Early experience with a guy (Pt 3)

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Early experience with a guy (Pt 3)After my second experience round at Ted’s I knew the only boundaries were the ones I set myself and was entirely easy about what we’d done and the fact that he was as old as he was, and I was as old as I was, didn’t bother me. I couldn’t wait to go round and see him again and see what happened next, the mystery of what could possibly be in store was so exciting I got a tingling sensation when I thought about it and my penis stiffened.I couldn’t go round again until the following weekend, my family were in town shopping and I was pretty much left to myself. Although it had been six days since we both masturbated together and I had the handkerchief we used to mop up the semen I tried not to play with myself as much and had only orgasmed three times since.When I got to Ted’s house my heart was pounding with excitement and nervousness again and my semi erect penis bulged in my shorts. He said hello and we went inside and, after a couple of minutes of slightly awkward small talk, he led the way into the living room which had the curtains drawn again. The fact that the curtains were drawn at mid day signalled to me that there was no question that we would be enjoying some more sexual pleasures and my cock was now pretty much fully hard and bulging in my shorts.I’m going to get undressed, is that ok, he said and I nodded türbanlı antalya escort and we both started to undress. I was nervous but quicker than him and had my trainers, socks and t shirt off before he’d even taken off his shirt. I stood, skinny and pale, in my underpants waiting for him to catch up. He soon had his shoes and sock, shirt and trousers off then he pulled down his underpants and so did I. We stood facing each other, totally naked this time and I took in his stocky frame, white hairs on his chest and thick, dark brown penis which was nearly erect and twitching already. I took the bold step and reached out, taking his warm, stiffening penis in my hand, It felt amazing to hold it and I started to stroke it backwards and forwards. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath as aI slowly masturbated him. My own cock was rock hard and pointing upwards and I held it with my left hand but couldn’t co-ordinate wanking two cocks at once so I just squeezed it. Ted just stood there as I stroked him and I loved the sensation of giving him pleasure, it was the sexiest thing I’d ever done, his cock was now fully erect and I peeled the foreskin back to reveal the purple, bulbous head which had a small trickle of clear precum leaking out of the end. I kept wanking him, slowly and steadily, by türbanlı antalya escort bayan now I considered myself an expert in self pleasuring, and he continued to moan and sigh with pleasure and when his cock twitched I though he might come but was glad he didn’t.Without being asked, I took another bold step. I got down on my knees in front of him and placed my mouth round the end of his penis. Ted said, oh god and I started to suck gently on the end, tasting the slightly sweet premium and breathing in the musky smell of his cock. I continued to suck and lick his bell end for a couple of minutes then he said to me, move your mouth up and down it, which I did. I opened my mouth wide as his cock was very thick and moved my mouth up and down as far as I could, my nose brushed pubic hair as I did do. I started slowly then, as I grew more excited and confident I went faster. My own cock was rock hard and twitching up and down and I was sure I was going to have an involuntary ejaculation any moment.I kept this up for about ten minutes and Ted kept encouraging me with moans and cries of pleasure then he said to me, I’m close now, and I slowed down and sucked the end gently, thinking that’s how you might get the sperm to come out with your mouth. He then said, open you mouth and stick your tongue türbanlı escort antalya out, which I did gladly, and he took his cock in his hand and, resting the fat bell end on my tongue, started masturbating quickly. In a few seconds I saw his legs shaking and he groaned out loud crying oh god, oh god, and then I felt warm liquid on my tongue and the back of my mouth as he released himself in me. I waited until his orgasm was completed and he withdrew his softening penis then closed my mouth. For a moment I wondered what to do with the mouth full of warm semen then I swallowed in one gulp. His seed didn’t taste bitter, slightly metallic but pleasant and quite thick.Now let me help you, he said and knelt down in front of me taking my rigid cock in his hand. Oh please, please I begged as he stroked me gently and coaxed floods of warm semen into his hand. After getting dressed and having a cup of tea I felt horny again and asked if he wanted to masturbate together again? He said he would and this time we spent about an hour looking through his collection of girlie magazines and stroking ourselves on the sofa. Ted took a little longer than me to gain an erection so I helped him by stroking his penis while he flicked though the pictures of naked glamour models. After nearly two hours of this we were both at the point of orgasm and, sitting side by side on the sofa with my leg hooked over his, we both brought ourselves to orgasm. Instead of wiping up the semen this time we let it cool on our tummies and wiped it into our pubes until it dried. I wanted to smell of spunk when I got home so I could masturbate later and breathe in the intoxicating musky smell.I left later that afternoon and said I’d see him again soon.

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