Eighteen and… Caught! Ch. 01

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Hettie read over the page in front of her again and shook her head in disgust. She knew that her daughter was getting out of control but this… THIS! This was beyond anything she’d ever imagined.

‘Caught in the act of felatio with another student. Parent/teacher meeting scheduled.’

Kylie turned eighteen three weeks earlier and was just days away from graduating and now… now it may not happen. Couldn’t she have waited to finish school before experimenting with sex?

Hettie knew exactly what the problem was, or who it was. Her husband Kevin. Oh she partly blamed herself for letting it get so bad but Kylie only had to bat her lashes at him and he gave in. He’d been a great father to a little girl who had none but things had gone too far. Way too far.

Kylie was out of control and with her about to go out into the real world as an adult she still had a lot to learn about right from wrong.

Hettie sighed. There was nothing else for it. She’d have to talk with Kevin and get him to realise that he wasn’t helping Kylie’s future at all.


“I told you not to trust her but did you listen küçükçekmece escort to me? No. Once again she’ll get away with being a brat because she has you tied around her little finger.”

Kevin really wanted to slap his wife for being in his face this way but he couldn’t deny that it was his fault that Kylie behaved the way she did.

“Fine. You want me to take charge? I’ll do it.”

Hettie laughed “You don’t have it in you. You may as well be her doormat for all the good that you’ll do.’

“I guarantee that by the time you get back Sunday night our daughter will be a different person.”

“Two days? Oh this I’ve got to see.”

“You will” he said firmly.

“Well I hope so but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see now won’t we? I have to go. I have to pick up the girls. You stay strong honey.”

A quick, almost demeaning peck on his cheek was all he got before Hettie walked to the door laughing.

He’d show her and Kylie both just who wore the pants in this house. They both needed to be taught a lesson but first, Kylie. She needed küçükyalı escort to be punished.


“Yes Daddy?”

Oh and there they were. Those bright blue doe eyes that twisted him to pieces and were purposely used against him. Normally he’d give in and let her get away with anything and everything but not this time. No. This time he just wanted shake the crap out of her.

“Your mother told me what happened.”

“Oh Daddy. It wasn’t like they said.”

“Oh? So you weren’t caught with a dick down your throat?”

He watched as she squirmed. Her face reddened at the blatant use of ‘dirty talk’.

“Well? Were you? Did you get caught sucking dick?”

Her tongue ran nervously over her lips and her feet shuffled slightly.

“Stand fucking still!”

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock.

“Yeah. Like that. Was your mouth open that far or did he have a little dick?”

“Daddy!” Kylie squealed.

“What? Grown up enough to do the deed but not talk about it? Why is maltepe escort that do you think?”

“I can’t talk with you about it Daddy” she whispered.

Kevin laughed. For the first time in years he felt empowered and not… henpecked.

“Shouldn’t children be honest with their parents Kylie? Talk about anything?”

“Not sex!”

“Ah good girl. You said the word. Now your mother thinks you should be punished. What do you think?”

“I’m sorry Daddy. I won’t… ” Kylie felt her heart speed up and wondered just what the punishment would be?

“Oh shut up Kylie. I’m tired of all your crap. You’ve been given everything and still expect more. Well the bank’s closed. You want something you have to earn it.”

He watched her face and knew she was trying to work a way around it. To make sure her easy ride continued.

“Get upstairs to your room.”

.”Are you grounding me?” she asked in astonishment.

“Nope. Now move.”

He waited till he heard her door shut before letting out a chuckle. Damn she looked fucking hot acting so submissive.

She became his daughter when he married Hettie when Kylie was only three. She quickly became his princess but she wasn’t his little princess anymore. She was an adult about to leave home.

He took steps towards the stairs formatting a plan in his mind. She needed pulling back a peg or three and he was just the one to do it. He just hoped that he himself didn’t lose control.

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