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EdmontonAt one time in work life I had a job that required me to travel. My territory included the entire western US, Canada and the east coast as needed. I was on a trip to Edmonton in the provenance of Albert Canada. I was visiting a client to install software, and train staff. I arrived on a bright Sunday in July. Drove my rental from the airport to my down town hotel. My room is on the tenth floor and looks out over the plains. A town down would have better, but I though ah what you are going to do. I settled in, ordered room service, turned on the TV and hung ten on the remote. As I surfed though to the Canadian cable, thought to myself this just like lots of channels but no content. I find a movie and go over notes for work the next day. Dinner arrives; buffalo wings and salad. I’m trying to keep my weight down. I finish dinner and put my notes away and go to bed. When I travel I like to stay within walking distance. Especially the weather is nice and is a beautiful day. I make coffee, hit the shower and shave. I dress in one blue suit white button down shirt with red and grey stripped tie. I finish my coffee and head to the office. The walk was farther than I thought, I didn’t mind.I walked passed a bar that was open and serving breakfast. This place is busy and I stopped to read the menu and see some dishes that sounded good. Open twenty four seven good to know, think as I walk along. I pass a mall about half way between the office and the hotel. I get to the office about ten minutes later than I planned. The staff is waiting for me. I apologize for being late; I sheepishly say it took me longer to walk here than I thought it would. Betty steps up and asks Hank we shake my hand Betty is saying no worries we are glad you are here. Let me introduce you the girls. This is Jerrie, and Della we shake hands all around. Gerry asks me Hank did you eat breakfast I hope you say no, I made coffee cake for our meeting. The ladies at the church say I make the best, my cake sells out first, I don’t know about she trails off. Coffee cake what are we waiting for. We adjourn to the training area. I say we can enjoy our breakfast and start the training. I ask the group did you get the chance to read the procedure manuals that I sent out. Betty pats a stack of three ring binders next to her. How far did you get through those books? The ladies look at each other and say all the way. Should we have waited for, no this is first for me staff that actually read the procedures. Dumb stuck I finally say let me boot the system up and we can play with the system. Betty clears her thought we have turn on already, we followed the procedures it seemed to be easy. I ask do any of you have any questions about booting up. They say no; Let’s find out what you don’t know, Jerrie go through the operations of the system stating with startup. She asks Hank should I shut it down first and then restart it. No I reply just describe each step. Jerrie rattles off each steps as if she done this for years. I look Della how many of the training modules and simulations have you completed. We did them all of course. One last question? Who set up the system, Betty raised her hand I have home computer, so I thought I should at least take a look at system, the procedure walked one through the steps, and we called the help desk when I finished to get connected.Della run scenario four, she asks witch leave A or B. Surprise me but explain your choice. Dells turns around to the key board and starts typing commands I am bringing up be because it provides a greater challenge. I tell you are correct she beams. Do you have any questions we eat coffee cake as I answer questions about the system and procedures. These ladies impressed me this is going to be an easy trip. I call my corporate office and speak with production training, and operations I report that the staff is ready for Fridays event. I am peppered with questions from all sides and we all agree the staff seemed to be ready. I tell the assembled group if the run into a jam I will be here. I will send the final report on Friday. I thank the ladies, telling them it has been an absolute pleasure working with them, saying I normally have to spend at least three days training staff, but you set a record or learning this software. You have made my job easy. I will back on Friday; if you need me page me. In the meantime, can you give me some ideas on what to do? Each of these ladies tells me about things to see down town, and around town. Batty tells me you have to the Edmonton Mall, with civic pride she tells me it’s the largest mall in North America, you have to see it; Della and Gerry nod in agreement. Della tells me she love’s walk around town. Gerry tells me about some hiking trails not far if you have a car. I gratefully thank them all. But before I leave Betty tells me