Editing Reailty Book 2, Chapter 12: Taboo Love

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Editing Reality

Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Twelve: Taboo Love

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

I was shocked that my daughter had figured out that I had powers. That I had changed her. Sam trembled, her green eyes spilling with tears. Her nostrils flared as she swayed. My stomach clenched. This terrible pit opened up, yawning through me. Acids gurgled up my throat, burning me.

I never wanted to hurt her.

I had to think. I had to be careful. I didn’t want to hurt her more. I grabbed her shoulders but she wrenched back, her red hair swaying about her face. Her gray skirt whisked about her thighs. Her hands clutched to her breasts, grabbing the gray vest she wore over her white blouse.

“How did you… figure this out?” I asked, struggling to organize my thoughts.

“I read this book,” she said, her voice thick and croaking. A new wave of tears spilled down her cheeks, flowing down the channel already carved by her first set. Her cheeks glistened. “It told me all about this. About passing on your powers.”

“My powers?” I frowned.

“You know, to James.” She stared at me. “He created his girls. He inherited his gift from you.”

I groaned. I had thought about that.

“And then you made me love you,” she hissed. Her face transformed from hopelessness to this intense anger. Her eyes narrowed at me. “I know it! You did! You’re not even denying it!”

“Do you believe that?” I asked, my chest tight. “That I would make you love me?”

“I don’t know what to believe!”


Sam Davies

I trembled, on the verge of falling apart. My throat was raw. The room seemed to lurch around me. More tears spilled down my cheeks. My fists clenched. I wanted to hate him. To throw myself at him. My hands squeezed into balls and relaxed. My heart pounded through my chest.

Dad pulled out his phone. “I don’t have powers.”

“You do!” I gasped. “Don’t lie.”

“I don’t have powers… precisely,” he said as he swiped across his phone’s screen. “I have this app. It lets me change things.”

“What?” I asked, shocked by that. “Don’t lie to me. Don’t treat me like an idiot!” Hot rage flared through me. “I’m not dumb. I may not have Becky’s grades, but I know things!”

He opened some app that I had never seen, not surprising. There was an option to EDIT or VIEW. He chose VIEW and then not to pause. My face furrowed as a wire image appeared on the left hand of the screen. It looked like this room. There were two dots on it, one labeled Sam Davies, the other Steven Davies.

I blinked at that. How was I on there. Was it my phone.

He touched a wireframe of the table and a menu appeared.

Tulix Folding Table Model 495-A

• Physical Quality

• Spiritual Quality

“You see,” he said, opening up the Physical Menu.

Physical Quality

• State

• Mass

• Volume

• Strength

• Material

• Shape

• Temperature

• Location

“This is how I change things. I can modify any of these properties. I could change its color. It’s material. It’s shape. I could destroy it. Make it so it’s stronger. Weaker.”

“What?” I asked, snuffling. I stared at the image of the table on the side. It was floating on a black screen like it was a video game with a level editor. One where you could modify the look of items before placing them into a world.

He switched to a shelf. It appeared, minus the books. It was an exact replica. Down to the dings on the side. Then he hit an individual book on it. The book floated there.

Geometry and Algebra, 7th Edition by V. Rathers

• Physical Quality

• Spiritual Quality

I darted to the shelf, grabbed it. I stared at the cover as I headed back to Dad. Then I looked at it.

“What?” I said, sniffling. I was so confused. “How is this on there?”

“It’s an app that can look up anything and let me modify it,” he said. “Your brother doesn’t have powers. I created his girls to make him happy.” His eyes flicked to something to my right. He shook his head.

I looked to my right. I saw nothing.

“So you can do… people?” I asked, staring at his phone. “Me?”

He went back to the wireframe view of the room. There was a search bar at the top. He tapped my screen and I appeared naked on the screen in a pose like in a character creator.


• Physical

• Mental

• Spiritual

I swallowed, staring at the side. At the options there. Then I noticed that it said EDITED BY PLAYER ONE. I frowned. “What does that mean? Player One?”

“That I was the one who edited you,” he said. “I did change you, Sam. I modified you the night we made love the first time. You remember that night.”

I nodded, a warmth fluttering through me. From the kiss in the car on the way home to Daddy stripping me out of my nightgown in his bed and making love to me. It had been wonderful. He had been so gentle. It was everything I imagined and more.

“Y-you did edit me to love you,” I whimpered as it hit me.

