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Anastasia Knight

EchoesIt was late and her shift had finished hours ago, but management had fucked up once again and Amy was left behind to sort it. By midnight she’d had enough and decided to come in early tomorrow, so she grabbed her bag, shut down the computer and left. Outside light rain pattered on the concrete and thick clouds obscured the moon, casting long and dark shadows everywhere. Amy walked quickly through the empty streets, toying in her mind with the idea of bypassing the shortcut and using the main roads. As she approached the alleyway, she thought about the safety but extra 20 minutes the long way around would add to her journey. “Fuck it” she exclaimed, pulling out her phone and moving between the two warehouses. About a third of the way down she heard a sound in front, like scuffing feet or a box being moved. Startled she stopped for a moment, listening for any further sounds, but there was silence. “You’re hearing things” she said to herself, and continued down the alleyway, quickening her pace. Now Amy was about half way, she looked behind and saw nothing, suddenly she heard the sound again. Her heart stopped and she spun around, fingers instinctively unlocking her phone should she need to phone someone. Nothing. Cautiously she continued on, starting to jog and eventually, breaking into a run as the end of the alleyway neared. The scuff came again, this time from behind her, and she looked behind. Sat in a doorway, hidden behind some bins, was a homeless man and a scruffy looking dog. Amy burst out of the alleyway at full speed and stopped, still looking at the homeless man, and breathing a sigh of relief. She smiled and caught her breath, turning towards home. “Don’t fucking move” came a deep, aggressive voice behind her. Amy’s heart stopped once more and she froze, feeling the cold blade of a knife slowly press against her throat. “I hear a peep out of you and I’ll slash you open girl” growled the man behind her. Amy nodded. “Get over to that car” said the man, Amy looked over at the road and saw a large estate parked against the curb. She moved slowly, and the man followed, his blade ever at her throat. As the got closer he reached around and opened the passenger door, Amy climbed in and the door slammed shut. She reached for the handle as the man walked around to the driver’s side, but the c***d locks were on and it wouldn’t open. He opened the door, climbed in, and slammed it shut. For a moment he just looked at her, smiling. “You and I are going to have a little fun” he sneered. Amy couldn’t hold back the emotions anymore, and she started to sob. The man ignored her, turning the key in the ignition and driving off. They drove for about an hour, out of town and into the forest. By the time they pulled up to an old, run down house, Amy had stopped crying and was imagining what it would be like to kick the man as he opened her door. He turned off the engine, climbed out and approached the house, opening the front door before coming back. He opened the passenger door and Amy held her breath, ready to attack the man and run, but at the last second she bottled. He reached in, grabbed her by the shoulders, and pulled her out onto the soft wet leaves and stones. “Scream all you want girl” he said, “there’s nobody for miles around so you won’t be heard”. Amy looked around, judging by the drive up he was probably right, they were deep in the woods and not many people live out here. He led her inside the house and closed the door behind them, inside it was damp and cold. “So what’s your name” he said, “A… Amy” she said, shivering. “Pretty name” said the türbanlı urfa escort man, his tone less threatening. Amy just stood and looked down the hall as he removed his coat and boots, then he gently pushed her on the back and led her up the staircase. “There” he said at the top, and pointed at a door. Amy opened the door and went inside, unlike the rest of the house the bedroom was quite well kept, warm and light. Dominating the room was a four poster bed, at the far end beneath the window was a desk, and next to it a door. Opposite her was a large wardrobe, it was the only room she’d seen with carpet. The man closed the door behind them and locked it, putting the key in his pocket before walking over to the second door. He opened it and looked at Amy, “go wash your face” he said and pointed inside. She slowly entered the bathroom and went up to the sink, looking at her face in the mirror. Makeup had run with the tears and she looked a mess, as she turned on the tap and rinsed her face the man stood at the door, leaning against the desk and watching her. “You must think me a b**st” he asked, Amy didn’t answer. “That’s okay. I am” he muttered to himself with a chuckle. It sent a shiver down Amy’s spine. She shut the tap off and turned