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Subject: Bad Uncles and Dads Chapter 12: Engineer Dad Pt. 3 This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all characters is entirely a figment of the author’s imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. If you are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time. This story may contain scenes of a graphic nature between father and his sons, or under age boys and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By continuing to read on, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, neither you nor any family members are employees of any type of government, law enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are either not performing any type of research in preparation for any forms of legal action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this site. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any con- sequences of you viewing or downloading the story. —————————————————————————– Bad Uncles and Dads – Chapter 12 Pt 3 Engineer Dad I awoke to find us both in the same position and Dad stretching his long hairy body against mine with a deep yawn. His cock flexed and swelled inside my ass as he brought his strong hairy arms around my chest and neck to hold me tightly. “Mmmmmmm…” He mumbled sleepily onto the top of my head and eased a few inches of his thick cock in and out of my asshole. He shifted and rolled completely on top of me, bringing his legs inside mine and using them to push my thighs apart and arch my ass up and back against him. He began lifting and lowering his hips, fucking his hot cock inside me. His hands came up to my shoulders and held me in place as he started sliding his whole body back and forth over mine, stuffing his long hard fat cock in and out of my tight swollen thirteen year old hole. Raw and ragged from Dad fuck- ing me twice the night before, the ring of my asshole was hyper-sensitive and it was as if every fold and groove of Dad’s massive hard cock was sending lightning bolts through me as he slid lazily back and forth through it. In that position, his thick meat pressed into and slid over that mysterious place inside me that shot fire out through my arms and legs on every stroke. My dick had already been hard from having a full bladder and needing to piss like crazy. Having his full weight on top of me and his fat cock pressing that place inside me left my body immediately aching with need for release. It was deep, hot, incredible torture…I pulled at the sheets under the intense sensations firing through me. Being much bigger and hairy, Dad soon worked up a sweat and was easily sliding his entire body back and forth over my as he deep fucked my ass. That coarse wiry hair coating him scoured the soft skin of my smaller body and left me feeling as if he setting all my nerve endings on fire. Dad’s thick cock strok- ed far into my hole while the sheath of the inside of my ass clutched and clung to his hard girth. He drove his hot rigid length over that wild place inside me over and over, leaving me moaning and squirming underneath him. In no time, cum raced up from my balls and shot into the sheets beneath me. Dad growled from above me and hunched his cock in short stabbing movements as he unloaded his own huge restocked load of cum up into my ass. “God…” His head dropped down, his chin resting on the top of my head. His chin rubbed back and forth through my hair as he slowly shook his head from side to side. He rose up on his arms above me and began hauling inch after inch of long thick cock from my ass holding three huge loads of Dad’s cum inside. I didn’t want him to pull out. I felt empty and deserted as more and more of his fat cock vacated my sloppy well-fucked hole. Dad climbed off the bed and stood beside it after he’d hauled the last of his cock from my ass. I turned to look at him, his fat meat shiny and greasy in the thick layer of cum coating it. “Shower.” He waited for me to rise and then led the way to the bathroom down the hall. Turning on and adjusting the water, he eased me inside with a big hand splayed across my lower back before stepping in behind me and pul- ling the curtain closed. “Dad, I have t’ pee.” “Well, go ahead.” He responded, a touch of inpatience in his deep voice. “I can’t with you standing there.” “Here…” He moved in behind me and I could feel this thick cock against my ass as he sighed and warm wetness began pouring down my leg…his fat meat flexing into my skin. “Dad!” “Just piss, son, for christ’s sake. I don’t have time for this.” He grabbed my shoulders and spun me around, his long fat meat now splashing his thick warm golden steam over my lower stomach, prick, and balls before running down my legs. “Dad…” He raise an annoyed eyebrow as if daring me to finish what I’d started to say. “Relax and let it go, we don’t have all day.” I tried, and finally my bursting bladder gave in. I was terribly embarassed, though, and pulled out of his arms to turn around as Dad’s own piss moved to pour down the backs of my legs once again. “Oh god…” I bent forward and fell against the tile with my hands up at