,” I said, and she did. This beautiful ‘Kashmiri girl’ tenderly ran the long fingers of her soft right hand all over my pulsing 8” erection. I looked down. My cock-head was leaking clear pre-cum. Maryam looked fascinated. She continued stroking it as though it was a fragile tapestry, or tiny treasured pet. There was a spellbound expression on her face.Her left hand cupped my now dully aching balls. She squeezed them tenderly. I heard myself groan loudly: “Oh yeah, yeah baby; you beautiful angel.” This wonderful state of affairs carried on for some time. I exerted some inner muscle pressure to pull my balls back; stopping myself from coming. I wanted this magnificent feeling to last.Maryam moved forward slightly. Her nose was now about two or three inches from my cock.“Shall I lick it Jay?” she asked in a husky voice.“Oh yeah, sure thing baby.”Her tongue poked out from her mouth and she slowly lapped my cock-head, around the ‘eye.’ Clear pre-cum set on her lips. She pulled the tongue briefly back into her mouth and put its tip under her top lip and against the roof of her mouth. Maryam had licked me tentatively, like someone taking an unsure first taste of a new flavour of ice-cream. She looked up at me again and smiled. “Close your mouth baby,” I told her. I took hold of my cock and ran the end all over her lips. “Put your tongue out Maryam.” She did. I slapped the head of my tool firmly down on it several times, making a lewd smacking sound. “Now baby, open your mouth and cover your teeth with your lips.”I bunched some of her long, shiny black hair in my fists. Her inverted lips were forming a wonderful ‘O’ shape. I pushed forward inserting about 3” inside that sweet mouth, and held it there. Her left hand was all-the-time cupping my balls.“Baby, will you do something for me please?” I asked, trying to keep some degree of gentleness in my tone. She made a muffled noise that sounded like, “Ummmm, yes Jay.”“Maryam suck on the end of my cock hard, like it’s a lollipop, and squeeze my balls a bit harder.”This beautiful girl did just that, enthusiastically gobbling me; I was in total bliss. Soon I felt that familiar tension build up from somewhere deep inside of me.“Fuck, I’m gonna shoot!” I shouted. I pulled my cock out of her mouth but she wouldn’t have this: she grasped its base firmly and slipped it back between her pouting lips.At that, I blasted powerful waves of cum into her mouth. She almost gagged, but then recovered and swallowed enthusiastically. Still holding my cock tightly, she pulled it free from her mouth and then licked up the traces of cum from it and her lips.I walked a pace backwards to the bed and let myself fall down. Maryam quickly rolled on top of me. We kissed. I could taste the mild tang of my cum on her breath.Both of our breathing was pretty ragged. I rasped out more than spoke clearly: “Maryam, bloody hell girl, that was great and I never expected you to swallow cum.” “Jay, me and my sister have a computer in our bedroom. Sometimes we view Internet avrupa yakası escort porn when we are alone. I always like to look at cum flying from a man’s dick into a woman’s mouth; it looks fun; that’s why I did it. And before you ask me, yes, it was nice, and I want to do that again please?”“And you certainly shall again baby,” I replied. We kissed some more. Her sweet body pressed against mine; it was a glorious feeling, but I wanted her to lose the underwear. I asked Maryam to: “Stand and strip for me please baby?” Maryam kissed me one more time before she moved and stood on the carpet. I moved up the bed and put my hands behind my head on the pillows. This beautiful Muslim girl turned to face away from me and first undid the bra then pulled down those pretty white cotton panties. Her rear was small for a woman. I usually like quite curvy ladies, a full figure, but Maryam’s was ever so cute; two firm rounded light brown butt-cheeks that looked edible.She turned round shyly, vulnerably, at first looking at the floor. I fought myself not to stare at her naked body until she looked at my face, and a moment later she gazed into my eyes and smiled at me. Now I gazed down. Her breasts were a fair size, and were high, perky and beautiful; topped by two big erect dark chocolate nipples. Beneath the flat stomach, between her slim hips was a smallish, but thick bush of jet black hair. I told her again she was beautiful, looked at her face, and was rewarded with just about the most gorgeous and affecting smile I have ever received in my entire life. “Come and lay down here with me Maryam.”She gracefully moved to me and melted into my arms. We ran our hands through each other’s hair. Her flesh was warm pressed against mine; knee to knee; hip to hip; chest to chest. I rolled her taught firm ass-cheeks in my hand.We lay like this for a while. My cock was now really hard again, and was pressing against her tummy, which made her giggle girlishly. I had a thought to just guide my cock into her pussy; I really wanted to, but wanted something else first.I broke the embrace. I lay Maryam on her back, feasted on her breasts and nipples, and then placed a pillow under her butt. She was quite docile now, seemingly content to let me dictate proceedings.