Easter Sunday Fun with Granny

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Easter Sunday Fun with GrannyI was sat at home watching tv with my wife after having Lunch, when the phone rang. My wife answered it, and told me to pop over to Granny Caroline as her washing machine was leaking. Caroline only lived 2 doors up from our house. I got up and went over to Granny Caroline’s house and walked round to the back door, as her kitchen was round the back of her house. I looked thro the window and Caroline was leant looking out of the window, still on the phone to my wife(her Granddaughter), so I let myself in. Caroline’s kitchen is only alittle galley kitchen, with units either side and only just enough room for 2 people to squeeze past. I went into the kitchen and put my hands on Caroline’s hips as I went to squeeze past her, and gently brushed past her. As I brushed past her im sure I felt Caroline push back against me, but thought nothing of it as I was more concerned about her leaking washing machine.’I had better go, I will speak to you later’ Caroline told my wife then hung up.By this time I was squatting down on the floor reaching round the back of the washing machine to see if I could canlı bahis feel where it was leaking from. I looked up at Caroline’I cant feel any leak’ I said Caroline smiled at me,’There isn’t a leak, I was bored and lonely’ answered CarolineI went to stand up but Caroline stopped me,’The only thing that is leaking, is my pussy. Will you have alook while your down there’ she saidI looked up at her,’You mucky mare’ I laughed.Caroline hitched her skirt up and my face was level with her crotch. I sat on the floor with my back propped up against the washing machine and made myself comfy.I ran my hands up the back of her bare legs, and slipped my hands in the legs of her bodyshaper and held her bare bum. I pulled Caroline towards me and gently kissed the crotch of her bodyshaper, inhaling the scent of her pussy, as I ran my tongue over the outline of the mound of her pussy. Caroline had her feet, either side of my legs and was propped against the worktop looking out of the window. ‘I hope your neighbour isn’t looking out of her window, else she will wonder what your doing’ I said.Caroline giggled ‘She would be shocked bahis siteleri if she knew’.As I carried on kissing Caroline’s thighs, Caroline reached down and yanked at her popper gusset.’There, that’s better’ she exclaimed.I went straight in and buried my face in her pussy, frantically flicking my tongue over her pussy lips as I tasted her. I then gently held her pussy lips apart with my fingers as I darted my tongue over the little bud of her clit. Caroline moaned loudly and rested her head on the worktop. As I licked away, I reached up and felt her tits under her top. MMMMM there I was licking away at Caroline’s pussy and having a good grope on her tits. Caroline then stood up straight and lifted her top up over her head and took it off and I could see her tits just being held up by the underwires on her bodyshaper. I pushed my hands up under her bodyshaper, and took both boobs in my hands. Gently squeezing her tits and teasing my thumbs over her nipples, as I carried on licking Caroline’s lovely wet pussy. Caroline pulled her bodyshaper down over her tits, leaving them totally exposed if anyone happened to look güvenilir bahis thro her window. I tugged at her bodyshaper, and pulled it down round her ankles, leaving Caroline just in her skirt. I reached up and squeezed her tits,’Why don’t you stand up and get behind me’ Caroline saidI stood up and my cock was bulging thro my trousers, and Caroline gave it a squeeze’MMMMMMM….he is pleased to see me’ she giggled.I got behind Caroline and kissed the back of her neck, as my hands cupped her boobs,’This is so naughty’ I whispered in Caroline’s ear’I know it is, but such a turn on knowing that we could be seen’ Caroline quipped.Caroline then started pushing her bare bum back on the bulge of my cock, slowly rubbing her bum over it. I reached round the front of Caroline, my hand going over her tummy as I reach for her pussy. My fingers trail thro her sparse pubic hair, then my fingers touch her pussy lips, gently slipping into her wetness.As I finger Caroline’s pussy, she reaches round and fumbles at my zip, I undo my belt making it easier and push my trousers down.Caroline rubs my cock thro my pants and I feel it begin to leak pre cum.Caroline groans lightly and turns herself around facing me. There was just enough room, for me to lean back on one worktop and Caroline to rest her bum against the other……To Be Cont……

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