my shoulders for support as my ass relaxed with my flowing stream of piss and I felt a great deal of hot thick cum slip from my ass and slide down my thighs. “Would y’ jus’ look at that” I felt him lower to a squatting position behind me and place both hands on my butt to move my cheeks apart. “Dad, please…ohhhh god…” I couldn’t stop it, more of his cum burped from my hole and streamed down my legs. I looked down to find ropes of milky white cum running down my legs in thick rivers to glob up in the swirling water of the shower. I lost all control and felt my hole ease open and buckets of Dad’s load rain down my legs. I stared down, praying only Dad’s heavy cum was escaping my ragged hole. But, nothing ran down my legs but Dad’s mas- sive amounts of adult sperm. I sighed, grateful for that fact as Dad slid one hand up one of my legs and massaged his cum into the cheeks and crack of my ass. Dad rose behind me and slapped me firmly on one cum slathered asscheek, Gruff and matter of factly, he commented, “Don’t think I’ve ever cum that much.” “Get cleaned up, I got some calls t’ make.” He added, afterward. We both showered quickly, Dad drying off and leaving before I got out. I opened the bathroom door and heard Dad on the phone in the kitchen. “Hello. Don Hoffstedder here. We’re takin’ a family weekend outta town and keepin’ Ryan outta school t’day. Any problem with that?” “Great, and thanks………we will.” He added. There was a pause, “Steve, this is Don. Look, I’m gonna take the day off. I have some stuff that’s come up at home and don’t have anything on my plate there that can’t wait till Monday.” There was a small pause. “Great, Steve, you, too.” The next call was to my aunt Jo, Mom’s sister. “Jo, it’s Don. No, no everything’s fine. I just wanted t’ head out with Ryan now instead of after school. Do ya think you might be able to come over a lit- tle earlier than planned?” My heart jumped in my chest. I’d forgotten all about the camping trip and thought Dad had as well! “Great, Jo. We should be leaving within the hour. Okay. Well, we’ll go ahead and take off. I’ll let Cathy know you’ll be here shortly after we leave. And, thanks escort kocaeli again, Jo. You too.” Dad’s naked gorilla-like physique and handsome face came around the corner looking down the hallway to where I stood holding my towel in the bath-room doorway. “We’re on, son, pack a bag and get dressed. Meet me at the side of the house. All the campin’ stuff is there n’ ready t’ load in the truck. I’ll throw some clothes on n’ tell Mom we’re takin’ off early. Got a friend of mine’s hun- tin’ lease for the weekend…has a big lake with good fishin.’ Should be perfect.” He turned and walked away toward the stairs. I watched his broad hairy back, big meaty fur-covered ass and legs, and long thick arms as he went. I was dressed and packed in a flash, out at the truck loading the tent and sleeping bags when he joined me. We drove and talked about casually about anything but what had been happening lately between us. Once again, I felt nervous around him and un- sure of what was to come. We pulled off the highway and through a gate onto a dirt road after driving a couple hours out into the country. After a while, we came upon the lake Dad’s friend had spoken about and stopped to set up camp near the water’s edge. It was a great spot. Lots of trees and thick brush, clearing only right around the shore of the medium sized lake. Dad had me check for thorns and stuff while he dug a shallow pit for a fire. When I came back and said everything was clear, he peeled off his shirt and sat down to remove his shoes. I did the same and then looked up when he stood having finished before me. He stood there looking out over the lake in just a pair of short loose blue jean shorts and a beat up red baseball cap. Without his cowboy hat and clothes, and with a thick dark bristling shadow covering his neck below his beard where he hadn’t shaved today, Dad looked rougher and even more rugged than usual. I took in his 6’2″ hairy powerhouse body, his years in the military and hard work on the ranch showing the in the bulky muscle packing his tall frame. My eyes ran down thick legs bursting out from the frayed legs of denim shorts so old they’d faded almost white and had small holes at the rivets of the pockets and along the center seam running down the back as well as at the buttoned fly. All that dark curly hair coating his legs, stomach, arms, back, ass, and shoulders had me enthralled as the bright sunlight emphasized the rich thick- ness and the sheen of blue to the jet black forest of it all. Placed widely apart in the grass, even Dad’s big feet looked handsome and sexy to me. Strong bones sat under healthy ruddy skin with the dark hair of his body spilling down across the tops and sprinkled over long well-formed toes. My eyes traced back up him in heated admiration. I knew it wouldn’t hap- pen as I clearly took after Mom’s side of the family, but…man…I wanted to look just like him. His big hands hung easily at his hips looking more like bear paws than human hands in their surprising width and long thick strong fingers. I took in his