“No!” he said with such passion. “Look.” He tapped the Mental Menu. A new menu sprang open.


• Knowledge

• Personality

• Intellect

• Illness

Dad tapped the Knowledge Sub-Menu.


• Physical Skills

• Artistic Skills

• Sexual Skills

• Memory

Then the Memory Sub-Menu. Events appeared. There was this moment right here.

• Sam confronts her father on her suspicions that she was edited.

• Sam is taken to Vern Atterbury by Rosemary Blum.

• Sam insults Rosemary Bloom.

• Sam is lost in her thoughts struggling with her identity.

I gasped. On and on. The moments of my day. Yesterday. It scrolled on. This was my life. Daddy flipped back, the events of my life flying by as he scrolled for that night a few weeks ago. He slowed it down and then he stopped it.

• Sam slips into her father’s room ready to make love.

• Sam and her father make love for the first time.

• Sam cuddles with her father after making love eager for more.


• Sam has anal sex for the first time.

“You see,” he said. “You can see that I edited you after we made love. I didn’t make you do that. You did it because you loved me.” He pressed the phone into my hand. “You can browse through your properties. You can see what I changed about you.”

I trembled as I held it. I backed out of this menu. I tapped the Spiritual Menu out of whim and saw Sexuality. I clicked on the sub-menu. And then I viewed Desires. My eyes widened as I saw that Daddy had made me like anal more. That I wanted to share him with other women. But he didn’t make me crave him. I wanted him. I backed out. I had seen a menu labeled Relationships. I clicked it and saw that Daddy was at the top followed by Mom, Becky, and my friends.

Mom and Becky looked different. She was bolded on the list. I clicked it and saw that I loved my mother. That we got along great. I thought she was a wonderful woman. I looked up at Daddy. “You edited how I felt about Mom?”

“I tweaked it,” he said. “You and your mother were always fighting. She didn’t like you were a tomboy. She wanted you to wear skirts.”

“I love wearing skirts,” I objected. My eyes widened. “I didn’t use to?”

“Well…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “You look cuter in skirts.”

My cheeks warmed.

“And your mother feels that women should dress in feminine ways. I also edited your mother to be more accepting,” he said. “I wouldn’t say you hated each other, but you two were always butting heads.”

“And Becky?”

“You two both had crushes on me,” he said. “You both loved me, and you knew the other one did. You two were jealous of each other. It was causing friction.” He paused. “Isn’t it better that you two enjoy sharing me? That we’re all a family.”

I bit my lower lip. “You didn’t make me like girls?”

“No.” He smiled. “I tweaked Becky to like girls and that’s changed her more than I thought it would.”

I suddenly giggled. “You mean her seducing her professors isn’t something the old Becky would do.”

“The old Becky was shy. She only had her friend, Tonya. I just wanted to make our lives better. I wanted to fix things in our family. Make us even closer.” He cupped my face. “I took your virginity before I ever changed you, Sam. I never would have touched my daughters if they didn’t want me to.”

His thumbs stroked my cheeks.

“I never would hurt my flesh and blood. I love you and Becky and James. You’re all important to me. I just wanted to make us happy.” He stared at me with such pain in his eyes. “You are happy, right?”

New tears burned in my eyes. A new emotion swirled through me. Joy bubbled up through me. I nodded. A whimpering, choking groan rose out of me. Tears spilled down my cheeks, a flood of them.

“I am happy, Daddy,” I whimpered.

Then he was kissing me.

I melted into his lips. I kissed him with hunger. This was wonderful. My heart beat so fast. I didn’t want to think Daddy was controlling me. I was carrying his baby. Our incestuous love child. I threw my arms around his neck. I clung to him. His tongue darted around inside my mouth.

He didn’t make me love him. I was so mad at myself for thinking that and so happy that it wasn’t true. I swooned. I clung to him. This was so exciting. He had an app that had changed me. This was so incredible.

And he had changed Becky and Mom.

I broke the kiss. “So you can change anyone?” I asked, trembling. “You Ankara escort could modify any person in the world.”

“Yep,” he said, smiling. “But only once.”

“Wow,” I said. This was so amazing. I felt dizzy. Giddy. I clung to him, feeling his solid body.

“Want to see your friends?” he asked. “I edited them to keep our secret and have fun.” He smiled, his dark eyes so warm and loving. “But you four were already having sex. I was shocked when I spied that.”