I’m bringing beagles they’re the best in town and they’re in the lobby. I’m looking forward to it, and leave.Before I head back to my hotel stop at the bakery, it has a cute name “Muffin Tops”. I’m Hank; he replies with a French Canadian my name is Dini (with the ascent on the Ni). I say happy to meet you. I ask him if knows the ladies up in suite 710. Oh yes I know them well; I cater for them. Wonderful would you put together some box lunches. Dini puts up he hands saying, leave it all to me my friend I will not disappoint you. Can you get these lunches before noon, Dini shakes his head no saying it will be done. One more thing can you send them tray with fruit and some cookies for delivery later today. I pay Dini and tip him generously; he thanks me for the gratuity, and asks me would you like to add a note? I would thanks for reminding me. How about thanks for being prepared. I have worked with few that are better, enjoy: Hank.I gather my bag as Dini asks me Hank do you like chicken salad. Tell that do he reaches into his display case pulls out a box lunch and hands it to me says to me with accented English on me. I thank him and head for my hotel but not before making a stop at a flower shop and send flower to each ankara escort of them. I stroll back to my hotel it is about 12:30 in the afternoon, the maid is just finishing as I walk in. I thank her and hand her gratuity, she thanks me and leaves. I have the room to myself; I change out of my suite hang it in the closest and put on some shorts and casual shirt. I turn on the TV and surf until I find something that catches my interest, and eat lunch. Dini’s chicken salad it’s the best, He had fresh g****s, apples, seeds, pickles, red onion, celery, and mayo on fresh croissant with homemade fruit salad as a side. As I am eating the tasty treat, thinking to myself I am going to have to make this at home. I surf the cable find nothing turn the TV off and I pull out my most current book, a thriller. I get sleepy and take a nap, for about an hour or so. I wake up feeling refreshed, so I head out to explore the town. The beautiful morning has turned into a beautiful afternoon. I head for the mall that I passed earlier in the day. I need to find a new book. I was glad for the mall; it gives me a place to hang other than my hotel. I am not a shopper but I was going to take my time and look around. I found coffee shop, bought a cup, had a snack studied tourist brochure describing activations in and around Edmonton and watched people go by. I finish my coffee and stroll in and out shops enjoying some “me” time. It was getting late in the day people were heading to the burbs from work, the mall was thinning out and closed at 7:00 pm. I find cooking store and wonder in to see what new cooking tool I might want. There are two employees and some other shopper. I am taking my time inspecting gadgets when one of the employees approached me to ask if I needed any help. I thanked her saying her I am just browsing. She smiles and says my name is Kathy if you need any help. Kathy has warm friendly smile, with playful eyes. I have been handling new kitchen toys, knives, pots and pans enjoying myself, am not a chief but I am a damn good cook so exploring the shop is fun for me. I’s eyeing a chiefs knife in a display case when Kathy steps up to me and asks if you would like to that chiefs knife I can get it out of the case for you. I notice Kathy and I was the only customer in the show room, and she said to me, it is very nice knife, so beautiful look at the metal and colors is the wooden handle. I thought to myself cool, but I say to Kathy if I was keeping you from closing. She laughs saying heavens no we close in 45 minutes. So I told her since she asked, I would love to see the knife. The knife is a beauty, hand forge steal perfectly balanced heavy enough to break down a squash but little enough to chop for days. Kathy was watching me handle the knife and asked me what kinds of food do you like to cook? I look at her somewhat surprised, she smiles at me saying you seem to know your kitchen tools. I confirm her guess and I tell her that I have tried different styles of oriental, Mediterranean, and southwestern/Mexican. I asked her if she enjoyed cooking, adding; seeing how you work in a cooking store. Kathy admitted that she did enjoy cooking but due to her work schedule she doesn’t get to play in the kitchen until her days off, I admitted having the same trouble, adding it’s hard to cook for one. We start talking about different recipes we have made and start trading cooking tips. I am enjoying the company. Closing time is approaching when Kathy asked for my name saying, if I am going to ask you to dinner I should have at least have your name. I said I beg your pardon? Kathy repeats herself enunciating each word “if I am going to ask you out to dinner I should at least have your name”. Okay so; I