stomach, finally beginning to show a bit of his age in its slight rounding of the hard muscle there. Again, though, it was that thick pelt of swirlling black body hair matting over his stomach that left my mouth dry. Moving further up to his chest, it occurred to me I’d never seen another man with a chest that big and muscular on another man in real life…only on TV and in body building or wrestling magazines. And, I loved how the thick curling black hair of it flowed across to even the sides of his body and erupted into a lush dark bush under his armpits. My attention was then drawn to his arms as I sat there in my own world of taking stock of my big imposing father. With the thick carpet of dark hair bristling over every inch of them, they looked more like an hairy man’s legs than arms. It hit me that it was those long, massive arms with all their dense dark fur along with the strong wide features of Dad’s handsome bearded face that gave him the look of a gorilla in my eyes more than anything else. Even the thick curly hair coating his shoulders and back seemed sexy and hot to me even though I’d never seen anyone else with that much hair. It made Dad feel even more rough, rugged, and masculine in my young eyes. It was then that my eyes traveled up to that handsome face past his dark unshaven neck to find him looking back down at me as if equally deep in thought. “Let’s get t’ fishin,’ it’s gonna be lunch time soon.” He said quietly without emotion or indication of where his mind had been. We fished for a couple hours and only caught three catfish. I cleaned them for cooking while Dad built the fire. I watched him squatting down setting the wood in place and lighting the tinder. His loose shorts rode low on his hips and gapped downward as he sat on his heels baring the top third of his mus- cular ass. I felt my prick swelling inside my own shorts as I took in the ex- panse of hair-coated muscle butt revealed eight feet away from me. I com- pletely stopped cleaning the fish as I stared in fascination at the way that dark hair turned into a thick frothy line of fur where his two hard muscled cheeks met in the center. It looked just like the center of his chest except for missing the small section of hair in the center that was beginning to turn white. I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what it would feel like to run my fingers through all that curly hair exploding from the crack of his ass. What would it feel like? Would it be soft or wiry? Would it feel hot and damp, or cool and dry? Would the area around his Dad’s asshole be just as furry, or would it be smooth there? I’d felt his arms, legs, chest, back, and stomach… but, his ass was still a mystery to me and I found myself also wondering what it would be like to touch and feel that place between the hard square mounds of his ass. I jerked my eyes away and went back to cleaning the fish as he started to rise to his feet. He moved to the cooler and pans we’d brought as my mind stayed distracted by the thought of his big hairy ass. It occurred to me I could wait until he was asleep and, if he turned onto his stomach, carefully explore that part of him without waking him up and finding out I was doing it. I tried to shrug off the idea remembering he’d known that first night I’d touched his cock. I was sure it was something he’d never let me do when he was awake, though, and the thought stayed firmly implanted in my mind. We fried up the fish and french fries, then headed back to the lake figuring we’d had to fish a lot longer to get a decent amount for dinner considering how slim our catch from the morning had been. Dad brought his cooler with his beer and sodas for me, and we settled in for the long haul. At around five o’clock, we’d only caught four more catfish and had them secured in a net weighted down in the water by a rock. “Damn…” Dad shook his head and turned it slowly to look at me. He sighed and shoved the handle of his fishing rod into the dirt and lay back into the grass, pulling the bill of his cap down over his eyes and putting his hands back behind his head. I sat there in the quiet watching the sun go down and listening to the quiet sounds of the lake’s water rippling along the shore as well as the light breeze rustling the leaves on the trees. I looked over at Dad’s long hairy body stretched out beside mine. I ran my eyes up his hairy tanned physique to his strong bearded jaw tilted back above his neck and then back down. Sweat dotted his skin and thick body hair, forming small pools in the middle of he chest and stomach. His throat muscles drew my attention as he swallowed and then quietly mumbled, “Get over here…you’re gonna wear your eyes out.” Knowing he couldn’t see me with his cap pulled over his eyes, Dad deep voice saying izmit anal yapan escort those words left me feeling surprised and embarassed as one of his big arms left the back of his head and swept out as if inviting me inside. I pushed my rod into the dirt as he had, and then scooted over as his big arm pulled me against his side. I took a deep breath of him…the scent of cedar, sweat, and male skin rushing deep into my