“Did you make Mom bi then?” I asked. “I mean, you made Becky bi. You said something about that.”

“Your Mom was always bi. I just didn’t know it until that Friday.” He swallowed. “I just made her open about it. I had no idea it would make her so open she was seducing women right and left. This timeline is different in many ways from how I remember it.”

“This is so cool,” I said, bouncing beside him. “So you can edit someone.” My eyes widened. “Miss Blum! You can edit her so I’m not in trouble.”

“Well, I’m out of edits for the day,” he said. “I only get three a day. But don’t worry about it. Your mother’s taking care of getting you out of trouble.”

“Oh?” I asked.


Linda Davies

I played with my wedding ring. It didn’t feel any different since Steve edited it a few days ago. I didn’t feel a tingle as its very presence made people listen to me with more interest. They took more consideration in my opinion.

And women seemed to smile at me more. I knew I could seduce any of them. They would be willing. They wouldn’t think it was strange. No matter how straight they were, they would just want to have a naughty time with me. They wouldn’t think it was cheating. I wouldn’t break up any marriages like I had in the past.

It would just be a fun romp we’d both enjoy.

“Rosemary, can we talk,” I said, poking my head into President Atterbury’s office.

Rosemary Blum turned around. I couldn’t remember the old her. I knew I had met her before my husband had edited her a week or so ago. She had been in an accident that left her face scarred and deformed. He said she was a bitter woman about it. Acerbic.

He had such a warm heart, that he had restored her beauty. He had made it so the surgeon had performed a miracle to save her. She didn’t lose her beauty. It had the effect of making her a, normally, pleasant woman.

She looked mad now. “Trying to get me to go easy on your daughter?” She arched a brown eyebrow at me. The brunette folded her arms, pressing her purple blouse tight across her round breasts. “Huh, Linda?”

“Something like that,” I said. “Trust me, she’ll be punished for what she said.” Anger rippled through me. I couldn’t believe that my girl would go so far. “I am sorry, but… could we talk in private?”

“I’m not going to change my mind,” she said. “You and your husband can’t get her out of trouble.”

“Just let me talk. In private.” I smiled at President Atterbury. He was sitting at his desk, a bony looking man with iron hair. “I’m sure you could give us your office.”

I could see his eyes harden for a moment. He looked about to refuse but then his brow furrowed. It was like he was giving my words true consideration. Then he nodded his head. “Yeah, I can understand. This is a volatile moment. I’ll go keep an eye on your class, Rosemary.”

She nodded, her eyes glancing at me. Color blossomed across her smooth cheeks.

“Thank you, sir,” I said, being polite to my boss. He was ex-military and took that sort of stuff seriously.

He rose, adjusting his tie as he moved around the desk. He nodded to us as he left the room. I shuddered in my nurse’s uniform. My nipples ached against the cotton of my scrub top. It was an incredible delight. I was so ready for this.

The door closed.

I pounced.

I hooked my hand behind Rosemary’s neck and pulled her to me. I kissed her hard on the lips. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She didn’t resist. I had never once flirted with her. Made a pass on her. Sussed out her for desire with women. I knew the only thing my husband edited into her was a willingness to have sex with him.

He’d just been too busy getting ready for being mayor to enjoy her yet. Plus, he was having fun with his students.

My tongue danced around in her mouth. Rosemary Blum moaned into the kiss. She shuddered against me. Her body melted tight. I loved the feel of her feminine form. Our bodies pressed tight. Her breasts rose and fell as her hot lips worked against mine. Her arms went around me. She moaned. She whimpered.

She loved it.

I broke the kiss with her, staring into her eyes. I loved what I saw in them. Her breasts rose and fell against my tits as I observed that her blue eyes were glossy and shiny with her passion. She shuddered as I broke away from her. My smile grew as I loved the way she trembled.

“Wow,” she said, fanning her face. “That’s… wow.”

“I know,” I said. “You’re just so sexy.” I peeled off my top. Her eyes widened as I exposed my large breasts. The pink medical scrubs fell down to the ground, fluttering past my big tits. I wiggled my hips from side to side, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. “Mmm, look at you.”

“Look at you,” she said. “Damn, Linda. You’re gorgeous. Those tits… I’ve never been into a woman or tits, but… but…”

She looked like she wanted to feast on me.

“You like these breasts?” I asked, squeezing them. I massaged my fingers into those big tits.