didn’t misunderstand your question. I excused myself for being so rude saying my name is Hank. We shake hands; her hands feel warm and very soft. Kathy tells me give me 15 minute.It turns out that restaurant is the bar I passed this morning. Kathy tells me a little about this place and what she likes to eat there. They serve bar food; breakfast all day, dinner food at night. Burgers, wings, you now the average bar fare, Kathy tells me, I think the food is better than average. We go into the bar find quiet table and have a seat. I order locally brewed red ale, Kathy chimes in make it two. Kathy asked me, what kind of work I did that allows me so much down time. I tell her I work for Fuller and Wallace; we have offices throughout North America. My job is a combination of manager, help desk, and trainer. I come to one of our offices, set up our network, train the staff, observe them do the job and then move on. If they have problems after the initial training I am first contact. She asks me if I like the traveling, I told her I did a first but it can get old if I am gone from home to long or if my trips are too close together. I ask Kathy how she likes working at the Pots and Pans. She tells me she likes it allot she gets to talk to people. Play with new toys we get free staff to take home, I have more gadgets than I know what to do with. Kathy tells me she only works part time a few days a week. Kathy explains to me that they are both elderly but still can get about. Kathy said she started noticing little things that her parents would do that caused her concern. She lived alone, saying it was easy for her to help them out. So I sold my place and moved back home. Kathy went on to say she loves her mom and dad but she took a part time job just get out of the house. The waitress comes by to see if we wanted a refill or to order from the grill. We have been gabbing for an hour. I ask Kathy if she still has time for dinner. Kathy tells me even though I live with my parents I haven’t had curfew since I was a teen and giggles. Kathy my I ask you a question it’s kind of personal she shrugs and said sure. I am flattered that you asked me out but why? Kathy tells me, hank we were having such a nice time talking at the shop, I thought I would take a chance and ask you out. The worst that could happen is you would say no, ankara escort bayan and I am a little embarrassed. I tell her that I was glad she did saying normally I would have said no, but she was right we are having a nice time. I asked her if she was still hungry. Starving she replies, I have eaten since this morning, and wouldn’t know I left my lunch at home. I ask her what she recommends; without taking a breath she said bacon cheeseburger, fries, and French onion soup. We get to know each other as we wait for our diner. I ask Kathy if she makes a habit out of asking customers out for dinner. She turns red and says No! You seemed nice, you have been polite, mostly Mr. no name, (my turn to redden), and you haven’t tried to hitting on me…yet, and we laugh. She changes the subject by describing the burger and how good they are. Before we know it our soup arrives. I sampled the broth, it wasn’t bad at all. Kathy looks me and asks well, what do you think? I tell her I like it, and that French onions soup if a favorite of mine. I tell Kathy that if French onions soup is on the menu I’ll order it. Trying different preparations gives me ideas when I make it at home. Kathy tells me, I love this soup but she can’t figure out what they so differently. I tell I thing know their trick. She stares at me in disbelief, I ask would you like to know their secret ingredient I say smugly. Without waiting for her answer me I say beer, red ale to be more specific.I tell Kathy sip the broth again now sip your ale and her face lights up, and then asked Hank how you knew this! I tell I have trained myself how to taste a dish and figure out the ingredients. I explain that I like to eat well but I can’t afford to eat out that much so learned to cook. I tell her that I have cooking since I was teen. When I am reading recipes I can taste them in my head. Kathy you do what can taste recipes in my head. I ask her think about how you build the soup and now try to taste the individual flavors one at a time. Now thing of these recipes you have read for onion soup. I put those flavors together in my head and it give me an idea of how it might taste. Our burgers arrive and I mention to the waitress how good the soup is, and I ask her what did they differently, she explains we use the same red ale you are drinking and hurries away. Kathy looks at me and said pretty impressive Hank. Next time I make this soup I am going to use ale…she but how much ale should I use. About a half cup to a cup I say; start out small and add the ale to get to the taste you like. Check out some the cook books in your shop I am sure will find