lungs. I rested my head on his shoulder purposely to get that extra rich, hyper masculine smell drifting up from his armpits into me. My eyes drifted closed at the feel of the coarse hair coating him pressing into my soft skin, the wetness of all that damp hair feeling slick and sexy. I found myself not thinking and just slipping into the feel and scent of him. I dipped my head and slipped my tongue out into the furry depths of his armpit. I forgot how he’d reacted when I’d done that the night before, and sank deeper into that lush hairy place and the salty taste of him. His other hand came from behind his head and slid down my arm to place my hand on ten-plus inches of hard cock now jutting out from the leg of his shorts and standing straight up into the hot summer air. I slid my hand lightly across the long thick length of him…feeling the thick bulging veins that traced that powerful cock against my palm and fingers. His big hand reached to cover mine and tightened my grip on his huge shaft, the loose thick skin over the length of him easily sliding back and forth across the heavily ridged and textured gristle of the shaft underneath. I pressed my face deeper and more aggressively into his armpit, lapping at the sensitive skin inside more heatedly. Dad’s cock jerked in my hand and the arm around me pulled back as that hand moved to the back of my head. He pushed my face more firmly into his armpit and then across his chest to the nipple closest to me. The fur of his chest was so thick, I hadn’t gotten a look at his nipples before. When my lips found it, it was a thick hard nub I sucked into my mouth. I sucked at it and ran my tongue over it as I had his cock, unsure of what to do or what he wanted from my mouth on his chest. A deep heavy sigh slid from his chest and his cock jerked even more in my hand, though, and I ex- perimented with sliding my teeth across the sensitve flesh. At that, his whole body tighened and his breath hissed through his teeth while the hand on the back of my head ground my face into the thick hairy muscle of his chest. Warm wetness suddenly poured down his shaft and over my hand. In a flash, he shoved my head down to his crotch and I found myself facing Dad’s huge throbbing meat as the head expanded and more precum bubbled from the deep slit in the center. I dove onto it like the whore he’d called me the night before. I’d become crazed and addicted to the taste of his cum, and I sucked on that big clumsy club furiously just as another shot of precum drooled from the tip and into my hungry mouth. More of it poured into me as I bobbed wildy on his fat shaft and stroked it near the base at the same time. Without warning, Dad rolled up and flipped me on my stomach, jerking my shorts down to my knees all in one movement. Immediately, his knees shoved my legs up which forced my shorts down to my ankles. He thrust his huge cock up in between the cheeks and right up against my tight hole still raw and ravaged from the previous night and morning. I felt the head of his cock swell and more precum flow out to coat my sore opening. He pressed forward. “Oh god, Dad, please!” I gasped…not wanting him to stop, just go slower and more gentle. My prick was rock hard and I was near to cumming just from sucking on his massive meat and swallowing his strong flow of precum into my horny belly. Still, though, my young asshole was sore and tender from the brutal fucking he’d given me last night and then repeated this morning. I just wanted him to go easy. “Slower!” “Can’t.” It was all he said through gritted teeth before shoving several inches of his massive cock into my thirteen year old ass. ‘OH GOD, DAD!!” I thrashed and stuggled to pull myself away from the huge cock forcing its way up inside me. ‘DAD!! DAD!!!” I pulled grass out by the roots, throwing it out to the sides of me before grabbing fistfulls again and jerking from the dirt as he shoved two more inches of fat cock up into my young ass. ‘OH JESUS!! OH JESUS!! DAD!!!” He thrust more of his monstous cock into my hole, blinding pain rushing through as he forced my asshole too far open too soon. I felt like he was going to split my whole body in half as he shoved even more into me. “OH GOD!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! DAD, NO!! PLEEEEASE!!!” “AGGGHHHHH!!!” In one final gut wrenching thrust, Dad shoved the last of his hard horse meat deep into my ass. My ass was only flattened a- gainst his hips for a second before he withdrew almost the entire length of his huge cock and shoved it savagely back inside. I drew a quick breath and clamped my mouth down against the scream that threatened to escape my chest and rip past my lips when he slammed back into me and his balls crashed down against mine. “DAD, NOOOOOOOOOO…” The only response I got was hearing his hard breathing and feeling him suck my insides out with the swift retreat of his fat steely cock before he slam- med back into me again. As much as the pain wracked through my body, part of me soared with feeling him fill my ass and my insides so unbelievably full of his massive meat. My prick had shrunk to a frightened miniature of