“I love them!” she moaned. She licked her lips, salivating like a naughty bitch.

“You want to play with them?” I asked. My fingers reached my nipples. I tugged on them. Pleasure rippled through me, shooting down to my juicy pussy.

“I do,” she moaned. She took a step towards me.

“So I think you can understand that our daughter was under a great deal of stress,” I said.

She blinked, her hands freezing before she grabbed my tits. “Well…” She licked her lips again. “What your daughter said was in the middle of my class.”

I grabbed her hands and pulled them towards me. I pressed them into my tits. She squeezed them. “We’ll discipline her. It won’t happen again.”

“It was a horrible word that she called me,” she said, her fingers squeezing into my breasts. I leaned in and nuzzled into her mouth.

She moaned into my lips. Her fingers kneaded my tits as she whimpered into my mouth. This was so hot. She was just so horny to have sex with me. It was incredible. I loved my new wedding ring. It was such a wonderful gift my husband gave me.

He was such an amazing man.

I shoved down my scrub bottoms. The loose pants dropped down my hips, exposing my drenched bush. Air currents wafted around my naked rump. I shuddered as I felt the growing passion from Rosemary, my cunt growing hotter and hotter in response.

I broke the kiss. “So… You’ll recommend that President Atterbury goes easy on her. Nothing to mess up her future.”

“She undermined my authority,” Rosemary moaned, her eyes flicking down my body. She stared down at my dark-red pubic hair. Her fingers dug deep into my cunt. “I can’t go easy. You have to understand. If it was in private…”

“Okay, then we’re done,” I said. I shuffled back, pulling my tits and pussy from her hands. I bent down and hauled up my scrub bottoms.

“But… but…” she said. “I… I… You’re so beautiful.”

“You want to make me happy?” I asked.

“I’ll make you so happy,” she moaned. “I’ll make you cum hard.”

“I want more than orgasms,” I said. “You make me happy, and I’ll make you explode.” I dropped the scrub bottoms again. “Will you make me happy?”

She fell to her knees before me. She grabbed my hips, leaning her head in. “I… I… want to make you happy. I’ve never done this before.”

“You’ll be fine,” I said, grabbing her brown hair. I pulled her lovely face, her smooth cheeks blushing scarlet. “You’ll make my body feel amazing, but what about my heart? You’ll tell the president to go easy on my daughter? Then you can eat me. Then I’ll make you feel amazing.”

“Yes!” she moaned and pressed her face into my pussy.

Her tongue licked through my folds. I shuddered at that first, wonderful contact of a new woman’s mouth on my pussy. I watched the joy bursting in her eyes as she tasted pussy for the first time. I loved ushering a woman into lesbian passion.

Men were wonderful. My husband was an amazing lover, but women were just so soft and sensual.

No man could feel quite like this when eating my pussy. No stubble. Fingers dainty. There was an eroticism to a woman eating my pussy. Rosemary’s tongue felt incredible. She had never done this, but she was so eager to please. Eager to love another woman.

She knew where to lick. She wasn’t a stranger to what a pussy needed. She’d been on the receiving end. Her tongue darted through my folds. It was a hot treat to enjoy. I groaned, my heart beating faster and faster. This was such a wild treat. I was so glad I could enjoy this.

My wedding ring sparkled as I gripped her brown hair.

“Mmm, you’re making me feel so happy,” I groaned, her tongue caressing over my folds. My large breasts jiggled as the sexy professor feasted on me.

“You taste so good,” she moaned. Her tongue darted through my petals. “Ooh, this is amazing. Linda! Mmm, yum!”

Her tongue buried back into me. My moans echoed through the president’s office. My breasts heaved. My back arched as I ground my pussy on her face. Her tongue darted through my folds. This incredible heat surged through my body.

My face scrunched up. This wicked heat surged through my body. My heart pounded in my chest, pumping boiling blood throughout my flesh. My cunt ground on her face. I wiggled my hips, smearing my pussy across her mouth.

Her Ankara escort bayan tongue darted through my folds. She flicked and fluttered through my pussy. She caressed my clit. Sparks burst through my body. Her hands gripped my hips as she stared up at me. Her blue eyes were so shiny.

“Oh, Rosemary, yes!” I groaned. “Mmm, just like that. Eat me. I’m going to cream your face. You want that.”