back, the man jumped up and laughed. “Much better!” he exclaimed with delight, “Now, let’s get you out of those wet clothes”. Amy followed him to the wardrobe, he opened the big doors and she noticed numerous dresses and other clothes. He picked out a short red dress, threw it on the bed and closed the door. Opening a drawer at the bottom, he then pulled out some black stockings and underwear, throwing them next to the dress. He turned to her and smiled, “Do you like it?” he said. Amy nodded. “Good! Get dressed then” he chirped. Amy took the clothes into the bathroom and closed the door. She stripped out of her work clothes and left them in a damp pile on the tiles. “I’m not such a bad guy” came his voice through the door, “I mean… I could’ve had you by now” he said. Amy quietly got dressed. After a short while she opened the door and stood before him, the man looked her up and down and took her by the hand. “You look perfect” he sneered. Amy looked down at her feet. “Amy?” he said. She didn’t move. “Amy?!” he said, his voice raised. She still didn’t move, frozen to the spot. The man grabbed her by the shoulders and shook. “Amy!!””AMY!!” came a loud voice. She woke with a start and sat up. Sat beside her on the bed was Rick, panic in his voice. “Oh my god, are you okay?” he asked. She was sat in her own bed, slowly she looked round and saw her man, he was a little pale. “You were having a nightmare” he said in a kind voice, Amy just smiled. “Sorry” she said, leaning her head against his chest. Rick wrapped his arms around her, “You scared me” he said with a half laugh, “do you want a drink?” Amy nodded and he carefully pushed her away, standing and leaving the room. A feeling lingered with her, outside light rain pattered against the window. At the foot of the bed, hung on the door of her wardrobe, was the red dress. Rick grabbed a glass from the cupboard and turned on the tap, letting it get cold before filling the glass. His phone chimed and he looked down at the bright display. FROM: AMY – I FANCY CHEESE. Chuckling to himself he opened the fridge, grabbed a block of cheese and popped it on a plate. He then opened the drawer and grabbed a knife, placing on the plate and taking it upstairs with the water. He knocked the plate on the door and it opened, watching the türbanlı urfa escort bayan water he entered the room and placed both on the side table. “Cheese and a drink, as…” but he stopped. Amy closed the door and leant back against it, Rick’s jaw dropped. She was wearing the red dress, some opaque black stockings, and a cheeky grin. “Take me” she whispered. Rick burst into action, slamming her against the door and pressing his lips against hers. The kiss was passionate and Amy fumbled at his waist, unbuckling his belt before pulling his shirt up over his head, throwing it across the room. Rick moved back in and locked his lips on her neck, softly kissing and gingerly licking her skin. She undid his jeans and they fell at his ankles, he stepped out of them, kissing along her neck line and shoulder blades. She closed her eyes and ran a hand down her front, up under the dress, brushing against her pussy. Through the lingerie Amy could already feel how moist she had become, she rubbed just enough to wet her fingers through the material. Pushing her fingers into his mouth, Rick backed off and moaned at the sweet taste. Amy walked towards the bed, pushing him backwards until he fell down, climbing on top of him. He nuzzled into her neck once more, this time letting his teeth brush against her skin between kisses, moving up, gently licking her ear and nibbling flesh lightly. Amy sat up on his lap, and feeling how swollen he had become, started rocking her hips slowly. Rick closed his eyes and moaned aloud, her pussy rubbing against his shaft, and felt a puddle forming on his stomach. He looked down and saw the tip of his cock peeping out from beneath the boxers, thick clear liquid dribbling out. Amy noticed it too and shifted back, carefully dropping off the bed and kneeling on the floor. She ran her hands up his thighs and curled her fingers around his boxers, dragging them off as he raised his hips. Taking his blood filled shaft in her hand, Amy maintained eye contact as she licked from balls to tip, pulling his cock into her mouth. Again Rick laid back and moaned, the sensation of her mouth consuming him slowly, and then moving back up to the head. She tightened her lips as she pulled off him, sucking every last drop of precum from the tip. Saliva filled her mouth and she took him in again, coating his shaft in her spit. Again and again she ran her mouth over and down his cock, and then finally she pulled off and licked the length once more. Rick sat up and took her head in his hands, gently dragging her up towards his face and kissing her. She climbed back onto the bed, removing her moist