itself underneath me, but there was still some switch inside me flipped into the ‘on’ position at feeling Dad shove his super thick cock so deeply into my body. One of his big hands came down hard onto the top of my head while the other reached under my waist to pull my limp body partially up onto my knees. The hand at my waist flew up and took my shoulder in an iron grip that mat- ched the one on the top of my head as he began slamming that massive cock of his into me like there was no tomorrow. Positioned like this, he was hitting that spot inside me on each powerful stroke. My flaccid dick began drooling dribble after dribble of precum from my young hairless balls each time his thick meat crashed over that sensitive place. My prick began swelling even through the punishing thrusts of Dad’s mammoth meat. Soon, I was hard as a rock again…my stiff young prick boun- cing and jerking underneath me every time Dad rammed his big cock in to the hilt. I clawed at the ground, feeling the dirt getting wedged up under my finger- nails but not caring…not even thinking…just laying there receiving the brutal fucking Dad was slamming into me. With a deep low growl, the grip on my head and shoulder tightened and he began pulling all the way out before ramming his big cock back up into me. I saw stars! Every time he pulled all the way out, punched back through the ring of my ass, and crashed his huge cock back up into my guts, stars and fireworks flashed behind my eyes. I flopped, whimpered, cried, and gasped, “OhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……” Dad roared from above and behind me, ramming his huge cock into me in one massively brutal stroke…lifting me off the ground and spewing my guts with a white-hot blast of thick ropey cum. He pulled all the way out again, paused, roared again, and then rammed back in to splatter my insides with more of his thick hot seed. Again, he pulled out, paused, and then slammed back into spew more hot cum into my bowels with yet another deep throaty growl. Again and again, he repeated his ruthless ramming of my ass as if he wanted to leave me unable to walk when he was done…every thrust seemed to ram his massive cock up into until the head slammed against the base of my gebze escort skull. It felt my whole body was being fucked my his huge adult cock. Only part of me registered my load beginning to shoot up my shaft from my balls while the rest of me went into full crazed meltdown over Dad punching the broad head of his thick cock past my hole and into my body. He ripped his cock from my ass and flipped me over on my back before I realized what he was doing. His big hairy body towering above mine, he braced his legs apart as he grabbed his thick hard length. His heavy brows drew together, his eyes squin- ted to pained slits, and he hissed with his jaw clenched tight as he reached a big paw down to fist his fat ten-plus inch cock rain the rest of his load down on me. I reached down and grabbed my own prick as I stared up in both heat and awe. My own cum splashed across me and mixed with the globs of thick ropey cum spewing from Dad’s fat meat. I was still jerking and jacking my cock with cum shooting up from my balls when Dad’s hand slowed to a stop. His eyebrows relaxed, but his eyes stayed slitted and his jaw clenched as he began shaking his head slowly from side to side. He bent his knees slightly and exhaled a long deep breath as his thick cock strained out hard and the cum drooling from it became a heavy gush of warm wet piss pouring down on me. My eyes jerked wide open and my jaw dropped in shock as the wet fluid splashed down on me. Seeing him standing over me having just fucked my ass past what it could take, covering me in his thick load, and now pissing down on me…I lost it! I wasn’t even through with my first load when a second joined into it and I began beating my teen prick furiously while staring up at the man I now idol- ized as much as loved! The longer Dad’s handsome bearded face stared harshly down at me and the more of his hot piss poured across my body, the harder and more fiercely I came. I pulled my heels up and my knees apart to shove my cock into my fist as I beat the last of my cum from the shaft, still staring drop-jawed up at my incredibly brawy and handsome father standing naked and almost arrogant above me as the last of his piss showered down upon me. “You need t’ piss?” His voice was deeper than usual, hoarse, like when he first got up in the morning. “Uh, yeah…” I answered, confused by the question and feeling too ex- hausted and wrung out to talk yet. I started to get to my feet only to have Dad drop down to one knee beside me. “Go ahead.” I hesitated, looking at him questioningly. “But…” I started to raise up on my arms only to have Dad put a bit hand to my chest and push me back down. That hand then slid down to my stomach and pressed downward. “I said…go ahead.” “But, I can’t while…” He pushed harder and I couldn’t hold back. My own piss jetted out over my chest and stomach, mixing with everything else there from the two of us. I groaned as a certain feeling raced through me at Dad making me piss