“God, yes!” she moaned into my snatch. “I love watching your tits jiggling. How they sway back and forth.”

She thrust her right hand up my flat stomach to my large breast. My auburn hair swept around my shoulders as she squeezed my tit. Her fingers dug into my big breast. My tongue darted around my clit. She thrummed my pearl.

She sucked on my bud. She nursed on it.

Pleasure flared through me. I shuddered on her mouth. Her hand squeezed me. This naughty professor made me feel amazing. Her left hand slid around my thigh while her right kneaded my breast. My boob felt amazing in her grip. Tingles raced down my body to my aching and throbbing pussy.

My cunt clenched every time she sunk her tongue into it. My hips wiggled back and forth. The fingers of her left hand slid through my bush. She stroked through my pubic hair and past her lips nursing on my clit. She found my pussy lips.

She thrust her fingers into my pussy.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped as her fingers filled my cunt. This wicked heat rushed through me. I fluttered my eyes. “Oh, wow, that’s hot. Your fingers are in me.”

“You’re so hot!” she moaned. She sucked on my clit again.


My orgasm swelled faster and faster. My pussy clenched on her fingers. Her right hand gripped my tit. This wicked heat surged through my body. I panted. My heart raced as this hot passion rippled through my body. My eyes fluttered.

I was so close to exploding. I was coming closer and closer to that moment of rapture. It was incredible to have this joy. Her fingers thrust into my cunt. Her lips sucked on my clit. I moaned, her hand squeezing my tit.

It all swirled together.

“Yes, yes, Rosemary!” I howled.


My pussy convulsed around her digits. Waves of blissful heat washed out of my cunt. The rapture swept through my body as my juices gushed around her fingers. The ecstasy billowed through my thoughts. My mind drank it in.

Stars burst across my vision.

I bucked and shuddered. I gripped her hair, holding tight as the pleasure screamed through my body. She gave me such joy. Such bliss. It was the best in the world. It was incredible. My eyes fluttered as the bliss rippled throughout my flesh. I loved this. I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted it to keep going.

“Rosemary, you’re making me so happy!” I moaned as she sucked on my clit. “Oh, damn, yes!”

My orgasm peaked.

I groaned, sighing into rapture. My body swayed. Rosemary licked around my petals. Her fingers wiggled in my pussy as the pleasure died. I sucked in deep breaths, my eyes staring down at her. The glint of my gold wedding band drew my eye.

It gave me protection. Tomorrow, my husband would finish his edits. He would become mayor. Then we would figure out how to stop Player Two. We would find her. Stop her. Defeat her.


Steve Davies

“So how is Mom keeping me out of trouble?” my daughter Sam asked. “Is she going to eat out Miss Blum.”

“Something like that,” I answered, picturing Rosemary Blum’s face twisting in pleasure. She looked so much different since I’d edited her. She was no longer scarred. Before, her face had been crisscrossed with white lines from the glass of her car’s windshield. “Your mother is very… persuasive.”

Sam grinned at me. “Your work?”

I winked at her as I sank down to my knees before her. My hands grabbed my daughter’s thighs.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” she asked, trembling.

“I need to make you feel better,” I said, my hands sliding up her thighs, vanishing beneath her thighs.

That mischievous glint appeared in her green eyes. A smile spread, her short, fiery hair swaying about her face. It gave her a pixyish look. My naughty tomboy. “I do need a pick-me-up. I’m just so emotional. You know, I’m preggers.”

“Something else that’s my fault,” I said. “When I was given this power by an angel, well, I was edited so my sperm is super effective at breeding girls.”

She giggled. “So you got edited by an angel?”

“God, actually,” I said. “Or the Most High.”

“And he doesn’t mind you’re doing all this stuff?” She arched an eyebrow at me.

“I’m free to do what I want,” I said, the idea still having me reeling at the power. My hands found the waistband of her panties. I hooked them and pulled them down. They rolled off of her hips and down her thighs. She bit her lower lip, looking so cute.

“Wow,” she said as her rose-pink panties, made of satin and cut with a high hip, appeared from beneath her gray skirt. The fabric was so dainty. I could smell her tart musk. That wonderful scent of my own flesh and blood. It was a heady scent. “You’re going to eat out my preggers pussy, Daddy?”

“You like that word,” I said. Preggers?

“It’s fun,” she said as she stepped out of her panties. “And you know I like having fun.”