one or two that should give you the proper ratios. She smile and tells me I will try it. We are enjoying our burgers, Kathy asks’ Hank do you like the burger, I tell her it is great cooked perfectly, I say the burger really hits the spot. She smiles at my complement. We slowly eat our meal and talk. The waitress clears our dishes as linger over our drinks. I excuse myself and retreat to the men’s room, when I return Kathy has ordered another round of ale for us. My turn she tells me and excuses herself. I am enjoy her walk away thinking to myself she has cute ass. Kathy looks over her shoulder and catches me checking out her ass smiles at me. Kathy is about 5.9 medium build firm breast, round ass and long legs. She has shoulder length blond hair; eyes. She is wearing lite weight summer blouse, that set off the blue in her eyes, and a dark skirt that fell just below her knees and sandals.Kathy returned and asked me so did you like my behind, I blush and say why yes I do, we laugh. I ask Kathy if she had been married before, Kathy tells me that she had but it didn’t work out and they divorced. Kathy tells me she has been unattached since, going on to say she doesn’t date much because of her parents. Kathy tells me that some of the guys she had gone out with made former boyfriend than a current one. Kathy looks at me and says, Hank I am enjoying our date. I smile and say, me too. Kathy asked if I was married, I tell her no recently divorced after many years of marriage. We finish our drink and leave the bar Kathy is a little unsteady on her feet. I ask are you ok to drive; I would be but, it’s too late to get my car out our lot; Hank my car is locked in until morning. I suggest let’s go back to my hotel to get my car and I will drive you home; adding it is the least I can do for such a pleasant evening. Kathy slips her arm around mine and we stroll, arm and arm to my hotel. I ask her if she would like wait in the lobby or come up to my room with me while get my keys. Kathy asks coyly Hank are you asking me to your room, I chuckle and say well I suppose I am. I tell Kathy to make herself at home, as I step into the rest room. When I come back Kathy is sitting on the couch and has raided the mini bar, saying I hope you don’t mind I made us drink’s. I sit down on the couch so I can face her as we talk. Kathy tells me it’s too bad room doesn’t look out over down town the lights are pretty at night. We chit chat some when Kathy asks if she could use the rest room, I reply by all means, su casa es me casa. She tilts her head quizzically; sorry it’s Spanish for your house is my house. Kathy asks do you speak Spanish. No, not really I reply, it’s a mixture of English and Spanish, Spanglish. Kathy tells me I want to hear more, when I get back. Kathy returns say tell me why Spanglish, but I am going to refresh our drinks first. I not for me I won’t be able to drive you home. That’s fine by if you don’t mind…I start to get hard as I am thinking to myself woohoo! I reply I wouldn’t mind one bit. Good truth be told if you take me tonight I have to catch the bus to come back to get my care tomorrow. We have a win/win situation. I think Doh!Kathy brings our drinks and sits rights next to me and say explain Spanglish to me. I suppose I should give you some history I grew up in a Mexican American neighborhood; most of my friends were Hispanic. I love the food I learned how to make Mexican food from friends and neighbors. escort ankara My girlfriends were all Hispanic. My first wife was Mexican American. Even though many of my friends parent where born in the use Spanish was the language spoke at home. So the languages where mixed into Nano-phrases. Let me give you an example I once used this one; I was asked where in Mexico my mother in-law in Spanish this was my reply. Mi espouse, madrea es from Chihuahua, “My mother in law is from Chihuahua Mexico” I translate. I didn’t know the Spanish word for “from” so I used English; the person got what I was saying. I have seen people have whole conversations using Spanglish. I helped me to learn Spanish, don’t get me wrong I am not fluent but could get by if I had to. Kathy nods saying it can be that way in eastern Canada too. I ask her with mock surprise I they speak Spanglish there too. Kathy playfully replies no silly, as she tries to tickle my ribs. I try to tickle her back, we wrestle trying to get at each other ribs. I give in without much of a fight; Kathy has me on my back, as we continue to playfully wrestle our bodies pressing against one another. We kiss! Kathy and I are kissing and exploring each other bodies with curious hand. We break our kiss and Kathy tells me I have wanted to kiss you all night.We kiss again with more desire; Kathy unbuttons my shirt so she could run her hand over my chest. I am petting her back with one hand while rubbing her ass with the other. Our kissing becomes full of