on myself just after he’d stood above me shooting his load and then following it with his own piss. It wasn’t a feeling of being debased. No, it was one of being controlled, owned, submissive, and dominated. It felt like being marked and informed that I was his in a way that left no doubt. It would be years before I learned this was something that was a turn on for many people. For now, though, it felt unique, special, and as if sharing something that unusual and intimate somehow increased some invisible bond growing between us. My eyes flashed when I felt my asshole relax in the middle of it all. Dad caught the expression and looked behind my balls. He moved one of his big baseball mitt hands to my ass and turned his head back to look at me in a way that telegraphed his meaning. It didn’t matter. I didn’t have enough control after him stretching my ass out crazy-wide to have any choice. My hole relaxed on its own and I felt my father’s hot cum pour out into his hand. As my piss was waning and my young prick was laying half hard toward my belly button, Dad brought his hand up and smeared his cum all over my hairless dick and balls. I don’t know why, but even that seemed somehow strong and connecting. He’d been so gruff, harsh, and even angry at times about what had begun hap- pening between us, there was something kind of reassuring and ‘close’ in what he’d done with me in the past few minutes. He stood up and looked down at where his cock and balls were still hang- ing out of the leg of his threadbare shorts. There was a huge wet stain of cum around where all that huge meat spilled out. “We oughta get cleaned up.” He said softly, but matter of factly. I just lay there as he walked away and returned with a bar of soap and a couple towels. I got up, we both shucked our shorts, and I followed him into the lake. We bathed and dried off without talking, and then took the fish up to make dinner. We went through the rest of the evening in a comfortable silence without either of us getting dressed again. After we’d cleaned up the dishes and pans, we just sat in chairs next to the fire while Dad had a couple beers and I finished off my soda. “Well, son, neither of us got a lot of sleep last night. Let’s bank the fire and hit the sack.” He finally spoke…quiet and relaxed in both his words and tone. His voice was deep, sleepy, and husky which somehow left me feeling relaxed and content. “Oh, I’ll take care of the fire.” I answered, wanting to please him and wan- ting him how much I wanted to please him. He just looked at me for a few seconds with a stoic expression I cound’t read. “Okay.” He rose out of his chair, yawned, and stretched that tall muscular hairy body I’d become so entranced with…turned and strode haltingly to the tent before climbing inside. I sat there staring into the fire for a while, running everything that’d happened between us through my mind. Realizing I had no idea what it all meant or where it would lead…or, not lead…I got up and banked the fire so it would be safe, but we’d still have coals to start another in the morning. I walked to the tent, pulled the flap aside, and looked inside at Dad already asleep on his back. He was snoring softly in a way that made my heart feel warm, and I let myself just stand there and look at the tall handsome man that was my father. With his hands behind his head, I took in his sleeping hand- some face…noting the thick lashes lying against his cheeks and the strong line of his bearded jaw. Sliding down his wide hairy chest and hard stomach, my eyes dropped to the long fat cock and big balls resting between his big legs on the sleeping bag. Before Dad, I’d never paid much attention to anyone else’s dick. Standing there that night, though, I had the feeling that would later prove to be correct that Dad’s big thick cock was a rare beauty that most men would view with pained envy. I was just about to step in when Dad rolled over onto his stomach and cocked one leg out to the side parallel to his waist. His hard square ass with all its dense dark fur arched up in the moonlight and I got my first full look at it in all its sexy, muscular, and furry glory. At first, my reaction wasn’t even sexual. I was just filled with awe once again staring down at the completely male utter perfection of him…even his ass. I found myself full of longing…wanting to run my fingers through that thick pelt of hair coating his masculine ass…wanting to explore inside the dark valley between the hard muscle of his cheeks where all that thick curly hair converged into a luxuriant velvety line…and, wanting to feel it all against my face. I lowered myself to my knees between Dad’s widespread feet and let the tent flap fall against my back. Somewhere in my head, I’d made a decision for which I wasn’t even yet aware. (To be continued.) Other stories: Discovering Uncle Tip http://www.//gay/incest/discovering-uncle-tip/ Teddy’s Discovery http://www.//gay/incest/teddys-discovery/ Hay Baling and Uncle Buck http://www.//gay/incest/hay-bailing-and-uncle-buck/ Bad Uncles and fty//gay/incest/bad-uncles-and-dads/

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