I chuckled before I dipped my head beneath her schoolgirl skirt. The scent of my daughter’s barely legal pussy filled my nose. I savored that wonderful delight, my mouth salivating. I wanted to make her cum hard. I wanted to love her.

To show her that I cared about her. I loved my wife and my daughters. My three women were important to me. I cared for my son, but he wasn’t Linda, Becky, or my naughty Sam.

My tomboy daughter gasped as my lips pressed into her shaved pussy. Her tart juices spilled into my mouth. My tongue fluttered through her folds, teasing her, savoring the taste of her. That forbidden, incestuous flavor of my daughter’s twat.

“Daddy,” she squealed in a precious way. Every father needed to hear that sound.

“I’m so sorry, kumquat,” I groaned into her pussy. My tongue darted through her folds again, stimulating her. I brushed her clit, hard and peeking out of its sheath.

“I forgive you, Daddy!” she moaned. “Ooh, how could I not when you have that naughty tongue licking through me.”

My tongue flicked up through her folds again. I found her clit. I swirled around it. Her moans were so sweet, partially muffled by her skirt around my head. It was a treat to be under here. To tease her. To make my daughter whimper and moan. The skirt made it feel like we were the only two people in the world.

Like the universe existed only between my daughter’s slender thighs.

My dick ached and throbbed, begging for attention. I ignored it to slide my hands around her hips beneath her skirt to grab her peachy rump. I pulled her tight against me. Her body shuddered. I heard clothing rustling. Something fell to the floor.

Her vest?

I pictured her in her schoolgirl blouse. White and crisp, a gray tie falling down between the dainty swellings of her small breasts. It made me groan just thinking about her, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock.

She was schoolgirl perfection.

“Daddy!” she whimpered, her hips writhing, grinding her pussy on my hungry mouth. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes! That’s good. Ooh, I’m so sorry, too. I shouldn’t have called Miss Blum a bitch, but… but… I’m just hormonal! You bred me!”

I bred her. My daughter carried our child. This wonderful passion soaked my tongue. I flicked through her folds, teasing her. My fingers squeezed and kneaded her rump. My digits dug into her flesh. I pulled her tight against me.

My tongue darted through her folds over and over. I licked her. I caressed her. It was an incredible treat. Her juices soaked over my tongue. They bathed my mouth. They were such a delicious treat to enjoy. My heart raced in my chest.

“Kumquat!” I groaned into her pussy, my hands kneading her ass, her skirt rustling around my head.

I feasted on her with hunger. I devoured her. It was incredible to enjoy. My tongue darted into her tart depths. Her hips wiggled. More clothing rustled. Was she stripping off her tie? Her blouse? Something fluttered to the ground.

Were her little titties out? Those firm, ripe mounds just begging to be played with.

“Oh, Daddy, love my preggers pussy!” she moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, stir me up. Orgasms are good for daughters carrying their Daddy’s baby.”

“I’ll give you lots,” I growled. “Me, your mother, your sister will all give you them!”

“Yes!” she moaned, her hips wiggling, ass flexing beneath my grip. “Oh, Daddy! Ooh, that’s good. Mmm, just love my twat!”

My tongue darted through her folds with hunger. With alacrity. I caressed her. Loved her. I thrust my tongue deep into her twat. This wonderful passion surged through me. My heart beat in my chest. My tongue danced through her cunt, letting the delight soak over my tongue.

She bucked. I could tell she was building towards her passion. Her moans echoed through the small side room. My hands squeezed her rump. I pulled her tight against me. My dick throbbed in my slacks. My tie felt so tight about my neck.

“Daddy!” she squealed.

A flood of her tart cream rushed out of her. My daughter bucked. I made my sexy tomboy cum. My tongue thrust into her pussy’s depths. I felt her writhing walls rippling. My dick twitched and throbbed in my slacks, aching to be in her.

“Oh, yes, yes, Daddy! I love you! You’re the best! You’re amazing! I’m not mad! You made our family awesome!”

My heart melted at her passion. This last bit of tension released from me as I licked through her folds. I nibbled on them. My tongue darted over her folds. It was this incredible delight. Escort Ankara I couldn’t wait to be in her.

Her juices soaked the collar of my dress shirt. They flooded out of her hot pussy. She bathed my face in her incestuous rapture. It was a delight to enjoy. A real pleasure. I was so grateful for it. I savored running my tongue through her pussy. I licked her. Pleased her.