“Open your legs wide please baby?” I asked.When she did, wow, I saw her exposed pussy for the first time and it was beautiful! I’d say as fine in its shapes and delicate creases as any rose, but that is an understatement. Her long cunt folds were darker red than the white girls I had lay with in the past; she was wet and glistening.I licked all around and up and down every part of it… delicious!I then pulled her pussy lips apart and ran my tongue inside her wet opening, lapping away. Maryam was moaning, saying, “Jay, Jay,” or, “God, God that’s so good.” I pulled my tongue out and licked higher, finding the hard little pearl that was her clit. I pressed down on it firmly and worked on it with circular swirls. From my right hand I slipped two fingers into her cunt. It was very wet, yet tight. I worked them in gently but deep, and stroked her inner walls, before moving them in and out, finger fucking her. She was a lovely girl, with a very receptive wet pussy, but it was tight and so I did what I could to prime her for taking my big thick cock. I didn’t want to hurt her.Maryam was groaning away ever more loudly. I felt her hips buck and the cunt walls spasm slightly as, with my fingers still in her, and my tongue probing her clit, she came good and strong, with prodigious amounts of sticky juice seeping out of her pussy and warmly wetting my knuckles. I pulled my fingers out, and put my mouth against the opening, drinking in what I could of her nectar. I love the flavour of a woman who has just cum; and Maryam tasted memorably delicious.I lapped away, them moved up the bed and shared some of the superb sticky liquid with Maryam in a kiss; her tongue danced and wrestled with mine.I got off of the bed and made to get to the pocket of my jeans. “What are you doing Jay?” she asked.“I’m just getting a condom baby.”“No don’t Jay, there’s no need, Mo wanted me to take the pill, and I still do.”I moved back onto the bed. We kissed and I positioned myself above her. I moved my hips forward and my cock found its natural entrance. I very slowly eased my whole length inside her, balls deep. She was oh so tight. It felt as though my whole cock was being enclosed by a moist velvet glove. It was great. I lay still in her for a short while. I could see she was in minor discomfort, but enjoying it as well; that delicious point where small pain and larger pleasure collide harmoniously.“You’re bigger in me than me than Mo was Jay,” she said.“Are you ok with this babe?” I asked, and planted a kiss on her forehead.“Yes.”I pulled back slowly and then in again, getting her used to things. Very slowly I increased the pace; she was wet and stretched out now. Holding her hips tightly, and keeping my cock buried in her cunt, I flipped over and moved her above me so that she was totally on top, facing and riding me. I let her find her own groove, only rising my own hips gently in unison with her thrusts.Maryam, this delicious Asian beauty, was writhing and moaning, whispering words in a language I didn’t understand; spearing herself up and down with a rising speed and intensity.I gripped one of her lovely high perky breasts with my left hand, and sucked hard on its big nipple. I traced a line down her tummy with my right hand, then pressed down on, and around her clit as she fucked me.Maryam got really wild now, slamming up and down on me harshly; her moans deeper in resonance. “Fuck me, fuck me Jay, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!!!” It was, in fact, her fucking me, but still, what the hell, who would be pedantic enough to argue at a moment such as this?I was almost shouting back at her: “Yeah ride me baby, come on Maryam, yeah, that’s it babe, milk my cock in your cunt, take my cum.”She shuddered at this, threw her head back and then stopped riding me as her inner walls noticeably tightened on my cock. “Oh God,” she screamed, “oh yeahhhh.”My balls were liberally coated by her juices as an intense orgasm wracked through her fine body. This was too much for me; I soon shot my own love fluid inside her.I rolled off her. We lay side by side for a few seconds, until Maryam looked up at a clock on the wall.“Oh God, I’ll be late home, my dad will get mad at me,” she said, literally jumping out of the bed. She very hurriedly dressed herself.“Will you meet me here again at the same time tomorrow babe?” I asked her.“Yes Jay, that will be great,” she replied, before briefly turning and throwing her lovely smile at me once more.Maryam bent down to tie her shoes up, and as she did I flipped out of the bed, landing behind her. I pulled the back of her sari up and those cute white cotton panties down in a second. I kissed both her of her oh-so sweet little round butt-cheeks, and ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass, finding and licking a very cute wrinkly asshole. Then I pulled the panties back up and the sari down. Maryam laughed, rose and turned. We kissed briefly but with intensity on the lips and she left. I found the remaining coke, drank it, flicked on a retro radio station and got onto the bed. As Van Morrison sung about a brown eyed girl, I lay back on the pillows. Although I was dreamy and contended, tomorrow just could not come quickly enough!

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