desire. Kathy has discovered my rock hard dick and slowly rubbing it up and down through my shorts. I am nuzzling neck and massage her breast. Kathy tells me this won’t do. She pulls me off the coach saying let’s get out of these clothes, as she peals my shirt away, and attacks my belt.Kathy unbuckles the belt a deftly pulls it off me like swordsman might as he produces his sword, and throws it aside. In a blink my short are down and she I helping me step out of them. She kisses my throbbing dick through my underwear, saying I will see you soon. Hank Kathy purrs will you help me out of these things, she wave her hands along her cloths, as she demurs. Her blouse buttoned down the front my favorite I thing. There is nothing sexier it like unwrapping a gift. Each button reveals a little more of the gift, I kiss the beneath with each button, down to the top of her skirt. I am kneeling in front of her, as I reach both of my arms around her waist and unbutton Kathie’s skirt; it falls to the floor as Kathy slips out of her blouse. Kathy is wearing dark blue lacy briefs with matching bra; very sexy…she pulls me onto the bed. We kiss again. We feel our skin next together her skin is warm to the touch. I need to feel more of her and helps her out of her bra. We press our bodies together in a lovers embrace; her breasts feel wonderful against my bare chest. I fondle your breast as she presses it into my palm. We are breathing heavy her hand is in my short wrapped around my cock. She breaks our kiss and slithers down my body. Kathy looks me in the eyes and whispers seductively Hank I love sucking cock. As she pull my tool from my short. Kathy milks my dick squeezing precum from my cock, and licked my head like she would ice cream adding the ubiquitous umm. Kathy says out loud lets release this b**st and helps me out of my shorts. Hank Kathy asks when was your last blow job, I bet it’s been awhile has huh? I nod dumbly as she places her lips over the head of my dick, and pulls my dick into her mouth. I thought I was going to cum that moment. Kathy licks up one side of my dick and down the other she suck my balls into her mouth and pulls her head away until they pop out of her mouth. She is back on my tool and sucks me deep in her mouth, I cum, and Kathy takes it all. She smiles at me and purrs your is sweet. I pull Kathy up to me and we kiss. I push her over on her back a kiss my way down her body. As I make my way south I stop to lick and suck tender spot. Kathy has beautiful breast I loved the weight of them in my hands and tenderly kiss her nipples. She moans and arches up to me. I tenderly make love to her breasts before I kiss my way down her belly.I kiss my way to the top of her panties and I run my tongue along the top of her panties. I start pull her panties and kiss or lick each inch of skin Kathy is melting. I have pulled her panties down to the top of her legs and she arches her back so I can slide them off of her. Down her thighs I help her slide them free of her body. I nuzzle her mound to drink in her sent before kissing all around her muff. I run my tongue around the contours pussy Kathy spreads her legs in anticipation. I am taking my time it’s been a long time since I have gone down on a woman and I want to enjoy this. Kissing just above her mound she wiggles her hips in response to my kisses. I kiss down the inside of her thighs; she spreads her legs to give me access to her holy of holies. I run my tongue tight up against her slit and up and over her clit Kathy moans and shivers with pleasure. I spread her pussy lips and flick my tongue over her clit, she purrs…it has been such a long time since I have been eaten out, please don’t stop. I was giving her clit a good tonguing as she grabs my hair in both hands and pushing my head into her puss as cums. I let her recover from her orgasm before I stat to lick her pussy again but this time I push her legs up so I can drill her pussy with my tongue Kathy is saying don’t stop, that feels so good. She is moaning breathing fast and heavily she climaxes again and hisses fuck me. I place the head of my dick against her pussy, rubbing my dick up and down along her slit; I slowly slide my dick into her waiting snatch. Kathy has a tight pussy that is dripping wet. I want to jam my dick deep inside her but I keep my cool, as I slide my dick into her pussy. Kathy moans with pleasure. I am balls deep in her tight little quim. We are in the missionary position I looking down at her; she pulls me down to her lips we kiss passionately as we make love. Kathy has her legs wrapped around my waist I deep in her pussy. We fuck with vigor and before long we both cum. Waves of pleasure wash over us as we cum and we collapse in a heap. We lie in each other’s arms enjoying, touching and petting each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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