Loved my daughter.

“Ooh, Daddy, I want you to fuck my asshole!”

“Not your pussy?” I asked, my dick aching for that bred hole.

“You made me into an anal-loving fiend!” she moaned.

“I made it so your asshole didn’t need lube, too,” I groaned, pulling my face away.

“I knew my butthole was different!” she gasped as I ducked out from beneath her skirt, staring up at her topless body. Her breasts had a flush creeping up to her small, pink nipples.

She whirled around and braced against a wall. She wiggled her hips, her skirt swishing about her rump. It was a hypnotic sight. I rose slowly, so glad she understood and had forgiven me. This was an incredible moment.

“Come fuck my ass, Daddy!”

I pounced on my daughter, fumbling to pull out my cock at the same time. I unzipped, not bothering to undo my belt. I fished my dick out through the slit in my boxers and my open fly. It thrust hard, aching to be in my daughter’s velvety asshole.

Her peachy rump beckoned. That smooth, pink-beige flesh divided by that sexy cleft. My left hand spread her open, exposing that puckered backdoor. She moaned, looking over her shoulder at me, her green eyes glassy.

“Fuck my asshole, Daddy!”

I pressed my cock against her sphincter. I felt the texture against my dick’s tip. That wonderful feeling. I didn’t hesitate to thrust forward, my cock aching to cum. Her anal ring swallowed me with ease. I buried to the hilt in her bowels.

She gasped and I groaned as I sank into her asshole. She had a slippery quality, this wonderful delight that made it easy to press into her anal depths. I swept my hands around her body, sliding up to cup her small breasts as I sodomized her.

My balls smacked into my daughter’s taint.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” she moaned, squeezing her bowels around my dick. “Fuck me. Pound me! Ooh, I need it!”

“Yes,” I growled and drew back.

She felt incredible wrapped about me. That velvety delight that had me nearly swooning with delight. It was an incredible treat to experience. I thrust back into her tight depths, my balls smacking into her.

Her anal sheath squeezed me every time I drew back. She gripped me like she didn’t want to let me go. It was wonderful to feel. I savored it as I slammed back into her welcoming asshole. My slacks rustled, muffling the impact of my crotch against her cute ass.

“Daddy!” she moaned. “Ooh, I’m glad you made me into your anal slut. You didn’t do this for Becky?”

“No,” I panted, massaging her little breasts. “I made her more outgoing. It’s why she’s seducing her professors and Tonya’s mother.”

“Yes, yes!” Sam gasped. “I hear Tonya’s dating Seth now.”

“Talk to your mother about that,” I groaned. She had straightened out whatever was bothering Becky a few days ago. “Damn, your ass, kumquat!”

“Ooh, you love my cute, naughty ass!” Sam moaned, bucking back into me, her hair dancing around her face. “Yes, yes, my Daddy loves my asshole so much, he changed reality!”

I groaned as I slammed into her. I pinched her nipples. I twisted and tweaked them, savoring how she trembled. Her asshole clenched around my dick. That wonderful massage felt incredible. I shuddered, burying into her again and again.

My balls smacked into her taint. That wonderful heat surged around me. Her velvety grip squeezed me. Massaged me. Every thrust into her brought me closer and closer to exploding into her depths. I was eager for it.

I wanted to erupt in her.

I wanted to pump my jizz over and over into my daughter’s delicious bowels. She felt amazing around me. My daughter was incredible. I slammed forward hard. Fast. I rammed into her again and again.

“Kumquat!” I gasped, pinching her nipples.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m going to cum so hard on your dick!” she moaned. “You made me love this! You made me into your anal slut! That’s so hot!”

“Yes!” I growled.

“And you made Kyleigh into your slut, too!” Sam grinned at me over her shoulder. “Didn’t you? You like fucking your college students.”

“I do!” I growled, twisting her nipples.

“Pervy teacher and horny daddy!” she howled, her asshole clenching around my dick.

It was heaven. I couldn’t take much more of her. I slammed hard and fast into her. I buried again and again, thrusting with all my might. My tie bounced before me. My daughter’s skirt rustled. Her hair danced as her head tossed.

The friction built the pressure at the tip of my cock. Every moment brought me closer and closer to erupting into her. To firing all my jizz into the wonderful delight of her asshole’s depths. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest. I was so close.

A few more strokes.