panties, and sat down on his lap. With a flick he kicked the boxers off, her soaking wet pussy lips covering his shaft in sweet juices, and he grabbed her by the hips. He lifted her up and laid back, sliding down the bed before carefully lowering her back down. Rick licked his lips as her pussy came down onto his mouth, the sweet juices running onto his tongue which he pushed into the silky smooth valley. Amy closed her eyes and rocked her hips slightly as his tongue broadly licked from hole to clit. With each lick Rick increased strength and speed, eventually lapping at her as she rocked against his face, his chin soaked. He carefully slid a finger inside her, focussing his tongue on the hood, driving Amy wild. She leant back, her hands pressed against his thighs, giving Rick a better angle with which to reach every fold. He curled his finger a little inside her, rubbing the roof as he tongue massaged her clit. türbanlı escort urfa Suddenly she jolted forward and laughed a little, Rick stopped grabbed her hips again, raising her enough so that he could slide out from beneath her. Amy remained on all fours as Rick knelt beside the bed, pushing his face between her cheeks and sliding his tongue into her sopping wet pussy, a thumb pressed firmly at the hood and rubbing in circles. Before long Amy felt a pop inside, her knees went weak and a wave of warmth run up her body. She held her breath, and Rick went faster, then like a small explosion inside her she climaxed. Moaning and writhing on his tongue, his tongue flicked back and forth like lightning, his thumb rubbed quicker, and her juices flowed into his mouth. Eventually she collapsed on the bed and Rick swallowed, licking every drop from his lips. He stood and knelt on the bed, running his hands up her thighs, over her hips and onto her sides. Amy sat up as he pulled the dress over her head and threw it down, leaving her naked save for the stockings. He bent down and kissed her thigh gently, and again a little higher. He kissed her pussy once more and smiled as she shivered, then planted another soft kiss on her hip. Another on her stomach, another on her ribs, and another on her breast. Amy closed her eyes and bit her lip. He kissed her nipple, her chest, her neck… and finally, with a soft kiss on the lips, he effortlessly pushed himself inside her. Feeling him swell within her, Amy moaned and grabbed his hips. Carefully he pushed deeper, until her pussy pressed against his lap, and then he pulled back. Again and again, each thrust getting faster, his cock slid deep inside her. Rick took his weight on his arms and raised himself up, looking down at the beautiful creature beneath him. Sweat beads glistened on her skin, and each time he grew closer, her body twisted erotically. Amy felt the intensity grow, digging her nails into his hips and grabbing flesh, dragging him deeper. He lowered him down, running his own hands back down her body and beneath her ass, each perfect fleshy cheek driving him wild with desire. His lips met hers, their tongues interlocked and Rick pulled her ass up, his hands sliding down her silky skin and raising her legs up. Amy tipped her head to the right, and noticed the knife sat on a plate, alongside the block cheese. She held her breath again, closed her eyes, and smiled. A powerful spasm clicked inside Amy’s stomach, contracting and pulsing through her entire body. Deep inside she felt his throbbing member kick, and for a brief moment everything paused. For what seemed forever, even though it only lasted a split second, nothing happened… and then Rick moaned. He tipped his head back, raised himself up again, a tight sensation rang along his shaft from base to tip, and he exploded. Amy felt warmth filling her pussy as his cock spat hot cum, a powerful thrust sending his swollen head crashing into her cervix, and she popped. With a long drawn out moan, she came… hard. He felt her contract around him, her pussy gripping him in tiny movements, and his hips burst into renewed motion. Relentlessly he smashed forward, she screamed, and he joined her howling… his arms gave out, his knees went weak, and he collapsed. Amy’s breathing slowed, she could still hear her heart beating as they embraced, their sweaty bodies locked together. After catching his breath, Rick slid down her body and pulled himself from her, her pussy relinquishing his cock, shortly followed by his cum which drooled from her. He knelt once more, placing his hands on her knees, and pushed his mouth against her pussy. Clamping his lips around her still sensitive hole, he lapped up the thick creamy juices as she convulsed beneath him. Amy grabbed his head and dragged him up, kissing him before they both allowed the juices to flow down onto her breasts. And then… innocence returned, and they both giggled.

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