“Daddy!” she groaned. “Oh, Daddy!” Her hips rotated. “Just like that, Daddy. Pound me. Fuck me! Make me explode.”

I tugged hard on her nipples. “Let me feel that ass writhing about my cock, kumquat! You’re Daddy’s anal slut! Cum! Cum so hard!”

She squealed.

Her asshole writhed around me. Pleasure spilled around my cock as I buried into her. I fucked hard into her convulsing bowels. She bucked in my arms. Her moans were so sweet. So wonderfully naughty.

The pressure swelled at the tip of my dick as I fucked her. Her massaging asshole made my balls tighten. They smacked against her, thrusting through my fly. I twisted her nipples as my face tensed. My nuts brimmed with cum.

“Flood your anal slut, Daddy!” she howled.

The rapture rushed through me. This dizzying heat fired out of my cock as my balls unloaded my cum. I fired blast after blast of jizz into my daughter’s wonderful bowels. I flooded her with all this spunk. It left me dizzy.

I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut. I groaned, licking my lips. This wonderful pleasure surged through me. My chest felt so tight. My tie almost choked me as I spilled my passion into my daughter’s milking bowels.

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” she groaned. “Ooh, I love this moment.”

“So do I, kumquat!” I moaned as I spurted that final blast of jizz into her bowels.

She quivered around me, whimpering. I held at that pinnacle of bliss for this wonderful moment. I treasured it. I groaned as my daughter’s convulsions slowed, stopped. She had wrung my balls dry. We had loved each other.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” she whimpered. “Mmm, I love you.”

“Love you, too,” I said, leaning against her, hugging her. I nibbled on her ear.

I panted against her, my cock softening in her cum-filled bowel’s hot grip. She moaned and whimpered. A purr of delight rippled out of her as she wiggled her hips. I squeezed her small breasts as I came down from my orgasmic high.

“I’m kinda glad I found that book,” she said.

“Right, right, the book,” I groaned. I frowned. “It told you all about my powers?”

“Yeah, how you could edit people, change how they thought, how they looked, everything that your app seems to do.” She groaned. “The book said it was a psychic power. It’s the… The Heritability of Psychic Gifts. It’s found in the college’s library.”

There was something about it that made my stomach… twist. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket. Sam watched me over her shoulder, my cum staining her butt-crack and dribbling down to her shaved pussy. I opened the app.

Anael appeared as I started my search.

“Mmm, she’s going to want you to do so many naughty things with your device,” Anael said. The angel wandered around my daughter.

I nodded. The search function found the book in the library.

The Heritability of Psychic Gifts by S. Ethmyer (EDITED BY PLAYER TWO)

• Physical Quality

• Spiritual Quality

“Fuck me,” I muttered.”

“What is it, Daddy?” asked Sam.

“That book edited by Player Two,” I growled.

She frowned. “Who’s that?”

Before I could answer, I stared at the name. S. Ethmyer. “You have to be fucking me. I checked him, right?”

“Checked who?” Sam asked.

“Seth Meyer?” Anael asked. “I don’t believe you did.”

“I must have,” I muttered.

“What are you talking about, Daddy?” Sam asked, patting over.

“I checked every student attending the college,” I muttered as I did a search for Seth. I found him in Queenie Phan’s math class, sitting at his desk. I opened him.


• Physical

• Mental

• Spiritual

“He’s Player Two,” I groaned. “Seth fucking Meyers. How did I not check him? I would have noticed this, Anael?”

“Who’s Anael?” my daughter demanded. “And Player Two? Talk to me, Daddy!”

“An aura,” I groaned. “He must have something on him. Something he edited to keep me from considering him. Would that work, Anael?”

“Probably,” the angel said.

I grinned as Sam pressed beside me, staring down at the phone, her naked breast rubbing against my hand. I knew who my enemy was. I could start to do things against him. Not today, and certainly not tomorrow, but once I got through the inauguration and thwarted whatever he planned with the gun sale, I could move against him.

“I finally got you,” I growled, staring down at the blue dot representing Seth.

“Talk to me, Daddy!” my daughter moaned.


James Davies

I sat in Miss Phan’s class, itching to draw. But she was having us take a dumb test. Seth was beside me, writhing away. The sound of twenty pencils scratching on paper made me itch so badly. I had more girls to get drawn.

It was Friday. Dreamgirl Delights would be packed tonight. Our customers needed satisfaction.

To be continued…

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